FOX NOW: Watch TV & Sports

4.6 (153.1K)
77 MB
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FOX Broadcasting Company
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX NOW: Watch TV & Sports

4.6 out of 5
153.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Frequent_User_6
Good idea... Bad implementation
Ever since this app has been redesigned it is slow and hard to navigate. Get rid of the bandwidth intensive video backgrounds. They aren't needed and make it annoying when looking through the shows list. Also make it easier to find shows that I have favorited. I don't want to have to slide through a bunch of shows I don't care about. Put a favorite button on the bottom selection buttons. Also I have been looking forward to Orville for a while now and even on the premier day it does not show up in the list of shows. What's up with that Fox?
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3 years ago, JustABarbiGurl
I only redownloaded this app to binge watch The Masked Singer and it buffers and freezes all the time. I have it downloaded to my Xbox One and it’s ALWAYS connected to the wireless no my phone data, and can’t even use it on my iPhone or iPad with or without the wireless, they won’t even open without the spinning circle and doesn’t load. I can only watch 20-25 min of the show with out issues and then it’s every few minutes that it will freeze and then right near the end, it does it every few seconds. Not to mention with the commercials, they freeze as well, and when I get to the end where I want to read the clue at the bottoms of the screen or go back cuz I missed something, you can’t, because it’ll only show the play/pause button and “ad” written inside a circle. This app has so many issues and reading the reviews it seems like they’ve been around for quite awhile. Someone needs fix these issues. This is why I deleted the app before nearly a year or so ago, but forgot when I decided to binge this show, which I can’t find anywhere else. It’s ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to reboot my Xbox every 30 minutes to watch a 40 minute show.
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6 years ago, SwankPeRFection
New App Version Is Terrible
New version of this app on AppleTV is so bad in terms of GUI usability. All it does it lock up and freeze. Finding shows is like fumbling through and just blindly pressing and swiping buttons until you get lucky. Once you’ve actually watched a show, navigating back out and to something else is impossible as the GUI freezes as it tries to buffer and pull data for all the graphics and show previews. Just bad overall and this is on a latest gen AppleTV with latest OS on it that NO OTHER APP HAS ISSUES RUNNING ON LIKE FOX NOW DOES. Fix this last horrible rewrite of the app! To make matters worse, you can’t rewind some shows like The Orville and if you exit the show playback, it requires a FOX Profile to resume without starting from the beginning? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! App is so bad... It also slows down the Home AppleTV GUI when the app has been running for a while and is still in the background. I always have to close the app fully in order to get my 4th gen AppleTV to work smoothly again. Leaving the app opens almost seems like it causes a memory leak or CPU cycles to be used by it in the background when it shouldn’t be.
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6 years ago, AliasJonesGal
Love available shows, but app is frustrating with chromecast
I just spent an hour and a half trying to watch a 45 minute show through my chrome cast device. Every time I hit the 15 second rewind it would go back to my starting point of the show. In other words, I had started watching a show at the 15 minute mark but whenever I tried to loop back, it would loop all the way back to that 15 minute mark. The only way I finally figured out to make it work was to stop chrome casting and watch it on my iPad or iPhone so I could slide the show forward manually then start casting again. However every time I did that, if I needed to loop it back 15 seconds he would go back to the last starting point. Extremely frustrating and irritating and will be the main reason I won't use this app with my chrome cast. It will just be easier to watch the shows on demand. It's a shame really because there are some great shows I'd love to catch up on that I can't on demand.
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4 years ago, Friedmak33
Frustrating, slow, unresponsive, bad for commuters
This is one of the most frustrating apps I’ve used in a long time. I am a DC metro commuter so I travel from cell tower to cell tower as well as underground. This app absolutely struggles with trying to keep up. Key features like preloading or the ability to download an episode are missing. The AMC app gives that ability which is great for planning for your travel. The app has a terrible time remembering where you left off, a lot of times requiring me to restart an episode, which of course queues commercials. Speaking of commercials, if you lose connectivity for a second the app quits out of the show and requires you to find the show again and restart, which again requires watching the 5 commercials. When going through tunnels on a subway this can be a nightmare. I had this happen 4 times in a row one time. Sometimes even when I have 4 bars of LTE the show will still hang up and do the loading circle. Nothing quite compares to the Netflix or HBO apps. This has taken me way too long to get through the horrible show that is The Passage.
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1 year ago, slow iPad user
FOXNOW needs tech support
I use FOxNow so it can view FNC programming live & also later; FN works ok on my slow internet connection. I find it really hard to navigate , hard to play the program I want, when replaying a program it is difficult to go back or forward the buttons don’t always appear and there is no tech support to help; there is no directions to help; I have tried text chat for text Support there is no phone number for tech support I’ve emailed tech support . generally I don’t get an answer or I get someone who has no ability to help me. After a program is broadcast live it does not show up on the menu to view again until the next day or many hours later. It would be nice if they provided telephone tech support or at least detailed instructions on how to use the application. Not having cable; not having a television; only using a slow Internet connection with an iPad fox now is cheaper than anything else but other than that I would not recommend it.
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6 years ago, MarkCooperstein
Could have been excellent...
So I use this app on my iPad and my Apple TV (4th gen). This review addresses both devices. On my Apple TV you cannot pause/resume while watching "live". This is the same on my iPad. If, while watching in "live" mode I choose to "restart", I can pause/resume using iPad, but NOT in Apple TV. With either device while doing a restart of a live show I cannot scrub forward to the current live position of the show. This is VERY annoying! If I'm wanting to restart a live show and then scrub (fast forward) to somewhere in between the start position and the current "live" position I can't. I should be able to! If I stream something previously recorded I can pause/resume a show on both devices. I can scrub forward/backward on my iPad but NOT on my Apple TV. Of course, scrubbing is deactivated during commercial breaks, which is normal for most streaming TV apps. The menu is thoughtfully designed and easy to navigate. It's a better menu implementation then DirecTV NOW, or Sony Playstation VUE, both of which I use on my Apple TV and iPad. If it weren't for the issues mentioned above (inconsistency between devices, pause/resume and scrub niggles) I would have given this app 5 stars. As it is, I gave it 4 stars on iPad and 3 stars on Apple TV.
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2 years ago, chevans17
Was good a one point…
I’ve had this app for a month or two. When I first downloaded the app it worked fine! I could sign in easy, live news streams loaded fast, and even streaming to my chrome cast via iPhone worked 9.5 times out of 10. In the past week or so they’ve had two updates and have completely killed my love for the app. Now when I stream to my TV it buffers during ever commercial break. I have to restart the app and everything about 5times to watch 1hour of news. The Bally sports app wasn’t even this bad when it launched (and I thought that app was and still is a mess). Update: This app has somehow gotten worse. I can’t watch a full baseball game without having to disconnect from my chromecast, exiting, then restarting the app. The buffering is terrible, and at one point the game just went to commercial in the middle of a play… NBC, CBS, and ESPN all have way better app quality than this joke.
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3 years ago, Ashley6411
Fox now app rude customer service
After talking to my tv provider and to the fox now app support I still have no use for my fox now app. Fox now app customer service was so rude both times I was basically hung up on because I wouldn’t agree that the app not working wasn’t their fault. They obviously have a bug in their app that needs to fixed so dish network people who pay for the use of the app can actually use it. And yes I did call and confirm not once but twice with dish that the fox now app should work and I should have all access because they receive their money so we could use the service. Dish can not fix a bug that is not their app issue. Dish network was polite and listen and was helpful. They were not jerks who blamed everyone else for their stupid app bug. Try to be courteous to people and don’t hang up on them just because a woman knows when there is a flaw in your app. Fox now app customer service stinks be glad no one answered when you called.
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4 years ago, Lars MAC
Worst streaming app I’ve used
When it comes to streaming apps I have them all, mostly so I can watch college football at work on Saturdays. The Fox app is the only app that constantly allows me to watch and then randomly started telling me my provider package didn’t include Fox which I know is a lie because I watch it at home all the time when games are on and I’m home. This happened during the Michigan Army game in the 4th quarter after I had been watching it all game long. I ended up missing the end of the 4th and the OTs and I’ve never been able to log in since. Every time I try to log-in it says I’ve exceeded the maximum attempts and to try again in 15 minutes. I try once per day and still get this message when I know I’m putting the correct info in. My favorite team USC plays Washington on Saturday and I’m upset to see it’s on Fox because I will not be able to watch it on Saturday due to the app being awful. Hopefully they fix this bug.
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5 years ago, Diamond_Sky
The UI is slow and hard to navigate. It insists on showing distracting animated backdrops when trying to navigate to your show. It has stupid hidden multilevel menus when trying to navigate to the shows you want to see. It requires a separate login to remember where you left off in your show. It requires location services once to get live TV functionality otherwise it nags you to turn it on even though I never plan to use it. It constantly forgets my TV provider, and I have to constantly log into it every time I start it. It takes minutes just to get back to the shows I want to see. It takes too long to discover new shows. It really wants to get in your face with interactive ads even when I’m already paying for this stuff. It makes me feel like the product instead of a customer. The only good thing about it is the selection of shows is good when you’ve paid for it.
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5 years ago, Kenne$$$$
All fake 5star reviews
There is no way in hell any of these reviews are real for this app. Anyone, ANYONE who tries to use this app for more than 5 sec would want to punch the developers baby in the face. It does not load, if it does it takes 45 sec, maybe. Then it locks up and quits every time you get more than 15 sec into any show. There is nothing useful about this app. I would rather watch my shows on a VHS tape that has been recorded over 10 times than to try and watch them on this. And I would even prefer and risk it if there was even a 50/50 chance my parents private recording happened to pop up at the end. That’s how bad this app is and what I would rather go thru then have to deal with this. They have too much animated crap going on that nothing can handle the amount of data or ram this has to use. I would rather be kicked in then it’s for 5 min than try and get a show to actually play in this app.
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4 years ago, Kitty Karma 89
Worthless app
It keeps kicking me off every time the actual show starts to play. I’m logged in to my provider yet still this keeps happing. I have watched like 6 adds so far as, oddly enough, they play just fine - TRYING TO WATCH THE SAME EPISODE only getting less than 30sec each time! And even after reinstalling it, it still pulls this crap!!! I guess they care more about making themselves money than making an app -or website- that works at all for what it’s supposed to do! Even their own website doesn’t work at all. It won’t even let me log into my provider, always giving me this crap message “something went wrong”. Been doing this for weeks! What is the point of even making a website that you won’t even let ppl use. Ironically pulling this crap all the time tends to promote illegal downloading, something which they claim to be cracking down on. I would give this negative stars if I could!
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5 years ago, UncleSteveI
Pure money grab - Broken, Broken, Broken
AppleTV plays HD during 5-minute ‘free preview’ then drops to crayon resolution. Meanwhile, my fiber connection tests at 120Mbit and there’s Cat6 copper to my router - no WiFi. *Update* tonight during prime time, endless crashes and messages “the app is not available”. After midnight, everything is beautiful. FOX, contact me for some great performance, stress and load testing if you want to fix this app. And - All these shows are broadcast in 5.1 surround, only two-channel sound in the app?? Apparently this app is only for ‘catching up’ using your phone or tablet or the crappy old TV in the back bedroom. *Update 2* Thanks, FOX, for your developer response. I was trying to catch up on some of your beautiful shows. Unfortunately they looked terrible and were difficult to appreciate with all the problems. PS - yes, I already tried the troubleshooting on your web page without positive results. *Update 3* Props to Fox Support for being super responsive in a Sunday in the US. A big raspberry for going completely silent when it was time to actually fix something after all the canned questions (“What’s the model number of your AppleTV 4?”) and responses like switching to another DNS server. Software gurus recommend a “fail early, fail often” strategy. It appears Fox has strongly adopted for this app.
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6 years ago, KingKong Clothing Co.
Looks great when opening, but has bugs.
Shows keep freezing, then you must restart the app to unfreeze. Beautiful design, great user interface, but functionality lacks. After restarting you will either be forced to have to start from the beginning of your show again, or be forced into creating a profile and surrender your email and other personal info, which by this point in 2017 is pretty lame on FOX's part to say the least. Let's just make sure I understand this, I need a network provider to sign in. Once signed in and you piggy back on my network, I'm still subjected to watch your commercials and interactive ads, and when your app freezes while watching our shows, you want us to create a profile just to resume watching where we were interrupted. LAME... very lame indeed. Your development team should be ashamed. : (
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2 years ago, bskelly94
If you have IT knowledge don’t contact support
I know this is a weird review but I found a bug in the app on my TV and reached out to tech support. When trying their methods of troubleshooting and getting nowhere I branched out and tried something they didn’t suggest and found a workaround to my issue. When I tried to tell them the steps I took just to spread knowledge in case someone else has a similar experience; and ultimately to make a better customer experience they ended the chat suddenly. The feedback link provided was also corrupt so I wasn’t able to leave this there. Overall the app is okay with a few issues but there’s workarounds. Customer service on the other hand from tech support could use significant boosting.
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4 years ago, Singleton28
This app is trash
On xbox1, while entering my information from my cable subscription. This app would not accept the number 9. Seriously, it wouldn’t take the number 9 in my password. I checked another app that uses the same information and had no problems. I went to Fox support via the chat feature. I was told it was a known issue and to use a different device. No idea of a target date for a fix and a rufe agent to boot. So I set it up on my smart tv. No problem except for every 10-15 minutes I get an error saying there are too many devices streaming? You then have to go all the way back to the main page and choose to resume or restart the episode. When you resume you are set to the commercials (all of them) before you restart. This app is garbage. Go to the HBO or Showtime apps to see how to do it right. This one is not ready. Real garbage.
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7 months ago, crunchfrog
UI problems, app crash
The app crashes consistently when I tap the “Send Feedback” button in the Account tab, so I am providing feedback here: I cannot scroll easily on a show’s page— the scrollview does nothing most of the time when I try to swipe. 1. Select a TV show like “The Simpsons”. 2. Try to swipe up to see some of the episodes: *important* begin your swipe on the “Set Reminder” button or the “Clips & Extras” button. Result: Nothing happens. The page doesn’t scroll unless you carefully avoid swiping over the buttons on the page. Try swiping in another app where buttons are present—scrolling should result regardless of where you begin a swipe gesture. Please allow scrollviews to scroll when beginning a swipe gesture over a button. This can be accomplished in different ways depending on where the button and intermediate views are in the scrollview’s hierarchy. Google “UIScrollView UIButton cannot scroll” for some ideas for your situation. HTH. Fixing this will help your users not feel dumb—they will feel like your app responds to them instead of being “temperamental”, getting in the way of watching the content they paid for. Thank you for your consideration.
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4 years ago, MSmit384
App keeps crashing
I can only get like 30 seconds into a show before the entire app closes itself out, and opening it up restarts the show again, only to play though commercials perfectly fine, then crash 30 seconds in again. Every time I open this app I have a problem. I’d love to use it if it worked properly, and I’ve gone through with all the updates for it, but with each update it seems to cause more bugs for me than fixes, and the ‘chat with an expert’ option never goes beyond a blank screen with no option to actually type or do anything to communicate issues. I feel really dissapointed considering how well it worked when I first downloaded it. ☹️
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4 years ago, LadyLyraRose18
App issues
I enjoyed using Fox Now, until it became useless. First one show wouldn’t play. It would crash partway through the opening ad. But other shows were fine. Then other shows started having issues too. I assumed it was my phone, as it was starting to have problems. But now I’ve upgraded my phone, and it won’t even connect to mu TV provider! Other channels’ apps will, so this is neither my phone anymore nor my provider. Probably the most frustrating part is that I can find absolutely no “report a problem” option anywhere on the app. The link in the AppStore is useless as that website apparently no longer services the FoxNow app. My only possible recourse *might* be the live chat, but I *should* be able to simply submit a report form.
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6 years ago, DarkPath
Terrific content, if it will let you see it
The app is well designed, both graphically and functionally, except for one issue which all of my troubleshooting efforts have failed to resolve: the “Have a TV Provider” screen refuses to work properly. I press Yes, get a pop up asking if I want to use my optimum account, and then nothing. It sits there at the Yes or No and does absolutely nothing. If I force quit the app because I got tired of waiting after several minutes, and then try to watch the current episode of Gotham, I’m sent back to the Have a TV Provider screen. Pressing Yes hangs the app. Pressing no puts me back to the list of shows, with a padlock under Gotham. Either way, I can’t watch most of the shows I want.
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5 years ago, DJ Yung Vibe
This is probably the worst app I have ever downloaded, next to using the Mens Wearhouse app. Every time I try to watch my favorite TV show, it tells me that I have limited access and I’m not able to watch it through the app. But here’s the crazy part, I delete the app, re-download it, and guess what? EVERYTHING WORKS LIKE HOW ITS SUPPOSE TO!! Why do I have to delete the app every time it tells me I cannot watch a certain TV show, but works immediately after I re-download the app again??? SERIOUSLY!!! This is really dumb. The app tells me it’s because of my TV provider subscription. But here’s the problem, I don’t have any issues watching it through my TV Provider’s service, so why should I have any problems watching it through the FOX NOW app? The only junk part is that, I have DIRECTV NOW and they are recorded shows have junk audio quality vs watching it through the FOX NOW app. Seriously stupid!
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5 years ago, CCmama1
Literally the worst app available
This app NEVER works. Never. Not on Apple TV, my iPhone OR fire stick. Never. Apple TV, constantly buffering or showing a playback error, iOS app, can’t even get it to load, fire stick, won’t move off the opening screen. It’s infuriating, there are so many shows I want to watch on fox and cant. I currently have direct tv now and they don’t offer fox as a channel option. So I have to log into networks apps with my service provider to watch their shows. ABC, cbs, nbs, I haven’t had near as much trouble with any of those in comparison to Fox now. Awful. 👎🏼👎🏼 THEN if you by some miracle get one of the three to work, it will eventually pop up a playback error and require you to start the show from the beginning or log in with a Fox now account. WHY!?!? I have logged in with a network provider!! Why is this even necessary!?! Horrible, horrible app!!!
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6 years ago, Reine_Nubienne
It's okay
REVISION Nearly 5 stars: keep up the improvements, Fox Now! Commercials are of a reasonable length, new episodes are available soon after original broadcast, no frequent requests to sign in, a "for you" category of pleasing programming. Very few glitches or crashes. Happy viewer. ============================== Now it keeps asking me to sign up with it to create a profile so I can have the benefits I had before they required profiles. I think I'll find some good online streaming programming. "Free" TV has gotten too intrusive and annoying. ============================= Asks me to sign in to my TV provider if I miss a consecutive day of viewing (exaggeration, but often enough to rankle). I can use the provider's app to get Fox programming, so I shall. I've kept returning because this app allows favourites, has a "watched" feature, and has closed captioning that normally works well. Adverts are plenty, but the length & # of breaks allows me to walk about & exercise some. Stop nitpicking sign-ins so frequently. Allow me to adjust settings so I see the ending credits of a show rather than immediately going to the next in line.
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1 year ago, Lisa's cottage
Joe millionaire
For about an hour I’ve been trying to get this app to play Joe millionaire. It keeps saying that the app is experiencing an error. The show cannot be displayed. I’ve gone to my settings I’ve tried different things and it will not work!It keeps seeming like it wants toConnect and play the show but then it keeps encounting errors. Either I’m just not going to move forward in the shows or I would have to skip some episodes that I cannot get on demand.I’ve already watched two episodes and I wanted to keep watching. I don’t want to keep watching and skip two episodes because I’m afraid I will miss too much. If this isn’t fixed then I guess I will not continue to watch it.I don’t know why on demand is missing episodes so I thought I would try the fox app. It seems easy to access but it just will not work.
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10 months ago, Finley B. James
This app is horrible in every aspect except maybe it’s content. It feels like it was developed by a 6 year old. It easily takes 5 minutes for the app to open even in a perfectly good connection. Then once you’re in the app, GOD FORBID you want to watch something live because that’ll take another 5 minutes to pull up. And then every time you open the app it makes you once again sign back into an account in order to watch anything. That’s where if you’re lucky, one would expect to be able to just watch what your watching in peace. But no, it CONTINUES TO FORCE YOU TO SIGN IN SEVERAL TIMES OVER THE COURSE OF A 90 MINUTE SOCCER MATCH. I’m so grateful I’m only using this stupid app for maybe a month to watch the World Cup. But trust me, no sooner than that final whistle is called December 18th, I will be deleting this flaming piece of trash.
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4 years ago, Radnormorrow
The app logs out of my tv provider what seems like every day. I can’t use the apple passwords to just I sett the password so I have to look up what this password is. Keyboard disappears somethings while trying to type it in too. Then the show starts playing but it still thinks it’s only a preview of the show despite logging in. (I’m well aware my tv provider includes this show I’ve watched most every episode on it) so then after 5 minutes in the show crashes and backs out from playing. Then every time I try to click on a show either the screen is totally black or it loads to the page but doesn’t show any episodes to choose from. Tried restarting the app several times, restarting my phone, connecting to a strong WiFi connection, Disconcting and using cell data with full bars. The takeaway is, is that the Fox App is broken AF.
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4 years ago, apo857ud9830wqjgf
Non existent tech support
There is no way to get a human when this app won’t work. We logged in with our xfinity account, thinking we can watch game on the road, app kept saying content not available for first 2 quarters of U of M game, got it to work for 3rd quarter, someone walked in and changed the channel so when we tried to get back to game it was no longer an option on the FOX NOW app, no where to be found, no way to get help. They have a defunct “chat live” option online that doesn’t work, stays stuck on an information page asking your name and email address, from which there is no enter button or chat now option so for the 8 times I filled out my name, never got anyone to help me. No phone number exists anywhere. No wonder so many people leave cable, we are spending a ton for TV with commercials and no technical support.
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5 years ago, Pwesling24
Two big issues with this app. 1. When I am watching a show on my phone and I get a phone call the app acts like it cannot connect to the server anymore. I have to shut my phone down completely before it will work again. 2. This is the most frustrating. I’ve tried to watch the last 30 seconds of the last episode of “The Passage” five times now. I keeps sending me to another show without letting me finish the show I am watching. I’ve tried closing out the recommendation and it still does it. It did it on every episode. Even worse, it sends me to a show I’ve never seen before and it like season 5 episode 5. How is this helpful?? Even if I did want to start watching that show, I definitely don’t want to start 5 seasons in. Let watch full episodes and let me choose the shows that I want to watch!
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6 years ago, Allura Romel
Survey to collect data on minors!
To watch one ad on the Fox Now App you have to complete a survey so they can target ads per your response. There is no option to forgo the survey and if you select under 13 you still have to select female or male. Collecting data however insignificant it may seem should not be allowed for minors. Also as adults we should have the option to opt out of your ability to collect data on us. FOX, regardless of how safe you say the data you collect is, hackers have proven that they can and will hack into any database and use it to their advantage. If this is they way you must go, guess what, I don't HAVE to watch your content. I can watch something else or even better, unplug and find entertainment the old fashion way of board games, book reading, arts & crafts, etc. So, in the end you are only hurting your bottom line.
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2 years ago, Austin Shrader
Great App
I truly love this app and how easily I can sign in to a tv provider and enjoy a very smooth and uninterrupted show. Overall this app is amazing and very cool to use. If I had to say anything bad at all about this app, it would be that I have issues with the app loading up initially and would get an error that the app is not responding or that I need to keep trying again. If there can be something done, to connect to the guides or network quicker, that would be a huge improvement. Im assuming the connection to servers, tv providers or data would be the issue but thank you for such an enjoyable and great app overall!
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4 years ago, SFMinFFX
From a hero to a zero
The app had been working wonderfully. Today, however, it keeps shutting itself down. When I restart it’s as though I haven’t watched any of the episode. Update- This issue seems to be fixed. However, now the app is skipping to the next show in queue and robbing me of the last few minutes of episodes. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app and tried skipping back to just before the issue and was able to replicate the error. Frustrating to get a canned response on here and from the help desk the link I was sent to.
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4 years ago, kanzoku
Almost great.
I like that I can link it to my cable and watch back episodes that’s fantastic. Having to watch commercials is annoying. But I can deal with it. But the commercial breaks often mess up the audio of the show rewinding and fast forwarding in a spot with commercials is infuriating and I log in on multiple devices work phone. I pad, personal phone, Roku... but none of my watch history sticks around and I can’t remember what episode I watched. Also.... why can’t I get caught up on Gotham????? I wanna watch but I missed until it was on episode 7. Now i have to wait. So annoying put them all on!! The good I love almost all the shows. 911, last man standing(thanks for reviving that) family guy, resident, etc...
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4 years ago, fitjaw
Worst app
It consistently won’t allow me to sign in to my TV provider in order to view locked content. When I select yes to having a TV provider, it buffers and buffers and buffers and eventually never allows me to sign in. This happens several times per week. It’s like once every 10 times I can actually use the dumb thing. If I’m lucky enough to be able to sign in to my TV provider, it locks up during the many commercials and eventually bumps me out altogether. If I try to view the show content on my TV through my Roku, it gets stuck on the commercial again, bumps me out. I’ve rebooted, reloaded, etc. and nothing changes. My program will still show up but when i press either resume play or start from the beginning, same issues arise. Why did you ever have to change what you had before???
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5 years ago, Wheels787
Must have an account to resume playing
I don’t know of another streaming app that requires an account to resume playing where you left off on the same device. Until you fix that I cannot rate you higher than 2 stars. Also, I cannot stand having to interact with every commercial break to select one ad now or multiple. Let me pick at the beginning of the show and remember my choice for the duration of that show. I don’t need to stop what I’m doing every single commercial break to tell your app I want to just watch multiple ads. That, with the previously mentioned issue is why I’ve rated this app at one star. PS. One ad now was worth it when it was one ad at the beginning of the show. Now it doesn’t always work and it’s not worth dealing with it during every commercial break.
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4 years ago, mrsKonop
Rename this app crash
I get about 2-3 minutes into a show and the app crashes continually. I deleted and downloaded the app again, still crashes. Searched in the app about crashing for iOS devices and it recommended I clear the cache in my Safari app so I did that, still crashes. Tried chatting in the app with an expert and all I get is a white screen. Went into the App Store and clicked the link for app support and it pulls up a page that says it doesn’t exist anymore. How in the world am I suppose to watch anything on the Fox Now app? Here’s to hoping someone reads this a fixes whatever is going on! Update: I was contacted by the developer and they asked me to go to a link to chat with someone that can help me. I go to the link, enter my information and it tells me they are “unavailable”. So much for the help.
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4 years ago, My Name is Amy S
Not working right
I’ve reinstalled the app several times, but it hasn’t helped. I go to sign in with my tv provider. A box pops up asking if the app can use my tv provider information stored in my settings. O say yes, and it never loads. I left it on for an hour once and nothing. This time I reset my information in settings and still nothing. Then I redownloaded the app and clicked no to manually sign into my provider. I couldn’t find it. I went through the longer list and it still wasn’t there. I clicked on “can’t find your tv provider?” It prompted me to put in my zipsode and provider and said I was supported and to go back and select my provider. It’s still not there. I have Dish. I checked five times and it is not there...... I just want to watch the first season of the masked singer. Must it be this hard....
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6 years ago, robmartin69
Resume an episode
I started watching the new season of Gotham and I stopped watching mid-episode to continue at a later time. When I went back to the episode, it sent me back to the beginning. I had to fast forward and search where I had left off. After another pause when I went to the kitchen, I came back to the episode and this time it gave me the option to resume where I had left off, but when I clicked ‘resume’ it sent me back to the beginning of the episode again. I would suggest having a resume option that actually works, including when you leave and come back to the app.
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4 years ago, JNR6218
Loved the app at first but now not so much. It keeps signing me out with my tv provider and when I go to sign back in all it wants to do is think. I travel with my husband so this is the way I watch my tv shows. I have uninstalled the app 3 times and it’s the same thing over and over. Uninstalling didn’t help my issue. I have went to the chat box but it comes up blank. So if you can fix this problem I’ll give you more stars untill then your a 3. I’ve had this app for 2 weeks and while I was watching a show it stopped and said that I needed to sign in because my preview has ended. The thing is I’ve never signed out and never signed out of my tv provider.
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9 months ago, Grant1111
NFL is the BEST
I was going out for Christmas Eve Dinner! I didn’t realize I was able to get the FOX APP. We went to dinner in this great restaurant and I was able to watch the Eagles and Dallas game. Everyone was asking me do you feel ok. I said I was fine but no one knew that I was watching the game. Christmas Eve was a blast and then I was asked what was my cable company. I just couldn’t remember it so the game was 27-27 going to the 4th quarter. I gave it a five star review but I wish I had the cable password. I just let it go and ate dinner and then went Dancing.
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5 years ago, Momof3_75
Super buggy :(
This app is constantly freezing and playing audio after picture freezes. I have to either go back and re-enter the show or close the app and re-open. Every time I do this, it starts over and I’m forced to watch the commercial that’s at the beginning over and over which is super annoying. It also doesn’t always have a resume option so I can’t pick up where I left off and again, have to start over with commercials. I do love that there is an option to interact with an ad to bypass or shorten commercials during a show. This is great and I don’t see this on any other tv app I use. I’m almost ready to stop using the app because there’s only so many times you can restart a show.
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4 years ago, Olives_are_fruits
Terrible. FREE is TOO EXPENSIVE for this.
I just downloaded this because I missed Futurama and Family Guy being on Netflix. There is no Futurama on the app and Family Guy only has seasons 17 and 18. You can’t search without giving away your location, which is ABSOLUTE BS. I hate you, Fox, with a burning passion. I paid $15 for these shows on Netflix, and you were getting some of that cut. And then add the cut of almost every other person who was honest about their review and not paid to give you a 5 star rating (really the 4.6 stars is so obviously faked). You spent so much money to make an absolutely worthless app. Everyone loses. Stop playing this stupid game and get back on Netflix instead of being the stubborn cowards you are, thinking this will pay out when it is doing the opposite.
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5 years ago, Lightingspeed 4000
Great app, but has one annoying flaw
I love using this app to watch shows like Bob’s Burgers and the Gifted, but there is one problem that I keep on having. So I know there is a countdown at the end of an episode so that another the next episode could start playing. However, The next episode starts playing even though I did not get a chance to finish the previous episode. I then have to go back to the beginning of the previous episode and fast forward to catch up where I was before the next episode started playing. Is there anyway you all could fix this issue?
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5 years ago, Jay stark 987
Stop Fox
What are you doing Lucifer has great ratings and your just gonna throw it all away and The last man on earth was a great show but I’m assuming ratings told you otherwise and everyone thought it was stupid let me tell you not every last man standing end of the world movie or show has to be so dark I mean look at The walking dead it’s first two seasons were amazing and they didn’t have to put much thought into something that every season was move here get overrun by zombies and repeat over and over it’s terrible now you probably won’t hear anyone like me out but think about it don’t take these things that has had every line, every move, and every detail so thought out that has had years put into it and just throw it all away just isn’t right
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5 years ago, Jkw98989898
Updated Version of this App is Terrible
I have been using the app for quite some time but the newest version is terrible for the following reasons: 1. Despite the fact that all of the Fox channels are included as part of my DirecTV subscription, I continually get an error messages stating “This content is not included in your programming package.” Ironically, if I use my laptop I have no issues whatsoever. This error on the iOS app didn’t happen until the recent iteration and renders the app completely useless since you can’t stream any content. 2. You are practically coerced into creating a profile at every turn both on the FoxNow app and the Fox website. If you choose not to do so you cannot resume playing where you left off but have restart the episode from the beginning. Should the app freeze or time out, which is quite often in the most recent update, you are forced to restart the episode from the beginning. So without a Fox profile, your 30 minute episode is now an hour long assuming you don’t give up before it ends. Some serious updates are needed because the current app is not usable in its current state.
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5 months ago, jonicarolyn
Britney Spears one year after
This was a fabulous documentary by TMZ. It was respectful but yet showed Britney’s battle with mental illness. My heart broke watching this Super Star woman face the daily battle of surviving a difficult childhood and adulthood. My heart aches for her and her boys. I know the struggles I had with my mother whom I loved very much. I have witnessed mental illness also with a younger brother who eventually committed suicide. My love and prayers for Britney and I pray she finds her relationship again with Christ our Father. ❤️🙏🏻 Lord Bless her sons and keep them safe as well as Britney. Great job Fox and TMZ
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5 years ago, Jenslp1988
Commercial system is TERRIBLE
In order to watch a 20 minute episode of New Girl I spent 10 minutes attempting to watch commercials, then having to close out the app and restarting the episode and skipping forward to where I had been. When you choose the “interactive ad” it is glitchy and even after the 30 seconds are up you are stuck in a frozen screen and can’t move on. It will lead you back to chops g between an interactive ad or 3 regular ads. You then end up closing the app all together and starting all over. Disappointed that I can’t even watch the last few episodes of the series I have kept up with for years because of this app. Will have to find a friend with free on demand that would have the episode. Ridiculous.
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5 years ago, iammeems
The ADs never end!
I was trying to resume an episode that I was watching on my phone after the app crashed on me and I had to watch 16 COMMERCIALS before I got back to the episode - seriously the number was on the bottom of the screen I didn’t realize until I was 8 ADs in but it’s ridiculous! I closed the app and tried restarting it thinking maybe it was a hiccup but NO right back to 1 out of 16 ADs. Absolutely unnecessary and I honestly closed the app and lost all interest of continuing the show. NO OTHER APP/NETWORK does that! ABC/FREEFORM/ESPN or even CBS with their weird platform- the max commercials you’ll watch is 6 and most times they’re not even long ones! I’m very disappointed in fox, this needs to change or I won’t use the app again it’s definitely not worth it.
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6 years ago, RyanDeaton
App doesn’t work well
On my Samsung tv this really doesn’t work at all. Have a hard wire connection and I get an error about the connection being too weak. No other streaming services have a problem. There are a ton of commercials some sets of which are as long as the program in between. Closed caption is on when the interface says it is off and vice versa. Old X-Files episodes have voice audio that is very quiet but music and sound effects are loud. New episodes are ok. iPhone version worked better. Tried forever to get it to cast to my Samsung tv but Samsung doesn’t play well with iPhone. Vizio tv didn’t have a problem. Between very long and frequent commercials and the service just stopping I gave up. I’ll watch something else that works.
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5 years ago, flash918
Nice app overall but has some issues
I like the app and it’s easy to use, but it has a couple problems. One problem that should really be addressed is the tv provider. A lot of the shows and episodes require you to sign in to your tv provider. Most of the time I am able to, but sometimes it won’t ask me to sign in, so I can’t watch the locked shows. I press the lock button a million times, but it won’t give me the option to sign in and i can’t watch many shows and movies. I tried to go to the settings and sign in, but I can’t sign in there. Please fix
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