Fort Worth Star-Telegram News

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The McClatchy Company
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User Reviews for Fort Worth Star-Telegram News

4.25 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
4 years ago, I  emojis
Searching for Search
I live outside of Texas and enjoy the Star Telegram app for keeping up with local sports teams and local news. I can’t imagine a newspaper anywhere doing a better job. My only frustration with the app is difficulty finding a search function. Where’s that magnifying glass?
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5 years ago, Hubbub52
Updated app is terrible
After updating the app it is terrible compared with the old app. Now it takes you to an internet browser filled with useless info. Simply put when I use the app I want to read the paper not have to go to several option to get the paper. Not to mention the app works terrible inside the browser. I can no longer just click on the continued on page to go to the end of story. It doesn’t expand easily either. It want let me move around the page easily either. It is a major disappointment that will make me reconsider keeping the star telegram. I was a home delivery user until the printed paper price got to be so expensive that I went to the e-print form. It was simple then just click on the app, up popped the paper and it downloaded and I could also download it for offline use easily. Now it opens in a browser, once opened it goes to a bunch of useless info, then you have to click on another spot to get paper that doesn’t work to well. JUST TERRIBLE!!
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5 years ago, Day in Texas
The app is totally inefficient
I can’t believe how challenging it is to develop a basic app that works consistently. Obviously the Star-Telegram has not invested in its own product. Whoever designed this app had absolutely no clue what they were doing. That of course is my opinion. I’m tired of logging in and being logged out; I’m tired of being told I don’t have an account when I do; I’m tired of not being able to follow up on any article. I’m also really tired of trying to find anything that is timely. This app brings up articles that are two and three days old. Perhaps I’m not actually looking at a news document but instead a historical archives document. I’m also frustrated that in order to use this app I must have an active Facebook account. This is not a good value for somebody who cares about balanced media.
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5 years ago, Fdh161
Absolutely horrible
The “new” iPad app is nothing more than the convoluted mess that is the desktop e-edition. The previous app was essentially the print edition on screen. It opened to the front page of the paper then paged through sequentially (although you could jump sections if desired) - exactly as a reader would expect. It was an elegant presentation. Now we have a series of headlines (same headlines in multiple sections to make it appear as if there’s more to the paper than there really is). About the only thing that hasn’t changed is the ultra-biased, misleading and often downright false reporting. I didn’t think it was possible to create a local paper that would make The Dallas Morning News look good by comparison, but somehow McClatchy found a way to do it. I’d give it zero stars if I could.
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3 years ago, Keith Wrobel
Your website is not user-friendly
I have been taking the Fort Worth Star-Telegram now for about three months. Before that I took the Dallas Morning News for about 30 years. I really do prefer the Fort Worth Star-Telegram over the Dallas news. However your website is extremely difficult to navigate and not user-friendly. If you could please do something to your website to make the paper easier to read and navigate it would really be a blessing. Also is there no way to go back and look at yesterday‘s paper if I want to see it on the website ? I suggest you look at your competition and see their website, you’ll understand then what I’m talking about. Thank you Keith Wrobel
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5 years ago, LKHankins
My Hometown Paper
Thanks for making the online version and app available! I get to read my hometown paper even though I’m no longer at home! The app provides all the great coverage of the FWST, and even throws in some news from other McClatchy owned news sources. The app performs well, loading quickly and accurately. My only criticism is that sometimes an ad will extend across the whole screen, and it’s difficult to scroll by it. Other than that, it’s a great mechanism to receive and read the news.
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5 years ago, buckeye b
I have been a long time proud subscriber to the Star Telegram, having grown up in Ft. Worth and living in Tarrant County my whole life. But I am very disappointed at the lack of real journalism the paper used to have. For example, during the Nixon years, the Watergate hearings, and the legal process that was taking place in Washington was usually front page news. The current legal issues involving President Trump and the Mueller investigation are either buried deeply in the paper (or app) and are often not even covered at all. Our country is facing some possible serious constitutional issues that may result in the impeachment of a president. Should that not be front page news? I hope the paper is not bending to partisan pressure to become like “Fox News” by only presenting the news that suits a certain political viewpoint. I believe the Star Telegram can do better. I believe newspapers can serve as one of the guardians of our great democracy. But it can only do that if it tells the truth consistently. Sincerely, Dan Manning
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2 years ago, yayfrogs
Doesn’t work
I don’t see stories in the feed and never have. I’ve re-installed a couple times. Checked all the settings. No dice. I called customer support, but after they put me on hold for a few minutes, they just hung up. Emails to customer service aren’t answered. Update: Developer said to clear the cache and reinstall. As I said, I’ve done that. But I did it again. Still no stories. Update again: It worked once! As in, one day, I saw stories and a cover image. But that’s it. One day of functionality. I can’t believe I still pay for this subscription at this point. Update again: Developer said to disable private relay. Nope. Still nothing.
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6 years ago, budzo43
Outstanding Rangers coverage.
FWST writers share a fans perspective and ask and answer topics that are on the fans minds. Only improvement would be to be more objective in evaluating performance of Rangers Mgr and GM. Especially when comments about not trying to win it all this year comes from GM. Would he have arrogantly said that if vote for new stadium financed by tax payers hadn’t already been approved? CMon Man! You can and should do better reporting and holding people accountable as your readers deserve it.
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2 years ago, memphjim
Poor service
I have an online subscription to the Star Telegram that I just renewed for $160 a year. For that, I expect to be able to connect with the online ap. Several times a week, my ap will not bring up the paper. I can go to my email and get the edition, but that comes with distracting ads and other content. Usually and eventually, the online ap will begin to work about two or three hours after I first attempt it. BUT I like to read the paper at breakfast! Frustrating!
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5 years ago, Kuta*#4324
Great improvements to the e-edition
My compliments to the Star Telegram staff for striving to make the e-edition user friendly. You have removed the bottlenecks to smooth reading in the new version. I am particularly happy to see the news without the “pushy” in your face advertising. The pop ups were a nuisance while digesting news. After 50 years as a subscriber, thanks for again making the ST the finest source for all the news. Kurt Tauzel
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3 years ago, ronj91602
The “New” Newspaper
If you are looking for the old news paper you are out of touch but this new way of reading the paper is really easy and accessible. Features like want ads are pretty much a thing of the past but here you get instant updates where in print you would have to wait for tomorrow’s edition. Really enjoy the Beta version.
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2 years ago, WBgolf
New version very bug filled
The so called improved version E-edition is terrible. Frequent crashes, blurred text, ad at bottom blocks the page, pages are slow loading due to ad at bottom, frequent errors saying page won’t load, when exiting the e edition it no longer return to where you left off like the older version. You messed it up bad this time, Star Telegram. Please fix the bugs. Reading the E edition is a laborious and frustrating activity now.
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10 months ago, Emilywww1234www
App is trash, about to cancel
Really tried to support local journalism but the app is infuriating. Want to read an article? Just click on it, scroll down to try to read it, and it will immediately take you back to the main page. Rinse and repeat! This is a cry for help. Please fix this, I really hate to cancel, but hate this app even more. Without the app the get articles at my fingertips, the subscription is worthless. It’s also worthless if the articles won’t stay open more than five seconds.
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3 years ago, AquaRoxas
Inability to Read Stories from Notifications
As many have expressed, I too am tired of seeing notifications for stories and never being able to read them on the app. Asking people to turn on this and delete that makes the app much less appealing, especially to a crowd that may not be as tech-savvy to even do that. I hope your developer team does find a fix for the app soon. I have read the FWST my whole life and it has important news that impacts all aspects of my life.
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9 months ago, J Allred
Doesn't Work
The latest version of the app as of 8/7/23 does not work at all. You click on an article and it is immediately closed. I'm going to cancel my ridiculously expensive subscription if it's not fixed.
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9 months ago, Guesss What
When trying to read an article, the page will swipe itself off the screen unless I’m on WiFi and not cellular. Obviously, this paper seems overly concerned about WHERE the customer is, and it’s using IP addresses to determine that, judging by the “turn off private relay” responses from the devs. Whatever you guys are trying to do, you’re doing it incorrectly. An app glitch like this will drive away customers and is certainly harming the newspaper’s bottom line.
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5 years ago, 07241951
Not as good as prior app
Downloaded the new app today, October 1. I could not read the paper this morning. The connection failed about a dozen times. This surprised me because the prior app was far superior to that of another ePaper I take. It was clear and easy to use and provided a great index. This app came with a plethora of advertisements from Google. I wasted a lot of valuable time. Still have not read the Fort Worth Star Telegram today. I hope this gets fixed soon. I am a very unhappy customer
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8 months ago, JRLENAN
New App has ruined the E Print
The new app is horrific. It’s all about getting you to mess up so they can bombard you with ads. I plan to cancel my subscription once the TCU football season ends……can’t stand the glitchy new format.
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1 year ago, Just locks on install
Less than 0 stars
After a reinstall of the app performance is greatly improved. Still has occasional problems with emailed links behind paywall. App opens link but doesn’t recognize valid subscription.
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5 years ago, Jo Sheila
I love the app but now since you cannot read it without subscribing, I just look at the headlines. I’m on a fixed budget, since I retired. I live in West Texas and love keeping up with everything in Ft. Worth. The coverage of the news in Fort Worth is exceptional. Keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, Rj-Brown
This app is terrible
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has been my news source most of my life and I’ve always had great respect for its creators. ….that being said, whoever is maintaining this app has a lot of work to do. It’s so glitchy and the formatting does not work with my iPhone’s screen real estate. Every time I try to read an article it just disappears in front of my face. I’m a paying subscriber, and I’ve tried updating the app. It’s just bad.
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2 years ago, Dachshund Dad
Feed DOES NOT Work
Before you suggest disabling Private Relay in Settings, tell me where to find it - I’ve been all through Settings and there is nothing that says Private Relay. I set up all of my topics and it can never populate the feed. The only response I ever get is Error Fetching Feeds. If it doesn’t work, remove it til you can get it working. Bad bad bad software development and shame on Star Telegram for allowing this crap to go to customers.
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5 years ago, Peulin
October 1 changes make it unusable
I am a long time user of the Star Telegram iPad application. I dropped the physical paper years ago. The October 1, 2019 changes make this thing unusable. The only way to follow the layout of the actual newspaper is to launch the e-edition via a browser. The new edition is so clunky on the iPad browser that I gave up trying to read the paper. This application is completely useless other than to launch the terrible browser application.
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5 years ago, hate this app even more
I liked the e-edition better because it was ladies out like the newspaper. It had a bug this morning and wouldn’t open. Tried to uninstall and install and couldn’t find it. Only able to find this in App Store. Hate it!
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5 years ago, Kat88@&$
Not liking this change
Used to love reading star telegram on my iPad but since switch recently has been very frustrating. Very jumpy.... sometimes can only see part of article then jumps off. If not fixed soon may have to try a different paper. I switched to online version years ago and have been happy until last few weeks. Ugh
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5 years ago, A concerned subscriber
New App Rating
Oh my goodness. Was there any testing done with existing users before deciding to switch to this format? I enjoyed the previous app and easy access to news but may have to drop subscription because of frustration with ease of use and slow loading capability which is typically at least 10 seconds per page to load. There are too many news options to settle for this substandard product.
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6 years ago, Houston toad
More of a web page than an app
It works, news delivered, however this is a weak app, of course the price is right. Also it is hard to find current news, because the popular stories stay up for days sometimes with little change.
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6 years ago, Raphi.R
Constant Breaking opinion notifications
I’m deleting this app. I’m tired of the constant breaking opinion notifications. Half the time, it’s not even a story of importance. The Star Telegram is more like the Star Tattletale trying to make stories about well-known people sound shocking and appalling. Super bowl results? Breaking news. Their opinion of a player’s performance in a regular season game? Not breaking news.
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5 years ago, Skibumtb
How to go from best to worst
The recent change in the app is appalling. The former app was great, easy to navigate and the best app of all of the newspapers that I read online (I subscribe to 3). This new one is so bad that I intend to drop my subscription if they don’t change back to the old one. Hey FWST- I pay a lot for this service. Don’t you think you should care about how long term subscribers think before you make a change like this? Shame on you!
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6 years ago, RBT1975AFA
Not a Well Developed App
I HATE that the new version of the app takes readers to a web site in a browser to see the facsimile of the actual newspaper. That wastes a third of the screen with browser functionality. The older versions of the app were much more seamless. Perhaps this way they can waste more of the reader’s time closing pop up ads that further clog the screen??
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4 years ago, readerfromazle
Not that good any more
After I download the paper, I expect to be able to open the paper again without having to download again. When I get on the airplane or do not have access to WiFi this is very important. I used to be able to do so in earlier versions. There is not a menu item that allows me to jump to different sections of the newspaper. There used to be this feature.
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5 years ago, slenser
Hard to navigate and can't find coupons
The whole reason I got this was for the coupons. -I have to sign in each time I open the app instead of our automatically logging in like most apps. -One in I can't find where the coupons are ; which is the ONLY REASON I bought into this crap. -So not worth $11/mo The guy selling this got one over on me. You lost me as a customer for life. Well done Star Telegram
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3 years ago, Ellie's friend
Extremely Disappointed
This is the sorriest app I’ve ever seen. I am a lifelong newspaper subscriber and only switched to the digital version after print became unaffordable. I’ve been reading the paper on the web because the app doesn’t show all the features. I would think if they really want to keep their subscribers they would hire someone to give the app an overhaul.
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3 years ago, Roy1976
Tremendous from my go-to hometown news source
Love the new app, the new logo and the clean, customizable content pages. Everything loads swimmingly. Looks great on my iPhone and iPad. Home run, FWST!
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5 years ago, Happy in Micanopy
Wonderful App! Keep up the great work!
I just bought a yearly subscription and it was very easy to subscribe and create an account. Thank you for anticipating my media needs!!
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3 years ago, Juraissicjet
Poor comments and share feature
The comment and share feature of this app are really very buggy. It seems that it is impossible to share comments when it is constantly telling you to Log in when you are already logged in!
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5 years ago, Jsclist75
New E-edition is 5 steps back
I WAS really happy with the Star -Telegram’s ability to give you the newspaper “feel” on a tablet. The browser version is hard to use and read. Slow page refreshes, having to resize, move and resize just to finish an article. The App version doesn’t have stories that line up with the paper or browser version. You have to dig to find the stories.
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5 years ago, JT Palo
Love the app
I’ve been a faithful reader since day one. I’ll keep reading as long as it’s free. I wish all of the articles would be on the app.
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5 years ago, cat8-3
Poor update
The new version is challenging. You have to wait for each page to focus;it is difficult to zoom in on an article; and it is hard to access the edges of a page.
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3 years ago, Sargeiii
New version won’t work on iPad!
Works fine on iPhone. Will open only once on iPad. I have to delete the app and reinstall to read next time. Also will freeze if iPad times out. My version is : 14.7.1
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5 years ago, they only want happy answers
New e version of the on line newspaper
It’s awful. Bring the old one back or fix this one. Have not been able to get the replica version of the paper at all since the update. Can’t find the comics. I know that’s not an important part of the paper, but it is part of the paper. I want to be able to read every page like before. Marianne Everhart
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4 years ago, Seth 7676
App does not work on iPad Pro
I have the app on my phone and it works fine. On iPad Pro it asks me to log in every time. I input password it takes it with no error message and then when I click on an article it asks me to log in again. I can’t read the article! I even deleted app and reinstalled it and it still will not work.
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4 years ago, wants local balance
Local paper - could be better
I like my home town paper. However it has allowed itself to be degraded. From a cost standpoint it is easy to understand reprinting articles from other sources. However the selection of sources is not balanced. The same holds true for many of the articles written locally. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Ernest Cope
Best metroplex newspaper
Overall a very unbiased and objective reporting of news and sports I get more of my news and sports here more than any other source!!
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3 months ago, JMFtw1
Needs a new app designer
The app is the worst functioning app I use. It tends to work as expected (e.g it actually starts up and displays information) around 50% of the time. The remaining times it either stalls or shuts down automatically. Every person I know who uses the app has the exact same complaint.
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4 years ago, another disgruntled subscriber
Very disappointed
I have to sign in numerous times to access the newspaper. The type is blurred much of the time, and it is constantly reloading causing me to have to sign in again and again. Imagine my disappointment when I wait a while to get a page to load only to find out it is just another ad.
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6 years ago, DumbMikey
News on the fly !
I can read the news of the day when and wherever I am.
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10 months ago, Froggy4-13-47
Day-old Sports
I would think that a digital edition of a newspaper should be able to give up-to-date results of games played the night before. It can’t be that hard to do. Come on, Star Telegram, get yourself together!
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6 years ago, titantime32
My go to for local info
Always loved the star-telegram from its stories to local info. Keep it up.
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