FOX 5 News - San Diego

4.7 (1.4K)
87 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tribune Broadcasting Company
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 5 News - San Diego

4.7 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Liteup1911
5 news
I love all the coverage and choice. I can read or listen to the reports I want to read. It is fast and great coverage. Local state national and international stories of the most important news. It’s good stuff right at my fingertips. I do not have to weight until 5:00 pm for the news.
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11 months ago, RV6flier
Poor Interface
I’ve been using this app for several years and the developers continue to ignore a fundamental shortcoming. You turn on notifications and receive them. However, when you click the notification, the link does not take you to the item - it simply dumps you in the app somewhere, usually on a random story. Terrible interface. What’s the point in notifications if you can’t see the article? Additionally, if you hit Watch Now you will be entertained by commercials over and over again. Select another subject and you get to watch the commercials all over AGAIN! Do not download this app. Russ
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5 months ago, JW in CA
App is not working properly in iPhone
Ever since your last upgrade of this app, I am not able to get into it because it is not accessible from my iPhone. You have to scroll and hit continue from the first page, and then hit allow on the next page but unfortunately the second page doesn’t let you scroll to get down to “allow” and it’s not coming up in my full screen so I can’t get into the app at all. I am very bummed because it was working perfectly before your last update.
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3 years ago, Bmasterson
Worst app
Love the morning news watch it every day! At least I try to cause the App repeatedly bumps me off of the live news cause the other options are sooo large you pretty much can’t be holding your phone or even move it while watching. Then I have to re buffer to switch back and then when I do the sound is muted so I have to press the tiny un mute multiple times for it to work. The user interface is garbage pls update yourself and I would gladly change my review but at this time I’m very unsatisfied with your app
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5 years ago, RavenMad!
Resets App Often
Developers: Why does this app reset every time you leave the app (while reading an article without closing the app) to look at something else like a text or anything else? Then after switching back to the Fox5 app you have to wait for the app to reset and go find the article you were reading? If you can find it because often that article cannot be found! Arrrgggg And what good is the Developer Website link in the App Store do if it does not go to the developers? It only takes you to the Fox5 news website?
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2 years ago, Frustrated4388
Watch now should say, watch previous report.
Watch now is no longer the current new on air. When choosing “watch now” in the am, the previous night news is being shown. I was told to meet contractually obligations they can not post the current news until 2 hours after it is aired. I typically caught news, weather and traffic in the am. 2 hrs later I am dressed and at work, not helpful. Will be changing new channels. Sorry morning crew, I’ll miss waking up with you.
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4 years ago, LoLo@247
Super impressed
I love my fox 5 app, it keeps me updated on all and anything big or small and it actually gives me the current situation live!! I can turn it on whenever I am and it is current and I’ve never had any glitches.
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4 years ago, Xern
Relevant local news coverage wrapped up in a clunky app.
Fox 5 San Diego is my preferred news station; however I feel like this app can be developed better. More than often, this app crashes when trying to read through a news article. Some of the ‘Continue Reading’ buttons within the articles are unresponsive when tapping in the phone. Please fix.
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4 years ago, Tecateeddie
Friendly and dependable.
I can always count on fox 5 app for all the info and big happenings in San Diego and the world. Traffic, weather, things to do, everything! Thank you so much for being part of my family.
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6 years ago, Bogus.55
Best news agency today. The best and most informative news broadcast you could ask for. Right on time with up to date information about the story being reported. The best App. I could have.
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5 years ago, DeyaniraJezebel
AMAZING reports on the fox 5 app I recommend this app
Gives reports daily and u can even watch live. Also gives weather report and everyone is family friendly. WOULD REALLY RECOMMEND.
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6 years ago, JSmaui
Bring back full screen live stream
Over all the app is good, but we would like to watch live in full screen. Previous versions of the app allowed us to watch the morning show live in full screen, but this version does not.
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2 years ago, sheadiego
Way To Many Ads, Almost Unusable
They pack way to many ads into the copy and the videos in the news stories. Half the time the page will freeze, you tap somewhere you didn’t mean to due to the clunkiness of the app and you have to go back into the app and watch another ad.
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7 months ago, Uncle Cakes
Disappointed Every Day
I look forward to the news every morning. They used to stream live every morning, but in this past year, there is a two hour delay and no explanation why. It’s almost like a punishment for online streaming. I know it’s a easy as the flip of a switch because the news WAS live the first weeks of school. Why not all the time? I love the fox local news. I love the anchors in the morning, but find myself streaming other news stations for live news. Please bring back live streaming!
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4 years ago, rvasquez69
The Best !
Thank You so much for keeping us informed in all the Good News 😀and unfortunately in Bad ones too 😥. You Guy’s are awesome ! Thanks again for everything you do.
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6 months ago, BlogManiac
Doesn’t work anymore
Since adding KUSI to the Fox5 app, it’s glitchy and I cannot get past the weather setup page. (That’s page 2 of setup) It freezes and doesn’t do anything. Can’t see news, updates, weather, etc. There is no way to exit to home page except to delete the app and start again. Disappointing.
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5 years ago, djdelrey
Video in the news page
I think it will be better if the video always corresponds to that news page, not highlight of other news. Thanks Rey
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1 year ago, Frenchy619
What happened to live news?!?
When trying to catch the scheduled live news streaming, the app doesn’t let you watch live broadcast anymore. It just replays previously aired news and not the live broadcast. App used to be good but with no more live streaming I might as well switch to another local news app.
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6 years ago, bettyboo4444
Love to hear the news fresh and prompt I can always stay informed of what happens in my area. love the way they send alerts telling us the latest news!!!!
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3 years ago, Hot cake 13
Need to be able to minimize app
The app used to be great but, it doesn’t give me the option to minimize the app without exiting it. Before you’re able to listen to the news and minimize the app; but now you’re unable to minimize the app at all. Please fix.
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6 years ago, berniedmj
Thank you for mostly posting gun violence
It shows & proves why innocent people should have guns to protect themselves from “criminals” & the “mentally demented people” with guns or with any sharp or blunt objects to commit a violent act upon you or anybody.
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6 years ago, Stargazing75
App frequently won't open live stream. Constantly freezes while playing. Commercial variety would be nice instead of seeing the same commercial back to back every break. For such a big station - why is your app do horrible!?
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7 years ago, Money Crazy
News app
This app is great! Notifies me of all the current news immediately! It is wonderful!
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4 months ago, Kekoa25
Too many Ads
I wish it would be live like the OLD KUSI streaming app. I miss being ablento watch it on my phone every morning. Now this app only lets you watch the broadcast before and then interrupts it to show ads. I feel like I am watching more ads than the actual news. Smh deleting now.
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3 years ago, MizzDiana
Improved? Not!
This new version is a jumbled mess. Previously I could just swipe through stories, stop and read what I want, then keep swiping. This seems to require me to keep returning to the home page. Also, it doesn’t seem cohesive at all. It just looks like a jumbled mess of stories.
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3 years ago, CloseThePodDoor
App locks up all the time
I enjoy catching up with local San Diego news, but this app frequently locks up / freezes / whatever after a few minutes. The only “fix” is to close the app & relaunch it. None of my other apps do this. Please fix this! The problem is not sporadic or infrequent - it freezes almost every time I use it!
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7 years ago, Hairstylin_sweetie
Remove adds
Great app! I just really wish it didn’t have ads before the videos. Seeing the same add over and over gets annoying.
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3 years ago, Himberly Kunt
Pop Out
Bring the pop out function back. Folks on the go that watch/listen to the news live on your app are handcuffed to your app by not having the ability to do other things on their phone while watching live news.
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3 months ago, IlDavo
Unusable on iPad
Full page advertisement that exceeds screen borders obscures the entire app on startup. Can’t shrink or move or dismiss the ad image. Once I can get past the ad (don’t know what taps make this possible, but I eventually succeed), all articles present text in a font so large as to be barely readable.
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3 years ago, Darlingangel
Love Fox 5 SD, but...
The app is glitchy and often takes a minute to load. Sadly had to uninstall and choose a mother network app to read my news. Hope the app gets fixed soon.
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4 months ago, DRT619
I Miss The KUSI App
When Fox 5 and KUSI app was combined, the developers neglected to keep all the good features like the KUSI live streaming. Watching old news broadcast is not very timely and becomes more irrelevant. With more and more viewers cutting the cable TV cord, it seems more important to embrace live streaming on multiple platforms.
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6 years ago, mbecksd
Best App For San Diego News
I’ve tried all the local news channel apps and this one is by far the best.
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6 years ago, jonisigma
Because I Love my President Trump and you are fair to him too, that is why I became one of your supporters. And Thank you. May God Bless EVERY staff of your station and Be Protected by God against any attack of the enemies
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5 years ago, *Praise!*
Great balance in reporting!
Thank you for focusing on the good people do as well as the challenges that we face!
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6 years ago, Mackris15
Clean and well laid out
Very user friendly, well laid out
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7 years ago, Antalamo
Buggy app...
If not acting buggy, it is a good source for news. I like this format but lately on most of the stories it crashes all the time. I deleted and re loaded. Time to try it again.
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3 years ago, aldnhdowbdbkq
Needs improvements
App doesnt work well. Share button is gone in articles. Can’t cast to other devices other than apple tv. And it doesn’t even work most of the time if you try to cast it. This thing needs professional help.
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5 years ago, JL Calouro
App jumps while scrolling
The app is ok, but one frustrating “feature” is when you scroll through the stories the list jumps around. Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, PubCrawler069
Too much SPAM
Finally got so tired of the constant and annoying ads I had to delete the app. Content was good, but the constant ads were a deal breaker. The worst was the Jerome’s ads covering the landing page.
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6 years ago, NoHacksJustDab
I’ve had it
This ap is absolute garbage, I’ve had it on and off for a couple years Noel videos never play right .. and it’s super buggy. Garbage app and also garbage reporting. News stories are inconsistent with the actual story.. little effort is put into this app.
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3 years ago, Ms. Mattingly
The deluge of ads make it very hard to read the actual news.
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4 years ago, jtl05
Reset often
Live is stuck on waiting and by the time it plays live video they are about to go on another break.
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5 years ago, Toftokon
My morningger
Fox five morning news is my cup of coffee, The laughter and the joy they give me is my morning rush... Goooo FOX5news
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6 years ago, 200noah
Watch live
On an IPad ios12.1 and while watching the live feed, you cannot zoom the picture.
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6 months ago, Soursd
No more live news.
No more reason for the app. If you can’t watch live news what’s the point. This is now useless to me. I guess I’ll switch back to am radio.
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4 years ago, bruiz1206
Buggy app
Constantly freezing when trying to watch live
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3 years ago, Mike DiU
Stop the ad
Can you stop with the Jerome’s ad? Seriously. I’m sure you don’t need the money and it’s annoying.
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12 months ago, Owifjgjeiagkjd
Why can’t we watch the morning news live anymore ? Messed up my whole morning rotation
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6 years ago, yeaaYAH619
Click Bait
This app isn’t getting any better. What’s with the click bait??? Please stick to regular advertising instead of tricking people.
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6 years ago, Nicholas Mata
It displays nothing for me. Just shows “No stories available”. I am connect to the internet so not sure if it doesn’t work in my area or something.
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