FOX 8 News

4.6 (3.5K)
63.5 MB
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Current version
Local TV LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 8 News

4.57 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
4 years ago, loves channel 8 news
My name is Kathy Barnes from Akron
I’ve always loved channel 8 news we always swore by Dick Goddard in telling the weather he was never wrong he sadly missed telling us the weather although I don’t know the weather people it works there now are good too and all the news cast anime thank you so much God bless you all and keep safe
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3 years ago, William Price
Why would you take away accessibility
If there’s one thing I really liked about this app it was that I could highlight a paragraph or two of the article and I could choose from multiple options such as “copy”, “look up” and “speak” using my iPhone. This allowed me to have the article read to me in a monotone voice while I worked on other things. The recent update however, took this accessibility option out. Why? It was one of the best functions of the entire app. I would appreciate if it was re-added in the next update And would certainly allow me to give us up at five.
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4 years ago, Smurfy time
New update?? I love Fox 8 for my news but this app it terrible. When I open a story I want to read I have to another button to open the story after I already opened the story. They call it continue reading but I just opened it. It is the most inconvenient thing and over half the time it’s the reason the app freezes and I can not open the story I wanted to read after opening the story I wanted to read. I was hoping with this new update the developers would have fixed the bugs and issues with the app but I can not see any changes. More features? Great. Fix the ones you have. If it’s too much data that is slowing or causing to freeze try to not repeat the same stories over and over. It would free up data and make the app run smoother.
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4 years ago, Livinthedream232145
New Ads Crash Phone & LOUD
I don’t know what kind of new update or advertising content has been used but I get MORE loud, sudden, unable to close ads on this app than any other one on my phone. Be it the “Congrats Google User” bogus, the “your phone has a virus” pop op, or a sudden video playing somewhere in the background that makes my phone freeze until I close the app completely. Thousands of ways to get local news other than dealing with crappy apps. Your website is now more user friendly and convenient.
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4 years ago, Jsh2312
Can’t even read the stories anymore
I used to love reading all the stories daily but whatever update was done is terrible and now I can’t even read any stories anymore..the “read more” to read the rest of the story normally makes the whole thing go haywire and I don’t get to read it or when you click read more it takes you to a completely different story that you didn’t even click disappointed because I enjoyed reading the news but I just deleted the app it was just taking up room in my phone. Only looking at the headlines on the homepage isn’t enough haha and when you try to read it you can’t..please fix!!!!
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2 years ago, none67
Terrible performance
I cannot stand this app!! They send you a notification and you go there and it’s not on the page. Videos don’t play properly and freeze up regularly and then you can’t get out of the video and must close out the entire app to reload! Way too much work! I’d rather get my news from a fast source!! Newest thing is you now get notified about a top story and click on it and it takes you to a video with like 3 other news stories ahead of it! No patience for this. I get a notification from channel 19 news and what do you know, you click on it and it takes you directly to THAT story!! It’s amazing!
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4 years ago, beesssfff
Awful app
This app is almost impossible to use. You have to hit a continue story button to read the news articles. The button never works. I hit it several times and nothing happens. When it does work it takes you to the wrong story. The screens constantly jump around so if you do actually get to read a story it’s hard to get through it. 9 times out of ten I get frustrated with the app and end up going to another channel for news. I’ve finally given up. Deleting the app today for good. It’s not worth trying anymore. Major improvements are needed.
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3 years ago, avonlady247
New update is worse than before
The new update is difficult to navigate. Have to pretty much jump through hoops to see all news stories. If you view more, click on a story, then page back it takes you back to start- not where you left off. I can never share stories easily, sometimes you can’t even share or save the story. Videos start playing when you click to read the stories. I prefer to read the news. Keep the ads and other stories out of the middle of the relevant news that’s being read- it’s confusing with irrelevant ads and links mixed throughout the news article.
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6 years ago, yamalady
Love it when it works
This app is my buddy when I am getting ready for work, but it is the most frustrating app ever. It is constantly stopping on its constantly have to keep hitting the play button. I counted at least 30 times one morning. It will also shut down on its own and of course you have to endure the commercials every time you start back up. If there was another Cleveland station I would watch, I would, just so I wouldn’t have to start my day so annoyed. Please fix this!!!!
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4 years ago, Aloysius von ludwig the 3rd
Good luck
This is a wonderful app if you are a fan of being frustrated. The articles cause my screen to freeze. I’ll open an article to read (if it doesn’t freeze my screen up) and then I am asked to press a continue reading button that sometimes freezes up the screen. Here’s a hint for the app, if I opened the article that means I want to read it. The app also asks for our comments but when I press the send button I get an automatic reply that the email address doesn’t exist. So I’m guessing they don’t actually care about feedback.
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5 years ago, Mikellyinc
I think it’s absurd that I want to see the face of a violent sex offender loose in our neighborhood and the only picture you have is in a video. So now, just to see who this guy is, I am forced to click on a video and watch a 30 second car clip with dancing bears. I finally get to the end and the clip closes just to have to do it all over again. Priorities. I should have to watch 30 second of ads for a 5 second video. Priorities. Do you even look at the ads that are at the bottom of your articles? I thought you were better than that Fox 8. If you want to
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4 years ago, atoetz
Gets worse and worse with each update
Someone at fox8 needs to lookup what “breaking news” really means. 90% of the breaking news alerts are BS. I have turned off every other option in the settings and still get bombarded by news alerts about meaningless stories. Even if one is important or interesting I can’t even get the story to load. It freezes repeatedly causing me To click continue multiple Times and often crashes. The stories repeat Multiple times as you scroll. Overall I’m at my breaking point and will be deleting.
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4 years ago, ytsrsfuhxfxgusf
It changed and not for the better
I used to love this app, but like what others are saying, it has a lot of issues now and I’m looking for another news app. Something changed and we have to click on ‘read more’ to read the start. Sometimes it works on the first or second time of tapping it and sometimes, not at all. It just freezes or opens another story. It’s very glitchy. I typically don’t get frustrated over apps but this one has to go if the bugs don’t get fixed.
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4 years ago, Bikesarecool
What happened??
I never had issues with this app before the update. Now, it takes forever to load. I click on an article and have to hit “read more” a million times before it opens the whole thing and then half the time it all goes white and I have to back out and select the article again. It also will reload the page randomly while I’m reading and suddenly be a different article and i have to yet again back out and reselect.
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6 years ago, lc413809
Too many alerts
Fox 8 is my favorite local news station, but I get too many notifications. Too many “breaking news” badges and notifications. I would like to see local news, but not if it’s going to clog up my screen with every update that happens around the entire city. Would be nice if we could personalize it beyond just sports and breaking news. Maybe there could be options like local sports, events, happenings, weather, and traffic....
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4 years ago, Amarcia94
Fake you’ve won a prize adds popping up
Anytime you try to read an article fake ads pop up in the app saying congratulations you’ve won a prize, these are fake ads and just a way for scammers to get your information because you have to submit your information to claim prizes or sign up for things, I should be spammed with ads when reading news articles from what’s suppose to be a reputable news station! Remove the fake you’ve won a prize ads from this app! It’s a scam!
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10 months ago, James Charless
Bait and switch stories and too many ads
They send push notifications that aren’t linked to the actual story. If you want to watch the video attached you have to watch an ad each time, some ads are longer than the video you watch. Grew tired of the app overall so it’s time to try a different news stations app for awhile.
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5 years ago, Poohghfjj
Fox Eight news
I love this app it lets me know things as soon as they know Such as amber alerts and weather changes and local shootings and what is happening in our area. I also watch Fox eight every morning I feel like the broadcasters are family.
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4 years ago, dementionit
Terrible app - just dumb flow
When you click on the story, it then goes to the story and then asks if you want to continue reading, with only giving you a few lines.... ummm if I clicked on the story of course I want to read. Why are you guys asking again to read it? Just to click again for it to load the rest of it? Such a dumb and frustrating app along with all the advertisements.
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2 years ago, Frank ends
Terrible App
Terrible First complaint the advertisement pops up and if you don’t swipe up properly you’re redirected to the advertisement web page. If you choose a news story you want to read another ad shows up and then you never get to the written news and you can’t end the show the only option is to exit the app. This doesn’t happen on all the news stories but quite a few to lead me to go to channel 3 and 19 for my news.
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4 years ago, Joechexmix
Good but...
Everything that comes through is not truly breaking news. Someone in Hollywood getting divorced is not breaking news. Also, lately while looking at a news story this Google sweepstakes pops up and there is no way to get rid of it. You have to tap the back arrow in the upper left hand corner and then you lose the story you were reading. This is the only app on my iPhone 8S it happens on.
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2 years ago, Cutting loose
poorly done
even with bug fixes app still won't let me read the complete news article - won't go past addition stories at bottom of page - bring back previous version till you can come up with something better - channel 5 app looking better for alternative. Only news app that makes you watch advertisements before you can see a news story. Too bad you can’t open app and read the news.
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4 years ago, Ray an IT Guy
Too bad there’s not a zero
Awesome station awful app. So slooooooooooow. Why? The frozen screen as you futilely jab at the “continue reading “ button. Don’t waste your time the button doesn’t work until all of the ads load. Ads you will never see because any sane person gives up and Google’s the story and reads it from a source that hasn’t let their advertising department kill their app. P.S. Who are you people that are providing the same comments in your reviews, and then giving a 3 or 4 star rating?
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4 years ago, DC@0002
Continue Reading
I don’t want to have to click on a button to continue reading the article I just clicked on to read. Most of the time I have to click on that button several times before the article will load OR there’s an ad or a link to another article close to the “continue reading” button and I get directed somewhere I did not want to go. The “continue reading” button seems a little redundant to me.
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4 years ago, Scannin' Johnny
Worst app ever
This app used to be great. Now, basically when you select a story, you can read the first half of a paragraph of a story and then there is a button you have to press to continue. When pressed, either it takes you to a different story, it does nothing, it directs you to an ad, or it briefly pulls the story up which then disappears and your left with a blank screen! Why?! It’s so frustrating! I’ve checked with others to make sure it wasn’t my phone, but it’s the same for them.
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4 years ago, Very bogus
The Cliff Notes of News Apps
If you only want to read a sentence of a news article this is the app for you. Unfortunately for those of us who want to read more the ‘continue reading’ bar does not work when pressed. In fact it can send you to another article all together. For a long time I thought my phone had a virus. Good news no virus bad news app is a mess. Very surprised it has not been fixed. Had been a very good source of news. Now okay if you only want a sentence or two.
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1 year ago, Salomal
Why no more articles? Too many videos!
Not sure if this is related to any app updates, but lately it seems all of the news is in video format. I prefer to have the option of reading an article and there seems to be less and less of those. Half the time I cannot even get the volume to work on news videos. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Woman Loves the Ace Man!
Worst news ap
I used to prefer fox 8 over other apps. This app is now terrible. When you click on a story you get about one paragraph then you have to click a “continue reading” button. This rarely works and causes blank screen or freezing. If I did not want to read the entire story I would not have clicked on it in the first place. I have now loaded the other local news stations which do not have these frustrating issues. Don’t waste your time.
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4 years ago, Steph62948518
Unable to see articles school closings
You just did an update- and now there are school closings. I am unable to see them- it ends up being a bunch of ads, and a button that says “continue reading override”. This needs some serious fixing. Tried to find someone to email about the ad issues, but no contact info. Hopefully you see this and get it fixed! Yes with recent updates- app keeps freezing.
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4 years ago, Creo7
Used to be good
I don’t know what the deal is, this app used to be good, not anymore. Every single article you need to click “Continue reading” to get past the first 2 sentences. I didn’t open the article to just read the opening statement, so that’s annoyance number 1. Secondly, half the time the “continue reading” button doesn’t work or when you think it works, it just opens the ad hiding underneath the button. Most of the time I just give up and wonder why I bothered. Fix this!
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4 years ago, Wood2112
Update took away widget.
Updated my app today and once again, the widget with headlines isn’t loading. Another point of criticism is when you open a headline it gives you the “Continue Reading?” Button. Of course I want to load the story and read it. That’s why I opened the link.
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4 years ago, Robynsman
Barely more than a web browser
It crashes all of the time, and all of the articles load from their website so you have to hit a “continue reading” button after the first two sentences of a story. The fun part though, is that it takes forever to load and rarely does the “continue reading” button work. The detection zone for the same button is often different from where the button is displayed.
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4 years ago, SodaPop0608
App crashes and is slow
I like getting my news from Fox 8, but it’s aggravating to open a story and then have to click “continue reading” after the second sentence. If I didn’t want to read it, I wouldn’t have clicked on that story. Often times that button doesn’t even work and won’t let you read the rest of the story. Also the app does crash quite often.
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4 years ago, Ray B B Bb B
Poor set up
In order to read full articles, you must click on continue. That tab is almost always over a link to another article which you end up clicking on. Also, if there isn’t a video associated with a particular article, they stick a different video up there. I can only guess they want you to accidentally click on other links to make it look like more items have been viewed.
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6 years ago, JRan09
Best news station Cleveland fox 8
We love this news station it offers everything. They go above and beyond to give us are information. I love the family atmosphere on the show . They really care about people . We love fox 8 .
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6 years ago, RKSteach
App closes without prompting
I love the Fox News app but for the past few weeks, the app will close and send me back to my home screen. It is very frustrating to have to scroll through previously read information, pick up where I left off only to have it happen again a few minutes later.
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6 years ago, Bob WT
Please fix the notifications.
Overall a good app however I had to turn my notifications off. I don’t need to know that somebody is being arrested in a city 50 miles away. Seriously, out of an average of 7 push notifications daily, 1 of them pertained to me.
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4 years ago, Nroslan
Ditch the “read more”!
Everytime I try to expand the “read more” in a news story the app freezes, or if I try to click again it opens another story as it seems there is always a link to another story right under the read more. This button is not only inconvenient but is completely unnecessary. Faster load times don’t count if your clients get frustrated at the buttons to be able to keep reading.
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4 years ago, StaceyR817
I love this app, and the alerts I get. But, whenever I click on continue reading, I have a mini argument with my phone, I have to click it a dozen times, still doesn’t expand or goes to a different story. So over the frustration. Why is it sooo hard to continue reading a story I clicked on to read in the first place!! I give it a B-
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4 years ago, zumbadawn03
App could be better - great content
I gave this app another try! I cannot share stories easily nor cannot I read the story by clicking on “continue story.” Today, half the words didn’t fit onto the screen to read the story. This previously happened and I deleted the app. I’m deleting my app again. 🙁
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4 years ago, Becavv
Terrible Quality
This app is always crashing! It closes right when you are in the middle of articles. If I select an article to read why is there a CONTINUE READING button two sentences in the article. Whoever made that feature is an idiot. I used to love this app. I may look into another news channel app. The quality on this has gone down and is very disappointing!
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5 years ago, Natureshunter
Okay but this needs improvement
Grey app, but in the “make a suggestion” at the bottom of the stories. It doesn’t let you do so. When I go in, I type out my suggestion. And then nothing.... I can’t input my email, or even go back. I have to close out the app entirely. And it still won’t let me make a suggestion.
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4 years ago, vfd3
Poor performing app
I like Fox8 news. The app used to be fast and reliable. In recent months, the app has been sluggish and prone to crashing, especially when I tap the button to read more. Why can’t the full story load when I tap on the story? Why do I have to tap a button to read more? Hopefully the app will get slimmed down and just work again.
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4 years ago, Marose6
Updated Version.
I don’t like the “click here” button to continue reading a story. Too often the entire screen goes blank and the story is gone. There are times when a story won’t come up at all. I liked the old version. It was easier to read and get stories.
Show more
3 years ago, stellablue79
Nope.. not one bit! I want the old one back. Its not easy to see- words are wayy too small, the layout is terrible- you have to scroll through all of the advertising just to find the actual news story. There’s more not to like but I don’t have that much time to list it all!
Show more
5 years ago, Terirose22
Not the best news app I’ve seen
The news updates are overall pretty decent, but I absolutely cannot stand the blatant spamming and incessant ads. I honestly have gotten to the point where I just check out the notifications and find the actual news elsewhere.
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4 years ago, kathydj
Does not work
Does not load videos, when clicking on “continue reading” the app shuts down, the pages go blank while trying to read. I have had this app for years. It has never worked properly. After each update I’m hopefully these issues are fixed but they are not. I don’t know how this app has a 4.8 stars. It doesn’t even work! I really hope you guys can get this app working.
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4 years ago, LizzieLiz82
PLEASE get rid of the “Continue Reading” button
That button makes it so difficult to read an article. Plus, often the button is over a link so when you click the “Continue Reading” button, you accidentally click a link to a different article. Please, please just have the whole article viewable!
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3 years ago, Sphinxguy
Live Video - Thumbnail Window Issue
The new App update is terrible. I have the iPad Pro and I was able to start the live view in the morning and swipe up and continuing to work while the video played in a thumbnail basically that I could move around the screen. They have removed that ability so when I swipe up, the video stops. Please put back the old style video. If it’s not broken - DON’T FIX IT!
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3 years ago, nanlamm
New update problematic
I updated when prompted and immediately had multiple problems: screen freeze; story disappearing; long time to load story. I deleted, waited a week and tried again today. Seems better but screen has this jerky stuttering motion as I’m scrolling. Can’t take it. Deleted again. Other local news apps don’t do this. I really prefer fox 8. Please fix & refine your app.
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