FOX 5 Atlanta: News & Alerts

4.3 (1.8K)
109.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 5 Atlanta: News & Alerts

4.34 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
7 years ago, Mams House
FOX5 App for good local news
I use the Fox 5 app to quickly get me informed on my local news and the top national events. I especially like the fact that it is not politically biased. My only very small complaint is that sometimes the written reports have glaring grammatical structural errors which make it a little hard to understand exactly the meaning. A little more editing would take care of that. Otherwise, the app is very good!
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3 years ago, Rita I love Fox five
Fox five news Atlanta
I watch Fox five along with my husband at least three times a day. They keep me up on what’s going on around me and in the rest of the world. I depend on their weather information to plan my days. I love everyone on Fox five. Congratulations to Katie and Alyse on they’re growing families. Thank you fox five and all the anchors the news reporters and the staff for being there for Being there for us. Donna Bennett Of Sharpsburg Georgia
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5 years ago, Sid of Winder
Fox 5 Atlanta review
Throughout the week the headline stories are updated often, but on the weekend they go stagnant. Very few times are the stories changed. I really enjoy the constant flow of the news, especially when there is a storm that might impact us or our family who lives on the coast of NC. Thank you for the continuous updates. Keep up the good work.
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6 years ago, ABB # 1 Fan
App for iPhone
I love Fox 5, I love having access to it anytime ... however that being said the home page is way too busy ... sometimes I get a notification that something is breaking and big news , when I click the notification ... I can’t find what I was looking for . But all in all it’s a good app and news source ... just clean up that page :)
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6 years ago, Flip Senior
Good Day morning crew
The Chemistry is on. Ron Gant starts my day off with his charm and personality. I enjoy the family type setting and it makes me feel like a part of the show a bit. I love Joan Feldman and the way she presents and talks about the weather. Buck, Paul and Elyse all make the show fun and enjoyable. I look nowhere else for my daily news than your morning show. Please don’t bust up a good thing! Thanks
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5 years ago, My Tmobile
Fox 5 Atlanta is off the chain
I love and njoy this app for it has great stories and the news stories is on Facebook. It keeps me in the know. Plz download the Atlanta news app and keep up today’s news. Look forward to keeping up with all that is happening in the Atlanta area as well as the national news....sports too. It’s one of my favorite apps.
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6 years ago, ATLant27
Awful editing and bad interface
The app has a terrible and outdated user interface. The biggest complaint I have however is the journalism. I’m no journalist myself, but is there literally no editor? It’s so bad that it literally takes away from the content and leaves the reader confused. Take this excerpt from a recent story: “The robber started walking back toward the getaway car, but one of the Broner started to follow the gunman turned and fired a shot, hitting the him, police said.” This app needs a lot of work.
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7 years ago, Seedtyme
Great way for busy people to keep up to date news.
I really like this app! I'm however not crazy about all the ads you have to scroll pass to read the entire stories. I like being informed because when working two jobs I don't get the chance to watch much television.
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4 years ago, Karen@7
Fox 5 was my favorite station until I needed to watch via app. Isaac from Chase bank commercial plays back to back with no breaks until I want to scream. I'm moving to WSB. I can't take it any more! That being said, I love the cast and connect well with each of them.
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1 year ago, TheNgbaka
Too many ads
I always watch fox 5 but this app is a step above the rest in terms of advertising they shove down your throat. Download freely if you want to be greeted with an add the second you open it, even before you get the fox 5 logo. Then you get an ad in between every other news story. They even put ads everywhere else they can stick them on every inch of your screen while you are trying to read. Just take my advice and avoid this app for your own sanity.
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5 years ago, Bamarose14
Although we live in northeast Alabama, we always depend on Fox 5 news Atlanta for all our news and weather! Always up to date and accurate, with on air folks who, while always professional and accurate, always feel like friends and family. 😊
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6 years ago, DaveV40
Way to many ads
It’s bad enough that there is always bad news on the app, but the ads become a bit disrespectful when they are slap in the middle of an article about the death or mishap of someone. I think if they have ads on the same page....make those ads at the end of the page so I don’t have to scroll down past an ad to finish reading the article.
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7 years ago, aliceinellijay
FOX is the greatest!!!
My husband and I are retired, recently! And since the rest of the press is sooo liberal we only watch FOX news - Atl ch 5 and the Fox News network! We don't always agree but we feel we get the least biased version of what's going on in the World! Keep it up FOX!! We really need you right now!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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7 years ago, Orlando Drivet
Updates on the most important news
I like how the Fox 5 app. gives me the latest highlights on local & national news on the go.I work a swing shift on 12 hours & often a TV is not accessible, but this app. highlights the news I need to know & the major details.
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2 years ago, Kyle_with_clothes
I like the app, but the notification links never work
Every time I get a notification and want to click it to read the story it’s talking about, I get taken to the home page, and that story isn’t even there. Even if it’s a relatively recent notification. It’s getting frustrating to the point that I’m going to start leaning on other local news apps.
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6 years ago, cdmanley
Fox 5 news app
This app is just as amazing as the recurring show itself! I try to watch all Fox 5 news presentations faithfully, but even when I’m not able to, I never miss a beat with the FOX 5 news app. Thank you guys for keeping us informed and in the loop. Keep up the great work!
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7 months ago, Meathead716
Hit or miss
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Would not count on app in case of weather emergency as they always state. The app will not load the live feature or even load the weather forecast. It works about every other day. if you’re looking for just a quick weather, or quick news stories in the Atlanta area probably better to go with another news agencies app.
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6 years ago, TedBuck
Keeping up through long distance viewing
Lived in Atlanta for many, many years our children were born at Northside Hospital. One is now 37 and still lives in Atlanta, the other lives in Rome. I keep up with what’s happening in our “home town” through Fox 5 Atlanta!
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8 months ago, ROBINSON-VOHRA 2024
Vic “Ironman” Robinson, Jr. for President 2024
BEY🐝SURE + SWIFTIES = FOX FIVE ATLANTA I-TEAM. American First Policy - Election Reform - Simplified Tax Reform (Fair Share Payment) - Pro-Business / Pro-Union Reform - Dr. Vohra Care Plan - Atlanta / Dekalb / Cobb / Athens / Jackson Water Boys & Girls Income Initiative @ Stadiums(Payday after game on Debit Cards(Financial Management Training) - Emory Healthcare for the Nation & World. Next VP - Dr. Pamela D. Vohra-Khullar🇺🇸✨ We ready, I’m soaking wet this morning?
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2 years ago, Sour patches
App Malfunction
When getting news notifications and clicking the notifications the app populates and buffers for sometime minutes at a time before loading then it does not go to the news article which initially lead you to the app. It’s very frustrating to get the latest news when the app is not working properly.
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6 years ago, Dawniejae
Couldn’t get thru my morning without it
Love being able to get live news with video on my cellphone while getting ready for work in the AM. Has also come in handy when traveling as I keep up with what’s happening at home. Great, great app!
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3 years ago, Kimmie5659
One MAJOR Complaint
My major complaint lies in a specific news story notification. The news story pops up... I click on the link. You’d think I’d be taken directly to the news item I was notified about. Nope. I have to scroll... and scroll... and scroll... and get agitated because I can’t find the specific news item. I don’t want to plough through a plethora of other stories, especially if my time is limited. Aarrgghh!!! I’ll up the rating if this is fixed.
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5 years ago, its me Brandon
Love fox 5 Atlanta but the ads are annoying
I don’t even live in Atlanta no more but Fox 5 keeps me up to date with the news and what’s going on where a lot of my family still lives...only problem I have is every time I load up the app there is an add that pops up and stays for a few seconds!! Stop this ad from happening and get 5 stars from me
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6 years ago, Chart41
Immediate news coverage
I can click on the app and see the top news events. I can check weather, top news story’s but every day their are shootings, robbery’s, home invasions, fires etc. it makes us realize how dangerous society has gotten. Keep up the good work FOX 5.
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6 years ago, Mike I. , O4W
Who I prefer reading news opposed to watching it.
This news app is ok. At least I’m aware of current events. I’d prefer to watch them on live t.v. The reason I don’t is because every story (weather also) is dragged out over most of the program. For instance , “we are in for a change in the weather, stayed tuned to find out what it is you need to plan for.” I find this frustrating. I have a limited time to hear what’s happening locally. Therefore , it’s easier to read about it (through this ) and other sources than to tune in and watch it on TV. -I would rather watch it. I spend too much time on devices at work as it is. - Mike I. Atlanta , Ga.
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6 years ago, Bleemerfitz
Rating Fox 5 News
They are always on point. The anchors are professional and very articulate. I always enjoy watching Fox 5 news both in the morning during breakfast as well as in the evening during supper. Thank you for all you do.
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6 years ago, Scott IT Guy
Very good Atlanta local news
I always watch Fox 5 local Atlanta news because they provide timely, accurate news and I like all of their newscasters. I also use their weather app and find it to be the most accurate.
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5 years ago, Debbtalk
Good News Reporting
Videos play like they are supposed to, the writers use mostly correct grammar/spelling when Channel 2 unfortunately is sloppy with both of these. Channel 5 Covers issues current and sooner than Channel 2.
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6 years ago, Huntermichael1957
I’ve been watching channel 5 news since my family was able to get the signal through the “rabbit ears” that we native “Atlantans” used back in the day! I’m a “baby boomer” so you know that’s been quite some time!! 🙏🏽 STAY SAFE!!
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4 years ago, AplJck
Please improve the notifications. I would like to control what kind of stories I’m notified of. I really only want traffic and weather. I didn’t really appreciate being notified of the score of the SEC championship. The notification could have just said that the game was over and swipe for the results. SMH
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3 years ago, mamaginny
Blairsville Coverage
I watch your news offer and appreciate the great coverage you provide. However, I wish you would cover “Blairsville” in your weather reports. Thank you for your consideration. Ginny Brown Blairsville
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5 years ago, Upset by poor app
Worst version yet
Every update to this app over the last few years has made it worse than the previous one. It is hard to navigate, requiring too many clicks to get to the intended subjects. You really need to hire better user experience staff and a better QA staff. I’ll be using other apps until the next update. If it is as bad as the last, I’ll be uninstalling the app and recommending others do the same.
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5 years ago, Davids Honeybunz
It’s a great app for up to date news
But I just wish that they would update it more than they do. Sometimes the same stories are on there for 2 or more days at a time
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6 years ago, Bruluck21
FOX5 Atlanta
I try not to read the news on your app because it always either takes me out to a separate internet site or to Facebook which I do not use. I usually check to see if WSB has anything in their app for the same news story & I use it first. Your Weather app is much better than the WSB weather app, but your news leaves much to be desired for the user.
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6 years ago, OmarMonroe
Keeps me informed
I am an Hvac contractor and this app keeps me informed of what is going on in the greater metro Atlanta areas, I am all over so knowing what is going on helps me, whether it’s a traffic accident or a police standoff, or even inclement weather, thank you Fox 5
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5 years ago, #69mm
Upset customer
Why did you get off sling? I updated sling and now I cannot watch you anymore. I am really upset about this. Please get back on sling! Mary Patterson. You all are the only news worth watching.
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6 years ago, Us in Covington, GA
Up to Date News
Really like this app because he gives you breaking stories as they occur. The mobile app it gives you updates in real time.
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5 years ago, Jkesler
Easy to use!
I like being able to scroll through the headlines and choose which ones I want to read. Better than the channel 46 app!
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5 years ago, Opry 74
Slow Information
This app is very slow to alert you on accurate information.
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5 years ago, chee,s
Fox 5 is the best
I enjoy everything about it from the weather to the news on the t v to the tablet Fox 5 is my go to for the news the morning on fox 5 tell s me what to expect as far as the traffic to the weather and the news at 4:30 am and the last thing I listen to before I go to bed thanks fox 5 for all you do to make my life better
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7 years ago, CoCo626
Best Local News App!!!
This is the BEST local news map! I love that they send notifications right when you need to be alerted. I always depend on Fox 5 News for all of my news information!!!
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1 year ago, NF still hear
When you ask what hopped on Christmas. I am. 881/2. My son. Robert was born at. 4:20 am. Christmas .He is. 66. This year .born with a smile and still has it what a gift to have my son born the same as Christ. God. Bless. Nancy Fortunato of Hiawassee. Ga
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5 years ago, Tom SKRTSKRT
Just great
I live in Atlanta, so this is a necessity. I tried it out, and it was GREAT. I loved it. I get to see all the latest news in Atlanta, and maybe some other cities. I love this app and definitely recommend it.
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5 months ago, Mt S L
Update the news more often please
The app works ok. It’s the station staff that don’t update the stories especially over the weekend. Many of the stories on the app have been up for several months at least also. FOX news in general is too frequent so biased as to be lies.
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5 years ago, One Of Gods Angel
Best News Channel
I love Fox5 News and I watch y’all everyday and all day when I get up for work and when I get off from work and when I don’t have to work all
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5 years ago, Bo...2
Fox’s 5 news
Fox 5 is our number one news channel. We thank them for their hard work to provide us the top and best news possible.
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6 years ago, Coach V. L Sr.
Fox5 is #1 # the best
I have been watching channel 5 as long as I can remember and I am 58 years old. I love High5 Sports, I never miss the football & basketball highlights and I stay informed of future home grown athletic stars and super stars.
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5 years ago, Pa_Phil
Sluggish and Painful to use
I’m a big Fox fan but your app needs a lot of work. It is sluggish and filled with too many ads and other aggravating content. I avoid opening it from a notification because it is so painful to use. Please improve the performance.
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2 years ago, Timvasi
Worst app for iPhone
This app is garbage! It locks up on the opening advertisement just spinning. No matter whether I open from a notification or from my Home Screen it will not open past the advertisement. This is on a brand new iPhone 13. I’ve deleted reloaded updated and it’s the same issue! Someone is clearly asleep at the wheel!
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2 years ago, Crucian06
Get rid of Superior Plumbing ad
The app hangs on the Superior Plumbing ad and doesn’t load any time the app is launched from a push notification. Also, it’s about time to allow users to multitask and watch videos while doing other things on their devices.
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