FOX 10 Phoenix: News & Alerts

4.3 (2.2K)
109.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 10 Phoenix: News & Alerts

4.32 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Jddsix
Fox 10 best of the best
I moved to the valley in 1975 spent the best days of my life there and Fox was always who I turned to keep me in tune with the every day changes keep me up to date with the City State country and world news . I left the valley in 2015 traveled around the United States and wound up in Florida. I still turn to fOXNews channel 10 Arizona for my news. Thank you for being faithful to what’s important in the world and local news. you’re always there with A unbiased look at what’s happening. It’s like I’m still home in the valley. keep up the good work. Thanks again Johndaniel darrow
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6 years ago, Cool Dog !
Wonderful app , when it opens 😢 !
Fox 10 is the real News ,and not manipulating your News, Love this app, I get updates daily from Fox & Fox 10 Phoenix, If your into the fake News, you might as well go elsewhere ! Part 2 / In response to anitabowman review , shortly after entering my review 95 percent of the time my Fox 10 Phoenix app won't open, I also have deleted the app, reinstalled it , shut my phone off & turned it back on, hoping to restore the app, Its sad , of all my app's this is the only one, giving me trouble. I really enjoy Fox 10 Phoenix, but I can't tune in -anymore, so FIX IT FOX 10, or I'll have to take away those 5 stars I previously rated !!!! Update, ever since around December 2017 Fox 10 Phoenix upgraded my app , now it works like a charm, no more problems opening, Thanks Fox 10 😊 !!!!
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5 years ago, Frankyborky
Good App But....
The number of notifications just keep adding up on the face of the icon. I had 1 notification in red, then opened app and read the story that was new. After closing the app the red notification with a number 1 in it did not disappear as they did prior to the last update. Now every time there’s a new notification it just keeps adding to the last without clearing. As of now if I look at my phone (iOS) and view the app icon for Fox News shows a 13 in the red little box at the top right. Again...previously, the red notification with the number in it cleared every time I opened the app....make sense? Lol...nope!
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5 years ago, Chrissy cracker
Morning news show
We do not watch any other newscast but channel 10 during the week. Starts the day off great! Troy and Celeste are a great team and glad to see Andrea leave so Celeste to take her place. Celeste is a much classier dresser without short dresses and has a great sense of humor and her and Troy are great together! They play off each other. But also let’s not leave out Cory and Ron-they are really good too!! Nobody better to make you laugh than Cory early in the morning!! And like Ron’s delivery of the political side of things and his funny little things he delivers to add to the otherwise starch politics. What a great morning show you have now!!😀
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6 years ago, MclMclMclMcl
Needs work but an okay app
Have to restart app many times in order for the live stream to finally take- otherwise you can stare at a black screen for five minutes hoping it will start up. Too many insurance commercials. To see the same commercial six times can annoy anyone. Reading the news there has been more and more pop ups. Get in the way of the content. Annoying! Not sure what has happened but things have been getting worse. I love the channel ten news crew. I plug in my earphones while at work to listen to them almost daily. Though lately I wonder with all the delays and interruptions within this app is it worth keeping it and just catching up later with the news...that is if I can. I very rarely watch afternoon or late night news. So the morning and noon showtime is when I watch. Not sure if this will get to anyone or if it will even be considered but if it is I hope what is said will be taken to heart and improvements will be made. Thanks and have a Happy New Year!
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6 years ago, NewsMaker2
Bringing the news to me while i work
I hear a beep and i know there’s something going on that i might want to know of: weather alert, accident, highway closed, police on the scene. This is the East Valley and Fox 10 is there, often with on site interviews and heartfelt compassion. If i have a problem, I don’t like how long the news of yesterday stays on the internet site as if I don’t yet know of it. Two to three days is long enough for me. Thank you and keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, Joshua Mayer
Sometimes the article doesn’t open
I get headlines in a banner on my phone and sometimes when I click them when they are brand new, the app doesn’t open the article at all. It takes me to some page with other news articles. Also all the links in the App Store for the developer are not for a developer but for the Fox 10 news website. There is no tech support or developer contact information to report bugs in the software. The developer needs to fix this issue.
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4 years ago, toddhunt
Major disappointment
The brutal truth is this app isn’t very good . It’s not really much of an app at all, more just essentially a link to the Fox10 website, complete with all the fluff and games and trivia. It’s not well optimized for a smartphone at all, which renders it close to useless. Most of the text isn’t scalable which means you need a microscope to read it, and the traffic/weather sections are a huge letdown. The “push news” is a joke, I had it activated for about 24 hours and then deactivated it, not one story it pushed was “real” news that I needed to know. I’ll wait until Fox10 decides to spend the money to create a REAL news app.
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6 years ago, Joyous Karen
It’s like almost being in Phoenix!
My husband and I are from the Phoenix area, but are retired now and are spending the summer in Westport, Washington as work campers getting out of the heat for the summer. What a beautiful gift to get the instant new messages randomly to let us know what’s going on back at home! I’ve always trusted you for the best news and weather coverages, and I get to find out what my daughter and granddaughters are having to endure back home. Thank you for that gift!
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5 years ago, Realtor Martie
Great source for local news
I appreciate being able to read local news stories. I had a subscription to AZ Central that I was paying for but many times I was reading slanted news stories and they only allowed me to read a specific number of stories per month. This has been great to read stories that are not filled will commentary or opinion. Thank you
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6 years ago, Harthicba
Annoying/Invasive Ads
I find that the ads on the Fox 10 News app are far too invasive. They pop up constantly when I click on a news article to read it and in the last few days it has been automatically starting a video for an ad and when I click on it to try to stop it before there is an x to close it I am automatically redirected to the website for the ad. Very irritating. But overall I love Fox News.
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6 years ago, trafficsheep
Good Ideas for an app... bad development
I find myself looking more at the Fox 10 Phoenix Facebook page rather than using the app. The app is slow and sometimes doesn’t open. Also, when opening the app and tapping on a story, I am sent to the Fox 10 Phoenix website, which shows the story, but also puts the app download/view option at the top of the page. This problem can easily be solved by a good developer. Hybrid apps are a great idea, but can provide a very poor user experience when not developed properly.
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5 years ago, Dsrtdweller1
Not so good anymore.....
Love to have my morning coffee and read/watch the news but I know have to indure that dam Dr. Video first before I can see the news video with the beginning of each news video? Thinking about going over to News Channel 3’s news station for the news. You need to drop the advertising or others will also be leaving.
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5 years ago, JamieOno
Notifications not linked to story
I’m not one to sit in front of my app watching the news. However I do like the notifications that pop up on my screen. I can choose to ignore it if I’m not interested or click on the notification to open the story. The problem is, it says to click on that story but it opens up the Fox 10 news with all of the stories happening. I have to search for the story I clicked on. The notification is basically useless to link to the story.
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2 years ago, Bukwheeet
Repeat repeat
Every time I bring this site up the same stories are repeated over and over. Seems like there would be more news to print than repeating the same news in almost every section. Just saying
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6 years ago, sdavisphx
Why? Why? Why? I used to love this app. Now, I am scared to open it. As soon as I do, it’s starts playing a loud ad. First, it happened during a work meeting. Thanks for call me out. Second, I was checking news and it woke up my kid. You have got to stop that. It should not play music when I open it, or I’ll delete it forever more
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4 years ago, tableapplecar
App Stinks
I have had this app ever since it was offered. Checked it every morning and every night. I rarely check it anymore. It stinks. It’s confusing, it repeats, by repeat I mean sometimes the same thing is posted as many as 4 times. Or most are repeated at least twice. Then there will be something that stays posted forever. I don’t know who is in charge of the information on this app now but you need someone who knows what they need to do to bring it back to what it once was. Worse change I have ever experienced in an app.
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6 years ago, anitabowman
App issues
I haven’t had an issue with this app till the new update. Now like 95% of the time it won’t open. Anyone else having this issue? I have closed it out, I have deleted it and reinstalled it, I have shut off my phone and turned it back on and it still is having issues. Makes me sad! I love fox 10!
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5 years ago, Me, my, mine.
Horrible Update
Running how all the 1 Star reviews are from the most recent update. It’s so terrible. I am deleting, I was hoping they would have fixed it by now. I’ll use another local app. Update is horrible. Ruined the whole app. Repeat headlines as I am scrolling, hard to navigate, just a horrible update. Also, when I navigate to Arizona News through the drop down menu, it redirects me to the Fox 10 website ? Why the hell have an app then? Deleting and will another news app. Horrible, horrible, horrible update.
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5 years ago, ldog1941
Keeps me updated
Keeps me informed on the real important issues and I like viewing them when I first get to work and at lunch!! Vote for me a USA born Hispanic for president!! I couldn’t do worse than this guy!! And I couldn’t afford to even do anything so bad in life that would get me possibly impeached lol,, I’m your regular Joe trying to help my neighbor!!
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1 year ago, Opti-programer
The Absolute Best In Journalist Integrity
It doesn’t matter what platform you’re on. Social Media or Network Tv. They don’t compromise on reporting. I’ve watched Fox across all outlets across the wide range of networks and outlets for decades and it’s never changed and that’s a good thing. Keep up the great work.
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5 years ago, Jane Leed
Best newscasters trustworthiness top rated
Unbiased nonjudgmental fun. I look forward to their news and often watch every show because they update regularly. I keep up with them on Facebook. I really feel that they know me and respond directly to me and to my community’s news needs.
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6 years ago, Dr. Bob...
Fox 10 helps us stay in touch with our son ...
We live in Hawaii .., By using the FOX 10 app .. we stay in touch with our son who moved to Phoenix .. 6 months ago ... We can see the weather he will have and we see the news alerts and traffic.. we call him each morning and alert him to the days events before he leaves the house for work... Your complete .. up to date and complete coverage of news events is awesome ... Your FOX10 app has helped us stay connected to our son in so many ways .. especially now that it is Christmas and we are not together .., thnx FOX10 😎 Mom & Pops ...
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5 years ago, lgjfju
Follow the leader
I’ve always used Fox 10 news app because you could get through reading the news without being required to watch ads like AZ Family. Now, in order to finish an article, you MUST watch the pop up 15-30 second ad before it lets you finish the article. It’s to the point where I’m considering starting up with our local newspaper again. Thanks for being a copycat to AZ Family and losing a dedicated reader!
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4 years ago, bad journalism
I have noticed that News 10 is starting to lean left in content and commentary. To be a real journalist is to be not a part of the commentary, but a presenter of commentary. That includes not just the left but also the right. Lately it has leaned left and not reported anything right. Very poor “journalism”. Will have to delete app and not watch your news channel if the journalists don’t practice neutrality.
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5 years ago, mrpsku
Font size drops you to a 3
Latest ap revision is sure no improvement. What happened to being able to adjust font size? Fix this or these old eyes will get news elsewhere & that is too bad as I am a Fox fan For awhile the font size was fixed so thanks but today after Apple updated my phone now I have to go make the font larger every page change.
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1 year ago, aa11qq11
freezes while loading stories
this app becomes useless when it freezes while loading a news story. This happens frequently. I would love to have a local news app, but have deleted this one after a year of hoping the bugs would be fixed.
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6 years ago, Shunwell
Local news.
I find it frustrating when my phone alerts several times daily for news that is of no importance to me. I don’t need to be alerted every time there is a Police pursuit in LA, and I can read about the latest protest in New York if/when I want to. When I read the News posted as local news its often not local. Alert me to things that can impact my day in Arizona!
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2 years ago, WyomingLu
I enjoy the availability
Online news to me is the only way to go. I am able to read the stories that interest me at my leisure. If only there was a way to avoid the advertising. The Fox 10 staff are informative, caring, and entertaining.
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6 years ago, JimboHubbie
Great App
This is a great app to stay up to date on each days news in Phoenix. The iPhone version of the app does restart every time I try to use the "As seen on TV" link from the menu however. The iPad does not experience this issue. Overall though, Good Job!
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5 years ago, my first teview
Love this mews team!!
My family and I love this news team and watch them everyday, several times a day. The camaraderie is wonderful and the news is presented in a clear and concise way, that we know what’s going on. Thank you FOX10, for your hard work and dedication to presenting the stories so wonderfully.
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6 years ago, Rcollamore
Needs a lot of updates
Freezes up all the time, network issues seems to be daily. It also likes to kick you back to the home screen when your trying open up the app.
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7 years ago, KatanaZro
Decent but needs spell check
I have been using this app for years and it seems nothing changes with the editing department. Please use spelling and grammar checks. It's like reading a fourth grade book report. The news coverage is great and it keeps me up to date however, that has nothing to do with the amount of errors in the typing of the text. SPELL CHECK!!!
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5 years ago, Kelemeana3
Sometimes they will have their latest news come up and you click on it and nothing or “live” video never has sound and nothing is happening.
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5 years ago, mesanewsreader
Proofread please
Three to four times a week I read several stories and almost every time I find at least one and usually more articles that have obvious mistakes. Spelling errors that spell check may not have picked up or extra words or sentences that don’t make sense. These errors are way too common. No other news feeds or internet articles I read have that kind of poor writing.
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10 months ago, Inky Dada
Too many notifications
Look, I like the local news and I always turn to Fox 10 for my updates but this app keeps sending me notifications. Yes, in fact there IS a setting to turn off notifications, but it turns itself on everyday. Ugh.
Show more
2 years ago, AZJEWELNURSES
Broken again.
Was working now it’s not. Only way to get info is to go to fox10phoenid website. Even tried deleting and reinstall and it’s acting like it can’t download the app. No problems with anythingelse on my phone.
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3 years ago, Pay for this app
Fox10 App
You guys don’t have that you used to have to upload videos or pictures send them to you when there’s a news on the street in Phoenix
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5 years ago, WingedGuardian
Fox 10 makes it happen!
Love fox 10, it’s the best local news team. You can tell they all get along off screen as well as on and just add so much fun and humor while bringing up to date news and great stories.
Show more
5 years ago, Alexx1991Alexx
Traffic Updates to my Phone
Save me from some pretty long traffic jams when notifications pop up. Like the live videos from Facebook too. No fluff either like other places in Arizona.
Show more
2 years ago, farfinger
Server error
App failed to load live stream also the same thing is occurring when trying to load the site in a browser. It was working well with improved video quality but hasn’t been working well lately. Also Airplay support where the app could be minimized would be a nice feature.
Show more
4 years ago, Sandalo Dion
Inept Video Configuration
When viewing video streams, you cannot view them in landscape mode. The video will not rotate when I rotate my phone to maximize the viewing area. The button to set full screen only enlarges the video making it a joke to view. Fox News is not full of bright people. While watching a live feed of a court case, the interrupted to let us all know there is no change in the coronavirus outbreak that we didn’t already know.
Show more
5 years ago, 1967Scott
Keeping the Valley informed!!
This is a great app to let us know what is happening in the valley! Very up to date and quick on information as soon as they receive it to keep us informed!! You won't be disappointed!
Show more
6 years ago, Dickjumprun
I get the L.A. News before the LA channels even report it. Live feeds on car chases all over the country shown from the start. Best news app and the only one you really need. They cover social media also, you tube live feeds almost every day.
Show more
5 years ago, Mrskblack06
Ads are too much
The ads on this app are too much. They are so frequent they cut into the article you want read and prevent you from reading a whole story. It's also super sensitive while scrolling through and opens things your not intending like live tv. When you try and get back to what you were reading before being interrupted with live tv or ads it crashes. Otherwise the app would be great but it ruins the experience.
Show more
6 years ago, SpeakOut357
Love it!!!
Spot on news! Sometime I can’t read it but it’s always good to look back at it and see what was going on. Especially when you’re traveling and you wanna know what’s happening on the road that lies before you…
Show more
7 years ago, Jst jump
Love this app
It keeps me up to date on what is happening. I love that Fox is real news and not manipulating the news. Fox is the only news network I watch and I am finding out most of my friends only watch them too.
Show more
5 years ago, Animal5306
I don’t always like and hear everything here but, it’s one of the more honest on the air. A good many nowadays are very biased and no longer report real facts. I have noticed at times this one being cautious what’s reported and how though.
Show more
3 years ago, nothappyalso
Too many repeated articles!!!!!
Too many repeated articles in the same day and view. Also, change in reporting of Covid-19 numbers format is annoying. Used to be able to click the article and get the info. Now I have to click article then click a link to another page for mobile users. And that page is crap. You guys are getting sloppy.
Show more
7 years ago, KillCarmine
Comment section doesn't even work. The screen also purposely glitches to trick you into tapping ads when you scroll down. I'm done with Fox 10 not the same news station i remember years ago. All their articles lean left and it's all depressing crap that makes you want to gouge your eyeballs out. Their headlines are also very misleading to trick you into clicking on them. Moving on to other sources. FOX 10 Just you watch the BEST! Depressing News!
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