FOX 2 Detroit: News & Alerts

4.2 (1.6K)
108.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 2 Detroit: News & Alerts

4.24 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
2 years ago, only frustrated
Food segments
We love Fox 2 , but most of the interviews the fox2 people need to stop talking over the people. Charlie , El & Michael on sat. on the food episode s are very rude need to give the people their time. Need more time for food episodes and be allowed to do their demonstration. Love the food segment s, but they need more time. The fox2 people could not take so long giving their own options and give the time to the segments. We love the Fox2 people and station only one we watch. But very frustrating when we are interested in a segment and they can’t finish. More time for food segments and let them finish their demonstration now that I have vented we really do love everyone on fox2 and the station.
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5 years ago, nonewnicknamestochoose
Good app, with good news! Except for the LONG advertisements that you have to sit through each time you want to watch a video. It seems to be the same adds for the same company for months at a time. Try changing it up and showing briefer adds? I’ve navigated off of your videos many times because I just can’t watch the same add again.
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3 months ago, Pinkbike8
Terribly designed app!
HATE all the extra clicks, especially the ALLOW TRACKING just to get into the dang app!!! No other app does this! WHY does Fox 2 need to TRACK and collect info on users? Other major issue is “Watch Live.” It does not play immediately so you miss content, randomly switches to another live show or ads and you don't know what the heck you're watching which is so annoying, random “we’ll be right back” when its not a commercial, ads are awful and looong, and there’s volume control issues. Would expect A LOT more from a local broadcasting network! NOT a user friendly app.
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6 years ago, Pb's iPhone 5S
Thank you for all the updates on everything I have been your NUMBER #1 FAN SINCE I WAS A KID NOW IM 52 yrs old can’t do anything anymore because of my injury in 2008 try so hard to live my life like I use to but I went in for foot surgery and they found that I have been walking on shattered ankles for 10 year they tried to fix them and it worked some I had 1of your workers here at my home because my dog 🐕 saved my grandson life so I will never watch anyone else but CHANNEL 2news my friends 4 ever TINA BURY
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5 years ago, TRACEYAF.
Missing Fox 2 Family
I moved up near the Flint area. I soon found out that I no longer was able to get Fox 2 news. It was like moving away from a family member, I miss all the friendly faces. My husband works afternoons, so when I sat down for dinner I would flip you guys on to have dinner with. Of course I have the app downloaded so I keep up with some of the stories. Tell Rob the story on the Ypsilanti rapist is great, and does he know where I can get the book.
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6 years ago, Rosie the Crusader
Pop up ads
The relentless pop up ads are becoming a nuisance. If it was just one when you opened the app it would be one thing, but the same ad opening over what you are reading is approaching a point where I will delete the app. The Fox National App was deleted for nuisance problems from use as well. The news is good, but I don’t buy from pop up ads EVER. I would like to think that many that expect the level of news from Fox feel the same way making them counter productive and only present because Fox wants to sell ad space only and not interested in their patrons. Sounds similar to politicians pandering solely for votes and not serving the constituents.
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5 years ago, Loujaws
Absolutely my Favorite
This is an app I go to often each day. They have the updates from all over the world and the real lowdown on what's going on in Detroit! The Weather Authority is very accurate also. Easy to use it all!! One thing will help; I’ve had the weather app for years, when I’m on the Fox2 main app and want weather info, Don’t take me to the APP Store. Make it take me to Weather app I’ve already got!! Please!
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2 years ago, RickyTickyH
Watch Live is great ! But…
Love this app. Been using it for years when on the road in the morning and when I’m out of town. Artn App Developers: recently after I’ve opened and closed the app it randomly just starts playing in the background. The app is not open yet all the sudden I’m hearing your news reports and then pause and then adds (usually Bernstein adds). The app is not up nothing is open on my phone. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried turning off auto play videos in settings and in iTunes. Nothing works until I shut my phone off. What the heck?
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2 years ago, cjenns
Poor notifications support
I accidentally tapped a notification from this app in Notification Center which opened the app and because the app opened, it cleared all the rest of the app’s notifications without me having a chance to see them. That’s not how it should work. I should be able to tap on a notification to see a specific story and then return to Notification Center to see the rest of the notifications. Clearing them when the app opens is not technically necessary and is not the desired behavior.
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6 years ago, VGiarre
Annoying commercials between live stream
I like to watch the news while getting read for work. The “commercials” are extremely annoying. The direct tv ad that’s in French plays on repeat and it’s the most ridiculous thing to listen to. I’d rather listen to Sam Bernstein in repeat.
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3 years ago, Ewood27
My Go To
I watch Fox 2 Detroit every morning for a quick catch-up. My favorite is The Nine. This app lets me have all of that right in my hand. If there is something I heard on the news that morning that I wanted to talk about with my fiancé later that day, so I have to do is pull up the app. It’s great.
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7 years ago, LaFe'
Re rating Fox News Survey
I actually love it. You asked lol so just IMO 1) There is a def need however for spelling; and context -flow editorial scrutiny of the news stories read on iPhone🤔; 2) my former irritation 🙄 with news/weather repetition is now assuaged lol because if I'm out- which I believe is your intent - I see the news etc that I may have missed👏. Love u guys!
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5 years ago, LP 864
Fox 2 online.
Enjoy your site very much. It’s the easiest to use, very well written and to the point. Keep up the good work. The only improvement could be proofread the stories before posting. There’s often misspelled or misused words. Kinda makes reading the story a bit confusing.
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1 year ago, SS8081
Can’t watch local news shows
Didn’t want to write a review, but there is no place to contact about an issue. I cannot watch my local Detroit news shows. I tap The Nine live and every time shows as playing but it is always some other live news below it. The whole reason I got the app is th watch my local The Nine, 11 am News & The Noon. Please fix this or the app is useless & will be deleted. I have been having this issue for awhile now. Very disappointed
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5 years ago, LL4TRUTH
Best Morning News App
I watch the news every morning from the app. I've tried other local news apps and I always come back to Fox2. Not only do I watch the news from the app, but also read the articles, catch up on "Let it Rip" and more...
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5 years ago, Dc1727
Love it
Fox 2 has been my station for as long as I can remember. They always help me start my morning. Friendly faces, informative, up to date information. We have been through many good and bad events in history. I feel like they are my friends.
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5 years ago, Chelle 789
School Closures
I always go to my Fox 2 app to check on school closures. I still have to get out in this bad weather and the sooner I can confirm the earlier I can leave. Thanks for making my day a lot easier during these “snow day” inclement weather days. The kids are happy and so am I.
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6 years ago, Not So Anonymouss
Poor app management
I’ve been using FOX 2 since your app came out. Sadly, half of the time, the app crashes right when I’m in the middle of watching a news story I really wanted to hear about. EXTREMELY ANNOYING! That is when you can even watch the stories. The saved video stories don’t even work but the 30 second ads do 🤬. I’ve been a fan of FOX 2 for years but it seems that management of the newsroom needs some “reconditioning”. A lot of times, the stories themselves are inaccurate anymore.
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5 years ago, Dr. Walker22
Too many grammar errors and slow updates
There so many grammatical errors that it's make it difficult to read the articles most times. In addition, in the rush to send breaking news alerts, information is often inaccurate and changes from update to update. the kid 2 or 8?!! I don't depends on when you read the article.
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5 years ago, love US lois
Fox News
Fox News tells the truth, stands up for our President Trump, who loves his country America, and is doing his best to save us from doom. CNN and other channels are so hateful I can’t stand to watch their hateful thoughts trying to destroy a president any way they can and by doing so destroying America. Thank God for Fox News and thank God for president Trump.
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7 years ago, Pocketgaymes
Really like, but......
I really like this app, but new news stories never posted on weekend, and there is way too much advertising, which makes it difficult to read entire article without having to scroll way down.
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4 years ago, Foodies99
WHY can’t print be enlarged?????
Fox2 stinks for accessibility features! Can NOT zoom or enlarge text besides the 3 little dinky options they give up in the right corner that are useless! HATE apps that CONTROL text size or developers who don’t know HOW to develop simple accessible features! Wait until one of them has low vision one day, then maybe they’ll care. Switch to WDIV people - their app is much better & you CAN ENLARGE / PINCH & ZOOM text to actually read it!!!!
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6 years ago, shawnsthoughton
Great for local news, but video often fails.
I am usually using listening to the fox 2 news everyday from 4:30 am to 12:30 pm while I’m working, but often (more than ten times per day) the feed fails and I need to stop what I’m doing to reset the feed, and sometimes it doesn’t always work. Other than that I have no issues and love the app! Good job guys!
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5 years ago, JPorkchop3
My Detroit News
Because I live out of town I have to get my news from the app and fox is my favorite app to get my news from this precise it’s fair and I love the in-depth coverage it moves great there’s no glitches in it the pictures come through nice and clear
Show more
5 years ago, JudyL321
Great, but. . .
Often, there are so many “Ads”, I have waited up to 5 minutes for the news to start and then only got 3-4 minutes of news. I’m a snowbird and I really enjoy keeping up with what’s going on in and around the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Some days, it’s just too much.
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6 years ago, Bit by Bitcoin
Facts are checked well
It’s been my experience with these stories on line are assigned to a low level employee or possibly an intern. The facts of the story are consistently incorrect - street names and addresses, name of the people involved are wrong. Fox 2 is one the last places I look for stories on line. Digital presence needs some serious work. Sorry you asked, I gave you the feedback. Advice: check stories for accuracy, timelines and relevancy.
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6 years ago, Ms fun k
Fox 2
I absolutely love my Fox 2 news look at it every morning and every night before bed... I love Sam Bernstein as well but the ads popping up every time before you can watch one of the stories is starting to make me rethink another news app!!!
Show more
5 years ago, channel two
News station
Fox two is my first choice for news in the Detroit area. I remember watching t v 2 WJBK when I was a kid living in Windsor. The only news station that my parents would watch and the only station that I prefer to watch. Keep up the standards.
Show more
6 years ago, Mianesha
News 2
I love them! They keep me informed on everything that’s going on everywhere even thou I don’t get out much. I love the team the best I’ve seen they so funny at times but serious on other subjects. Keep up the good work!! I’m from the Va now living in the ‘D just love it!!! L. Long
Show more
5 years ago, Ari_Bari
Amazing News Source!
Been a fan for years, Fox 2 is always giving live updates with traffic, current news events, and overall important info for residents! Keep it up!
Show more
5 years ago, SammyFox1968
Excellent News Team Family
I Thank you for all of your wonderful work you and you colleagues so accurately present to the public. I enjoy your news cast and your integrity that you put into your hard work it is very greatly appreciated. Samantha C.
Show more
5 years ago, sue from brighton
Morning news
Looks be the early news and the weather people are awesome. Especially love the lutimetet and Dereck Kevras wonderful breakdown of how the weather works. Especially loved the proper way to clean the windows Of your car or truck. Should be repeated periodically. Great piece.
Show more
5 years ago, Dotz68
Like the app but font is too small
I watch online every weekend while I'm up north. I find that the font on the stories are a little too small. If you look at the other local channels (4 & 7), their font is larger and easier to read.
Show more
6 years ago, S.Creek68
Love all of You...@ Channel 2
Thank you for the Great Mornings, the Laughs, and just being like one of us. The discussions are About things the pertain to me and Everyone there has their own opinion, and are allowed to speak their thoughts on subjects. Channel2 is my place to go. 💕
Show more
6 years ago, Up the North
Love Fox 2 Detroit
Since I no longer live in the Detroit and I still appreciate Detroit area news, I trust Fox 2 Detroit to give me great updates in a timely fashion. Northern Michigan news stations don’t provide much news or weather about the Detroit area. Thank you, Fox 2 Detroit!!
Show more
6 years ago, Ole Michigan Chick
Fox 2 morning news on Detroit!!!
Dena, Alan, Derek, Jessica, Murielle, Amy... all of them… Are great! They have become friends that I share mornings with… I hope they all stick around for a really long time!… And, PS, I am old enough to be their mother… Or even their grandmother! So age plays no part here!!!
Show more
5 years ago, Ale-pudding:)
Bring it back!
The page is not like it was, can’t tell what is what. The way the page Is set up, the different sections on the same page, it’s confusing. With the previous design, more stories and news would be shown as you open the app, now you have to change the page and press extra buttons to get there.
Show more
5 years ago, Jokersaces4247
Superlative. The highest order.
Extremely persistent when it comes to feedback about their app. Maybe that’s just the Bernstein advantage. Good app. Could do without the lame repetitive local lawyer ads but I fully understand what pays the bills.
Show more
6 years ago, chetzook
Yea FOX 2!!!!
I am originally from the great city of Detroit!!!! I have had to leave the city due to work reasons. Tool and Die disappeared in the city in 2010. I. Had. To relocate to Tupelo Mississippi. Our plan is to comeback to Detroit, hopefully this spring. Thanks. To Fox 2 I can kind of stay up to date with what is going on in our great city.
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5 years ago, Dusty Jeans
Great News Program
Love FOX 2 Detroit, the weather is always right on. The newscasters all seem like family, like they care about each other. The news does not seem biased. Just great local news.
Show more
6 years ago, markt2020
30 second ads?????
Tapped one of the news videos only to find a 30 SECOND ad wanting to play before I could watch the story. I’m guessing the whole story wasn’t even 30 seconds. Checked a few more videos and they all were prefaced with the same length ad. Who’s the genius who thinks people would sit thru 30 seconds of ads for each story??? Guess I’ll be sticking with my Local 4 for my morning news.
Show more
5 years ago, youdonotcaretoseereviews
FOX deserves a “C” rating
Of the three news sites, FOX gets a “C” rating from me. The best is WDIV ClickonDetroit. They tell the news, give weather and local events on one site. The worst is WXYZ. You can’t pick on a news story with being kicked out. I look at your site just to see if ClickonDetroit missed something or get a different slant on the same story.
Show more
5 years ago, Yosmilee1440
Breaking news
I think FOX 2 is the only station that delivers us the low down on what’s happening in our neighborhood here and now. Just love all the staff for giving us a feeling of being cared for.
Show more
7 months ago, this is my nick name Peach
Fox “2 morning
Maurielle trys to take over all the time and is to loud . She thinks every one wants to see her fashiones and always think she is right !plus she talks over everyone .
Show more
5 months ago, Yutfc12355
The app needs more attention
Doesn’t show the current news stories that are actually on the news. I have run into this issue often on this app, as well as the QR codes that are shown for ticket discounts. They’re never available on the app like they say they are on the newscast!
Show more
5 years ago, Rosalind Dumas
Fox 2 Review
I absolutely love everything & everyone who does the show. Keep up the great job! Thank you. I love fox2 news and everyone who makes it possible. Keep up the great work. And thank you for the fox2 coffee mug 😊. Thanks
Show more
6 years ago, Verasmells
The nine
Love the show and everyone on it. Just one thing drives me crazy, to the point I have to sometimes change the channel. Deena’s hands! It’s very annoying,the constant movement. Love her but not her hands. I understand she’s Italian but come on.
Show more
6 years ago, news de
Most of time I love using this app. I read the news stories and look at traffic. However, I would suggest that someone edits more carefully. As I read I find a lot of mistakes. Overall it is great.
Show more
6 years ago, Jessforyou
Shut down
The app is constantly shutting down randomly and for no reason. I have tried deleting and reloading the app and updating when available but it continues to randomly shut down when I’m trying to watch. This has been going on for months and I’m at the point that I’ll be switching stations because I don’t feel like restarting the app every 3-5 minutes. Please fix it!
Show more
6 years ago, GarBran
Fox 2 News
Fox 2 News is # 1 in my book. I watch them solely. So much so that they feel like part of the family 😉 I can depend on them to deliver all the top stories. Thank you Fox2 for all u do. Love ❤️ you guys.
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