FOX 26 Houston: News & Alerts

4.3 (1.3K)
109 MB
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Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 26 Houston: News & Alerts

4.32 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Fainan01
Great news coverage, but stories get redirected to Safari
Great news coverage but the interface isn’t as smooth as it can be and when you get a push notification about a news article, tapping on it takes you to safari to read the article rather than opening the app itself to read the story. The problem with reading a news story from Fox 26 in Safari is that it is riddled with pop up ads and you can’t read the full story without being interrupted by a random pop up that basically fills up your screen.
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7 years ago, Joker1234!!
Thanks for all your reporters do for Houston
I know the reporters had received some verbal attacks. I just want to say, the sacrifice you guys and gals have done for us during Harvey has really shown a special side to your position. Not only being out in the middle of it for hours, if not days. Without food or breaks at times. You used resources we don't have and save so many lives. You showed from a eye view, with out a filter of all that was happening moment by moment. Our families and friends were worlds apart it seemed with all this water rising. The news crew never left the front lines, they jumped into the water and remained recording areas we could not get to or view. Thank you, thank you. We couldn't of known if you did not sacrifice your time away from your family, and put yourself at risk. You shed the same tears as we did, if not more.
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5 years ago, CNU Mom
I don’t usually write reviews but the older app was much better. Being a native Washingtonian I still have the app for that area and Fox5 DC updated first and I hated it. It made me look forward to checking Houston news and glad they hadn’t changed yet. But low and behold they changed to the same design probably the same app designer and I don’t understand why it’s so subpar. As you scroll the same stories repeat over and over again sometime within the same feed. I understand advertisements but why is it the same one each time I click on a different story. I’m sure Dr. Alisha Howard is a wonderful evangelist but personally being non religious it feels like it’s being shoved down my throat. There are usually ads from different business in the town the news centers on. It’s honestly disappointing and I expected better. But that how we mess ourselves up in life when we expect things so it’s really my own personal issue of expectations. I’m working on it though. Expect nothing and accept everything!
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4 years ago, lovesreading3
Add a search feature
I downloaded the Fox 26 News app today because the Fox 26 newscaster said a list of HISD schools offering free meals was posted on the Channel 26 news app. I cannot find that list on your website. Having a “locate” or “search” feature would be very helpful. I have run into this same problem with other local Houston news stations. The television reporter says further details will be available online, but when you go to look online, the story is either not online, or it is buried somewhere that is not easily located. Having a search feature would improve the usefulness of your website.
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5 years ago, Lodiejr
Fox information
Yes, Fox is where I look when I want to know what happened in our great land and especially what the White House is putting out as the truth. I am proud of Pres. Trump and I think that Fox will tell me the truth. The actions coming from the Dumbocrats are beyond belief. How can any group of people hate a person who is in the middle of doing so many wonderful things for our country. To ignore the things to numerous to mention that are happening to all of us is not only un-American but is somewhat treasonous. So to keep from raving. Yes I look to FOX what I expect to be the truth.
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5 years ago, kecol427
Great App
The only issue I’ve experienced is sometimes when I get a push notification and click on it, it doesn’t take me to the story and it’s nowhere to be found in the news feed. Other than that, great app! Oh and btw, Kaitlyn is soooo cute pregnant!!! I watch every night looking to see if she’s had the baby!!
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6 years ago, ls4stevens
I love that 26 news we don’t watch any other news that indicate Updates it’s amazing it’s always accurate right on point in all ways before I get this before the TV so then I go to fox 26 and see what’s going on live for further information. Thanks Fox 26 News for you app that I can use any time for new, weather, traffic, exc. at work home store road trips it doesn’t matter we’re I’m may be so continue the Great job of updating like you do and I’m yours for life lol. Louisa Stevens
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5 years ago, Dee&Ayy
I really dislike the fact that every time I click on a story to read, NO MATTER WHAT the video for the story INSTANTLY plays. Really really bad feature, if I wanted the video to play I would press play. PLEASE FIX! side note: as a mother to a newborn, when I get a chance to myself I love to read and look at the news. Unfortunately I’ve noticed myself coming to the fox26 app less and less because i know if I click on a story I run the risk of the video for the story starting instantly and it’s loud - wakes up baby - startles the dog so therefore the dark barks- ... domino effect if you will, all because I click on a story to read and the video plays instantly👎🏻
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5 years ago, zztop625
Fox app
Like the app for Chanel's 2and 13 the apps all look alike and are not really kept up to date especially overnight. The weather maps are just really local not able to see across the country. The sports section is worthless if you like to see all sports and all across the country--- no scores, and it appears it is a day behind on info, it keeps repeating the same news nothing really new. You need to look at channel 11'sapp to see what an app is supposed to look like and cover especially weather and sports
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1 year ago, Dani_shawn
3rd party advertisments
There are too many 3rd party advisers. When I, and other's scroll down a page we get bombarded with unnecessary advertisements. This takes away from the pleasantries of reading because they are all over the place. They split reports and stories, having one all over the place, while trying to read an article. This is the main reason I do not like your app, and use another instead. Please have your IT department look at this issues and redesign for a better reading experience. Thank you
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6 years ago, mluck47
News Alerts
I don’t know about you but when I see a news alert on my smart phone about a story I’m interested in and I click on that alert and then it goes somewhere else, I have to say this is very disconcerting. This is something I would think the admins for Fox News mobile app would definitely want to fix! But thats just me!
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6 years ago, B'ne3
Awesome reporting!
Love everything about the app and how the news anchors keep us updated without a delay. Fox 26 has been my go to for anything news related since I was a kid and now I’m in my 30s, I still tune in before and after work. The app makes it easier to stay updated during afternoon hours as well. Thank you again!!!🤘
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6 years ago, Mom in Magnolia
Mom in Magnolia
I’m on a trip to Indianapolis and was notified in flight of the sad news of the horrific news in Santa Fe. Fox News as it happens is for me. My niece graduated from there last year and was with me on the plane. She lost her friends and a teacher. Fox News is my choice for all of my local information, even when I’m on the go.
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3 years ago, Jaemac1976
I love that since day one
I have had the Fox 26 news on my iPad and iPhone for the longest time now. It's great during storms, or hurricanes and even sometimes just to be able to watch during lunch while I'm sitting at the beach. I recommend Fox 26 news app.
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5 years ago, love Houston chnl 26.
News worthy.
Channel 26 Fox News is very informative and is deeply involved in the Harris County happenings. I love the diversity of news reporters that bring us the info, big or small, even when it’s controversial. I love the early morning news, weather and traffic updating. I just prefer local Fox News period.
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5 years ago, Green Eyes Lady
Green Eyes Lady
Loving how they are always giving you the updates and so much more news given even when I’m not at home. Thank you very much for your hard work which is very meaningful for me and my families. We so appreciated you all and fabulously well done.
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3 years ago, Boady
Notifications do not take you to the story in the notification
Great app! I would give it a higher rating but the notifications never take you to the story that you’re notified about. Instead you go to a general page and the link to that story is no where to be found.
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4 years ago, Jaxmax09
Notifications come through of something I want to read and when I click it is nowhere on the app. Refreshing for 5 minutes and still no article matching the notification. Happens all the time!!! About to delete this app all together. Upload your news THEN put out a notification. No one has time for this. Unprofessional. Feels like bait and switch to get me to open the app and the story I want to read is nowhere to be found.
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6 years ago, Maggie54
Too many ads
The FOX 26 app is a quick way to get short fast news headline stories every day. I gave it 4 stars because there are so many advertisements in the way it’s hard to navigate without hitting an ad and ending up looking at a commercial - not the news.
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6 years ago, Italitex
Real People!
I prefer Fox26 because the newscasters seem like next door neighbors instead of show biz types who want to use their job at a local station as a stepping stone to bigger things. Thank you for being down to Earth!
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6 years ago, njtxirish
Who knows the locations you put?
In ten years of living down here I am always baffled by how the Houston media puts in location of stories. Are you serious to think that the vast majority of Houston knows an area when you “1600 block of ______”? Really? I lived in NYC, NJ and Florida and never had to use a map to understand a story in the news like I do here. Just another Houston embarrassment! Please find a way to pinpoint locations of your story in your story that has the majority of the city in mind.
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5 years ago, Jmbasb
TV great - app disappoints
So, Fox26 app sends you a teaser on your home screen linking supposedly to the story. Every time, I sit patiently through the advertisement, then the app screen says "We'll be right back" and nothing happens and I don't get to see the story. I won't stop looking up the news on the app, but am not going to fall for the video tease from the app anymore.
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7 years ago, woipeldingel
Nice to get mostly real news
Generally great news coverage locally, but some story feeds leave much to be desired. It's hard to dig for the full story when it comes across as a feed, so a little more caution is warranted. Love Isiah Carey, always thought provoking!
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7 years ago, chammack
Too many ads slowing the app
The app was great until the new design. Now it’s impossible to navigate through all the process-hogging ads. And instead of being able to choose from the top stories at the front page the users have to jump through hoops and deal with pop up ads to figure out how to find top stories by using the top nav bar. With today’s political climate I wouldn’t be surprised if the app designers were Fox haters.
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5 years ago, simba boo
Tom thank you when you stay on even when you should be off by 10 am. I take great comfort with you being on air during bad times. You keep me calm. Thank you
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6 years ago, LIBBER65
Fox 26 News
I keep it on all morning and enjoy the hosts and the local coverage. The only time I don’t watch is during football season on Fridays when it gets loud and annoying.
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6 years ago, Stormymjf
I love watching Fox26 news but as far as kneeling at football games you only have one person to kneel in front of .Just think there are 10 plus children that can’t kneel anymore .Thank You Mary
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6 years ago, hpegolucky2003
I feel like they tell the truth for the most part. Don’t care to watch any other network news shows. Sometimes, like most news outlets, a bit too dramatic.
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7 years ago, S/V Southern Girl
Ads drove me to another station's app
The positive reviews are accurate, but they're about the station, not the app. The app is terrible, largely because of the ads that keep popping up, too often causing what I'm reading to shift off the screen. Tired of "chasing" the articles I'm trying to read, I have settled on another Houston station's app where this doesn't happen.
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6 years ago, moose 2014
Great ! Don’t change anything. The website is easy to understand. Perhaps we could see more of Lisa, however. Thanks for showing both sides of issues.
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5 years ago, Dbharding
Greatest News App for Houston
I watch a different channel why? Not sure... By my go too up to date news app is Fox current news breaking news can’t beat it
Show more
5 years ago, Gigi Boudreaux A
Rating Fox26. From Gigi Boudreaux A
I’m always watching shows and the news it’s great for as sending up but it’s a lot of six hours. Really love Isaiah uncensore I miss the part of the shows when they show the dumb criminals.
Show more
7 years ago, Odette5
Love my FOX 26
I get all the important new when it happens, and can see traffic, weather, and everything else I need to see at the tap of a button.
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5 years ago, Attakwabbit
Too much self promoting and where’s the story
I don’t care about special stories or who is on the morning show. Way too many sports updates with no filters available. Biggest gripe is getting an alert and going to no story at all related to the alert on the site.
Show more
3 years ago, BeauPittman
Too many notifications
I wish there was a way to limit the notifications to specific topics. I get too many messages each say when I only care about breaking news.
Show more
6 years ago, Clgloria
The only local news app
This is the only place I use to get local news/weather and everything else. The best there is!
Show more
5 years ago, Keith077
Good People
I love all of you. I feel like you are part of our family. It is the only news I watch. Thank you for being there for the good news and the bad. Donna Huffman, TX
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5 years ago, Kelllyrocks
Missing Report
Every single time I get an alert on my iPhone for a story, no matter what, even if I click on it immediately, it will open the app and I will never see the story. I assume when I click on the alert that it would bring me to the story. But no. It brings me to the home page and I can never find the story. So I resort to googling and reading the story from a competitor. Thanks.
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6 years ago, ccc60
Enjoying this site. It has stories that affect my home and surrounding area, as well as USA and worked news. Living on the Texas Gulf Coast the weather alerts and stories too.
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7 years ago, King Willie 8
Great News Team
I did away with cable. I went purely internet, this app is a great way for me to get the local and national news. I really enjoy the short videos.
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7 years ago, Mrs.Watts1
If you want to be in the know...Fox is the way to go
Love the app! I'm not able to watch the news, but I am aware because of the notification from Fox 26. Thanks!
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5 months ago, Disappointed Longtime Djay Fan
Won’t Work on Apple TV 4K
What’s the purpose of an app that won’t work in your smart tv console? (ie. Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, etc.). We’reone of the largest cities in the world, yet we can’t find our local news apps to watch like technology is designed. What if there’s a weather issue, and U-Verse is not working? Can we rely on the FOX 26 app? Only from your smartphone (sometimes)🤦
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5 years ago, Great Grandma T
Fox 26 news
I am overall pleased with your reporting. Keep with the facts only. You might have a Verify section that lets your followers know if a rumor is real or fake
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2 years ago, Luciebe2
Good articles. App is glitchy. If I try to open from notifications, it does nothing, same with app. I have to restart my phone to open up app. Otherwise articles are written good.
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7 years ago, Shellidog
The app is so easy to use, and it covers everything from the weather to the news to the sports.
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6 years ago, RockeyReed
Timely and Quick
Well written app that delivers news in a timely fashion. Updates quickly and responds well on all network connections. However, political news appears to have a liberal bias. I would prefer my news like detective Joe Friday likes his witness statements. “Just the facts, please.”
Show more
3 years ago, Ralph_Avery
I’m uninstalling this app
If my wife gets a story on fox and sends me a link to it, this app takes over and won’t send me to the story. It sends me to a link page, and I can’t find the story. By uninstalling the app it will take me to the web page (which is correct). So you’re better off without the app.
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5 years ago, NLerMacMan
Great app! Very well laid out.
The best of all the local news apps, easy to navigate and always on top of the latest stories as they happen.
Show more
5 years ago, Bluebunnybabe
Where’s Brazoria County???
This app would be better if it had a section for Brazoria County news, like it does for all of the other counties. It also needs more articles. I get more news articles on Facebook than I do from this app.
Show more
2 years ago, caseytoo
Plethora of Ads are horrid detractors
The number of ads and the ways they are presented completely detract from the news, which is the reason to come to the site. I find myself searching elsewhere when I see a notification to read about in order to avoid all the "noise".
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