FOX 9 Minneapolis: News

4.1 (1.2K)
109.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 9 Minneapolis: News

4.12 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
2 months ago, MikuValor
Mix up the ads please.
I get it, ads need to be shown for this to be a thing. But please try to put different ads rather than run the same thing 4 times over and over. I just got done watching the same ad 4 times in a row for Park Center Health and Fitness. I really appreciate this being made free so we can get our local news without having to pay for cable but the same ad four times in a row is annoying.
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3 years ago, sandra-_d
Why is app suddenly freezing?
I have used your Fox 9 news app for years without issue. The last couple of weeks when I touch the icon, I get a blue screen with a spinning circle, and no matter how long I wait, it never connects. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app a half dozen times. When I do, it will always connect immediately after reinstalling, and sometimes for a time or two after, but then it will sit and spin again. I have no other apps that do this, including your weather app which still works great. This problem has become annoying so I am uninstalling the app indefinitely and will get my news elsewhere. Perhaps I’ll reinstall it again in a month or two and see if anything has been changed/fixed.
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11 months ago, lnk4
Rarely the first with news posted
This actually is better than the other local news channel apps. However, sometimes I wonder if it’s just the intern doing it… No offense… The news tends to be not be updated as often as it should be. For example, there is an article about yesterdays weather still on there today And that seems to happen quite often. It needs to be more timely. the “back to school”heading hasn’t changed for months to the point it’s so irritating I would delete the app if I had better option! plz update
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5 years ago, DarrylJES
First turn to MSP News
The story last Sunday about the troubled Motor Vehicle license registration program was detailed and eyeopening. Keep up the good work. Darryl Schaumburg St Paul, Mn Your story on MN childcare fraud, was right on and embarrassing to State officials. Guv Dayton had 1 staff person devoted to looking for anti Muslim stuff in the media. They thought your story could be damaging to emerging DFL influence in the Muslim community. The IG who was suspended was active in slowing down “bad” info that was perceived as helping your accounts. Nobles refused to be muzzled but still toned down his report DS/STP
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5 years ago, Bear time bear
Weather forecast
The weather forecast always is a day off. The weather listed under the day before is actually today’s weather. The weather under “Today” is then tomorrow’s weather. It is a bit frustrating to try and figure out the rest of the week. Other than that I really like the app. My favorite is the radar.
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6 years ago, Butterfly,#2
What has happened?
I used to use this app several times a day. Now, when I try to open it, it pops up and....sometimes there is an ad .. BUT it doesn’t open. I know this is happening to others as well. This is terrible. Please take care of this flaw. I rate it high based on past use. Really it no stars because I cannot open it today ..... nor for the past week.
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2 years ago, Frankie Jé
This works 30% of the time
Every time I try to open it in the app it just sits and spins never opens . I have had to re-download it about 8 times and it works for a week or so and than stops working .. not a very reliable app wish it work better but don’t .. have moved to other news apps that actually work and download.. do better fix fox 9 but I think I’m gonna delete it and don’t have to worry bout it not loading .. very annoying when you just trying to catch up on the news around your area.
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6 years ago, Chaska Dave
Your Town Team series
Without a doubt your news team had to LOVE this series. Your live shows during all 3-5 newscasts was such a “breath of fresh air” compared to what they have to report nearly every day. Kelsey and everyone showed what true professionals they are working without a teleprompter and sitting on a lawn chair on the top of a river dike! Thank you all For a tremendous news show. Dave Myren Chaska Mn
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6 years ago, sgmobile
Loud ads and pop ups since last update
Usually I like this app but since the last update most times when I open the app a full screen ad shows up and it is also loud. Makes it hard to check during the day due to the amount of ads and sound. Please remediate this issue.
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7 years ago, Meow! =]
So easy to see top stories at a glance
Fox 9 has the BEST weather on TV. Love Ian Leonard. Learn so much interesting weather stuff from him. Wish the news app would have more stories both local and statewide from the new casts. The coverage is good-would like it to include more that you can read, less video. Do not want to want to have the audio on when in a quiet place and want the news.
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4 years ago, Impatient but hooked
Pretty good but adding features would make it better
It would be nice if there was a chrome cast option when watching live through the app instead of just screen sharing with other apple devices.
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6 years ago, Ron J. Sr.
Ron J
This is a great app for staying in touch with our breaking local news stories. The App has always worked well for me and the alerts that are sent out, give a headline whether I choose to read/listen/watch the broadcast or not. I like getting the top stories when I have time to read them. Thanks FOX 9!
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5 years ago, johnjohn francis
The Great Communicator of news apps.
I love the functionality of this app. It has everything you can ask, and between the news and the weather apps, Fox 9 gives it all. Thank you for keeping me and the other users up to date.
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5 years ago, mnjkiytrdgfuxh63738:!,$.$;83!.
New version is terrible
Seems like more stories in new version but just keeps showing same stories in different order/categories. Will probably switch to different local news app. And clean up old stories. You have a heat wave story from 4 days ago. It’s 50 and raining not feels like 94 degrees. You have failed with your weather app update and now your news app. Seeing what you’ve done to these apps is as painful as the Herschel Walker trade and the North Stars going to Dallas.
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5 years ago, artsyflorid
Fox 9 news updates from afar
Since I have moved from my native Twin Cities I keep updated On the news using Fox 9 News. I love being able to know what is happening from afar. Sometimes I know the news before my relatives! Keep up the good work Fox 9!
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6 years ago, Bettgett
Fox 9 news
This is my favorite mobile app news site. The format is well organized and easy to follow. The fact that you can sometimes view the televised report on various news items is a plus.
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5 years ago, lady T Mn
I love channel 9 in a Minneapolis Minnesota. I do get frustrated sometimes though with I believe a certain day out of each week there’s nothing but game shows on the 7-9 programs. Just not a big game watcher. Except the beat Shazam. But Thank You Channel 9
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5 years ago, Luckywoods
Love the live news...keep adding more live content!
I love that I can still get the live news on nights when my rabbit ears reception is less than perfect. Much better than the other local stations in town. Keep adding as much live content as FOX will allow for free!
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6 years ago, JTPlymouth13
Gaining frustration
This news app use to be good before they started to bombard the reader with obnoxious ads. Some ads are so difficult to close out of and just yield me closing my attempt to read this source and go elsewhere for news. The weekend updates for news are a little lacking as well. News during the week is kept a little more up to date.
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6 years ago, Beve2
Current updates
Updates on the news, weather conditions.
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7 years ago, Macy5
WAS Best Local News App
Of the 4 major news station apps, Fox 9 is my go-to. Very well organized and easy to find what I might be looking for. Also love that it's so easy to forward stories/videos to my sister living in Colorado so she's in touch with hometown happenings. I change my rating. The app updated yesterday and now it won't even open! Period! Might as well delete it. What happened! I've tried repeatedly and it won't open anymore.
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1 year ago, Tom in Osceola
I have turned the notification button off twice now and it turns back on by itself. Please look into that. Thank you, Tom
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6 years ago, dkcurious
Live streaming is not live streaming
The live streaming is less then disappointing. Seriously live in the morning for a very short period of time. The rest of the day is a road camera. Not even traffic camera. I mean really, what’s the point? I searched fox 9 because I can’t stand the other local stations and I went back to ch 5 because this is a joke. This is the worst app ever. This is so disappointing I can’t stop complaining. It makes me so grumpy.
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7 years ago, Deb_MN
No video commercials!!!
The app loads quickly, seems to work well, and I've never had to sit through a 30 second or minute video commercial in front of a news video. THANK YOU!
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5 years ago, laweegy
Arlington A’s town all
Fox 9 did an exceptional story on our small town ball team. They covered many aspects of the current and past players and history of the team. Thank you Fox 9 for putting small towns on the map!
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5 years ago, Shamy66
Favorite evening news crew
Randy and Ian’s pm crew make the news upbeat and easy. They make me laugh every night. I had given up on the news because it’s so heavy and sad to sleep on. Randy and Ian have changed all that. Thank you for being Trail Blazers. Shannon Anderson Maple grove mn
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2 years ago, anonymity 29
Trashy ads
Like getting local news at my fingertips but I’m tired of having to look at the same trashy lingerie ads when my news item is at the bottom Similarly, when I stream live news, can you have advertisers other than Credible and Oslo??
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5 years ago, Firefly074
Extremely biased and the app doesn’t work.
This news source is extremely biased and left leaning. On top of that, the app doesn’t even work right. You’ll get notifications of headlines of news stories, but then you open the app to read the article and it’s not there. Got to wait 30-45 minutes sometimes for a story to refresh and actually be available to read. Don’t waste your time.
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5 years ago, Schwinn Man
Fox 9 news
Great station! Now my favorite Twin Cities News Station. Sorry to see Jeff Passolt leave but he deserves to enjoy his golden years in retirement. Kudos to him for a great career, much of it with FOX 9. Kudos to the rest of the team. Everyone is doing a great job. Keep it up!!
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6 years ago, sawmanfromhell
Great local news!
I have been watching FOX 9 news for years. The App is an easy way to get the news quickly when I don’t have time to watch in the crazy workday mornings!
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5 years ago, jroduguy
Watching morning buzz
How can people so blindly endorse a holiday they know nothing about other than that other people celebrate it and that their parents blindly celebrated it as did theirs etc...... halloween is a celebration the sacrifice of young girls. Actual brutal sacrificial killing coming from a abduction... that is what the idiots on the news are giving me all these “wonderful” ads about.... it makes me sick that people dont do their research or stand up for themselves. Bunch of cowards.
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1 year ago, Union 49er
What happened??
The app worked perfectly and now that it’s updated I can’t get the past and future to work on the map, it just keeps glitching. It’s very frustrating when I work construction and have relied on this app for years and now it won’t work…. The update is junk and has been for a month or two now. Needs to be fixed
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6 years ago, Cfluvsjb:))
My review.
I appreciate the news I receive. I wish it were updated more on weekends. I can’t imagine you don’t have people there to do that. And please - stop showing that pop up at the bottom about the show. Or anything for that matter. Very annoying!! Otherwise I’d give it 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Revmikemc
Fast and worthwhile
As a journalist in the past, I appreciate the breaking updates and fast news updates. However, it seems on weekends, others are faster.
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6 years ago, Incident Commander
Poor written reports
I have subscribed for months and constantly see errors in the report content. It is my opinion that these should be proof read before posting like a newspaper to prevent simple errors. Now each time I open a story I am taken to a page claiming I have won a gift card. Time to try out one of the other station apps.
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6 years ago, Jarhead1997
I watch the morning news and afternoon news everyday, It’s the only news station I watch! Well done, and the news staff is fun but yet professional!
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6 years ago, Morteza Ameli
Love fox 9 not the app
The app is good, it is just trying to provide lots of information, and thus it can’t provide detail info. I love my fox station on tv and it is the only station I watch. But for sports and weather the two things I care more about I don’t get enough info from this app. It is not user friendly, and I can’t customize to what I want to see.
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1 month ago, Up North Pines
Please please do not repeat same ads over and over within the same program let alone the same break. Most of the ads are so annoying, I mute the tv. I live rural so only way to watch news.
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4 years ago, going to SD soon
Where is the news?
Does this station know what news is and how to report it at this point? All i hear is the propaganda from the governor and his cast of uninformed advisors at this time. How about using the exemption from the house arrest rules and send the folks that are supposed to be reporters and investigators out across the state to figure out what is real and report that. Novel idea, hum.
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5 years ago, keeping Curant
I’m a 9 addict.
I’ve always have been fond of 9 for the local and five state news coverage. I don’t care for the National outlet because it has become a tool for the current administration.
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7 years ago, Jpulch
Great station
I use the Fox9 App everyday and also watch several of their newscasts. The reporters and anchors come off as real people that enjoy what they do and the whole production is top notch! Keep up the good work.
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1 year ago, RyanBarrysMac
Adds are annoying and buggy! Half stories rest blank
Adds are annoying and buggy! They don’t update their stories that often and typically have several grammatical errors. Currently the app is only displaying half the article and the rest of the page is completely blank 🤷🏻‍♂️.
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3 years ago, Plymouth reader
Too many ads
I have liked this app but lately there are way too many ads in the middle of the news articles. In some articles there was only a couple of lines between the ads. Very annoying
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6 years ago, ellie in burnsville
I love fox9
Fox9 has always been the news I watch since I moved to this state! I love the people I love how quirky they are and they make me laugh! The app is a little slow and the commercials are repetitious but I don’t care cuz I love fox9 Ellie
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5 years ago, swifty477
Important local news
You want these local weather, crime, and other traffic alerts.
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5 years ago, Babooskid
Better than KSTP
I’m still reading last weeks news on KSTP. I go to Fox 9 KMSP to get up to date news. This day and age of computers we should have up to the minute news
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6 years ago, Joyce1941
Love it!
I love having the latest news from theTwin Cities at my fingertips. Especially true when traveling or away from home!
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5 years ago, crispy*
***** rating.
Always first with most updated stories. All anchors are fun and joking with each other. Makes viewing very enjoyable to watch Thank you Chris
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5 years ago, Dmitschke
Love this app
It is very functional and informative when you what the top stories quickly or to look up stories
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5 years ago, mileyariel
Love Fox 9❣️❣️❣️
I love Fox 9❣️❣️ I always look at their page first in the morning. They seem to be the most up to date news channel and I like their anchor people and reporters. Keep up the good work Fox 9❣️❣️❣️
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