FOX 5 DC: News & Alerts

4.4 (1.3K)
109.6 MB
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Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
9 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 5 DC: News & Alerts

4.36 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Kamilahmitch
News worthy
I love Fox 5. All of your crew seem genuinely like friends who enjoy working together. If not true, they are good actors. I love the Alerts I get when something is need to know.. The Live feeds are good, but the App has some bugs about it. It tends to repeat when going into and coming out of commercials. I don't have cable or an a ten a for my smart tv. But I always keep Fox 5 App in my iPad and this is the only way I can catch local news since cutting the cable.
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1 year ago, magesticred
Every story your network puts out there only tells the end of the outcome of the situation which is sad because where the beginning of what lead to the situation matters. I am not a Republican by far but I agree FAKE NEWS & we are tired of it. Your station has a big impact on how we see our world around us! Why put fear & exaggerate the stories you broadcast. One good example of your story “13 year old gets killed” yes it’s sad why aren’t his parents not being prosecuted should be the story not the man that shot him. You see someone in the dark & taking what you have worked so hard for car or home you don’t know their intentions, people have the right to defend his/her property. So why making the situation more than what it is. If you are wondering of race I am Latino/Black so don’t think it’s a racial conflict.
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5 years ago, Grimis411
Love Fox 5 but not the app
I have used the app for years to watch the news while getting ready in the morning; however, it has been giving me a great deal of trouble. I have had various issues in the past with its functionality, but for the past two weeks, it has gotten much worse. The app keeps shutting down just after it starts streaming. Earlier, it wouldn’t play most of the videos, but they seem to be working today, which made me think the streaming issue would also have been resolved. Nope! For some reason, the app works just fine on my husband’s much older iPad which even has less memory. My iPad and the app have all been updated, so I don’t know the cause. If someone could help me solve the problem, I would greatly appreciate it.
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5 years ago, Jluv26
Great app
The app has a lot of delays in the past. Since they updated it I have no problems with it now. I moved to Florida a few years ago and I love being able to see all of the unique teams of reporters. The news teams give a fresh and diverse look at the local and national news story’s with a flair of personalities. Here in Tampa , it the same old non energetic, boring ,blond hair newscasters giving the “Only in Florida Type Stories. “ Feels just like being at home in the DMV using the Fox 5 app. Please add the smartcast technology to it so I can put on the big screen.
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7 years ago, PapiCasey
Grossly inadequate app/Great news station
I finally had to drop my review from three stars to one. Have any of the developers actually tried to live with this app? The notifications are buggy. The alerts have problems but even when I disable these annoyances, the app is basically useless for watching the live feed. Over the past year I basically have a 15% success rate getting the live feed to work. The commercials they try and make you watch are what kill the feed. Terrible job. The fox 5 news team is amazing and I love all the anchors. I'm a true fox 5 fan but this app is suboptimal and the developers have had enough time to get it right. I'll be switching my news team now because I have to get my news someplace.
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4 years ago, BroRufus
Really? Who is reviewing before posting?
I love Fox 5. I’ve watched Fox 5 since I was in my early 20s. I’ve had the app for several years and have made comments about the spell check and proof reading before posting and nothing has been done. It’s amazing that Fox 5 would allow these mistakes to continue. Spelling and punctuation can really have an impact on how the public views our news. It is, also, showing the intelligence of our school system and the managers of the department. I don’t have a college degree and I catch these mistakes in almost (or is it all most) every post I read on the site. I hope Fox 5 will hire a reliable QC to fix these mistakes soon!
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7 years ago, Bnett69
Ok news provider
I have a few concerns with this app for news. I don't see the need to receive repeated notifications for the same news story within an hour. I noticed a tad bit of media bias in regards to the story's that are shown on this app. It is quite apparent as well the author of a lot of these story's often time injects a biased undertone in the articles they write. I have noticed as well the factual innacuracies in these reporting in terms of Race- Political- Historical. Overall it's ok for news but I would definitely gain information from various sources in order to receive an accurate account.
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5 years ago, Vinnie2_us
Alert notifications won't clear
After you read the alert notifications the alert count won't clear. Every story that I open from my notifications it automatically open in my web browser instead of the app. I don’t like that. None of my other does, not even Fox New, just Fox 5, DC.
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5 years ago, Maria Dorothy
Excellent reporting of local and national news
Thank you for the professionalism you all display. Your support of seeking the truth is second only to your kindness to each other. Thank you for hitting on the stories that impact who America is as a nation and who DC is as a city. Do we stand for good, truth and beauty? Each of you urges the public to use truth to establish good behaviors, with courage, self discipline and, yes, a lot of cheerfulness!!! Outstanding! Thank you!
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5 years ago, JD99Fraser
Zero stars to Fox5DC’s app developer
Downloaded 60 or more days ago and almost never a able to find the content I seeking. Weather links send one upon an endless spiral to link after link, while ever suggesting one to download the app? Because, almost every link takes a user beyond the limited contents of the app. Receive steady stream of app notifications but most lead nowhere but dead links or to more suggestions to download the app... I’m deleting right after providing this review. Fox5 is a dependable news provider, this app and your web page is the opposite of dependable.
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6 years ago, Cry4681
Fox five rating
It gives me information when I’m on the rode so I know where to go and how to get around traffic and what has happened and what the weather would be like when I’m not at home with my tv on at home and so and it gives me the important information on the news and the key facts of the news that why I have the fox 5 app 5 stars
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6 years ago, Dan N C
Fox 5
Just wanted to say I miss my Fox Five Family after 30 plus years Love everything you guys do we had to make a move from the DMV area to North Carolina to help my brother and sister take care of my Mom which is my brith place I still have the fox 5 app so i still keep up to what’s going on and when can i watch live can keep up the good work 👍🏾😎
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5 years ago, My03Gifts
Love it
I am able to watch my favorite people in the morning. My nine year old loves you all as soon as she wakes up mom turn on... it’s already on Allison Seymour, Steve Chenevey, Erin Como, Tucker Barnes, Wisdom Martin, and of course Kevin McCarthy. I get update news, weather, traffic, and entertainment. I then with in my car for my daily commute. Fox 5 DC morning crew you all Rock in my book!!!
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6 years ago, M.g.f17
Fox5 DC
This is a great app. I recently moved to Texas After living in DC for about 10 years and came to love the fox five team. This app allows me to keep up with everything that still going on in DC including live broadcast through the app. I’ve never had any problems with it. Shout out to the fox five morning team at 9 AM 10 AM👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
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5 years ago, INTERESTED100%
Fox 5 and Fox 5 DC news for me.
Every day up to date local news and news across the nation; follow up news; close connections; on top of happenings around the world; long range caption; full and complete weather forecast and closures. Reaching out to children, the poverty stricken and the homeless. Truth about Donald Trump. Coverage of Donald Trump’s impeachment.
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6 years ago, lalalovelyla
Open the actual story in the actual app
When I click on a notification the app should open the actual story that I click on not open the app then open safari to the home page. This has me searching for the story amongst all the other posts. Also, why have the app if it's just going to direct us to the internet? So I'm not only waiting for the app to open I am also waiting for safari to open. It's cumbersome.
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5 years ago, JLo638
Good app but...
My only complaint is that very often, when you click on a news alert notification, it takes you to “live” news rather than the actual story and the “live” news is almost never playing anything.
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6 years ago, Praise Tyme
My go to app for local news.
I'm happy with the app. This app gives notifications quicker than the other national news apps I have. It has little hiccups here and there but it isn't anything major. I love this app and recommend it to others.
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4 years ago, celinenme
An app that’s crap
As others have said, you click on an alert and it opens the app but doesn’t take you to the story. The alerts also don’t generate a sound even though I’ve verified sound for the alerts are enabled. You don’t know the alert is there unless you look at your phone periodically. The app is also very cluttered with advertisements in the middle of stories. I thought the apps for the other DC TV stations were bad but this one is just as much so.
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6 years ago, RichRod1
Great App. Great news reporting.
I used to live in the D.C. area and I still have you're app. You're app is outstanding compared to my local news channel app here in Texas. I get many notifications that don't show up on my phone until hours later. Keep up the great reporting!
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6 years ago, A proud Grandparent
My favorite station
I am a little disappointed this morning though. There is recognition on the media on most national days of recognition, but there has been no news about National Grandparents Day... many will never live to acknowledge or be a grandparent!!!
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6 years ago, PrincessKacy
Great source of news!
I really appreciate the content I receive on this app. It seems that I receive more notifications than I prefer but that may be because of some settings in my phone. Keep up the good work!!
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6 years ago, Sunbloom2k11
Fox 5 in the morning can't be beat!
My favorite news show ever! Allison is the best. She's professional warm and personable. Holly is annoying to say the least and ya got to love Wisdom, he does a great job. Morocco (sp) is way too nasal yet very professional. Tucker is such a nice guy and very intelligent. Love the alerts. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, unique@2
Love myFox 5 Family
The Whole Fox 5 Team Is Awesome I’m Tuned in everyday @ 4am in the mornings and even later during the day !! Wouldn’t miss it or trade the team for nothing so keep up the Awesome work.S/O to the one and only Mrs Allison Seymour you’re Awesome and so down with everything keep up the good work
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5 years ago, Reddracer 72
I love this site and alerts!!!
Thank you for providing the real-time news. Since I travel so much, I'm not able to watch TV, but the data you push to me is extremely helpful and keeps me in the know!
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5 years ago, bridge brunch
Loving my fox 5
I have lived on the eastern shore of Delaware since 1984 but still watch you guys almost every day to make sure that the news I have heard is actually true thanks for a fantastic broadcast it feels like you’re family
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5 years ago, Lombo51
Fox 5
Loved it when living in DC, love the app now to stay close and be up to date with the latest in news, traffic and weather! I commute twice a month to help care for my 98 year old mom!! Thank you Fox.
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11 months ago, Jakefromstatefarm2.0
App faulty since last update
Since last update you open a story to read and you can read first two paragraphs and then a white screen. You have to continue scrolling down with nothing but a white screen for a long time. Eventually, you will get to the remaining part of the story.
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5 years ago, Nick man dawg dude
I like to watch Fox5 news while preparing for work
Unfortunately, the commercials are bananas! They repeat back to back, which makes me just turn off streaming. There are some days I just work through it because I need the news. The repetitive commercials are annoying,
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6 years ago, Roz in Md
Pop up notifications
Get pop up notification of breaking news and says go to app for details, it's never there on the app. Otherwise, no issues.
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7 years ago, ShamanH2O
To many ads
I know they have to have the ads but sometimes the news article is five lines split by ads all over the place. Makes reading it annoying. Repeated news in two of the main sections really make it pointless to split them. (Unless they charge the ad people twice)
Show more
6 years ago, AlphaPiRho
Advertising is getting out of control!
Was a great app until my screen is now randomly taken over by pop-up advertisements when I’m trying to read through an article or even just to open the app. Update....The advertising has gotten even worse. The app will not auto direct you to the web page for the pop-up add even when you attempt to click on the X to close it.
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5 years ago, Monster Rio
The new version of the app is great, but just too many ads!. I want to click on a story and read or watch it right away, but yet have to sit through 30 secs of ads. Totally unnecessary in my opinion. I understand the business aspect of ads, but people want the news right away.
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6 years ago, DanS,II
Fox5, DC News is Great!
I like the passion, the knowledge & personalities of “all” of the individuals, that work at Fox5News👍🏾! All of the “Lady-Personalities” are beautiful & excellent, at their “chosen-professions!” I’m definitely & deeply in love with Marina Moracco & I think that she’s the most beautiful & exciting, local news talent, in years😘!
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6 years ago, secrue
I have several news apps on my phone Fox is usually the first to give me breaking news stories and they have great local news I don’t watch or read FOX NEWS (national) but I read n watch channel 5 locally
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3 years ago, RoiceRobb
Trashy with too many ads
There needs to be a site with 80% news and 30% ads, This app is like going to a link to a yahoo site, the main page suckers you into clicking, then you go to where 90% of what you see are ads. If you are very explore minded, you can dig thru the ads to find the news, might as well go to a trashy site like yahoo
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5 years ago, CSm1ley
Best news team ever!!!
FOX5DC has the best anchors hands down......morning, afternoon and late night. Engaging with what’s going on locally. The app is like having your own personal news anchor keeping you up with what’s happening.
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6 years ago, Soot TMC
Great App
I love the app it provides great up-to-date reporting on current news stories. I do have one concern I cannot clear the notifications that appear on the app icon on my iPad but other than that I love the app.
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5 years ago, spark11
Five star app
Love this app. I check it every day, multiple times a day. Thanks for keeping me current, up to date, and posted on all the latest local events and happenings.
Show more
6 years ago, LMJmd
Great app
Great way to stay informed when you can’t watch the news on television. Notifications keep me updated on breaking news and local weather.
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6 years ago, Ron 540
Love it
I love the pop up notifications on news. Only reason it didn’t get 5 stays is because sometimes when you click on it, the story isn’t there yet.
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5 years ago, Ittelag
Quick Read/Good News Mixture
Fox 5 is my first news read of the day. There are a good mixture of concise news stories and the reporting seems less biased than some other sources.
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6 years ago, Los Girl
Fox 5! All the Way
I love fox5! I've been a fan since the 80's-- since the Lark McCarthy days!! Since Tony was a weatherman! Since Tom Sater used to be 'Bones'! The morning crew rocks and I'm glad to have the app so I can keep up with the latest new!
Show more
2 years ago, CanceltheNickname
Advertisement Trap
Just scroll past one the ads and it is opening on your phone. Obviously I am exaggerating, but just the simple act of scrolling can activate them multiple times while trying to scroll through the news. The Fox News app had a similar issue of super touch sensitive ads. Please adjust if unintentional or stop if intentional.
Show more
4 years ago, Vwatch
Repeated Commercials
The same commercial repeats in between the news. Sometimes the same commercial shown 6-7 times. It’s annoying. Need more of a variety of commercials to air so viewer doesn’t between frustrated while waiting for the LIVE news to return.
Show more
6 years ago, EillyEonka
Keeps you updated on the latest news !
Very informative and easy to navigate for on the go use!
Show more
5 years ago, JD Blaq1
Entertaining & Engaging
I’m not only getting news reports. I’m getting news reported from people who show genuine interest and care with and for me and the world around me.
Show more
6 years ago, LadyMyLexus
I love this app, especially that I get alerts. It keeps me updated with everything. Don't change anything. It works perfectly
Show more
6 years ago, grace0806!
Accurate news
Love this app and Fox 5 they always have the latest and up to date local and world news!!!
Show more
7 years ago, alexis2356
Would love it if this was fixed!
I want to love the app but every time I am notified of a breaking news item and I click it to read more and it doesn't take me to the actual news item I want to read about but to the homepage I get frustrated.
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