FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth: News

4.1 (1.9K)
109.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth: News

4.12 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Poohlvu1
Nice upgrade, but can’t see some pics
The upgrade is nice; however when you click on the picture for some news articles, the picture is no longer there when you go to read the article. The pictures are small when scrolling through the list of articles to choose from. I was hoping the picture would be bigger once you select that particular article, but the picture is not included in the article. Otherwise the upgrade is good.
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5 years ago, pahalad9
Fox News
This is the only news outfit that I trust to be honest, thorough and available consistently at all times. Fair and balanced is not just a nice sounding line for them. They always have or attempt to to invite people who represent all sides of an issue to allow the viewers to make an informed decision about important things that really matter to them. Unlike most other news agencies that present only negative, extreme left commentary that actually turns most viewers off! Keep up the good work - You’re device is invaluable! Alex Clough
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5 years ago, Jmp627
Not receiving notifications
I have local news apps for myself as well as other cities where my adult children live. I receive multiple push notifications throughout the day from each of them (for example KRON 4 in the SF Bay Area notifies me of earthquakes, as well as other important news. But I don’t get push notifications from this App FoxDallas, even though I have the Notifications toggle turned on. I would have expected to receive notifications about the tornado, yet I did not. I’m disappointed and hope that I will receive more notifications about important Dallas/Allen news from this app.
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2 years ago, J2xthe_jetplane
Picture and picture
I enjoy being able to watch the local news from my iPhone. You all should update the app so it has picture and picture abilities. I’m a local trucker and I listen to the news to start my day out. All the other apps allow me to minimize the picture so that I’m able to use my gps as well. Right now the app cuts the video off if I close the app.
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5 years ago, libdobsykes
Thank You
I love watching Fox 4 News. I especially enjoy Steve and Heather as they are always professional in reporting the news. They also have great personalities and their bantering with each other is so entertaining. They, and everyone else dresses well and looks so sharp. The weather forecasts couldn't be any better. I greatly appreciate the storm warnings for all of our protection. Thank you so much to each of you.
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5 years ago, Megadeaux
No visual pictures with stories
This is the second time I’ve downloaded this app. Initially, i didn’t recall the reason I previously deleted it. Two days into using the app, I’m frustrated to recall the reason. I’m dumbfounded to find there is only a single thumbnail picture available for each news article, which promptly disappears upon opening the story. Therefore, once opening the page to read a story, the only visuals available are large advertisements. Nothing correlating with the news article. It’s unbelievable that such a long-standing, reputable news outlet in a large city to have such low standards in decimating news.
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4 years ago, Joe V2
Too many Issues
I love Fox News, but this app needs some serious work. When watching the broadcast if my phone alarm goes off or I have to swap screens to answer a text when I flip back I have to watch a 60 second commercial or if I adjust my brightness on my phone, not even close the app, and it restarts with another 60 second commercial and then I lose where I was in the news cast and often cannot back it up by that point. Please fix these issues and it will be a stellar app...
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5 years ago, hobbeine
Tornado coverage
Thank you Fox 4 for streaming on your app during storms! I was in Utah while my family was ducking for cover during a tornado warning and was able to watch live coverage and see what was happening as it happened! I could not do that with any other Dallas station. Please add the streaming option to Roku, Xbox and other options so I can stay in touch with my home while traveling!
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6 years ago, Ennis we are
Always watch “4” because it is local. BUT, does any station know there is a southern area of Dallas. Always north, always weather in north, concentrate on north. You have viewers in the South. Half the time weather map does not even show the south, much less report what is happening in the south. I know more about Oklahoma than I know about Ellis County weather. Maybe it’s just perception. Thank you for local news and your perception of news. Bobbie Dlabaj, proud resident of Ellis County!
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3 years ago, S. R. Mack
Two things about your app are most annoying. First, on the news feed, the same stories show up over and over, in random order, and they are often outdated. There is no organization to the page (Top stories, Local, National, etc.). Second, unlike most of your competitors, I cannot change the location on the weather page, much less save several favorite locations. And, please, don’t say get the WAPP. Why should I need, or want, two apps. None of the other local stations do that. I’d give you no stars, it it would let me. Thank you.
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5 years ago, The REAL Awsome Big Dad
The REAL Awsome Big Dad
The main reason I love FOX 4 is because you guys only care about reporting the news....No Sportscaster that’s been on Oprah, No Weather Reporter (notice I didn’t say Meterologist) that tries to ride on the coattails of said Sportscaster? I just want a clear, honest, truthful, presentation of the News. The only reason I didn’t give you guys 5 stars is because I want you to work even harder for that fifth star😉 Great Job!
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7 years ago, Poodle heaven
News app
This fox4 news app is the single best news app I found, because it is the easiest to use and I can get the news through out the day before and after i get finished with both of my jobs, plus the news alerts allow me to get breaking news on the spot when I need it, if anyone is wanting a good new app I highly recommend this news app
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6 years ago, Sonor Drums
I am done with this app.
Constant re-wracks where the tape literally backs up and then repeats and repeats small segments of previously viewed content. Latency. Takes forever to load. Commercials constantly start, re-start and re-start during commercial breaks. It’s enough to drive one nuts! I’m switching to NBC affiliate. At least they run promos and the content doesn’t stall and restart over and over again. The news content flows without interruption. Am I seeing a pattern here? Ch. 5’s app runs smoothly and yours does NOT!!! It’s obviously not my carrier or my computer (nor the iPad). It is ALL Ch. 4’s problem. NO stars from me.
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3 years ago, play hard
No longer readable
I used this app daily for years. Something has drastically changed. The recent update is awful. Stories are repeated two or three times, content is nonexistent or poorly worded. Use of AP reported content instead of locally written. I deleted your app. Makes me sad that something that was once very well done has turned into something I can no longer tolerate. I gave you three starts for past success - currently I would give you a one.
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5 years ago, 4BobinDallas
Fox 4 News
I’ve lived here in Dallas for over 40 years. Fox 4 News is my favorite local news source. They just get done right. I prefer my news without the slant or hidden agendas. Direct and to the point is what I like and this is what I find on Fox 4 News. To that I thank you all for your coverage of local news and sports. Yes, I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan.
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6 years ago, deaux
Fox 4 only!
I only watch Fox 4 News because it seems your news reporting is more unbiased then the other DFW stations. I can’t stand the liberal slanted fake news from other stations. And you’re not trying to look like some entertainment show like channel 8! Plus I love the Viewer’s Voice! The stupid comments on there and Steve’s responses make me laugh out loud!!
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5 years ago, Stone home
Love it
Fox 4 DFW App is so much better than NBC 5 DFW. Better interface, better content, no annoying commercials (which drives me crazy with NBC 5 - don’t get me started about how much I despise the TXU Energy guy). I suffered through NBC 5 for years before I realized this was available. You won’t regret switching. Thank you for providing great news coverage. App is never glitchy. 👍🏻
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6 years ago, news4lover
Love Channel 4 App!
Thank you Fox 4 News for your app and excellence in news reporting! Our family believes you are the very best news team! We try to watch the 10 pm news every night, but whenever we must miss it, we enjoy watching the news on the app later. And thank you for not siding with any political party. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, RockPaperSmiles
Miss the old app
Some update within the last year really killed the user-friendliness of one of my formerly favorite apps. “Watch live no longer” functions without an “active” screen (as in touching the screen every 30 seconds to keep the screen from locking). It used to be my go-to app every morning, now I just open it once or twice a month to check for any signs of the previous interface being reverted..... You’re still my favorite news team, though!
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6 years ago, cathyann79!
Review-please read
Fox four cast and crew are wonderful. However, the feed connection is awful most of the time. It rewinds stories, has two stories going at once, or just freezes. It won’t work when I’m connected to WiFi at all. I’ll always still watch it but thought you might be able to help with the connection issues. Have a Good Day!
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4 years ago, Allison2970
Where’s the Search Bar?
If the search bar is there, I simply could not find/see it. They normally are right on top so you can search for any article (historical). I’ll have to go back out to safari to read whatever comes up 🤷🏻‍♀️. It’s a great app and one of my favorite stations but loses stars when I can’t find what I’m looking for and have to go elsewhere.
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5 years ago, wastedoftime
Fox 4 news app
I have eliminated watching news from my life. I had to make changes and cut out the repetitive negative messages. I have enjoyed it keeping up with the news with this app. I can pick and choose what information I want to know since too much negative news can have a negative impact on me. Works great for local information.
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6 years ago, Jfinkner
Love Fox 4 but hate the app
Commercials come in fine, but the live broadcast on the app “rewinds” and then plays on top of itself. Sounds like two separate programs running. I have deleted the app and reloaded it. I have made sure my phone has all updates and I still have problems. But then it works when the commercials are on. Don’t have this problem with other apps that stream. Maybe it is that it is live. Idk.
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2 years ago, Penelope in Frisco
App update has broken “watch live”
One star. Unfortunately. now read content only. Used daily to stream news. Getting error “Server Error unfortunately something went wrong try again later”. Same result when try again. Same result when updated app. Same result after complete delete of app and reinstall. Plus the app support link in the App Store sends you to a “page not recognized”. What incompetence with quality testing and messaging to end users.
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6 years ago, SuzyQDallas
Great app, horrible ads that interrupt the stories
Love the layout, easy to check local news stories. Easy to navigate around. But, there are too many ads thrown in between the paragraphs. You almost think the article is completed, then you scroll further, and there's the rest of the article. Very irritating, and a huge nuisance and a waste of my time and the "data" to have to scroll thru so much garbage. Recipes are awful, ingredients missing, or steps left out. And the pictures..the food hardly looks appetizing.
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6 years ago, Audrey Manus
Fox News
I watch Fox News, because I will get thorough information about local news. Fox also devotes more time to local news than their competitors. Unfortunately, this station is wrongly criticized or criticized for petty reasons by some of the viewers. Fox News continue doing a great service for our area.
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6 years ago, Ticked Off 67
Live View is Awful
I travel for work but like to keep current on local news. The live app has just gotten worse and worse. It used to be reliable but since the greed for all the advertisement has been added, it's less than dependable. It pauses and you miss the headline after coming back from break. Luckily the CBS and NBC affiliates work better so I can watch them and keep current. The readable news stories are good and usually work well. Hopefully the developer will get some help in developing a reliable app.
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5 years ago, JBfrom Dallas
Can find relevant news, weather and traffic.
Like this team of reporters in the morning, to get my day started. The WAPP is very helpful. Only picky is the banner with time and temp on TV is no longer visible(and hasn't been for a long time) on any TV in the house. It's so far to the left side it's not visible. I go to other stations for that info. Overall, well done Fox 4!
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8 months ago, YourWorstNightmare8
Love the app, not the update.
I just updated my app, and now every time I open it up, it has some “war music” playing in the background. Not sure if the update included “advertisement sounds”, but it gets a bit annoying. Maybe they will fix it with the new update. Thanks FOX4!
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7 years ago, 85montecarlo
No commercials before video!!👍🏼
Get your video without having to watch a commercial for something you're never going to buy especially when it's being forced fed to you !! Thank you Fox News for not trying to make a buck on every little thing.
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5 years ago, turnertabor
Review of Fox4 News feed
In my humble opinion, this news feed site is the BEST in the Metroplex. Always updated and full of information that concerns us. I feel that this is the most factual news reporting web site for the Metroplex. I no longer live in DFW but try to keep up with ‘what’s happening’ and I head to Fox4 for my fix.
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5 years ago, 04michelle665
Love Love Love
I LOVE Fox Four News and Fox News, I have both apps on my phone. Always nice to have real news then the fake stuff that CNN or MSBC has, they just can’t seem to get it together and always lie about everything then take whatever Republicans say out of contexts to twist it to how they think it “should be”.
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6 years ago, jo be
Local News
I was surprised and pleased to find that the Fox 4 News app was a reliable source for local news and events in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I did not find the political slant that you find on the national station. The app focuses on relevant local events and reports it in a straightforward manner. Very refreshing!.
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7 years ago, GRANMAMATX
FOX4 News
I rarely watch tv. That being said, I love FOX4 to keep me updated on what's going on here and in the world. It is a lot t less time consuming than watching the news. I have nothing negative to say about this app. Give it a try; you may find, as I did, you love it
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6 years ago, R B from Denton
Morning news group
The morning news group is fun & informative. We watch them every morning & the 2 Jens on the weekend or part of our Fox 4 News favorites group also. Tim, Lauren, Evan & Chip give our mornings a lighthearted lift. Don’t care much for Dan Godwin though, seems like he has trouble thinking “on his feet”.
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1 year ago, dallas26scorpio
recent update gone wrong
I’ve never had issues with FOX 4 app watching the DFW news. But as of the last four days, I am unable to view any live feed from the fox for Dallas studio. All of it is national news. Watch Orlando news on DFW live link. please fix this issue. If there’s a weather emergency, many people don’t have cable or access to regular TV. This is the only way I’m able to watch television without having an antenna.
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6 years ago, Business/ Student User
Never works, loads, and the voicing is always off track
This app barely works from the live streaming to the video playback. Frequently the voicing is way off and the same tracks overlap each other distorting the sound and making the news reports inaudible. I’ve always updated the app and my IOS but it still doesn’t work properly. I’ve had the app for a year and try it every morning while getting ready. Please fix the bugs!
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5 years ago, TxGeech
Used to be pretty good app
This was the only news app I’ve had since I got my first smartphone. Now I get disgusted every time I open the app. When you scroll down the home page, they show about 5 or 6 stories over and over again. You like that story? Good. Scroll down a little further and you can read it again and again. C’mon guys. You made the changes. Did you ever even look at it?
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6 years ago, 1358wizard
The Best
I thoroughly enjoy being able to pull up the news at my fingertips. Don’t always have time in the morning to watch it on TV. Very convenient and simple to use. Has all the up to date happenings also.
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5 years ago, Ace7529
Redesign is awful
Recent update basically makes it look like the website, which is super disorganized. The app also now contains fewer articles due to the overlap of their “sections”. I already miss the clean quick way you could get all the important local news. I will be looking at other local news apps because if I wanted their terrible website I’d go to it. This app will no longer be one of the first things I open in the morning.
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7 years ago, Vl63
Keeps me up to date on Texas news
We don't subscribe to a local paper or watch a local Television news channel. I rely on Fox4 News to keep my aware of what is happening in nearby cities & USA. Happy with this app & the information it provides.
Show more
7 years ago, ld0713
Grammar and Spell Check!!!!!!!
I appreciate quick access to local news and the app has stopped crashing as often since the latest update. Unfortunately, the writing is terrible. Granted I don't have a degree in journalism but I do know proper English. Most articles on Fox 4 tend toward horrid. What is the editor doing? Is there not a copywriter on staff? Is there no one capable of proofreading?!
Show more
4 months ago, Gottasrt4
Annoying ads
I’ve really enjoyed staying informed of my local news with this app, but if its ads keep stopping my music, I’ll find another app to get my local news from. I checked their site & didn’t see a contact for app support, so unfortunately this was my only recourse.
Show more
5 years ago, Akamai surfer
Right of center
One of the most balanced news sources available at present. Tends to be somewhat more sensational than Wall Street Journal, but also has a wide variety of coverage and topics. Much more likely to get both sides of an issue than with CNN or MSNBC, ABC, CBS.
Show more
5 years ago, Katierinz
Really don’t like that pictures available frequently are NOT in the article so you can’t actually see it. Tonight it’s a loose inmate. Can’t see the picture. Before it was a murdered police officer. Can’t see that person. Little thumbnails then nothing in the article except maybe a video which I’ve by now read so only want to see the attached picture that isn’t there.
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5 years ago, Judy from DeSoto, TX
Having trouble with showing "future" activity. This has been since last WAPP update. Otherwise, I enjoy FOX 4 NEWS. Stories could be updated faster than they are. I also watch the TV broadcast. Love Lauren and Tim and the whole team. Love Jenn and Jennifer, too!
Show more
6 years ago, Zzzzzcccgggfgvhch
Great app with good updates
I appreciate all the updates as quickly as they come. Would love to see the weather part updated more quickly as the tv updates. I am sure it’s hard with weather constantly changing. Love fox 4 no matter what!
Show more
6 years ago, Texas Puzzle Fan
Better Local Coverage
News always provides more details & are up to date. They are not intermixed with advertisements that appear to be news.
Show more
6 years ago, LadyBugAmber
I Like Fox4
App is helpful to get the local news highlights. It has all the aspects of the news in a quick easy package. The only problem I have with it is the weather part doesn’t just give the temps of the week in one graphic.
Show more
6 years ago, Beaded wonders
Ups too date new stories
Great sight to get news. Only downside is the search feature never pulls up news stories. Even when the stories are found on the sight.
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