Forest Tree Identification

4.2 (430)
78.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kesifler Dunyasi Ltd.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Forest Tree Identification

4.25 out of 5
430 Ratings
6 years ago, Long, B
European Trees (predominantly)
This is not the app for you if you’re want to identify North American trees. However, I think I’d find it very useful if I lived in Europe
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2 years ago, Lovinridgebacks
Would like to see…
1) a tree search when you already think you know the name but want to learn more or confirm 2) A division of tree locations in the US. Here in Georgia, I don’t need to look through species only in the Northeast. Even if it is as simple as a map divided NW, SW, NE, SE that would help speed identification up. Also, it would be helpful showing the range at the top when you click on the tree so you can quickly rule them out. These location filters need to be “default” on the filter so I don’t have to choose North Amer and US everytime. Please let me know if that is a feature I am just missing. It would also be helpful to “rule out” trees and permanently remove them from appearing on my filtered list. For example, trees on the coastline of Ga or Fl would not pertain to me. The user could choose those individually and create more a specifically list of possibilities in their range. I don’t know how complicated these suggestions would be but they are just my suggestions. I’m glad I don’t need to tote a book around anymore. Thank you for this app.
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2 weeks ago, The Other Peej
This app could be great. Instead it’s clunky, provides inconsistent info and pictures, and often plagiarizes Wikipedia. The search function doesn’t always work. The filter function is simplistic; the structure allows for either 1 attribute or all attributes per characteristic, e.g. brown bark or all bark colors (bark color and texture vary considerably within a species, depending on specimen age).
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11 months ago, Klieves
Very useful
I am glad I found this. I have a huge tree came down last night in a storm. I help me to identify the tree.
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4 weeks ago, Sad4gems
Not easy
Not able to take pics to help with identification nor able to type in what little info I knew about the name of tree. Only identifying by pics they have stock. Definitely not like plant identifier apps
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5 days ago, Jbike44
Lack of instructions
Wants you to install scanner for $40 for 3 months. No thank you. Should identify from photos.
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11 months ago, CONGATHA
Not user friendly.
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11 months ago, Hfdh357
All the high ratings must be fake.
Useless app unless your already familiar with most deciduous trees. Don’t even try to identify an evergreen with it.
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2 months ago, nospin42
Not user friendly and dumb. Glad I didn’t purchase it.
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1 month ago, serpintine9
Could be easier
What I wanted was an app to photograph a leaf and identify the tree
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3 years ago, PC181
Locked up
First time in, it locked up and has me stuck.
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3 years ago, Evad Nacar
Poor quality!
Boo! Should be photo activated!
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3 years ago, Starr Catcher
Fantastic app!
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3 years ago, Stsjif
Conifers? Evergreens?
It had no idea what a pine was!
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2 years ago, Antiontte
This is a terrible app.
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5 years ago, Rankinl
Can’t Read Info
It does not really work well. The written information under the image will not completely scroll from under the ads, and looks like it wouldn’t be totally visible even without ads. You can trick it by using two fingers repeatedly pushing one after the other and sometimes get a view, but it falls if you move a finger. Also, you can select all and copy and paste into another document. But all are work arounds.
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6 years ago, szlvrcn
Good for both adults and kids learning about nature
A much needed nature education support tool. Helps to recognize a tree by selecting images of certain characteristics but it can be used as a study tool on its own just checking out its library.
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6 years ago, Pepamahina
Truly terrible. Not even useful as a list.
This unusable app isn’t even useful as a list. For example, If you type in “hickory” in the search field you get nothing. The part of the app where you are supposed to be able to identify leaves by type is also weirdly dysfunctional in a way that is hard to describe. I deleted it within two minutes.
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7 years ago, Jewelified
Needs work
This appears to be a list of hundreds of pictures you have to sift through to see if your is even in the list. Prefer being able to snap image and have it recognize it. Very time consuming as is.
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6 years ago, CpRyder
If this is a version with increased ease of use, I am certainly glad to have avoided the previous version. Disappointed that it was not a bit more intuitive. Also a big let-down was the lack of bark shots. At least one-third of the year, deciduous trees are barren of leaves. How then to identify?
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4 years ago, Phrank96
Needs improvement
I had high hopes for this app but the biggest problem to me was trying to identify from scratch. It would help to look up bark types, not just leaves. On here they expect you to already know an Ash from an Oak and I don’t!
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6 years ago, JTesh
Good info - hard to navigate
Needs to be more user friendly. Also a regional section would be nice!
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4 years ago, Sydxxxxx
Really good app
I was looking for a certain tree and it showed me the same leaf type that I found and it told me which tree it was from.So I looked up the tree name and it was correct. And it was very quick. Good job the people who made this app.
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5 years ago, Fancy4Yahshua
Doesn't Work.
I can not even get it to stay open.
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5 years ago, bmac156
European theatre
Many of the trees found in North America are not listed on this app. Disappointed.
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5 years ago, Bpdubb
God awful
No idea how to use it. It’s just pictures of endless leaves.
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