Foundations Memory Work C2

3.8 (241)
749.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Classical Conversations
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Foundations Memory Work C2

3.75 out of 5
241 Ratings
4 years ago, Teacher Belk
Great tool been using it for years. Kids love it!
We’ve been with cc for 5 years. Started when my oldest was 4. They love getting to take a turn with the phone to say their school work. Also great for on the go memory, When you’re in a waiting room, or waiting for siblings to be done at their lesson/ class. Love the bigger photos in history with edition 5... but really miss The history highlights and the science snippets u had for edition 4... please bring those back. Or at least put them in the foundations guide... oh and time line song in it’s entirety and broken up in weekly would be awesome!!!!
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7 years ago, Mac Canon
We use it often, but it could improve
We love CC! We also use this app a lot for our review time. However, I dislike that the audio starts as soon as you choose your subject and week. I have to quickly hit pause if using it in class. I also dislike the fact that the app has not been updated with the new Presidents song. The song is available for free on CC connected, however it hasn't been updated on the app. Getting on CC connected requires having an internet connection and sometimes even then, the link doesn't work. So having the updated song on the app would be very helpful and would be easy to update the app with it. I do agree with the other reviewer when it comes to CC making $$ of selling new curriculum. It seems like CC should offer a trade in like IEW did! IEW was so generous when they updated their TWSS. I hope that when CC switches to the new foundations guide that they will update the apps also instead of creating new one and making us buy them over again. I don't mind the tuition costs, because I know it goes to paying the tutor, director, SR and so on.
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5 years ago, kathryna44
It could be so much better...
I hope this doesn’t sound too critical but my mind is bursting with ideas on how this could be so much better! For $15 bucks I was expecting something pretty amazing. (I mean, what app out there costs that much?!) Instead, you get something that looks like a power point presentation (you skip to the next slide for each week’s memory work in different subjects). Yes— a power point with clip art and 1990s font and colors. The content is good and “does the trick”...yes, it aids with CC memory work but it could be so much better as far as inspiring wonder, and being beautiful as well as more interactive and user friendly. Time to update to 2019! People buy this because it has the content they need for their child to learn, but it could be SO MUCH BETTER! Also, by way of price... make your CC apps an average price for an app, and charge for “in app purchases” just like everyone else does. Or, better yet, charge CC families $5 a month for use of apps. But first, you gotta make it worth it!
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5 years ago, Informalities
Skip counting only goes up to 12.
There is so much more that could be done with this app. My wishlist starts with updating the skip counting songs up to 15. There is a numberline that has 15 spots on it at the bottom of the screen, but the skip counting songs for the 2s and the 3s at least, only go up to 12. Probably just a mistake, but my wife is supposed to be teaching these songs in a little more than a month, and would like the app to reflect the songs she is supposed to teach. Thank you CC for providing this app. If you have the resources to pay for better app development, it would be well invested. I gave five stars trusting that the skip counting songs will be brought up to date before the school year starts.
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7 years ago, Tbjburns
Nice tool but falls short in key areas
The CC app is a nice tool to use on community days for review of individual topics and the content is pretty great. That said it is lacking a few crucial features and falls well short of being user friendly when used at home for review. A few added features could make this app absolutely amazing! The best change that could be made to this app would be a repeat feature that would allow the user to loop/continuously play their choice of individual topics or an entire week without having to babysit the app. As it is now I have to constantly be on top of the button to hit play every 10 seconds. Classical Conversations is great for homeschooling but this app falls well short of being user friendly when used at home.
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4 years ago, Dehawk
My kids have incorporated these facts into their play!
Love CC so much! Wish there were a few improvements on the app, but the content is fabulous! Listening while we are on the go has brought us together as a family! We do it often at the breakfast table or while we are walking. When the kids get screen time, they often just play this to test themselves. Grateful for the app especially. I hardly use the book now. My friend whose kids are in public school also uses the app with them. **we need timeline song though!**
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8 years ago, LindyFam
Good, but needs auto-play feature
I like the app, and I like having it on my phone so we can practice memory work anywhere. I also own the CD's so we can play it in the car, but we only have a CD player in our play room so I can't play the CD everywhere. I wish the app had an "auto-play" option to play continuously through either subjects or weeks. That way it would just continue to play until you stopped playing. It gets expensive to buy the CD's (which we can just continue to play until we want to stop practicing) and the app.
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5 years ago, Thermonuclear Detonator
No support for Apple TV
This app is great. We use it daily in the home and in the car. Two issues: 1. It should be fully integrated with CC connected. One portal for memory work, and support for teaching memory work, would make our school time flow so much smoother. 2. It should be supported on Apple TV. We prefer to minimize screen time and do not allow our children to have time on tablets or phones (that will come during the challenge years). However, we use the Apple TV for multimedia support during school time, and it would make much more sense to use the Apple TV rather than holding up a phone or tablet when drilling memory work.
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5 years ago, Mommy addict
Great Resource with one big downside
Excellent for what it has however it is missing the timeline song. It has the timeline but I would like the song to be there as well. I hate that I only can access it in CD, or ok up every week online. I want to be able to play it from my phone and iPads over and over again but am unable to with this app. Especially frustrating that the CD version of memory work includes the song but the app doesn’t. Why????
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7 years ago, erinrice
You might think this app would test your child or provide something that the cd doesn't. It does not. Do not waste your $15 (!!! What app costs $15??) There is absolutely nothing here that isn't in the book or CD, no ability to check recall or test knowledge, no activities to do besides listening. I'm actually confused as to why they produced an app except that they didn't have to do much besides transfer their pre-recorded material and could take in another $15. Having a method of testing/reviewing cc knowledge by playing games etc on an app seems extremely logical. This is not it. Please come up with something like that and I'd be happy to purchase it. This was a total waste of money.
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4 years ago, Heidi Jo itunes
Love it for the most part
We do love this App. I don’t love that it always opens week one. I feel like a pop up should happen so we can choose right away. I would also love to see in this app and inter active section for the kids. Where they either add missing words to new grammar or point to countries on the map and the app tells them the name etc. I think my kiddos would love it more if it was interactive like that. :)
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5 years ago, TulipPoplar
Handy but needs adapting
This is definitely handy when you don’t have access to a CD player. I would appreciate being able to find the week I’m looking for with out having to play and skip through. So if there were a list of links for each week (and an option to play all) after selecting the subject, it would be more user friendly.
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4 years ago, Emily0926
Love CC!
We are a Classical Conversations family. We just got the app today (THANK YOU, CC!!) and my girls went right to town listening to the memory work. My 4-year-old started by going through the math. Then her 7-year-old sister took over and they all were singing along to every history song. I love that they can now practice on their own — and they love it so far! 💜
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8 years ago, Aggie Momma '03
It's a good app and serves its purpose, but definitely overpriced. In the future, I would love for CC to add the Bible verses that go along with each cycle and even the catechism questions that are available free on the website. My kids would love it if the Timeline song was included with each week's Timeline section.
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4 years ago, lord of Vahalla
I love everything about this app, except that the answers pop up way too quickly!
The whole app is great, It is designed well and I use it all the time. I am a triple crown memory master, and I couldn’t of done it without this app. But the answers pop up way too quickly!! It’s very frustrating! It really needs to be fixed! I wish it would just give me one second before popping up. And some songs are glitchy. FOR FIFTEEN DOLLARS?!?! cc is so greedy . I love cc, but they really are a money grab sometimes
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5 years ago, ruthMN
Lots of content, needs some tweaking
This updated app provides the memory work for cycle 2 - no timeline song. Would be helpful to have a way to listen to a whole weeks memory work without having to select each subject individually; it would also be nice to have the ability to automatically repeat content without having to manually repeat. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Cassandra Ojeda
Good information, bad design
This app is great. We use it everyday for school. The information is fantastic. I gave it 3 stars because in a recent update the weeks and subjects tab was changed to dark blue against a black background and we can barely see them. Every time we need to move to the next subject both my on and I squint and struggle to see the words. I’d give this app 5 stars otherwise.
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5 years ago, ajburgess
Not User Friendly
Easier than skipping through the CD but some growth for improvement: -The audio starts at week 1 every time and you have to scroll to your week. Wish it froze on the week you’re on with the ability to skip to other weeks. -The audio starts as soon as you click on a subject. Wish there was a play button to start. -The timeline song is not included. Please please add the timeline song!
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5 years ago, gophermusic
Could be so much better
The folks at CC could make this great with some really basic improvements. Add the songs. Match the timing (for example during skip counting the twos) and slow it down! The map especially goes by way too fast. Also the map should highlight the geographical areas with a new color not just add the names. Also the timeline song should be included. These are just a few improvements that should be made by this great organization/company. I am curious why it isn’t better.
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1 year ago, Nire107
Would be sooo easy to make this great
Create the option to play all memory work in a row by subject OR by week! Don’t require a click to go on to the next song. Include the timeline song broken into weeks. Allow listening even with the screen off. It would be super special if ALL memory work was put to songs but just completing the above app updates would make it so much easier. How in the world is this not done already??
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5 years ago, hmmkm
Update needed immediately
This isn’t acceptable. The tutors are ready, the parents are ready, the directors are ready. But you have not proven to hold up your end. We have been doing Foundations for over a decade. You have had sufficient time to organize your company and your days well. The app is a major part of your curriculum. How do you expect your people to promote this organization if you can’t be faithful to your followers? First things first.
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7 years ago, CCmomLindsey
Needs more
I use this WAY more than the Audio CDs and thought it would have all the same information. Love all the visuals and extra info like the science snippets and history highlights but seriously...Where's the timeline song? I also agree with the other reviews here that the option to put on a continuos loop would greatly improve the app.
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4 years ago, AMGHW
Like it as is, would love it with some updates.
Good app that is user friendly for parents and children. The visuals are nice and not over stimulating. Everything is orderly and easy to find. What would make this a great app?! -Timeline song by week and the whole song. -Auto play as an option, not the default. -Continuous play by week or subject.
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5 years ago, classicalmom754321
Was looking forward to the updated version for cycle 2. Missing the history highlights. Those really led to great discussions in our house. They are not in this updated version and it kinda takes away two stars for the app 🤷🏻‍♀️ they are necessary. I don’t want my child to memorize the sentence I want her to have context to attach it too
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4 years ago, 98987987698765987654
CC App Rocks
Some days are just plain crazy. Not only can we easily take memory work with us everywhere we go, but the kids can do it without me too! So grateful for the hard work CC has put into this!
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4 years ago, BKTDahl
Makes memory work easy
My daughter loves listening to the history songs. She had them all memorized before the end of the year last year!
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7 years ago, Andyfam5
Great app!
This app is perfect for reviewing memory work on the go or at home. Has all the history and skip counting songs. Maybe next update they can include the timeline song!
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5 years ago, acthomp24
Needs updated!
Please update the App for the 5th edition. The cycle 1 app was updated, so I’m not sure why this one isn’t yet. many practicums are taking place or have already, so tutors are trying to get a feel for things and get their weeks mapped out. I loved this tool last year!
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5 years ago, jaudbbeilabdi
Needs an update
Please tell me there will be an update for this app. I purchased it to use for CC this coming year but have just realized that the content is not up to date with the current foundations guide. This is an expensive app for it to be obsolete. Otherwise, if it were up to date and I could use it, I would love this app.
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4 years ago, saralouisejohnson
This app is so user friendly for the kids. They love seeing the pictures for their history sentences! Thanks Classical Conversations for a great resource!
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4 years ago, LBPoetFan
Love this homeschooling tool
The CC app makes reviewing our memory work so easy. The songs and graphics are great. The sound quality is very good. We have all 3 cycles and love them all.
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2 years ago, Spamilio
No timeline song
I paid $10 for this so I could have the Timeline song on my phone. And it doesn't have the Timeline song. Why on earth wouldn't you put the Timeline song on the app? I really feel like CC doesn't care about us at all sometimes.
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1 year ago, k-trow
Awesome, but no Timeline song
This app is AMAZING! Seriously helps with memorization!! But one thing. There is no Timeline song!!! Please add this in the next version. Otherwise amazing!
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2 years ago, Gardeleana
Cut that timeline song
This app would be so much more profitable and useful if it could give us the option to listen to the song OR reading on repeat NOT both on one play. Oh and the timeline song needs to be segmented by week and added in.
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4 years ago, Unncledan
Helpful resource
This is an extremely helpful resource for teaching the CC curriculum. Especially when we are in the go or traveling. The app has been great!
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4 years ago, Weemsmama8
Excellent tool!
This app has been such a blessing to our homeschool! We use it most days and even when we are out running errands!
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5 years ago, wildberrytea
More errors, not updated to 5th edition
CC must not have a good editor because they are always having mistakes in everything they produce including the App. It has been one year since the fifth edition has come out and the app has not been updated to match week one. What a disappointment! I just paid $16 for an app that’s going to be wrong the entire year long
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5 years ago, Ephlampathasist
I was so excited to start using this, but it is not updated. It is somewhat helpful I guess, but we won’t be using it to learn the older songs at home. I am hopeful that it will be updated before we start community days so that we can actually use it.
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4 years ago, Olilig
We love it
We’ve been using CC app for 3 years now, and it is such a help! Homeschool during travels and doctors appointments are much easier because of this app.
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2 years ago, Daffy74
Waste of money
I was looking for songs and hand motions. They just have a few videos of songs but mostly just someone repeating what’s already in the book. Why am I paying for that? There needs to be something more complete, like ALL the songs and hand motions.
Show more
5 years ago, SeaMountain4
Miss the older version
My child has been inCC 1-5th grade. We love cc but it is useless for me to teach her from the new edition in 6th after she has learned from the previous edition. I wish this app OFFERED to upgrade, not automatically upgrade. Is there a way for us to go back to the previous version of this app? Without the 5th edition updates?
Show more
5 years ago, Whine-Oh
Why not updated yet?
For as much as we pay and the changes made....the company should keep up with these apps being updated. PLEASE update, as this is something we use daily and would help so much. We teach our kids the importance of keeping up with things and being punctual, please CC - be a better example.
Show more
4 years ago, fghklht
I downloaded this app for the songs. Timeline song is not on it. I have also paid for the cc connected subscription and no timeline song. Beginning to think this company cares more about making $$ than making things accessible to its paying members.
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5 years ago, Happy Mom OH
Matterhorn in wrong country & no timeline song
I’m annoyed that the timeline song isn’t on here and my cd’s don’t work. I’m also upset that Matterhorn is in the wrong location on the maps and it’s been mentioned many times and still not updated.
Show more
5 years ago, BDaviesMom
The songs need to be updated
We love the app so we don’t have to carry around cds but now that the curriculum has changed the skip counting to 15 I really wish the app were updated as well.
Show more
4 years ago, buzzymomb
This is great!
I’m able to take our memory work anywhere for review.
Show more
5 years ago, KouklaJoy
We are a first year family. I thought this app would be helpful but there isn’t much to it for the price. I will not buy it for the next cycles and cannot recommend it. Very disappointed.
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1 year ago, jennynmtichell
Needs Timeline
If this had the timeline song and Cards it would be absolutely amazing!
Show more
3 years ago, Annoyedwasalreadytaken.
Waste of Money
Seriously CC just likes to gouge money, they don't care about teaching much. Don't worry, you can buy the cards with science and history facts now instead of seeing them on the overpriced app. If you're going to cut your app in half slash the price too.
Show more
4 years ago, funleos
Awesome App
Love this App!! Great homeschool curriculum and/ or supplement for those who feel nervous about their ability. CC makes it’s possible and doable. ❤️
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