Fox News: US & World Headlines

4.4 (386K)
111.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox News Network, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fox News: US & World Headlines

4.45 out of 5
386K Ratings
2 days ago, 380 punch
Too many pop up adds and advertisements. Need a version you can pay for that would not have so many ads. It is difficult to read with all the interferences . Please go back to just NEWS! Larry Foster.
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1 day ago, Bornfrommetal96
What a shame. Used this app for years but due to obnoxious ads i will no more.
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2 days ago, csb178
Ads make this app useless
Full page ads now pop-up. Not only is this annoying and obtrusive, now the app is basically unusable. There are already ads plastered throughout the app and I stopped watching videos eons ago because you have to watch a 30 second or more ad before the news clip. App should be called “Fox Ads” with a few news tidbits interspersed throughout the ads.
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2 days ago, Ujhhfsz
Ad behavior
Ads are taking over the platform making me kill the app to continue. Had to delete the app
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2 days ago, NachoPuto
This was my go to app for news. Now it has ads forced on to you.
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2 days ago, PO’d57
Drains battery and slows phone
I like to go to Fox News for information. The app drains my iPhone battery probably 5 times faster than any other app. It also starts hanging up and stopping. I have to let it sit for a minute to catch up. I regularly have to just close the app so the phone will work properly. I also avoid the app at times so it won’t kill the battery. This really needs to be fixed. I looked online and saw I’m certainly not the only one with this issue. If you want me yo access the app more you need to fix it.
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2 days ago, N4HHE
Mandatory Timed Ad on Open
I am a paid subscriber (not for much longer) and very unhappy at the new mandatory splash screen ad, often a video, which can not be dismissed until it has run it’s time. Have also been unhappy in the past when the app has random popups demanding a review. These have ended. At least for me. But this opening ad is much worse.
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2 days ago, Aschober
And downhill it goes
I really like the ads that pop up randomly while viewing content. Many times with no apparent way to exit. I really like when the ads is in a different language so it is a guess. That is bad programming. We tell people not to click in things if you don’t know but then you can’t get out of the ad. Of course add that to the recycled stories with different headlines. Typos and other errors and you realize the content is becoming as good as the app
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2 days ago, TheFish 702
Pop up ads
Annoying garbage that you must sit through. No way to exit out.
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2 days ago, Jayrob3648
Skip this app
All MSM is garbage, but I feel Fox is one that doesn’t fall into “the agenda” so I like that about them. However, I deleted their app once they started interrupting it with a bunch of ads. Don’t recommend
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2 days ago, Okranator
Pop-ads Take Over
I have used this app for years with great satisfaction. The latest update involves pop-up ads that completely ruin the positive experience. The last ad wouldn’t give me an option to close the ad. This update is horrendous as I can’t even read the news on the app anymore. Complete trash!
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2 days ago, TETjr
This Review Says This
Deleted the app today, couldn’t tolerate the popup ads and the app hanging up. I’ll check back in a few months to see if they got the message.
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2 days ago, In it not of it
App now deleted
Fox sold out. They lost tons of revenue after firing Tucker Carlson and now has to sell pop up ads for cash. Every single article I read is interrupted by an ad at least 30 seconds long. Most ads won’t even close!!! App is now deleted.
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2 days ago, BWKWJreader
Possibly the most frustrating app I’ve ever used. UPDATE Still driving me nuts. I understand the need for ads — and it’s okay. The new form of ads though - block the whole screen and some don’t offer a way to close them! So — I have to delete the app and reload it. Fox: please hire someone who can program this thing! The frustration leads me to delete it frequently, then reload it about a week later, hoping it improves. Today the difficulty is in logging in to leave comments. Selecting any login buttons just takes my screen to the “Account” page — where I get to see whoI am…but does not let me enter login info. For an app that seems to have frequent version updates (supposedly to correct bugs) it should work better. The tech support is nonexistent; they may as well remove the “Contact the developer” option. I want the app to work, honestly….I WANT to say “5-stars” - but I can’t be THAT dishonest.
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2 days ago, Sliz21Jonas
Stupid pop ups
I am deleting your app if you do not stop the pop-up adds.
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2 days ago, DSnow3
This app is a mess
The app keeps crashing and restarting. When you finish reading an article the app refreshes back to the top of the page. Ads randomly show up and cause the app to refresh.
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2 days ago, Mark_Alan
Now Featuring Annoying Pop-Up Ads
I love Fox News. There are already a number of ads throughout the app, and the same as appears before every video clip. The worst thing is that now there annoying pop up ads that cover the entire news article and you have to wait before you can close them. Also, unrelated - there used to be a video clip menu in the middle of the page. That went away and you now have to open up various articles to find a random video in hope that other good videos may follow it. Please bring back the video menu, because right now it makes more sense to use the Fox News app on Roku.
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2 days ago, Travelingbear36
Hating the new ads
BAD idea. Abou to stop using app
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2 days ago, Healthybrother
Pop up videos
I loved this app until pop up video ads started. If they stop, I would give it 5 stars.
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2 days ago, Johnd1
Unusable with all the advertising !!!
Cannot read !!!!
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2 days ago, Catsrescue
Bugs not Fixed!
Fox News is now showing a pop up which you are unable to close . The app has to be closed and deleted and re-installed and this may not resolve the issue. I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max I’m using iOS 16.6.1
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2 days ago, Duck109
Pop up ads ruined app
I am done. Fox News now has random pop up ads that won’t close. The only way I can finish reading a story is by closing the app, reopening it and trying to read the story again before the next ad pops up. Goodbye Fox News.
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2 days ago, My_App_Experience
News Hound
UDATE: FIXED the problem of pop-up ads. Now no Fox News FULL SCREEN app blocking ads. Joined the growing delete crowd. It is Getting increasingly difficult to read an article. Fox keeps moving pictures in place of the text and when one scrolls to the text, they just move it again and replace it with a picture. Repeat, repeat, …. It would be nice to be able to actually read the jumping text before it is hidden. Perhaps a more descriptive name for “Fox News” would be “Fox Advertising” given the current mix of online content, and Foxbusiness is even worse. It is getting increasingly difficult to ferret out the news content amongst the rapidly multiplying advertising. Time to start looking for an alternative. And now Fox keeps demanding I sign up for breaking advertising ... whoops, I mean news per Fox. If you leave the app open you’ll get greeted with loud blaring audio. No need to select it, they just assume you are going to want to be startled by it. Or, hmm, maybe it’s their way of getting a hit that allows them to bill their advertisers more?
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2 days ago, Chazz544
New update Ads
Not much a fan of pop up ads or videos on the new update. I just want to read the News and not have to wait for some video to play. I think Fox gets enough viewership and ad money through conventional means and not have to create a poor experience on the application. I’m actually considering of deleting the app which I have had on my phone for over 8 years and looking for alternatives that don’t have such intrusive ads that take over my screen and I have to sit and wait to read an article. Please remove this feature.
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2 days ago, River612
Enough with the pop up ads
Was a great app but now there are pop up ads.
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2 days ago, Aesteria
News Obliterated by Full Page Ads
I get it that ad revenue is a thing I have to live with for access to news unless I want to pay; however, the Fox app now spews out full page ads as you are reading, obliterating the article completely until you close it. And to add insult to injury, an ad just popped up in the French language, requiring me to know the French words for open and close in order to prevent going to some ridiculous website for who knows what. I will get my biased news coverage somewhere else.
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2 days ago, Sir_Ike
Pop up Ads?
Really? You’ll be skimming and some ad for an app pops up. This is new for me just over the last couple of weeks. Did Fox really take that big of a hit on the Tucker Carlson issue? Before that I don’t remember Hannity selling footballs or my news app having pop ups. Trying to make up the loss of that lawsuit/contract….
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2 days ago, LAFster
Sends you to some stupid add, for no reason, won’t allow you to return.
Typical Fox. Sends you to some stupid add, for no reason, won’t allow you to return. Today was the last straw. I’m deleting the app.
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2 days ago, Professional a 123
Pornographic advertising
The Fox News app is very good except that they allow advertising that is pornographic. Very disappointing.
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2 days ago, Mean mug man 22244435564
Too many ad pop ups.
This used to be great to read the news until recent when ads started popping up like crazy. Some I can close others have no exit option and I have to close the app and reopen. Why have all these pop up ads now? Please get rid of the pop ups. I don’t mind scrolling by ads after each story, but when they pop up while reading an article then it’s annoying.
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2 days ago, Shawn P, usmc
No longer useful
The app has too many pop up ads and links that go nowhere useful
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2 days ago, Bduebjf
Had to delete app. Got a worthless pop up advertisement and could not het the stupid thing off screen
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2 days ago, Bucketmouth3
Ads ads ads
The new update makes the app not worth using. Way to many ads that interrupt you.
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2 days ago, Greeno7134
What is with the full size pop up adds?!!
What did you do to the Fox News app? I’ve been using the Fox News app for years now and now all of a sudden I can’t even scroll and look at an article without a full-size pop-up ad that I have to x out! It’s become very annoying. It makes me not even want to look at anything.
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2 days ago, whitey1371
The new pop-up ads really make me want to stop visiting to read the news.
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2 days ago, Chrisotpher
Sick of the full screen pop up adds
Loved your News but sick of your intrusive pop up adds. You should have offered a plan to help low tolerance members to avoid. Now I am deleting and moving to other news options.
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2 days ago, j_zak
New annoying pop up ads and constant locking up while scrolling makes this app unbearable to use. Had to remove it. So many ads it has become a waste of time trying to use it.
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2 days ago, Ideas4free
Ads just to open the app!
Fox news must be hard up for money. The app makes you watch an ad just to open it and see headlines! What a joke!
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2 days ago, Evan2189
Full Screen Ads
Not worth using, I keep getting full screen ads. When apps start doing this it’s an automatic delete in my book.
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2 days ago, GW Rider 61
Clickbait Central
This app has always been one of the best sources of clickbait available. Now with the full page ads that pop up unexpectedly, it’s beyond absurd. Just like the Fox TV channels, this app has become more about revenue than content. I’ll be deleting this
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2 days ago, Julian5432110
ADs added
The random pop up ads are annoying and killed the app for me , especially if I gotta watch a 30 second ad for a 2 minute video that usually doesn’t belong to the article that’s associated
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3 days ago, Nor-cal sepo
Annoying Pop-up adds
They recently started having extremely irritating pop-up adds come up out of nowhere. Many of them I haven't been able to close. If they don't stop these pop-up adds I'll delete the app and move to newsmax. I'll never buy anything from these ridiculous adds because they are so annoying and irritating.
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3 days ago, kauaigrandma
App is frustrating.
Pop up ads that do nothing, can’t be closed and won’t go away. Have to close the app and start over.
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3 days ago, yippinyahoo
Trash app
This app is trash. Pop ups for stupid gambling and game sites take over the screen. What a pile of garbage. So juvenile and unbecoming of a professional news organization.
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3 days ago, MikeAVL
Dumb Ads
How. Freaking. Annoying. I’m deleting this app.
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3 days ago, Every flipping name was taken!
Sudden loud advertising
Ads continue to be a concern, but now I get a loud animated ad about a game on the phone in the middle of reading an article. Good thing I want in meeting not paying attention. Plus bottom of screen has banner ad showing fast food place in my city by name, although I don’t share location with this app. Update. Tired of being interrupted with a pop up ad and geo tracking ads. Probably will. It delete, but will no longer be my first choice news app.
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3 days ago, HappyIphone3gsUser
No more ads
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3 days ago, eylsee
Full screen ads?! Come on Fox
Switching to Apple News.
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3 days ago, Dingo 2
Fox News Ap for iPad
This Ap is a joke Ihave been using it for months half the articles take forever to load and some don’t load and my internet connection is very strong
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3 days ago, jkister
Recently destroyed the app
Full page ads Can’t even share articles to text to someone Terrible changes.
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