FOX 35 Orlando: News & Alerts

4.5 (726)
109 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 35 Orlando: News & Alerts

4.46 out of 5
726 Ratings
3 years ago, jc2orl
Beat in Orlando
Delivers the best up to date news in the area with commercial free video news. The one I choose to go to every morning.
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3 years ago, jhartge
Repeating News that may not be needed
It’s nice to get some alerts on news but while working you do not need every Covid-19 vac updates and so on.. I also get multiple alerts for the same story throughout the day.. given some news is important to some and not to others and that some of us hold jobs that every distraction may interfere with the importance and intense responsibilities we may have it is important for them to make a filter going forward that allows us all to select the kind of story’s that are needed/wanted and to mute or not send the others.. It almost becomes overwhelming now a days and without a filter maybe it’s best to just wait to find out after work..
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5 years ago, S LB 123
Morning news is the best
I really like fox morning news. That’s amazing because I do not like Fox TV network. But 35 is great. The morning news covers things you don’t hear about on other news broadcasts. It is formal, insightful, interesting, and informative. I am blind and one of the coolest things Fox News ever did for me was send me the name of a restaurant they had talked about on their morning program that I had missed the name of. The only improvement is because I am blind I wish they would tell more what their showing on the screen in terms of phone numbers, names, etc. Other than that, Great network!!!
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5 years ago, Philly_bred407
Fox 35 Orlando is the only App for local News
The most accurate news channel in the Orlando area with staff News Reporters who have great voices and personalities. My favorite about Fox is they have had the same anchors and reporters for as long as I have lived in Deltona and that says a lot about the company. Other news channels have reporters with voices that just aren’t suitable to be on tv or way too monotone. I will be reaching out to Fox 35 and who knows, maybe I can get the opportunity to meet them!
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6 years ago, OrlandoKnews
Inconsistent performance
I thought this app would allow me to keep track of local breaking news but the performance is so inconsistent and glitchy I'm deleting it. The breaking news alerts/ push notifications are great...I just got one about the falling stock market, but when you click on the alert, rather than take you to the related story, it just takes you to the app landing page. Streaming is glitchy even on a strong connection. The articles (if you can even call them that) are often no more than 2 or 3 sentences and there's way too much video for an app that's supposed to be mobile.
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6 years ago, joe Florida
Theme parks
Improved ove the last few years. The only exception being there was a time when you had a category for Theme Parks. I would like that category back. Presently you include Theme Park news in the entertainment area. I think it should be separate and more extensive.
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7 years ago, Centralfl lady
Wish you would do an update on your app!
I love watching your TV news broadcast but I hate the silence of we will be back messages plus blacking out the sports update news. No other station in the area does that so I'm not sure why you have to do so. I love the fact that if I miss the actual news I can come back in your rerunning the previous news cast! Please do not eliminate those reruns!
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2 years ago, Jimmy32789
Lots of updates on local news
This local news app is constantly updating with new local news and video. Rarely do I see the same story or video twice in a row
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5 years ago, can not get nick name not used
Fox News
Fox News, in my opinion, has the very best news staff that presents more factual and unbiased coverage of the every day events than the other three major stations combined. Keep up the good work. YES keep your current staff, Don,t let the Liberals control the your news.
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5 years ago, kennry g
Best news station ever
This station is the best news station we have ever viewed. Every reporter is professional and effective in communicating the news without personal comments. Far surpasses the capabilities of the stations we had in St Louis, Minneapolis and Milwaukee where we were raised.
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4 years ago, Jazzyass59
App is ok, needs some tweaking
I like getting notifications about news stories. What I don’t like is a lot of times when I get a notification and tap on it I am taken to the home page and can’t find the story I was notified about. It’s really annoying because most of the time I don’t even know where to look for it.
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3 years ago, bradhedinger
Notification Banner Issue
Whenever a notification banner is received, clicking on that banner takes the user to a different place within the app; never to the story that the notification was about. From there, it is next to impossible to locate the story that the notification was about.
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5 years ago, Jazyrn87
Great to get quick updates or just stream news
I use it every morning to get the headlines and weather. Even better during a storm. Information at your fingertips!
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5 years ago, Tom Terrific Two
Love your dtation
I love your is concise news that is easy to watch...i love your weekend weather forecaster for the science brought in to his forecast...i watch it and our local station here in jax. Channel 4. For all storm coverage...always a job well done
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5 years ago, mldblg
Fair and Balanced
For the most part I believe it’s fair in its reporting. Their are in some cases that the reporting is to far right. However when you consider MSNBC and CNN , they have absolutely no balance at all. Everything is totally ultra left liberal. So all in all , I’d say very fair. PS: I do miss Bill O’Reily.
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3 years ago, Kkb_fl
Good internet but LIVE news buffers
Live news runs great for about 30-40 min and then starts buffering for several minutes. This causes me to lose weather and the end or beginning of other stories. Also, ads seem to take precedence over news, cutting into news presentations time.
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2 years ago, Lookin’ for good
Over and over and over and over and over
First. Site continues to repeat stories that were newsworthy weeks ago but certainly are not now. Second. Space for the same story provided two, three & sometimes four times on the same day provides no additional value. The worth of a story source is not measured by duplication or repetition of stories but by timeliness, accuracy, and story-worthiness. If there is an explanation for the repetition of stories, then management should consider the value of implications of providing space for news to support and uplift our community.
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5 years ago, Zxcrtu
Best weather in Florida.
Best weather report in Florida. I’m actually south of the forecast area but I watch their big picture report every day. They’re Hurricane Dorian reporting was the most dependable and complete anywhere including NOAA!
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4 years ago, pilotgeorge747
Commercials while streaming emergency briefings??
I’ve streamed the briefings live from both the governor and the mayor during the public health emergency and the stream cuts out and commercials play. After the commercials the stream does not pick back up where it was left but whatever important information that was being briefed is missed. This just isn’t right and should not be done during emergency briefings.
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5 years ago, radio43
The best news the true news
After looking at other news channels Fox News is the only true news the only one I will watch.
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4 years ago, Cowgirl cyndi
Mixed messages
Why do you do articles about the GA shooting but not the Delaware stalking and killing of an elderly couple in veterans cemetery hunted by a man with a scoped rifle. A witness claims he shot multiple Rounds of 3 groupings over 15 minutes. He then got into a gun fight with LE. The GA shooting is well covered but it’s difficult to get any information about the DE shooting. Why? I liked your station for covering all of the news.
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6 years ago, Whtesatin
LOVE Fox 35
The only news channel we watch! Great coverage with great people. Can always count on getting up to date information on news and weather.
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5 years ago, suzy mcdowell
Great news updates!
Thank you for sending out timely news updates! The ones that are uplifting are the best!
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5 years ago, BagelReady
My go to for all things weather related
Fox 35 Orlando has been my “go to” all during Hurricane Dorian. I appreciate all the updates throughout the day and night. Great work!
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5 years ago, thanks fox 35
Great news and weather!
Much thanks for being there 24-7! Thanks to all the folks who bring us the updates!
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2 years ago, Oops45922!
Repeat and old
I like the idea of a local and brief news app. The problem is typically a story is repeated 2-4 times on the page. Also, some of the stories stay for a handful of weeks. If you’re going to have a news app, please keep it current.
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6 years ago, Smitywermman
News Flash
I check several times daily. Wish it would update more frequently on weekends
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5 years ago, jjdriskell
Great info!
Always up to date on everything thats going on. Easy navigation
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5 years ago, boboburch
Ant to distort
The best station to hear the true facts . The side they are on is true democracy , not for socialism. As of now they have not been taken over by the far left , as nbc , cbs abc cnn . Msnb , who name it.
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5 years ago, Mariah Holmes
I love this app and news station. It keeps me updated daily on weather and current news.
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6 years ago, boatswain mate
Morning show
I enjoy my morning show starting at 7 to 10. Lot of news and everybody gets along great.
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5 years ago, Haywire76
Great news site
Easy to use and up to the minute accurate. Like the timely reports and ease of use.
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5 years ago, paul049
Too much California news
Can’t understand why you show so many car chases from California. Perhaps the news staff should move to California. Most of us have no interest in a California car chase. If we have a slow news day here then show some GOOD local news.
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2 years ago, websmithc
Still publishing fake news
I want to like Fox, but they keep publishing fake news that insist there’s no evidence of election irregularities. There is irrefutable evidence that has been made public. They look foolish to keep publishing articles that deny it. Stop with the hidden agenda and start reporting truth.
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5 years ago, King of Macy's 👑
Miss The Big O
I lived in Orlando for 30 yrs & I really miss the aura of the city. The weather was great also. I come back for vacation 2 times a year to visit my friends. I miss Amy doing the news.
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6 years ago, ashuhleyyy
Always up for to date with news. I enjoy checking this app everyday.
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6 years ago, pgloranger
The best network around
Love your news and weather team. Total enjoyment and useful for planing my days.
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6 years ago, Jrob12089
Could be better
This app could be better if it didn't block sports segments.
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7 years ago, KAT o Nine Tails
Gross Errors
The app works fine but whomever reports and writes the articles should return to school. Stories are full of misspellings, ramblings and confusing layout of facts, I use other news sites often.
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5 years ago, Budeyish
Up to date.
Thanks for being up to date. And spot on.
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1 year ago, wxman6
Great Team
Love the team at FOX 35. Appreciate the updated news alerts as they happen.
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7 years ago, Sandewon
Only reputable station on TV
Every one is professional in a very friendly way
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4 years ago, Zoila57
Fox 35 is the best!
I love Fox News, especially Channel 35! Thank you for keeping us informed with very accurate information!
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6 years ago, Edit Dude
Illegal Push Notifications
Continuing my practice of handing single star ratings to apps that violate app developer rules regarding push notifications. I’ve even turned notifications off within the app and I still receive them. They’ve now been shut off permanently in system settings.
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5 years ago, Shido Stripe
Useful app for on the road updates
Use this on the RV to keep up with things
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5 years ago, DanaH1238
Great news app!😊❤️
This is a great app for keeping up to date with the weather and news.
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5 years ago, absoluteze
Too many ads, not enough content
Seems like the number if ads have increased without adding additional need content. Sometimes news is days old and rarely updated.
Show more
6 years ago, Ab be
Ok news updates
Site is ok but more items would be great
Show more
5 years ago, history educatir
They are fair and less “editorial” than the other news stations.
Show more
5 years ago, RondomaticBB
Good work, job well done
Not a resident but enjoy keeping up with the area for various reasons.
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