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User Reviews for Fox Nation

4.64 out of 5
42.1K Ratings
3 years ago, najdjdhfhxh
Ainsley’s Bible Study
I have been struggling for some time now with guilt of a prior divorce after 20 years of marriage, BIG change since being married for a second time, becoming a step-parent to 4 boys (starting again after my own 5 children were nearly grown), moving to another town where I knew no-one, no friends and no WOMEN! After spending several years in “the pit”, I was ready to move out! I started diving into God’s Word more deeply a couple years ago now and God is doing a work in this stubborn and selfish heart of mine. I started a small texting group sharing God’s truths, my own experiences, faith, failures and triumphs. I am volunteering with an incredible youth ministry in my town and have been slowly rebuilding my life and my relationships with my family and my God. Something was still missing. Women. I just started a subscription with Fox Nation and have been listening to Shanon Bream and Ainsley’s Bible Studies and feel such a breath of fresh air with these two wonderful women! And although I cannot be there in-person with them, it is very sweet to listen to God’s truth and to be encouraged once again by women who love the Lord! Thank you FOX and ALL of those on Fox Nation bringing truth, wisdom and Godly values to a very public audience. May God bless and protect you all!
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6 months ago, Lena Larson54
A Christmas Carol w/ Kelsey Grammer
I just joined Fox Nation for the purpose of obtaining access to this well/advertised documentary on the writing by Charles Dickens of “A Christmas Carol”! I hit the fifth star above as soon as this request to rate it hit my screen! I know the story almost word-for-word, as I was six years old the first Christmas my father read the story to my siblings & me, and also watched the movie made for Christmas of 1960 on my grandparents’ black & white TV. The apparition of Jacob Marley dragging the clanging lengths of chains and locks, his “death wrap” untying allowing his decayed chin to fall onto his chest, and the screech and moans he emitted scared me beyond horrific terror!! My mother was quite upset that my father had allowed me to see that. I was mortified, and needed a “night light” in order to fall asleep for several nights after. In spite of my terrifying experience seeing the movie, it remains, by far, the very best story I have read in my entire life, and the book is a part of my Christmas decorating….sitting on the coffee table from Thanksgiving through New Years Day every year. Again, I give this documentary five stars PLUS!! Be generous at Christmas and always. As Jacob Marley told Scrooge, “MANKIND WAS MY BUSINESS!’”
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3 years ago, RBShoemaker
American Heart - Passion for a great nation built 1st Amendment.
When we look at our past and strive for a fair honorable future we look to story tellers who attempt to show the good, bad and the ugly struggle we face to retain the success of a democratic republic that proves FREEDOM is the one ideal that’s built our solid foundation for our country. Fox Nation gives us the information in between the day to day news that’s needed to remind us what’s happening in much more detail than the old term “Soundbites” used to generate! Many journalists have become propagandist and we struggle to find the truth anymore. What’s been refreshing about watching Fox Nation is getting details that explain each story from a perspective that allows the viewer to know where the journalist is coming from before you are pushed into an opinion. I like being informed, not fed an agenda! Watching the news from the old fashion method, gathering facts and sharing them with the viewer to allow them the perspective of the the facts, not the networks agenda driven narrative! I hope you’ll love gaining new knowledge without the twisted bias! I know I do enjoy watching real news rather than being fed emotional dribble!
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5 months ago, I will always
Why are soooo many shows “audio only?” If I wanted radio, I’d subscribe to Sirius. I subscribe to “watch” these shows. Majority of daily shows that are released after airing are audio only. The other content, like special reports with Lara Logan; the miseducation of America, etc. are exceptionally well done when they are released but it is few and far between that those things come out. You could subscribe for a single month once per year and catch up on that content. Majority of their content and most of the things I’m interested in watching and keeping up with are audio only now-prime shows like The Ingraham Angle are audio only! So the host will be referencing photos or video clips and you can’t even see what is being discussed! What’s the point of that? And they only have a few episodes accessible of daily shows because they expire and are removed weekly. The lack of content is shameful but to further reduce content by making prime shows audio only is too much dumbing down. This is a paid subscription and you have the content, you just aren’t loading it! And Jesse Waters should be canceled! What a horrible replacement! He can barely put sentences together. He’s not funny. He’s such a lightweight anchor. I cannot believe he’s in a prime spot. What a waste of my time! I will never watch him again. I’ve tried and tried to give him a chance but I will never waste brain cells on that man again.
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3 years ago, QHuff1515
Great App Great shows
Fox Nation is a great streaming service that offers a large amount of unbiased factually supported programs that will open your eyes. They focus on giving the viewers the facts and truth and also encourage the viewers to not just take their word for it but go check out the sources and do your own research to form your views and opinions. The many host show the viewers it’s ok to stand up for the truth and facts and they help viewers to learn they can’t just blindly watch main stream media or programs and just believe your getting the truth(even tho that’s exactly what should happen) the news and networks are businesses and they have to make profits so most have sold their services to the govt to manufacture and shape the country the easiest way the government can take control. Fox Nation and the many host and commentators on their programs are some of the last true beacons of hope this country has at getting the facts and truth and the Fox Nation comes thru and gives the viewers just that the unbiased facts and truth and they let you decide how you think, feel and expect.
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2 years ago, Hokieinotown
Love the content, hate the app
There is so much good content on Fox Nation but dealing with the app itself can be quite frustrating. I listen in my car a lot and I deal with far too many issues….like if my phone flips from vertical to horizontal the video will stop playing and I have to restart it, it quite frequently will stop playing and you will get the “spinning circle” while you wait (assuming it is buffering but often is never restarts so I have to quit and restart the app), it seems like your favorites watch list or the items you want to continue watching would be right at the top when you enter the app but instead I have to root around to find them every time I open the app (very inconvenient, especially while driving), sometimes the video will minimize (like a Picture in Picture view) so I can switch to another app and sometimes it won’t, it often times will not pick up in a show from the point I left off, and now the latest…I click on the show I want to watch but none of the episodes are listed so I cannot even click on the episode I want to watch. This is a lot of frustration for any streaming app but especially one that is paid for. Get it together Fox…I know you can do better.
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2 years ago, JustJenn921
Great content & lots of it!
For the price of less than 1 months worth of cable you get a great variety of programming. It’s nice to be able to escape the leftist lunacy shoved into everything. There’s shows, documentaries , mini-series, informational, educational and entertaining shows, and a lot more than I was expecting. It’s great to see some of our favorite personalities doing other types of shows than we’re accustomed to seeing them in. It allows us to see different interests they each have, a different side to their professional talents & skills than already displayed on the main network shows. I was very pleasantly surprised at the sheer number of things I actually want to watch! Too often you end up scrolling through thousands of options offered on streaming networks of all sorts without really finding anything to be the least bit excited about & I wondered if this may be one of those situations. I say for a mainstream network app, they hit it outta the park with the extra content exclusive the app!
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2 years ago, $$patreon$$
Lovin it
Who is ,is put together great. Tucker is the man. Hannity rocks and ingraham rolls. Bongino would b my body guard ,while Brett Baire would b my fair and balanced guy. I’ve been much happier with cavuto. All the ladies of fox r pictures of class ,even Dagan. Ainsley in the Queen. Love the judge. Then there’s Watters and Gutfeld. Gutfeld has more wit than a ton of other late night hosts. He should b # 1. SMART!!! Jessie Waters was Bill OReillys best find ever. Watters world was fantastic. Now he has his own show. SMART!!! Now to the #1 guy at fox. Johnny “Joey” Jones!!! My hero outside my parents. I understand he hasn’t been around real long ,but talk about charisma and TOUGH! it doesn’t get any better than Joey. I hope fox is deciding what to do with him in their future. I’m a paraplegic so I know the no legs thing. I care about that fact as much as Joey!! Thats life!! This happened but I’m going on. I know I didn’t add every soul there but I love them too. Keep up the great work. Cattle mutilations is crazy weird. Great job Tucker.
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1 year ago, Gmg17751110
Deep down I knew
I subscribed with hopes of watching Tucker and Hannity, but I just knew there was a catch. “Sign in with a tv provider” popped up. Seriously, who pays for cable these days? We all have the streaming services that have shows we like. When they end seasons or what have you for said shows, we cancel, move on, and renew when our show is back. I would give 3 stars, but they give your first year free for being a veteran (verification required obviously). That’s a definite plus. There’s great content available, it’s also a very reasonable subscription price. It’s just not what I was hoping for. I want to watch Tucker and Hannity as it airs. Honestly, why not make that an option. I’d pay double the current rate if y’all make Tucker and Hannity available. Why isn’t that an option. I hate the “sign in with TV provider” garbage. In reality, it shouldn’t cost us anything to stay informed on current events. But we’re paying anyway. Let us watch Tucker and Hannity (LIVE no one wants to wait until tomorrow), they’re the only reason I tried this to begin with.
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3 years ago, Muzzard
Mr William Beauvais
I really enjoy both Fox and Friends and all the specials in the app. I do dialysis 3 times a week I watch during the treatment. I come homeI watch almost all the time. I know the crew and now twice is on board , I watch Oak Island and the British baking show and not much else. Have emailed any notes plus directly to many senators and congressmen (ladies too!). We like to follow fox, we trust you . When I need to clean out I will turn on CNN ,MSNBC ABC .It doesn’t take long! They are so fake , it’s hard to see adults (act) so poorly , gushy,and downright liars!. I used to watch OAN,but when they lost their two key reporters I lost interest. They still have great specials ,likeMike Lindells positive proof. Can’t believe you never mentioned it ?I know it’s up for litigation, but you could have pointed out to your audience howto find it on line. I tried to get your people to push it at CPAC— not a word!If Pelosi can try to change votes to add another congressman, why can’t Trump keep fighting. Lindell is vowing to take on Dorsey andZuckerberg for falsifying his postings. ReportThisStuff! Thanks for your attention.
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3 years ago, United for truth and Justice
Thank You Fox nation !
It’s a real pleasure to be able to view Fox Nation and to view and listen to the well written , intelligent and comprehensive reporting . I’m a non-partisan pro American person who does not always agree with the many view points represented and presented on Fox Nation but appreciate the opportunity to access information not available or provided by main stream media . By watching and listening to Fox Nation and other media resources I’m a better informed voter and a more enlightened American . Keep up the great work Fox Nation and know that there are many millions of non partisan voters out here in the real world making a living , providing for our families working with other Americans with diverse and different cultures and back grounds who love America and are committed to educating themselves on the important topics of today to insure the The United States of America continues to be the greatest country in the world for all our citizens and a beacon of hope and promise to the entire world .
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3 years ago, John the cat man
this is a great great great app
this is a very good app I had trouble getting it started at first for some reason it doesn't work well with screen readers but I got it to work better and once I got into the app I spent the whole night watching Tucker Carlson and I learn so much about what's happening in the United States from so many different perspectives that Tucker has brought forth in his broadcasts also love Laura Ingram Sean Hannity and on Jesse waters and Dan Bongino and everybody who is a conservative at Fox News but especially I love this app because it gives me the opportunity or has given me the opportunity to get a lot more information so that I can make a lot more informed decisions thank you ladies and gentlemen at Fox News for such a good job of putting out the truth hi for one very much appreciate it and I have found a new purpose I will stand up in the fight against mask mandates and vaccine mandates in the state of Michigan once again thank you very very much for the app
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2 years ago, flyfishindude
Yellowstone One Fifty
The first episode is very well done. Costner does a great job of describing the Park in a way that is both informative and very personal. It’s only a glimpse into what is really there. I’m looking forward to the next three episodes. I’ve been lucky in my life to not just have visited Yellowstone, but ride my horse and pull a mule string through it on the way to camp in a place called Frenchy’s Meadow, about 2-3 miles north of the park’s northern boundary on Slough Creek. I’ve laid awake at night in camp listening to the Slough Creek wolf pack (before they were destroyed by a rival pack) howl at the night sky. I’ve ridden around bison, giving them a respectful girth so as not to disturb or anger. I’m always more than a little upset when I see a crowd of people corner a cow elk and her calf like they were put there by God for them just to take a picture. To be in a place like this, just you and the natural wonder that surrounds you, miles from other humans, gives you a feeling that can not be described. It fills you with both extreme joy and respect for being allowed the privilege to be part of it for just a brief period of time. I’m lucky to live in Montana now. I’m closer to the Park than most in the US. This program makes me feel that at 70, I still have time left to make one more pack trip in and sleep under its stars again. Thank you Lord for giving me such a beautiful gift.
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3 years ago, richyslickSD
My dreams have come true.
I always wondered why cable channels were not offering themselves up as individual packages, instead of being tarnished by whatever channels are included in that particular bundle. This led me down a road researching how exactly cable companies and networks do business, along with how advertising ties into all of this. I will say that they made a world class business move with this new streaming option. Fox viewers, more so than others, will tend to feel guilty about supporting many of the networks included with cable. The app works great, off an iPad Pro, and I’ve had no issues thus far. The video quality and load times are all extremely fast and the content is a non issue. You have all of your favorite hosts’ prime time shows, along with other daily Fox nation exclusive full length episodes from Tucker, Hannity and others. I’ve been extremely pleased and would recommend.
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2 years ago, Kaizer284
Outdated App
This review isn’t about the content, but about the app itself, which sometimes seems barely functional. Most of my issues are related to the download feature, simply because that’s the main way I watch the content on my iPhone SE 1) Shows only seem to download when I’m in the app, which makes the process of downloading a show tedious 2) There’s only 1 video quality available, so I can’t choose to watch a lower quality video for faster download times 3) TCT is typically around 500mb per episode, but even with 9 gb of available space, I get a message that says there’s not enough space for the download 4) If I want to turn off my phone and just hear the audio, it works at first, but if I pause the video and try to play it again, it won’t play until I open the app once more I’d love to see these issues addressed because I do enjoy the content. The most important for me is making the download process quicker and easier, since I like to do it in the morning and listen at work when I have no WiFi, but often it just takes too long to download
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2 years ago, Stopbreathingmyair
Americas voice
Every decision made by our politicians, leaders, and our media representatives must ignite from the only ideaology providing our existence, America and Americans must come first on the world stage. To exhaust ourselves trying to plead others to do better, to give back, to help lead the world hasn't worked and never will. If you want to continue having opportunities to shine a light in the darkness, you must maintain your virtues and invest in your infrastructure, your own wealth and strategy. For the United States of America, this Investment is in protecting our constitution for its design is sustainable and invest into the Americans that contribute to our nation. We the people make America great, not other nations or cultures. Ask any mental health expert practicing, if you don’t respect yourself, love yourself, see value in yourself, then you cant improve. Americans deserve respect from our nations leaders most, thank you Fox Nation for reminding them and us of that very fact!
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2 years ago, Texas120653
This is the greatest program since Rush Limbaugh. Tuckers hour long interviews are the best educational resource for important and timely issues of our time. Keep going Tucker! Gutfeld is a genius. Like Tucker he knows the pulse of the people. I’ve been listening to him for years starting with Red Eye. His shows were brilliant and interviews with people you’d never meet or know are classics. I’m 68 years old. Been to and work in most countries on the planet, so I travel a lot. Have read a lot of books. Your Martha McCallum wrote the greatest WWII novel about our Marines I’ve ever read. And I’m not embarrassed to say I wept during many chapters. I also love The Five (Go Wyoming Girl Dana). Love the Judge, Jesse and Greg too. And Jesse’s show is great too. His mentoring under Bill O’Reilly paid off. Without being such an arrogant jerk as Bill was. PS: pay your staff more. It takes them too long to load all your episodes on Fox Nation. Thanks, Walt
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3 years ago, tylerkeyes
Tucker Carlson Today
Tucker’s new show “Tucker Carlson Today”, Is the only reason I’ve ever rated an app before. It’s the only reason I have Fox Nation. It’s the only reason I’m giving this 5 stars. He and others, but mostly Tucker, speaks what we as Americans need to hear right now and that’s the truth about what’s going on around in our democracy. But, also why nothing is being done about it. We (Republican, conservatives, libertarians, and constitutionalists) have been silent for way too long when we’re the only ones who can actually do something to prevent further destruction of our democracy and the American dream. Tucker makes me want to speak out. Download the fox nation app, just to listen to his in-depth conversations with individuals who can educate us and really break down what’s going on in a way we can understand it. Love Fox, I just only trust a handful of people on there including Mark Levin who encourages me just as much as Tucker.
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3 years ago, Military retired
Just all the Best Stories
I’m a DAV and I enjoy all the stories. Lara Logan is one of my favorite. Ever since I found out Black Rifle Coffee was Vet owned I’ve used there coffee. I didn’t really know a lot about the company. Then I read Modern Warriors by Pete Hegseth. I read about Matt Best co- owner of Black Rifle. Then I ran across Lara interview with Black Rifle Coffee owners. It was really eye opening about the founding of the company but all of the Black Rifle Coffee organizations they support without any recognition. Fox Nation is a great app. A well worth app to download and have to view all sort of stories and News. The people that tell the stories and represent Fox Nation seem to be really down to earth. Someone if you met them it would probably be like you’ve know them for ever. Most stuff on tv these days you just don’t know what to believe so I left tv long ago. Thought I’ve only had Fox Nation app a year it’s been Great.
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2 years ago, Called-AZ-by-11pm
Decent content but iPad app gets stubborn
I was a religious Fox News viewer from Bill O’Reilly’s earliest season/the Roger Ales era up until, ahh, about 11pm on election night 2020. Now, I am here for and only for the Tucker Carlson content. The app is problematic at times on iPad, not so on Windows browser. But, even Tucker Carlson’s reluctance to admit the obvious until a few months ago (there were “a few irregularities in the counting of the votes” in 2020) is starting to be a bit much, and I can’t race to turn off the network once Carlson says g’nite because it’s all corporate Rino lip service afterward. But, Tucker’s interviews are good. The network should just put a huge link to his content as soon as you open the app. Why ignore the obvious? But, doing so would result in a rather pricey contract renegotiation next time around, so I hunt about thru the Hannity and other stuff, watch the Carlson Today stuff and that’s about it. Once Tucker gets smart enough to leave FauxNews, it’ll be [cancel] button and sayonara off to nonRino news.
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2 years ago, cdsmoth
Tucker Carlson
Your show last night brought me and my husbands to tears. I am a 44 year old wife and mother. I have worked my whole working life. I had a rare heart attack and stroke. I was unable to work my sweet husband and I had to sale everything we worked hard for just to make it. I was approved for disability. I was awarded 849$ a month. I had to wait 2 years for my Medicaid to start. During those two years I was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer which had spread to my liver and become advanced. My government said I made to much mo wyd to get assistance for food or housing. Now you tell me how are they giving homeless drug abusers and criminals money every month for drugs. I’m not alone. We need to take care of our really sick Americans. Thank you for showing us what they are doing behind our . Thank you for listening. Casey Smith.
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3 years ago, Someone who swears too much
Tucker Carlson Original
I want to know about the good, bad, and ugly that is happening in my Country, State, and Community. Knowledge is power, and that power should be shared. Tucker shares a little bit of that knowledge with his viewers and allows the viewers to gain more insight into current events, which will enable them to formulate their own opinions on current hot topics. It is done with compassion, a touch of sense of humor, and given without false emotion or fake empathy. Viewers don't have to agree with Carlson’s worldview or political ideology. We are given the power to formulate our own opinions through his more in-depth coverage. This show shines a brighter light on important issues that demand our attention. It does not tell me how to think. It allows me to be aware and informed on issues and provides context with background information. Well done.
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2 years ago, DoxyMomof2
Fox Nation Tells The Whole Story
I’ve really enjoyed watching Fox Nation. I’ve watched a variety of stories that inform me more about topics I’m interested hearing more about. I’ve often been frustrated by the short segments on television and wished to learn more about. Many times, no matter the subject, I can find THE REST OF THE STORY on Fox Nation. I can learn about castles and agriculture without enough water to law and order. Every time I open up Fox News there is so many topics to choose from that I hard time deciding what to watch next. (I must admit though that many times I defer to Tucker Carlson topics.) Fox is not trying to get rich on subscription fees. They have kept the cost for viewers at a very reasonable price. Fox is more interested in telling all of the real stories in depth. Thank you Fox! I’m better informed than ever before.
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3 years ago, SoundofKnowledge
To those afraid to listen to Fox News
Yesterday, I watched Fox News at a friends house against my better judgement. I was quite ready to hear some Biden bashing. When I heard them reporting on how strong the economy is bouncing back in Biden’s first 100 days, I couldn’t believe it. The next segment debated Biden’s economic plan going forward, featuring live guests who argued BOTH SIDES in an intellectual and intelligent manner. It made all the other news networks seem contrived, like they were trying persuade me with ideas that stretched the facts, just enough to be helpful in their cause. So although steadfast in my beliefs, I’m gonna have a listen here anyway, because it sure felt less contrived and a more of an honest approach to getting news on current events. Realizing truthfulness and honesty supersedes any political loyalty I may have.
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2 years ago, Crazy Mema 1997
Return of Pride to a Nation
Without God we will have NO Nation. I believe this totally and profoundly within my mind and soul. I was a Democrat because I felt the Democrats truly wanted to help the American people. I was young(Er)….. however by following FOX and closely watching & listening to what the Dems said vs what they did changed me. I was ashamed and angry that I had put my trust in people who were lying to the Americans. I saw what many Dems said under oath vs what they spouted on the many tv shows and interviews. It as embarrassing. Then came blatantly do as I say not as I do. We must keep first and foremost GOD in our Nation, second I believe less Government less politicians and more freedom of speech is mandatory. I believe shorter terms will assist in less criminal activity by the people that have sworn to serve the people of this country. Without Fox I would likely remain lost. I enjoy Fox Nation and the truth in News should be mandatory unless a show has been deemed “opinion piece “! Thank you I started my adult life with Carter …. I pray I don’t end with Biden Or that God is removed from this country and replaced with teachers teaching sex Ed to 5 year old children! God help all God has given so much I pray we can help our fellow citizens to see the TRUTH. Cindy (Mema) Murphy Shaffer
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4 months ago, Patron of the Arts
Interesting, BUT...
The poor app settings must go. I like to choose what to watch, mostly positive shows for example, and that does not include your many crime stories, which you have set to automatically load on screen and then not delete or let us banish from oversize images the in-your-face suggested viewing. Think about watching Alveda King cooking and talking with dinner guests, really enjoying the experience. Then suddenly a sickening crime show immediately plays without any warning. Erp and Ick! Fox News well knows there is enough crime news daily in our big cities. Cringeworthy selections that focus on bad apples as well never seem concerned with the victims of crime who had a life before they were murdered or harmed. Like to see a fix of app settings with us who pay in the driver's seat, not algorithms or webmasters guessing what we want to watch.
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3 years ago, VRizz75
UPDATE: Can no longer turn off screen (audio only)...
UPDATE*** This is an update to my previous review. The problem appears to have been fixed, and commercials have been removed. Because of this update, and all of the other recent improvements, I change my opinion to a positive one, and now give the Fox Nation app five stars. Thank you very much and keep the good updates coming! I used to love Fox Nation to listen to re-runs of Hannity, up until recently. After the most recent update, now I have to listen (or watch) commercials. I am paying to use this service, so why all of a sudden do I have to watch commercials!?! And I cannot skip them either. Ridiculous!!! I have been a member since day one, and I will not renew when my subscription is up.
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1 year ago, J2nmeyer
Last Straw
I realize you could care less about the AMERICA FIRST movement and clearly Fox News is a faux conservative news outlet. That said I have hung in there due to Tucker Carlson. Hard to believe what you not only did to Tucker but all of us that are fed up with how the establishment of both parties have done to this great Nation. Fox has slapped us that are concerned and fighting to save this Nation right in the face. Not sure what you were thinking but this is FoxNews "Bud Light" moment. With so many other options to obtain news this guy is 100% done with Fox News. I'm sure you really don't care and that's fine, this is America (at least in name) so that's your right not to care. But you just removed a brave and important voice in the fight against the shear lunacy taking place in this country. From the millions that have invaded our Nation since Biden took office, to the war on women and children with this trans cult that has infected America that is ruining the lives of so many American children and completely mocking biological women. Shame on you !
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2 years ago, Tiger_H-W
Highly recommend this app! I love being able to access my favorite fox personalities with the convenience of this Fox Nation app. Enjoy watching some of the previous late-night episodes such as the Ingram Angle, Tucker Carlson Tonight, and Hannity on a commute to work in the morning, or whenever is convenient. Honestly, Fox has come a far way in transitioning to provide a modern-day mobile news app for consumers. With the subscription for what I would say is a comparable price to other news subscription apps, Fox Nation allows you to relish the greatest at Fox News along with many other Fox News personalities as well as documentaries and movies. All at an affordable price. Zest in real-time live feed shows podcasts and close-up interviews with ease like me and see what I'm talking about.
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3 years ago, yankeenip
There is much to digest on this platform. I particularly enjoy Tucker Carlson Today episodes for the full length discussions that reveal a deeper look at very interesting folks who have extremely smart things to say about the current atmosphere in America, in calm, yet enthusiastic ways. What I dislike about most other news shows, such as 60 Minutes or 20/20, is that those shows edit content and context. Personalities, such as Dan Bongino, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and evening Tucker himself, sometimes don’t provide a balanced outlook on current events. It seems that on Fox News Channel, there’s always an agenda to belittle CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post (deservedly, to be sure), but actual calm, lengthy discussion is more conducive to actual fact-checking, in my opinion.
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4 weeks ago, USAF,Colonel
Finally the real story behind why we lost Vietnam. Congress and Gerald Fofd just got it wrong and we let the South Vietnamese people down. Air power alone could have saved the country and we repeated that error many times again in Afghanistan,Iraq , and now in Ukraine’s not being supported as Communist Russia, China and even Iran are not getting a strong taste of credible American strategic military power. Why: Another weak president and a corrupt and incompetent Congress. Vietnam Veterans thoroughly understand the mistakes being made AGAIN. Robert Fletcher, Colonel, USAF, Ret. Vietnam, 1965, 66 , 69,70,71 ,72,73. P.S: Now at the age of 84 , I airlifted them in 1965 , and brought them back home in 1973 . I air reconned the Ho chi min trail for 2 years and that accurate intelligence was improperly never used! Now it’s just happening AGAIN.
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2 years ago, Rainman413
I feel like we have been living in a post-Constitutional Republic for several years now and it just keeps getting worse. Gibbons “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” is renewed in the USA in modern times… but, it can’t possibly happen to us, right? We’re too big to fail!! As the US Government continues to open the doors to a bizarre free-for-all, from the open border to sensitive leadership stealing women’s luggage from airports, to mutilating and trafficking children- while FOX is not a perfect media outlet, I pray they stay in the fight for Freedom & Individual Liberty. God Bless you Tucker. Prayers for you and your family!!… and for everyone at FOX, fighting the good fight! The app, is pretty darn good!! Seems 1-2 times a week though, Tucker’s last story is clipped and stopped short… that’s a bit frustrating.
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2 years ago, VaDaytons
America needs FoxNation!!!
Being able to stream such a variety of news, shows, historical documentaries, docudramas, patriotic programs, political events, and seasonal specials has been so fun! They are adding more shows and events all the time, so you can never watch everything! We like being able to stream what we want to watch when we want to watch it. Tucker Carlson’s show has been so good! We love the more intensive interviews he does. Cops came back! Brian Kilmeade does such great history “field trips” we want to travel to see those places ourselves. There is something for everyone! The only reason I didn’t give the app a 5 star rating is that I often get error messages and have a hard time getting other shows to open. So if that is on their end and they can fix it, this would be a 5 star rating.
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4 years ago, Dr.MikeM
No Longer a Fan
I just canceled my subscription to Fox Nation. Lately, Fox has become less and less conservative. Just look at their coverage on election night. I know they claim to be “fair and balanced,” but listening to the likes of Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, and Donna Brazile (yes, the same Donna Brazile who fed questions to Hilary Clinton prior a debate with Donald Trump). She got caught. Why is she on Fox? Why is she on any network? When Chris Wallace moderated the debate between Trump and Biden I felt like the President was debate Biden AND Wallace. I don’t even watch the Five anymore. There appears to be no reasoning with Juan Williams. He is constantly espousing ridiculous liberal talking point without listening arguments from other hosts on the show. I’ll admit that he gets called out a lot, but to no avail. There are several other truly conservative news sources out there to go to. I won’t mention them, but just Google them. I give 2 stars, 1 for Sean Hannity and 1 for Laura Ingraham who are the true holdouts, hopefully they will remain.
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1 year ago, jjonescolumbus
Crap app
This app has been the worst functioning app of regular use on my iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The app is constantly notifying me that I must sign out of a device to use a device. This is crazy in my opinion. Lock down the content streaming of user accounts to 1-4 streams. Don’t prevent users from signing into the app because they are signed in on multiple AppleTVs, an iPhone, iPad and a Safari tab from a week ago. If my AppleTV goes to sleep with FoxNation in the foreground, upon the waking of the ATV the app will produce an error msg and requiring logging in again. I just attempted to cancel my membership using the app on my phone. The app says to manage account settings I need to do this using FoxNation on the web. The web page tells me I need to manage my subscription on my tvOS device. Feels like I’m being jerked around. The FoxNation content is worth the membership if that’s your media flavor. But the digital platform/interface being used sometimes feels like a wooden roller coaster.
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3 years ago, Anime Gemelli
Exposing the FACTS all the bad actors wish remain BURIED (esp. DS & MSM!)
Explosive, insightful, revelatory, unbiased, gut-wrenching and naked are terms that burst forth when assessing the content of Tucker Carlson Originals. The sheer magnitude of the research done by the Carlson Team to then cherry pick what will then become a deftly rendered final product throws into stark contrast what the puppet weasels who would swear on a stack Alinsky pamphlets that their press passes and journalism diplomas were studiously earned and makes MSM all the more laughable. These documentaries tear away the darkness and allows searing disinfectant of sunlight to accomplish it's purpose. OUR purpose is to disallow Truth to disappear into the morass of ‘historical commentary’ as our country burns. Once awakened me MUST ACT and awaken those around us for to lose our descendants future is not only UNTHINKABLE, it IS a BRIDGE TOO FAR!!
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2 years ago, Don't think I have one
literally. . .
One of the last outlets where people in this sphere can speak the truth. Where the shows cannot be “cancelled.” Where the show -Cops- can be resurrected without cities being burned down. It’s a shame a have to pay a separate subscription cost just to watch what should be on regular television for the ratings. If these specials were on Fox television, your ratings would not have dropped. I don’t watch Fox News anymore because practically all of the news anchors and show hosts have boots on their necks. I get my news from other outlets now. And I pay cable and Fox Nation twice to watch Tucker Carlson. It’s a shame that corporate did not have the guts to run Turning Point’s Amerifest2921 on its major news outlet. Very sad.
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4 years ago, Cra1986
Ads and no background play!
I have a monthly subscription to Fox Nation and it used to work decently. Now like others have said I can no longer listen to this in the background. This is unacceptable. It’s 2020 and you don’t know how to do background play for an audio only program? You expect me to have my phone open the entire hour watching a blank screen because you don’t provide video for Tucker Carlson? To be honest I only pay to listen to Tucker, and I could care less for anyone else on here. Now the other day I was listening to Tucker and for the first time since I’ve had this app (4-5 months now) there were ads in the middle of his program. Not just 1 or 2 adds but like 10 minutes worth! It was well over 8 commercials. Why am I listening to ads when I pay a monthly subscription. Sure I could skip the ads but your audio player is TERRIBLE, and every time I tried it was cause it to freeze or just refused to move forward at all. I feel like I was given the bait and switch tactic. It used to be an ad free experience and now it is not. I could see having ads if it was free but I pay monthly. For these two reasons I will be canceling my subscription. It’s too bad because I will never get cable but I enjoy Tucker. You need to fix your app. —also do post a link asking me to talk to your team. Either no background play is a bug or it’s intentional and you should just say so...
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4 months ago, Lizzy 9
Sanctuary cities
Excellent work—I don’t believe that Governor Abbot was sending the migrants to Black Mayors cities!!! If you are a SANCTUARY CITY, & you accept the migrants, then you are absolutely stuck with them!! They NEED TO CLOSE THE BORDER!!! These people are NOT VETTED, they’re bringing DISEASE THAT HAS BEEN ERADICATED IN THIS COUNTRY FOR YEARS!!! I have learned that some countries are emptying their prisons and psychiatric facilities to send them to our country!!! I also learned that there are many men who are of an age where they can be drafted—what about the gangs that are forming? What if men are coming from other countries and they HATE AMERICA—& they will do anything they want because they are migrants and they can’t be touched. THIS IS TOTALLY INSANE, and Joe Biden has RUINED OUR COUNTRY. GOD HELP US!!!
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4 years ago, EasySave
Glitches and no Fox News
The streaming on this app is terrible! I am canceling. All the other apps on my tv stream without a problem, Fox nation either won’t come on at all, or stops and goes to an oops something went wrong screen. Multiple times while attempting to watch a single show. My second issue is that you do not have access to Fox News tv unless you have an account with a cable company or other multichannel subscription. We recently cut the cord and went with a digital antenna, Prime and Netflix. I thought I was able to watch certain Fox News shows, but it turns out that was limited to just a few minutes of a show ... unless you log in with you cable (etc) profile & password. Basically Fox is screwing itself, I’m sure there are many people out there like me, who would pay the subscription fee to be able to access Fox News channel.
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5 years ago, Cliff1205
Content is Good, Not this App
I like the content on Fox Nation. After app crashing more than a few times on Part 3 of Marilyn Monroe series, I chatted with their “technical dept”. They are not really technical. They claimed they referred the issue to the real technical people. No call back, no email from them. I now removed the app and watch through Fox Nation website. Hmm.... technical department could not have made that suggestion? I find it quite annoying to pay for a streaming service that doesn’t work properly. I also have a smart tv and my tv shows a Fox Nation app available, but I can’t even login. Technical dept just says “oh it doesn’t work with smart tv”, in spite of material stating if the app appears on your tv, you can watch it that way. Fox Nation should have worked out the kinks of the app and tv app before asking customers to pay for this service. Improve your technical issues, or lower the monthly cost is what they should do. Oh, and maybe follow up with a new user who has reported a problem. I think I will cancel after I watch the programs I am interested in (on their website of course, since the app cannot be relied on, nor their technical department). I attempted to email the CEO, but can’t find her email anywhere. She should be made aware of these problems and the dissatisfaction people have with this service.
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1 year ago, Shelby Killenu
Tv provider ( cable) needed to watch live news
This would be 5 stars if fox Nation didn’t require you to login with your TV provider or cable providers information to view live shows. I recently stopped subscribing to Direct TV for $75 a month because they ditched OAN, and Newsmax and had the Fox Nation app for $5.99 a month. When my cable turned off after canceling the fox nation app did not work on my TV for shows like Tucker, Hannity, Laura Ingram, Gutfeld. To see those shows on your tv through the app you have to login with your cable provider. I love Fox News. I’m so disappointed in them for limiting the viewing of their shows when I have been paying for this app. Every streaming service offers CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS for free. They want this news shoved down our throats. Those channels are free everywhere and you can’t get away from them. The live news daily should be free to people that pay for this app and want to watch it on their TV. It should be a direct connection between buyer and seller. So disappointing. I wish Fox News really wanted to get out their message as bad as Complimentary CNN snd MSNBC. So I pay 5.99 for the app and another $40-$75 to watch. Not cool at all. Don’t download the app until you can watch live news on your smart tv without casting it. It’s a rip off.
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3 years ago, HallieV
Something strange
You always hear about weird things happening with apps involving privacy and the fine print when you download them, but I’ve never even thought about until now. I downloaded to watch some of the Tucker Carlson episodes. I decided it wasn’t something I needed right now, canceled the trial and deleted the app (I made sure to delete it). A couple days later it’s back on my Home Screen? I’m 25 and pretty tech savvy so this was extra odd given I’ve never had this happen before. It makes me think of House of Cards when they sign up for that casual voting app and it turns out that wasn’t what it was for at all. The app had good content and was designed to be well navigated through but none of that matters if somethings wrong with privacy. Definitely curious enough to go back read through their terms and conditions, I advise everyone do the same with not only this app but all apps!
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2 years ago, bke2
Tried to leave but came back
Tucker is the only reason I’m on Fox Nation. I gave up on Fox after the 2020 election coverage, painful. But ran across Tucker shows a couple years ago. Started to watch nightly and then Tucker Carlson today on Fox Nation. Enjoyed it tremendously, watched nearly nightly and every TCT produced, along with the specials like Orbán and January 6. Was really disappointed, felt betrayed by the coverage, lack of, 2000 mules. Tucker‘s lack of coverage felt like a stab in the back. He had always said argue on its merit. And he wouldn’t even bring it up. He caved to the leaders at Fox apparently. I suppose he had a reason, probably to do with keeping his job, career, etc. I canceled my subscription but came back about six weeks later, because there’s nothing better.
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2 years ago, Tamara Gail Alexander
Love Love Love Fox Nation!
My husband surprised me with an early Birthday present of Fox Nation… I have been wanting Fox Nation for over a year… When the add would come on the TV, I would drop little hints by saying, “oh I wish we had Fox Nation so I could watch that” or “I want to watch that, when is it on?”… Then he would say …“we can’t get that, because you have to pay extra for that channel” and then I would say…”Oh darn! I wish we had that”… And this went on all year long… Well, tonight the add came on again… This time I looked over at him and gave him a “pouty face” with “sad eyes” and “fluttered my eyelashes at him”… And guess what?😁 I GOT MY FOX NATION FOR A FULL YEAR!! Woohoo 🥳 P.S. (He’s already watching a show too, right now)😁
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3 years ago, dollyfromMD
Patriot purge parts 1–3
These Tucker Carlson episodes show how some peaceful Republican protesters were treated by the DC police et al on January 6, 2021. The Biden DOJ should be ashamed of allowing the incarceration of peaceful protesters to continue from January to the day of the writing of this review in November 2021. I hope Mr. Carlson will continue to inform Fox viewers of the illegal detainment of some of the people who entered the U.S. capital on 1/6/21. The constitution states that 1) a citizen is innocent until proven guilty and 2) a citizen is entitled to a speedy trial. The Biden Administration needs to follow the law of the land and release the people in the DC jail. The people who attacked public property in Portland and Seattle were released from jail; so, why are the DC police et al still imprisoning the 1/6 peaceful protesters?
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3 years ago, Bo Hershey
Joined for Tucker and the hope of more content supporting free speech
I joined Fox Nation to support the ideals of free speech. Primarily I am looking forward to more original content from Tucker. Hoping Fox Nation continues to expand their content especially as more services move to streaming. I would give this streaming app five stars if the application was more user friendly. Right now it seems to be stuck in the past. This app is no Netflix but obviously this application will improve overtime. So if the app developers make a little improved here and there then this streaming service has much potential based on the deep bench of talent Fox News has and acquire in these times when free speech is under attack.
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3 years ago, Proud Texian
A good overview for a short presentation.
Not 100% accurate, but a reasonable depiction of the Texas Revolution jammed into a short timeframe. It would take more than a few hours to understand the motivations and characters of all of the participants. Travis, Bowie, Houston, and most others that participated came to Texas with baggage and had a dark side. So, this story was sugar-coated a bit. However, these were a brave bunch of guys living in brutal times, and they persevered until victorious. A relatively small number of combatants managed to change the map of the world, more so that any other conflict in world history. Good job with the film. Now expand it to a series and dig in to what made these guys (on both sides) tick.
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5 years ago, Hawaii Chief
Very disappointed
I paid for my subscription on or above 21 December 2018 and logged on but after I logged on it gave me error message. I thought maybe it was my signal. So I tried again later when I had WiFi and still the same error message. I contacted Fox Nation support and have didn’t know what the problem was but a few others said i never paid for my subscription. I sent them a picture of my paid subscription on my Apple ID and a copy of my debit card transaction on my bank statement that showed my payment. They still stuck by there payment was never processed. This conversations happen on 09 January 2019 so I deleted the app. Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for. I asked for a complete transcripts of our conversation. I have not received that. I wish someone would make this right . Fox News should know about this. The people at support are not very kind and helpful I’m sad because I’m a huge Fox News Fan
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2 weeks ago, Chicana Forum
Jesse Waters
He is lo primero! Danny Villanueva is the only parallel in Hispanic news historically!! His approach is comprehensive and ripe w humor which is wonderful during this stressful time. It was difficult to figure out how to stream🙄 but finally I am catching up. What is untapped is how to connect w others who offer a history of involvement to communicate…over 60. This includes those crushed by regional bias which needs to be bridged. Fox is heroic for giving a platform for MexAmerica. I could do it despite my border advocacy within Reagan and Bush realms…and the Dem blockade. gracias to Fox commentators in Thais decades old struggle…please buy Telemundo and revamp now. It can become an Hispanic oriented goldmine with nuances of honesty in news.
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