Fox News: US & World Headlines

4.4 (391.2K)
103.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox News Network, LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fox News: US & World Headlines

4.41 out of 5
391.2K Ratings
4 days ago, Casual Competitor
Posting comments
I can post comments once I’m signed in, but I can never go back to see any reactions or responses to my comments. So what’s the point of posting comments? There can be no discourse, no debate, no meeting of minds. Just a bunch of jerks shouting out into the ether for maybe one or two people to read and maybe they react, but no one will ever know except maybe the one or two after them.
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2 days ago, sleepy1200
New but NOT improved
I really am not a fan of video news. It uses up my data which I prefer to use in other ways. I DO know how to read and I can read faster than any video. Bring back a reading app. What’s with the sign in with email? I have been with this app for over 2 years. Now I have to sign in? NO THANKS!!!!!!
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2 days ago, Mwsmith5
OMG the ads and need to sign in to read
In order to read an article they want us to sign up and log in(not going to do that) The ads are crazy right now, cannot read an article with viewing 2 ads. What has happened here? Fix the sign in problem.
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2 days ago, Mavman1w
Like FOX news
I like the news coverage but the app locks up at times on my SE gen3. Have to close and restart the app.
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2 days ago, Saneqwa
On a mission to make the app unusable
Between the ads that don’t even work correctly and the new requirement to sign in, the app has become unusable. Sad.
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2 days ago, Eli 777
Pretty ironic…
In the latest in the series of upgrades that are downgrades… He Fox News app is now running absolutely counter to the “freedom” rallying cry of their on-air talent. So sad so much content is now blocked unless you surrender your privacy. Sigh. Thought Fox was better than this.
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2 days ago, Tom 722
The app keeps freezing and locking up
The app freezes after an article or two, and I need to close it, or it closes on it’s own. Also, the ads are getting more obtrusive. Please proof read the articles prior to posting. There are misspellings or skipped or double words in articles. I like Fox news, but I have my limits.
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2 days ago, HVACRaider
Too many ads and now exclusive content
There are too many ads and now exclusive content, why bother. Fox is starting to look like a purely sales/entertainment content provider rather than a serious news channel. I’ve been an avid viewer for over two decades and a fast adopter of the app. Just dial back all the stupid pop up ads and exclusive content. I don’t want to feel like I’m constantly being sold to every second I’m on the site.
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2 days ago, PickyNews
Looks like this app is going the way of USA Today….more and more articles required a paid subscription to read when you click on them. I quit reading USA Today a LONG time ago and deleted their app for that very reason. So long FOX….! I have no time to read apps where all of them want me to be a paying member just to read…..apps, tv….everyone wants you to pay more and more for “extras”… grab. Lost their way. ✌️
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2 days ago, Repo 457892
Not what it once was.
Too many ads, make the sight very annoying. Having to sign in to read certain articles, also very annoying. Having to scroll thru all the junk news to read comments, is ridiculous. This used to be my favorite news site, but not any more. Slowly but surely it gets worse and worse. I’m looking for another site to replace it as my news source.
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2 days ago, ChuckBroom
Now we have to “join” Fox News to view content? Not!
C'mon Fox you have to “join” Fox News to see the stories? First it was increasing the ad lengths and frequency and now I have to “join” Fox News to view content? It’s your platform and you can do what you want but it’s my decision whether I want to pay the price. No thanks! I’ve had this app since it started but no more.
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2 days ago, Jonjacobjinglehimersmidt
Stop with the ads!!!! They are getting ridiculous
Seriously, I don’t need to see 5 ads at the middle and bottom of every story I click on+ all the click bait that interferes with scrolling sown the page on my IPhone.
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2 days ago, RobPortVT
This app has only gotten worse
Whoever thought this was a good idea is an idiot. Now not only has this app become intrusive with the ads, especially the full screen ad that you cannot just ignore but have to wait though but NOW some articles require sign ups for more information. Fox your moving in the wrong direction. This is why Newsmax is gaining and these app changes aren't helping. I'm about done with you.
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2 days ago, 708 Main
Annoying ads
Frequent and intrusive ads are making this app almost impossible to tolerate.
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3 days ago, RYMD1212
Traitors spewing lies.
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3 days ago, Bobcats 5784
Annoying ads everytime
I read this daily yet over the recent past it force feeds ads that lock up the entire screen and are difficult to ignore or get rid of. Sometimes I have to close it and leave. Fox, please address this issue.
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3 days ago, Rooite 1
Crashes every I try to use app.
The only way the Fox News app works is after I restart my iPhone 14. If I leave the app it locks up until I restart the phone. I cannot use the app.
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3 days ago, jd022571
Ads Mixed With Some News
Fox News app has gone way downhill in recent months. A lot of ads and some of the ads are full screen and you have to wait for it to do its thing before returning to the article you want to read. Very frustrating app.
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3 days ago, Kennakups
I used to love this app
I do not understand why in an election year, where communication is so needed and relevant that Fox News would choose to 1.) li it access to some stories unless you sign up and 2.) make is so ridiculously impossible. I have been trying for a half hour!!! Says I’m logged in but also still asks me to sign up. I guess Fox News doesn’t need average people on their app anymore.
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3 days ago, Pop up nonsense
Forced to sign up to read articles?
Not happening -
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3 days ago, Elephant run
As pop ups
I don’t know what has happened in the past months or so, but every time I read an article and scroll up to read, ads continue to take over the screen. It is quite annoying as I try to engage reading an article and have to deal with constant ad pop ups. I understand ads are a part of business and that is what pays for the app to continue, but this is getting ridiculous and causing me to want to remove the app. I do enjoy this platform and would like to continue using it but not if this persists.
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3 days ago, MaggieBV
Doesn’t work!
“Create free account to read articles” We understand you want our data, but make the darn thing actually WORK! Went through all the steps to create account and still getting blocked with “Create free account to read articles”… You know that we deserve better!
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3 days ago, Adfreeplease1
All the ads plus now an account just to read articles no thanks!!!! App erased!! Oh so many feel the same way………… Came back to see if what Fox says is true our input is invaluable to them ………..welp…… looking at the lastest reviews the house is still burning ….. Keep up the good work and keep listening the negative review bar keeps growing
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3 days ago, Deb Baird
App issues
App keeps freezing after clicking on a story. You can not return to the main page
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3 days ago, Derek Newell
Log in
Your new update really screwed the pooch. Read an article and when you go back screen freezes. You have to close the app and start over. It happens most every article. Seems like every time you try to make the app better you always screw it up. Maybe time to find the news somewhere else.
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3 days ago, Curt Bravo
Hate the pop up ads. May drop this app
You guys have destroyed what used to be the app I went to for news. Having to set up an account with my email address is the last straw. Now using the Newsmax app. No pop up ads , no sign up. Bye
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3 days ago, miwthr
Pathetic app
The news is accurate and to me unbiased. No problem with content. The problem is the quality of the App performance. Frequently shuts down with no reason. Often there are blocks for photos with no content. You have to shut down and relaunch to see full content. On occasion reference to videos takes you to Fox News clips not the referenced subject. I have multiple news apps and the Fox app is the only one with these issues. Now it is even worse! Pop up’s you cannot clear, and now articles you click on require email to continue reading. Got to be the same idiots doing this that ruined the Wall street journal app. Done with Fox News app.
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3 days ago, marcb.123
Live Video won’t play
App hangs and locks up with latest version.
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4 days ago, AmazingBubbaB
Full page pop up ads and email phishing
Remember when the Fox News app wasn’t plagued by advertisements? Remember when you didn’t need to provide an email for a “free” account so Fox can sell your information? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Unfortunately, I can’t. I will be uninstalling this and find a news source that cares more about the reader than the revenue. I used the Fox News app for as long as the app had been around. Time for something else.
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4 days ago, Allen Bja
It freezes immediately. It happens 100% of the time so I’m getting used to not even opening it anymore.
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4 days ago, Rjeckhout
Crashing non stop
My app is not work and continues to crash.
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4 days ago, Connor Taleb
Can’t watch live
Can’t watch live and troubleshooting does nothing. Have to reinstall every time I want to watch live tv
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4 days ago, C&S 1978
Too many intrusive ads
You cannot watch a video clip without wading through a 30 second ad. Stories are teased that end up being behind a paywall. HIGHLY ANNOYING SCREEN HIJACKER ADS.
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4 days ago, Kurt1305
Pop ups ruin it
Continuous pop up ads you can’t get rid of for almost a minute are new and the reason I am seeking my news elsewhere.
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4 days ago, HawaiiFiveOguy
Can’t create account
Your app has become TOTALLY unusable! The popups were getting bad enough, but now I can’t even read story without you demanding I create a new account! I try, a hundred times, and it sends me on a merry go round of continual email links that don’t work. WORTHLESS!!! I’m deleting the app. I’ll get the news online, instead. You’ve really ruined what used to be a great app.
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4 days ago, AZ Dude1
Will not keep me logged in and too many ads
Your product will not keep me logged in and there are way too many pop up ads.
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4 days ago, Eric22234
App freezes up
Click on a story and the app freezes up. Delet it
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4 days ago, jtm52
One Word…No
“Log in to read this content”. Really? The pop up ads and the games are bad enough, and now this. I am on your app several times a day and I am noticing the changes. You are a Serious News app, get back to acting like it again.
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4 days ago, Dougstafene
Soooooo Spammy
This used to be my favorite app. Do yourself a favor and just open a web browser on your phone to visit their website. You will have a fullscreen ad pop up every 30 seconds and only half of the articles can be read without paying for some stupid subscription. This app used to be so good. I guess everybody wants their extra nickel. 😂
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4 days ago, Nunzie8887
Every day I read all the articles, after I read a few it freezes up my IPad and I have to shut it down and wait before I can read the article I was on. This is the only site that this happens to me. Something is seriously wrong with your app and it should be addressed. You have anew thing to send in your email to be able to read articles. I did it five times, it doesn’t work. This is getting really annoying. Don’t put articles in that we cannot read. Problem will be solved. 😡
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4 days ago, FHP1369
App issue
I can get through 2-3 articles and then the app freezes and I have to close it out and restart it. It’s getting worse. When it started it was only maybe every day or two, now it’s constantly doing it.
Show more
4 days ago, Ciento81
Buggy, poorly developed app
This app is so buggy. They are so ad heavy that it ruins the experience. You can be reading an article for it to all of sudden refresh with an ad. Then when you try to click the “x” or “skip ad” option, it doesn’t work. I bet if you stopped forcing the ads, you would have more users.
Show more
4 days ago, EODbone
“Special access”
So now Fox has implemented some idiotic plan for people to receive special access to most news stories by signing in with their email. Just another stupid move that make users gather the news from another source. Wake up Fox
Show more
4 days ago, Ssquard
App Sinks To the Bottom
After more than 25 years of watching FNC and 15 years of using an iPhone with this app I am ready to delete the app. The common FBC App user is someone like us who have a TV service with the FNC and use the app when outside the home. The changes this week requiring a new login, we use our TV subscription to login and watch on the road, require a new login on the App. If this isn't fixed over the next couple of weeks we will drop the app, which will eliminate us using it to watch shows on our iPhones on our cross country road trip.
Show more
4 days ago, srm06f
Not great
The reporters’ English has deteriorated over time. Articles are becoming more of what you expect out the rags at the super market checkout line. Now they want you to subscribe to read numerous articles. Pop-up advertisements have proliferated. If you are wanted a right wing news source to balance your left wing news source, for a balanced view of the news keep looking.
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4 days ago, AerynO
Constantly crashes
App constantly crashes. Every. Single. Time. A great deal of content cannot be accessed on iOS.
Show more
4 days ago, vgsquirrel
freezes and can't use
Since update it appears too large and I can't adjust it to my ipad screen. Then after looking at a couple of items it freezes snd I have to close the app!
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4 days ago, My Fox News
I love Fox News but when you have to put in your email to get an article is ridiculous
Show more
4 days ago, Oxford viewer
What have you done?
My opening app every morning with my coffee. Now constantly locks up. Start again, same thing. And the ads? You can’t possibly read a story without pop up ads or freezing. I loved Fox News app, but I am not a very patient person, and find it unusable now. Fix it so I can come back please.
Show more
4 days ago, casacollins
Longtime Fox Digital reader here. Just deleted this app. The intrusive ads, videos and random freezes were already super annoying. Being asked to sign in just to view content? Negatory on that. Adios.
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