FOX 2 - St. Louis

4.7 (2.6K)
64.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Local TV LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 2 - St. Louis

4.68 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
6 years ago, Klowe00
News at your fingertips!
The Fox2 app really brings late breaking news and weather to your fingertips! Just one tap and all the latest and greatest unfolds before you. Being able to watch live broadcasts is especially helpful when you don’t have access to a television or computer.
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1 year ago, Guat_mom
Too much advertising
There is very little news and a ton of advertising. And if that were not bad enough, the ads are set up so when you are trying to scroll through a story, you can’t help but to touch an ad. Which then causes the web browser to open. You have to click out of that. Make sure you actually close that web page, and then go back to the app. And if you are not paying attention and being careful, it happens all over again. It is just not user friendly. Filled with click baits. If you want to see their news articles, go to the website.
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3 years ago, Gardengirl1972
Denounce Trump; Quit enabling
Until Fox news across the country denounces President Trumps role in the D.C. Capital Insurrection with a full throated pull of any support toward the far right, I will not retain the local news apps, or watch the Trump and far right extremist enabling, which Fox has helped foment over the last 4 yrs of the Trump Presidency. Fox helped fuel the fire and lies. They need to come out and say they were wrong and refrain their hosts and journalists from perpetuating the Trump lies that helped insight the far right furry and violence in DC. Stop the lies Fox! Pull your right wing support and let the world know you will not stand for it. Cumulus Media has pulled their funding and directed their stations to not foment these lies. You can and should also.
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6 years ago, Maggs406
Excessive Breaking News
Please re-evaluate your criteria for what is worthy of a breaking news alert. I would like to keep notifications on for major news such as interstates closing, officer involved shootings or natural disaster updates. Things that will impact the lives of St. Louis metro citizens. However, 90% of the breaking news notifications I receive on a daily basis consist of nothing but celebrity gossip, tabloid trash. Nobody cares and it has gotten incredibly annoying. Please change this or make your notification settings more customizable to each person.
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4 years ago, EWFlynn
Quick News Alerts/ App needs to be updated.
I enjoy the alerts that get sent to my phone with the latest news. However, this app needs to get updated in the worst way. It CONSTANTLY freezes and crashes when you are using it. It’s becoming more and more frequent I can’t even read an article without me having to force quit the app and open it back up. Hopefully changes come soon or i’ll start looking for a new app to use.
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5 months ago, Zxeq134
Lousy app update preferences.
I no longer live in the St. Louis area but still enjoy getting the news from there. Since you have updated the app it won’t let me get past the weather toggle. I don’t need the weather from there just want the news. I had the old app ever since we moved and liked it. Now I can’t get the app because of the weather notifications which I don’t need and won’t let me choose to to use the weather selection. What’s up with that. I have since deleted ur app and moved onto KSDK 5. Your loss
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5 years ago, small guy fights back
Human interest
I like the stories about the poor little people who get fired by political powerful people and then fight back. The inspector general in the sec of state office threatened battery against an employee before he interviewed her. Director then agreed. Employee is suing in s Ill fed court. Can’t wait to read more. Thanks
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7 years ago, Tom Guelker
Repeated crashes on iPad2
I have left numerous messages about this app constantly crashing on both my iPad2 and my wife's iPad2. I have done a factory reset on both iPads and installed nothing else other than the Fox2 app. My messages have been ignored. I even volunteered to bring these iPads to Fox2 so I could demonstrate the crash in front of them. I have the KMOV app and the KSDK app and these do not crash. It is very aggravating to have to reopen the app only to have it crash within seconds . Very poor coding and even worse support.
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5 years ago, 💔x3
Love Fox 2
Only News channel I truly trust for the facts and real news. Not only informative but interesting. Their local reporting is fact based, and their nationwide reporting is news worthy and interesting. Great Application
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2 years ago, Pamoky5
Constantly freezes / bugs
I used to really like this app, but is has been freezing up and has been acting very buggy over the past few months. When I click on any alerts that I received over the last few weeks, it will not open the alert after the app opens, I can’t find it within the “top stories” and it will freeze up while I am searching for it.
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3 years ago, Neetgrl
Lost all of my saved stories with the latest update. When there is breaking news and you have to click to continue reading, the click doesn’t work (nor did it before the update). I have tried to contact them through the app and that doesn’t work either (old and new versions). I give up and will use another app. Tired of fighting it
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5 years ago, sdechau
Awesome!I can read all my updates and hear the latest news just on my phone!You are awesome fox 2 news!
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3 years ago, ColonelAuctioneer1
Crashes or freezes every time. Fake.
Fox has become worse than CNN. This is just another AP platform with fake news equal to or worse than Turner Broadcasting System. Requires multiple reloads to just read through the main page. Videos that the articles say are provided are not embedded and if they are there they do not play. I have iPhone 11. this app is junk.
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3 months ago, Sandman...
Needs work
The app was generally good. The last major update introduced bugs including one where the “view more” button doesn’t work. The support channels/requests don’t seem to be monitored, so it hasn’t been fixed in months. So only a fraction of the stories are visible.
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4 years ago, gduwodb?/836:?
This app is garbage. Sound does not work all of the times like others have said if you can even get anything to view/play. When you really want to see something you hardly ever can. I absolutely love when I get a breaking headline or something to ‘watch now’ and nothing loads. I have never wrote a review before but this app makes me frustrated enough to do so.
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5 years ago, Menosann
Good but not great
It has the necessary information but has a homemade appearance and the functionality is not very innovative. Also, videos take forever to load if they ever load.
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5 years ago, bed warmer
Is this app able too tell us where have all the cowboys gone?
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6 years ago, ebwellman
Easy to use
Very user friendly. Information is easy to locate. Headlines are in a nice bold font making selected articles easy to find. Layout of app easy to navigate.
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3 years ago, Tprimndytls
Was good now not so much
The app loads video so slowly. Instead of giving option to play video or read text just loads video and slows down the whole app. Don’t have time for every story to load. Bring back the choice to play video or read text. And make it load quicker
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5 months ago, Gomee12
Fox 2 news app, St. Louis
I’m not sure if you changed the format for this app, if you did please change it back! The articles letters are huge and all run together horizontally, it’s horrible! This app used to be my favorite, I’ve tried everything to get it back to normal, nothing seems to work.
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3 years ago, STL Mike230
Ads not news
Be very careful not to touch the screen anywhere close to the numerous ads cause it will take you to the ads page. If you lucky enough not to hit the ad the app will freeze up so you have to force close and restart app. They have the best news on tv but the app is more about ads and not news
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3 years ago, Strydi
Buggy corporate app. Always broken
Unfortunately this corporate app is usually broken, especially after updates. My favorite is when I press a breaking news push notification and it opens up to a blank screen, never loading the content it sent me. Sigh. On to KSDK CH 5’s app now.
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6 years ago, zzz12/(;56??👀
I find your news app very easy to use. I look here first thing every morning.
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5 years ago, bcarle
Missing 1/2 the news
In the morning I would watch this in the bathroom and getting ready, and you don’t hear half the news because it’s “embarked information” you hear the ads 20 times more do you hear the news
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4 years ago, Hope in STL
Well. I’m normally not a Fox person
But this app is pretty darn good in getting the timely news needed during this pandemic. Thank you
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3 years ago, DoggyDoc96
Crashes constantly
I do not like the format of the new app, as titles are hard to read. But it doesn’t matter since it crashes every 2 minutes. It’s always crashed often but since the new update, it is so much worse.
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6 years ago, tmahallen
Annoying tabs
Often when opening a tab article to read it, it instantly opens to a KOHL’S add which is very annoying.
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5 years ago, L!z@R{:
Amazing service
Fox 2 News St Louis is by far one of my favorite apps to use. It’s almost as good as watching the news live!
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6 years ago, Redd0621
I love channel 2 News I always said they get the news first and plus I love Chris Regnier Fox 2 news love him and how he says his name will love to meet him
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5 months ago, Mark61551648
WAY too buggy after update!
Ads take up the entire screen, if you try to scroll you get a tine one or 2 line opening at the bottom to read! If you try and rotate your tablet, half the article text is cutoff. Don’t waste your time with it!
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4 months ago, Hdhheuev
Doesn’t Work
App won’t load on my iPhone with 17.3. Freezes when trying to install. Other news channels in St. Louis load and operate with no problems. Used to be my favorite site, but not anymore. Plus, when trying to confirm, every nickname is taken.
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6 years ago, Lauren Buchanan
Up to the minute stories that MATTER! ❤️
This station and app is dedicated to bringing local stories to your fingertips in a timely manner. It’s a no brained for St. Louisans to download.
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5 years ago, Lolly351
Sound problem
I love the app but today I only get sound on the Bommarito commercials that play before each story!
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6 years ago, Joleybob
Good app
It does everything as it should, everything.
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2 years ago, JayBee70
This was my go to app for local news. With every update it gets worse & has the largest most annoying pop up ad of all. Have to watch some videos whether I want to or not. Considering deleting it.
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5 years ago, eternal fountain
Ever a fox fan
I love Fox 2. The shows, the app. Thank you for all that you do to make this work so well for all of us.
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6 years ago, Cmlintx
Fair and Balanced!!!
Fair and Balanced........ALWAYS !!! Keep this up!! Let the others deal with ‘Fake’ news coverage!! You are above that.
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4 years ago, Chisum5
News coverage is good, but ...
The weather radar part of app doesn’t work and notifications switch doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, Bpup
Very user friendly
Very user friendly. Some spleen got issues but app is good.
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7 years ago, Ppooyyii
I love fox2
This is the best Saint Louis news site. Hands down!!! It’s reliable, real, and the broadcasters be on top of there job. 😎
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3 years ago, realityIsle
Too small to read
The default text and graphics of the new update are too small to read. Deleting this for a different local news app.
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3 years ago, Sttmissouri
Update: months later and a new iphone the app crashes every time I use it. Goes unresponsive as you scroll the stories. I finally had to delete the app from my phone this version keeps crashing on my new iPhone. I give up.
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5 years ago, tryintoavoidthis
Politically Biased
One more so called news reporting agency that does not report the new unbiased. The new should always be unbiased. We do not need to know your opinion on matters, just report the news factually. Offer your opinions only on articles labeled opinions, leave them out of the news.
Show more
2 years ago, Quiltinggma
Worse App Ever
Freezes up all the time, the latest update doesn’t work at all, opens with an old video & freezes, needs a complete revision by someone who knows what they are doing!!!!!
Show more
6 years ago, Rdjutdgji
Too much advertising
So much advertisement you can’t find the story. Live tv is the same commercial over and over. If you leave the screen video won’t restart.
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6 years ago, Saluki alex
Fox 2 News in the Morning App is #1
I love watching Pertzborn & Naughton and the app helps me enjoy more of Fox 2
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1 year ago, tchr4444
Why is there no longer a LIVE feature?
Show more
6 years ago, dwilly9
Easy to use
This app is very easy to use, no complaints
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3 years ago, Number1BostonFan
The bloated layout of the ads make it nearly impossible to navigate any news story. Whoever stuffed the app reviews with 5 stars must be working for the developer. Absolutely horrible app.
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3 years ago, hagggggardddded
App quite working
They updated this app and it won’t open at all after the first week. I hate the new update and now that it won’t open I’m deleting it!! I have an iPhone XS or something, so my phone is not outdated yet!
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