FOX 13 Tampa: News & Alerts

4.4 (1.7K)
109.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 13 Tampa: News & Alerts

4.4 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
5 years ago, CWV62
Best local news.
App works great on my iPhone. Advertising can be a bit much. The fake and moving X out spots are very annoying. Just a cheap trick to get you confused and stay a bit longer on their advertisement. Too many fluff stories that are not really news. Seems like you are supporting friends businesses. Stick to the real news please. I don't care to see story after story about see through canoes. Thank you for your time.
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10 months ago, Havasuone
The Fox 13 News
I watch Fox channels news where ever I happen to be. I have been very disappointed in this one in Tampa as it should be called Charleys World and Weather Channel. I get more news on the other channels here than I get watching this channel. We have so many cooking channels watching him go to all these places would no be so bad if it wasnt the main body of the show. Way too much time wasted. So, just wanted to let you know how I feel, and I know a few others who have also stopped watching your news for the same reasons. We want the news from Tampa areas all of it, not just the bad stuff, but how about some good news. Yes,I know you bring in the animals that need homes, but there just has to be more. Maybe you should see what other Fox channels around the states do it. We thought you were the best source for news in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Hawaii, New York and more that I don't remember. Since I like to watch the news I have now switched to. 10+ Tampa Bay as they actually give you the news reports. We have noticed that you are no longer a Conservative Channel so I just wanted to say good bye and tell you why you are losing some people.
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5 years ago, ClarkSRTV
Attitude Attitude Attitude
Whoever is in-charge at FOX13 is the guy/gal I wanna work for. You can tell by the fun everyone seems to have on set. Even the on-sight reporters portray great attitudes and professionalism. If you enjoy your job and the people you work with life is good. Your family life is affected with a positive reinforcement because you don’t come home hating you job/boss. You come home smiling. You get up for work and are excited to get back to doing what you do everyday. A nice position to be in. So congratulations on having good leadership and great people. Clark Taylor, Retired, Soldiers Radio & Television, Pentagon
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5 years ago, Meandyou7
Ads to annoy you to death
Fox13 is my go-to for local news in the Tampa Bay Area. I would give this one star only, were it not for the quality reporting and coverage. The problem, and it’s one that is driving me away - despite the great content, is the way they needle you with the ads. I realize that advertising is necessary for unpaid content, but the way it is done here is to annoy you to death! The ad pops up and the “close” X is at one corner of the screen. You go to close it and it pops over to an alternate corner of the screen. It’s as though the ads were designed to do nothing more than to discourage you from using the otherwise good app.
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5 years ago, The Quick's
Love Love Love Fox 13 News
The Fox News team is always on top of the current news and human interest stories. We have always watched Fox News. The occasional times we have turned to other news, they just don’t seem like family or as comfortable to us. The Fox team genuinely have fun and enjoy each other as well as caring about their viewers. Although I do have to admit I like watching Dennis Phillips once in awhile from another channel. I like his suspenders and enjoy his weather forcasting. Fox 13 weather is our very favorite with Paul and Dave and is number 1 in our house. We watch Fox 13 news more hours daily than any other TV program. We love Russell, Charlie and the whole Fox 13 family. Thank you for coming into our home every day. We are loyal fans for life. The Quick Family
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6 years ago, Nanny Lee
Fox 13 News
I really love your News & Weather on my iphone. I do see though that sometimes the app is not as updated on the weekends. Seems to be a bit repetitive. The staff is so incredibly awesome. They all seem like a very close family. Thank you Fox 13 News for all you do! You truly are appreciated and very grateful for all the professional and hard work you all do together as “ONE” 😊👍
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4 years ago, Carrie1220
Great and very informative and up to date information! Make you aware of anything that it happening at the moment wether the news is currently on or not and continues to update you on everything when they aren’t live and on tv. The Fox 13 SkyTower app is another great app to stay informed about the weather here and when there’s lightning near or anything that could be any type of danger!
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5 years ago, juke 57
Best news, weather ,and sports .
I have been watching channel 13 for over 57 years. Remember watching 13 with my grandma Nana when I was just a lad. I live in Citrus Co. and always check in for news, weather,and sports. I can always count on 13 to cover the news up here in Homosassa. The application is great ,and also the SkyTower Radar application. Easy and user friendly on both application.
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4 years ago, JDoctober
20 straight minutes of ads.
I tried to watch the Live broadcast. I counted 12 Toyota of Wesley Chapel commercials (some of them back to back), 4 Winters and Yonker commercials and various restaurant ads (Bon Appetit stands out the most). I waited and waited and waited and waited watching ad after ad bouncing back and forth between the “we’ll be right back” screen and finally couldn’t take any more. I fully understand that free content needs to be paid for somehow, but this was downright obnoxious. My husband and I just sat in amazement. This has got to be some sort of record so at least the folks at Fox 13 have that going for them.
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3 years ago, Lassy from Tallahasee
Fix news primetime
Ben Dominech, he is outstanding on this program. He is so calming on any subject. His delivery is always spot on. His voice is such that it calls you to listen. He is so intelligent You want to listen to each and every single word he says. Please consider him for the permanent position in this space. He is so level headed. Thank you Penny Seibert
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4 years ago, SamuelBrewer42
Not synced with push notifications
Will get push notifications about important local headlines but when you tap into it, more often than not you are not taken to the headline you just got pushed. You get taken to the home page which doesn’t even have the news just pushed. “Live coverage” is often hours behind. Today for example it is giving me coverage that is 3 hours behind, when the governor is making important COVID-19 announcements, the apps home page is not listing them, or giving the actual live broadcast. Incredibly frustrating.
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5 years ago, Purfic
Since TV Began
I was born after radio and before TV. 13 was our first station, therefore pretty much became our favorite. We love the news programs, especially the morning news. I love the people (newscasters), weather people, personal interest, all of them. We even converted when we became FOX. Our station, I believe, was responsible for raising the "class" of the FOX network.
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3 years ago, Willyk34447
Weather needs to be updated more often
Living in Florida and dealing with our ever changing weather os something we misdeal with. It os 7am and I just opened the app to see this morning’s weather. All I see is last night’s forecast. This needs to be updated more often through the day. I am talking about the video forecast.
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5 years ago, Sharkjenkins
Outstanding App
I hate most news apps, because most do not allow you to “scroll “ through the articles. They make you click on an article,read, then click back to the home page. This app allows the user to scroll from article to article. Great Job to the developers of this app!
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2 years ago, smarter then wether team
Flipping pictures to a stupid raffle!
The advertising is worse than the broadcast advertising. I’ve been avoiding this site and using other sites. I find Paul very condescending. He’ll never have the IQ of most of the 13 audience and he’ll never be a Roy or anybody else. Send him back to the nor’easter country, maybe they can relate. The AM team is awesome, as well as most of the news team. Weather group has challenges.
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6 years ago, mealplan
Full featured and works great !
Have used this app and it’s matching weather app for a few years without any problems . I like how it shows a number of news stories at once, requiring only one click to start reading, unlike the other TV station apps for our area. Only weakness I noted is once in awhile the app is slightly behind on recent news.
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6 years ago, katkrewemom
I laugh with the news crew.
Every morning I watch !!! And every morning I tell my husband I love you guys. I laugh with y’all. I feel the stories with y’all. You guys are down to earth,real fun loving people. I love how all of you get along so well. Watching The Good Day Morning Team is my favorite part of my day. Stay real. Stay awesome. Stay you. Thank You. Make It A Great Day in Tampa Bay.
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6 years ago, Rocker0u812
Fox 13 App
Just wanted to say this is a really great app and it has an awesome layout thumbs up to your app Fox 13!!!!!! P.S as I was on a recent cruise up in Alaska during Hurricane Irma the app was very useful . I was able to keep up with the ever changing conditions to the Tampa Bay Area by watching live streaming news to keep me up to date thank you again 👍👍👍👍👍.
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4 years ago, ekbeebe
FOX 13 Tampa
The entire news/weather teams of FOX13 are outstanding! No matter what the news item, they ALWAYS give it without slanting or injecting their personal views/feelings. They DO care about their viewing audience as people, not just rating numbers. The fellowship and true caring between team members is obvious. Keep up the good work and God bless.
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5 years ago, sdw10
Sometimes hard to follow. Click on subject and doesn’t open to that place. Or news flash on notification and cannot find info on it for over an hr but otherwise when I do not get to watch news great info. Thank you. Trying to pick is a nickname is ridiculous!!! I have tried 10 times!!!
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11 months ago, mensa62
Charley Belcher
My wife and used to be neighbors and friends of Charley’s until we recently moved. We now downloaded your app and can continue to watch him. Several snowbirds we know went up north and we told them to download the app. Fans from afar. You are lucky to have him. Neal.
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6 years ago, Ex Fox13 fan
Pop up Ads
I would easily given 5 stars plus except for the ANNOYING POP UP ADS with sound!!! The ads ate annoying enough, but the ones with music or sound are RUDE!!!! I had one go off in a meeting when I was just checking the news and then boom, with no warning an ad went off. I understand the revenue ads bring in, but when it interrupts the user of the app that’s when the ads become more important to Fox13 than the user!!! Fox 13 had a great news app until it was ruined by greedy advertisers pop up ads with sound, plus you have to wait for an option to X out of the ad!!! I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping the app...I’m on the fence about getting rid of the app!! I have other news apps and NONE, as of yet, have added these annoying ads with sound..... Too bad had a great thing going.....but not any more!!!
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10 months ago, vampcherie
We moved to Tampa 24 yrs ago. I was trying to find a good local, non biased tv news. WOW… fox 13 Tampa MORNING news is NO LIKE ANY OTHER! I absolutely LOVE the morning team, Russel, Laura, Dave, etc…. They r hilarious! I hope Fox ALWAYS keeps a morning team like this… they actually make me smile or laugh every morning! Ty for making my day, everyday.
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6 years ago, Culptit
News on my iPhone from fox
The news on my phone has way too much advertisement, you have to be so careful not to touch the wrong button or you you’re reading something you don’t want to read, Like advertisement. Not enough news about what is going on in our country.
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5 years ago, Shoe diva.
Florida girl
After 20 years of calling Florida home I have to move with my family to Michigan. Thank God for the technology I watch Fox 13 news EVERY morning , I have been watching it on my I phone for year and a half and I love it. The whole crew in the morning is great they make me feel like I'm still there. Good job !
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6 years ago, Teram413
Love this app! Very useful!
This app includes the Fox 13 radar. The choices are very useful when looking for something and very useful when even on the front page. It tells all the story’s that they have on there channel. And you can even watch it live on the app.
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6 years ago, ESB_4_LIF3
New Floridian
I moved to Florida a few years back and originally was in the Orlando area. Never liked the news over there. But once coming to the Tampa area I love FOX 13 the newscasters are fantastic and their interaction with each other makes the news so much more enjoyable!! Keep up the great work!!
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5 years ago, CharlyPenn
Best News Channel
I always start my day with FOX 13 Good Day and end my day watching FOX news at 10 and 11. Couldn’t imagine my day without FOX 13 news & weather & the wonderful news anchors & weather forecasters. They all have great personalities & chemistry with each other. Can’t forget Charley’s World! He is the best!
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5 months ago, Eeg927
Links in articles don’t work. Please fix this!
I read up on the news every day with this App but the blue underlined links in the articles do not work. Nothing happens when you tap either the underlined words in the article or the “Related:” links throughout. This is very frustrating when I want to go to that other article for more information and can’t.
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5 years ago, snow/storm
My Favorite News Team
I’ve been watching Fox 13 NEWS for 14 years and no matter who gives you the weather, traffic alerts , or national and world wide .. you just haven’t received the whole story unless you are watching Fox13. Love the closeness and friendliness of all the anchors.
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5 years ago, Steve Rogers 1978ii
Hate The New Format
The old format was a lot better. The story selection page was easy to browse through, and it had an unlimited history, allowing me to catch up if I had missed a few days. It also categorized stories. New format is useless eye candy. Story thumbnails are way too big. History of past stories is cut to maybe 1/10th of what it used to be. Stories are no longer categorized. This is like publishing a one page newspaper (when it used to be 20 pages) - reducing the news to a few, dumbed down, chaotically-organized short articles when the articles used to be well ordered and in depth. After years & years of using Fox 13, I'll have to switch to one of the other local channels, because your news is no longer informing me.
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7 years ago, The brocks08
My best news app to me
It's the best news app to me. I don't want to say it is the best news app out there because God forbid someone says their news app is better, then I have offended someone and I am a bad person. That's today's society. Anyway your news app works well for me keep up the good work.
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6 years ago, Too many nucknames taken
Needs more articles and kept up to date
Good site but needs to be kept updated and offer more headlines to review and read as wanted. The most frustrating thing is trying to find a nickname to post the comments here. Don’t ask for feedback and make it a pain to do
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7 years ago, ES Fish
Go to for news
This site is great for finding news tidbits while away from home. Unfortunately, it has annoying ads that constantly pop up. I'm certain I will find similar news elsewhere.
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3 years ago, Working Mom99
App Always Crashes
I try to watch the live news through this App. It always crashes with a message that says server error. This has been doing this for months. I am giving up. And even more annoying the same ad plays over and over. (Morgan and Morgan law firm). I do not mind ads but there needs to be a variety. And this particular ad is super annoying. I like the Fox News broadcast but unfortunately this is not a way to be able to watch it.
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5 years ago, sandi1042
Fox News....Great Programing
Fox does it up right. Great personalities doing the news. Wish you covered the Sun City Center better cause it seems like nothing ever happens here worth covering, but believe me something is always going on around here. Good, bad ,and well...just ho-hum but this is a very busy community! Still, Fox News, Tampa Bay is the best.
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5 years ago, Gilly on St Pete Beach
The Best News in TB
I travel a lot through the country and watch local news at times. None can even come close to the professionalism and great reporting that (WTVT) Fox 13 produces. Keep it up John, Kelly, and Paul (even though he can be wrong 50% of the time and still be right...)
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2 years ago, no hockey for Jim?
Poor sports coverage
Tampa is a great sports town and I wish this app would make more of an effort to cover its teams. You must find sports in the “outline” section of the app and when you do the articles are days or weeks old. For example, I had to go to ESPN to find out how the lightning did. The last article for the lighting was days ago in this app. Disappointing!
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5 years ago, Cipher612
My News Forum
Thank you, for the lack of Commercial ads. I cannot stand having commercials,before and after every News Story. I feel that it’s unnecessary and tiresome,promoting thing that I will never wast my money on. I’m a NY’er and don’t watch NY news for that reason.
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2 years ago, Steven Mears
Even when the news is not being televised I can use this app to get the most up-to-date information.
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5 years ago, Bianca_NC
Needs updated feed format
Love the info on the app, but not too many news updates. I KNOW that our Tampa area has more than 10 things happening at any given point. Am I doing something wrong?!
Show more
5 years ago, Tampaman2019
Need more content
Love Fox13, not enough content on thee app, compared to Ch10 & Ch 8.. Hopefully this lands the right hands, check with your Art Directors, Web Development Team & Ad Cordinators, improve your online premise, especially during a Hurricane.. Thank You, 50 yr old Tampa Resident and loyal Fox 13 viewer..
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5 years ago, Transformermama
My favorite station
Hi I have been watching Fox 13 since it began and love it. When on vacation i feel something is missing and it is. It’s Fox 13. You have become apart of my family and we adore the entire Fox family. Thank you for being real. L Johnson in St Petersburg
Show more
5 years ago, WsLoyalReader222
Too many adds and hidden popups
Using the app to see the latest hurricane update so I tap on the current radar feed at 5:30 in the morning and a blaring ad comes up first. It takes several seconds before it can be silenced. Too late as the voice from the add has already woken my wife. So be very leery with this app - it brings up lots of advertisements - and they are not all silent!
Show more
6 years ago, Garygin1970
My friends at Fox 13
I am a 66 year old grandpa, lived in Tampa all my life been wanting ch 13 news, weather, sports, oh yes I miss old Salty Sal, and Ernie Lee, Roy Leap, boy oh boy do I miss the old gang; however I do love “ALL” the new blood. Please never Chang the way you do a show. Thank you, Gary Kuykendall Ps you are my family.
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5 years ago, allways faithful
News and weather
All the news anchors are great and the weather team can’t be beat!!! It’s the first thing I turn on in the morning and last thing I watch at night!! Thanks Channel 13 for being so awesome!!! Always
Show more
6 years ago, LSM1551
Easy access to news stories
This site is the only one of our local news sites that make it very easy to read their articles. Best app for local news.
Show more
2 years ago, Townefam
Old view better
Hate that I can’t easily find the weather radar. I used that part of this site more than anything Loved being able to see each of the counties as well as the state. But now I click on weather and can’t find anything for upcoming weather views other than earlier forecasts.
Show more
6 years ago, bkrsissy
Weather and news
I watch all your news and weather reports. Today at the noon news here in Bradenton it was thundering and at 2 p. m. A severe storm an we must have gotten 2 in of rain flooding here in Bradenton now it’s moved to beaches. Keep up the good work!!
Show more
6 years ago, robertrobert2
Fair and Balanced!!
A complete News organization that informs the general public the day in and day out occurrences locally and internationally. Add to that a point on Weather crew and you have the complete news organization informing us of the daily news..
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