Fox News: US & World Headlines

4.4 (386K)
111.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox News Network, LLC
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fox News: US & World Headlines

4.45 out of 5
386K Ratings
2 days ago, Jonny thunder 14
Fix sensitivity on links
Trying to scroll on a news article is painful. Every time you finger gets remotely close to a link, it brings you to a new article or page! Very frustrating. Also the ads are terrible. Get rid of them or people will get rid of the app.
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2 days ago, Nazgul62
Fox Advertising App
More worried about blocking your view of the story that you’re trying to read with full screen ads.
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2 days ago, Doublekay
Ads are now taking over the content.
Time to find someplace new to read news. The ads recently are absurd. All about the $$. Just like every other company out there. I’m done
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2 days ago, MeinAiken
Cannot Post Comments
Logged in you idiots! Your App continues to not allow members that are signed in to post. National Enquirer Left Hollywood posts. Who cares about Christie Brinkley and her lifetime plastic surgeries. Zero stars
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2 days ago, Spindoc-007
Comment ability…..GONE !!!
Can no longer submit comments to this site. Very disappointing!!
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2 days ago, PDA Susan
Advertising Issues
I cant read stories when ads come on then cant close the ad window. App gets stuck!!! Too frustrating!!!
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2 days ago, Slhale76
Ditch the ads. I’m there for news, not advertising. It’s too much.
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2 days ago, zahedkl
Way to slow because of all the ads. They continually load and reload which stops the article from showing.
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3 days ago, KukanaM
Ads and pop-ups
This is the only app I’ve seen that has this many ads and pop-ups whenever you go to read an article. Please stop! It would be great if they would read these reviews the last few months.
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2 days ago, WellDunn824
Had to delete the app. Ads made it unusable for a quick update.
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2 days ago, sammy willow
App is getting worse. The new ads have completely ruined the app. Also, I’m not sure what’s is going on but the app is glitchy and causes my phone to get very hot. Runs my battery down faster than any other app I have. Moving on to another news source
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2 days ago, how can I post a review when all nicknames are taken
Terrible new pop up ads
Was my go to news app but recently these stupid fullscreen ads keep popping up, you will be reading an article and all of a sudden without warning the whole article disappears and there’s a stupid ad filling your whole screen and you have to try to figure out how to get out of it. I’ve been closing the app when this happens, but they just come back again. If this keeps up, I’ll probably stop using it.
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2 days ago, itimmyt
Why do we have to have a mainstream provider at $80 plus a month to watch Fox News? Not interested in paying that just for 1 channel. App is completely worthless at this point.
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2 days ago, JR1973TN
Ok. I love Fox. But if I get one more popup advertisement I’m going to delete this app!!! I can get news somewhere else. Go back to it being smooth and easy
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2 days ago, Greg’s problem
Fox News App
I can’t watch live tv. The app says I am not authorized to watch content yet it shows I am signed in to my Dish account in upper right hand corner. This has happened before please fix it and the very annoying popup adds when you are trying to read a story. Thank you
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2 days ago, kaptcharlie
Worst structure
The ads are the worst of any app I use. Find myself spending less and less time on it.
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2 days ago, WxAholic
Pop up adds
The new pop up adds for games or home sales have ruined your app
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3 days ago, braden1357
Used to be my go to
Now that I have to pay a subscription to read the news even though I still have to deal with the terrible adds that when you scroll across them they make you click on them in between every paragraph has made me hate this app and company and will be my last time using it until it’s done differently.
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3 days ago, AllThingsThroughHim
Greedy like the rest
WAS a great app until Fox got greedy and started with all the adds. They pop up on a timer so your forced to view them, not to mention all the adds that are thumbnails and open in your browser at random while scrolling through the app. Deleted the app… Listen to your viewers, Fox News. NOBODY cares about the adds, we just want the news. 🙄👋🏼
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3 days ago, Disgruntled User Bob
New Update did not kill the Ads
This app of Fox News used to be great. But the constant ads and screen lockups are just too annoying. Adios Fox
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3 days ago, AnnDeeLong
Used to like this app but the new pop up ads ruin it for me. Trying to read articles and the ads pop up and a lot of the time you have to close out of the app to make the ad go away, then re-open the app to continue to read the article. Multiple times make me just give up. This used to be my number 1 app for news but not anymore!!!!!
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3 days ago, Baldeagle 1942
Terrible sign in process
Sign ins required to see certain articles, but when I go to sign in the screen tells me I’m signed in. I’m put into a loop and can never get to the article.
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3 days ago, Jsmith9704
I’m canceling my subscription to ads…bye. Maybe cut back a little guys. When there’s more ads than articles there’s no reason to even look for click bait
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3 days ago, Yoshka-Gnomka
App freezes the pages and the phone gets real hot
Lately the app started freeze the pages and the scrolling became to be controlled by never ending adds. I assume the background process of pulling the adds consuming too much resources, because the battery depletes extremely fast and the phone gets really hot. That was pertaining the app itself, as far as the content goes, half of the articles are bunch of collection of the words that lead to no conclusion at the end. Fox news app becomes the google news app with some readers comments allowed (but not on all). Due to above mentioned factors, time spending reading the news using fox app is decreasing drastically. Considering to remove it all together.
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3 days ago, feildman74
Too many pop up ads on the app now. Didn’t used to be that way. Moving to other news sources as the Fox News app has constant pop up ads and the website requires an email address to “to continue reading for free”.
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3 days ago, vm1
Used to be great source for news, ads and redirects have ruined functionality
Used to be my favorite app. Now the ads are placed where you can’t even scroll headlines without being redirected to a third party website, commercial, or video… I get that these apps have to sell advertising placements to be financially sustainable- and I didn’t mind having to scroll past advertisements but when the advertisements take over the functionality of the app, it has gone too far.
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3 days ago, kelly L Cancun
Fix the bugs please
It’s easier than the web version, generally. As that continually logs me out every 2nd or 3rd article. However in the app it isn’t clear how to see responses to comments. Which, is something I like about Fox News online.
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3 days ago, Lazy writer 2024
Brings my phone to a halt
I use this app almost every day to keep up with current events. Unfortunately, after a few articles scrolling starts to slow to the point the app becomes unresponsive. It takes about a minute to finally get it to close. I can re-open it, get through a few more and it happens again. I have deleted and re-installed the app with the same results. This problem makes the app very unusable and annoying.
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3 days ago, Bob Carter4000
Annoying app
Used it fine for years but the advertisements that have been recently added block you from being able to read the articles. So frustrated that I removed the app from my phone. Will look elsewhere for the news.
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3 days ago, Andreliscious16
Pop-ups are killing this app
These pop-up ads are infuriating! They even appear when trying to do the crossword puzzle. It's almost like they're trying to lose subscribers!
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3 days ago, me is fray
Paid advertising is extremely intrusive and annoying. I expect better from Fox. It's making me want to avoid the app.
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3 days ago, BrewerMD
Battery drain
The current Fox News app is a major resource hog. Despite reading for 10-15min it accounts for 20%+ of my iPad battery usage. I’ve since removed it until this is corrected.
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3 days ago, hebegb66
Fox News
Too many adds that you have to watch. I’m done with these guys. App being deleted after this review. I’ll find something better.
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3 days ago, jaredbrigs
Too many ads!
You can’t read the news without 15 ads popping up. This app used to be much better, now I have to go to a different outlet for my news.
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4 days ago, GuitarAddict1997
This app used to be very good. Now it has an annoying full screen pop-up add all the time. Use a different news app!
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4 days ago, Tparsons
Ads have taken over
Full screen ads have taken over this news app. For years this app has been my trusted #1, but due to these nuance take over full screen pop-up adds that open with out permission and require me to restart the app to clear, I have decided to sadly stop using this app. Hopefully the developer will remove this unnecessary and annoying advertising choice.
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4 days ago, Dog Brews
Pop Up Ads
Pop up ads that cover the full screen. There are other news apps. Deleted after years of using.
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4 days ago, MorningGapUp
New advertising is horrible
I can not stand it anymore. The new advertising on the app is so bad, i refuse to continue using itand plan on deleting it. You’re reading an article and all of a sudden your page fills with an ad you have to endure for a time limit. You can not dismiss it, only option is to leave to app.
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4 days ago, The admin
Too many ads and flash stories
It has become unscrollable and unreadable. Have been using the app for years and it was manageable before. I can’t even scroll up without triggering something I didn’t want.
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4 days ago, Kingfarnut
Democratic shill
The new cnn app. The WH is arresting anyone who speaks out against Biden yet Fox goes on and on about some Russian dissident. Where was Fox for Gonzalo Lira? Fox News is leftist’s lap dog. Now it’s the Nikki Haley network. What a bunch of pukes.
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4 days ago, FMF2014
Although I love FOX NEWS for their true reporting, this new version is bad. The updates keep getting worse and worse. Now when you open the app, the first thing you see is an advertisement. Top stories have all but disappeared and have been replaced by sponsored stories. Where has all the news gone? FOX has succumbed to the almighty dollar and wants you to click on the sponsored stories so they can make more money. Get real and report the news! If I could select zero stars for this version, I would.
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4 days ago, Smiley35rules
Slows device,
Every time I use this app it slows my device to a snails craw. And that’s just reading the headlines!
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4 days ago, hellion12345
I am a longtime Fox News supporter. Love the app for grabbing quick headlines and reading when I have more time. I DO NOT have time or interest in any ad. This is new for the app. Will have to get news in a different way soon if this doesn’t change.
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4 days ago, TheOriginalSpartacus
What’s with the ads?!
I used to use this app all the time. It was my primary source for news. HOWEVER, for the past few months I’ve been getting full screen ads that pop up. No thank you. I’m over it.
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4 days ago, DHS Woody
Auto popup ad's
Noticed auto popup advertisements in the Fox News App. Just be scrolled and pow, full screen ad pops up. Not a fan. Will be removing app.
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5 days ago, GOP51
Republican Patriot
The only news channel period
Show more
5 days ago, SeaBuoy9021
Ads Everywhere Now
Articles that are ads, ads that are ads, and now full screen pop up ads. For now, I swipe the app away the moment a full screen ad starts. Soon I will delete the app unless the full screen ads stop.
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5 days ago, AriHBC
What has happened to this app
I have used this app for years. Now, without warning, some stupid ad pops up and I have to restart it because I refuse to look at the ads that it pushes. I am now using it less and less because of that and also because the stories are repeated over and over and over!
Show more
5 days ago, Koygnhd
Tv ads
Have watched fox channel since 2000, but not any more. Pop up ads one after another. I urge everyone to go to Newsmax. Anyway fox is no anti trump
Show more
5 days ago, Jimmy Fatts
Constantly freezing up with adds
This app has become very unstable. Constantly locks up and does not want to close. Even caused my phone to freeze up and had to reboot. Adds take over the app, go full screen then freezes up. Uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled and same results. WAY TOO MANY ADDS!! Fox needs to fix this ASAP!!
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