FOX10 News

4.7 (3.9K)
60.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX10 News

4.7 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
5 years ago, RHC2731
We ♥️ Fox 10
My family and I have been watching Fox 10 and their news crews for years. Our children grew up watching it. Every Anchor doesn’t just give us the news and weather but do it so professionally, caring and they are experts. It’s all the behind the scenes people who also make it Great! Thanks Fox 10 Mobile, AL. You sure do keep us informed! Blessings and Hugs 🤗! Robin Canfield
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6 years ago, Only4Beer
Ok app wish it worked better with Apple TV & Chromecast
When you use the application on an iOS device you cannot cast to a Chromecast like you can with many other streaming video apps. When you use the application on an iOS device, you can airplay to an Apple TV from the iPhone application that you cannot airplay to an Apple TV from the iPad application. I understand your need to play an ad at the start of the application for revenue reasons but since the application crashes a lot while it is in airplay mode, you should at least know that the user has already played the ad maybe once in a day and not require them to go through another ad as long as 35 seconds, every time the app crashes. I love your station and will continue to use the application, I just wish you made it more stable for cord cutters like me use the Internet, iOS, and Apple TV to watch their TV.
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6 years ago, imperfect princess too
FOX10 unbiased newscast
I like that Fox10 reports the news from an unbiased point of view. They report it with feeling but yet never reporting from their own personal point of view. Just the facts. I also feel that they are a Godly news team and I feel that is why they can report the news in the honest fashion that they do.
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6 years ago, 113catgal
They’re are so many notifications that not much isn’t known when the news comes on. I’ve had to mute the notifications.
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6 years ago, Penguin chic
Too Many Push Notifications Now
In the past I would give this 5 stars, however your recent switch to push notifying ‘hello messages from your anchors’ has made this way less than desirable. You should have an option to turn those off but still keep on breaking news stories. Don’t overdo the push notifications or you will start losing people.
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1 year ago, 🥺😡🥺💔🥺🪓🪓🥺👋🙍‍♀️😕
Traffic Map 👎
Can’t stand the small window for traffic. This is the worst traffic app. All of your competitors have better traffic maps. When I use other media outlets, I usually end up watching/scrolling through their app. & watching their advertisements. Don’t think your advertisers would like that. Let’s roll out a more user friendly, appealing, larger window for your traffic map.
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1 year ago, BigDaddy7276
Problem connecting to site
When I click on the icon to launch FOX10 NEWS, it either takes several minutes to actually open, or simply refuses to open altogether. I’ve tried everything that I know to do, but nothing has changed. Hopefully y’all can get this straightened out, and I thank you for your time.
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6 years ago, Smart Stop Storage
Theft at Smart Stop Storage
Please help cover the theft that is happening at the storage facility . I was told that I had to buy there insurance and so I have paid for insurance every month and now I am trying to get paid for what was stolen and no body will return my call and I still have not heard from the insurance company that I was told to contact . Nobody returns my call and when I call I just get an answering machine . I have asked for the name of the insurance company and address of the insurance that they sell but have not gotten any information
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2 years ago, jdaegdodge
Fox 10 app
Since the app updated it worked well for like a week then after that when I push the Weather button on the main screen it would show N/a as in not available for the longest time and then it would load correctly and now it’s saying N/a loading error
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6 years ago, Chopper2006
Alright for basic local news.
I like that it is simple and easy to use. I enjoy being able to get local news rather than just nation news. Sometimes the articles are old. Who ever rights some of these articles must be 3rd graders that went to work with their parents. Be kind of nice if videos didn’t randomly play.
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2 years ago, bullcrape
Stupid and way out of the box advertisements
Why on gods Earth would there somebody in Mobile Alabama be looking for a retirement home or place to live or a lawyer in Amarillo Texas come on people somebody need to get your department together I thought this was a local channel not a worldwide channel So sick of advertisements I think this new website is worse than the older one Guess I’ll just start watching 15 that what my neighbor did
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7 years ago, Fromallaround
Thank you Channel 10 for keeping your viewers up to date on all of the latest happenings in our area. You are truly appreciated.
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5 years ago, kathyann32556
Fox 10
I love fox ten will always watch them they give us the best news the keep us to date the alway break in when there are new story’s. Love it.
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6 years ago, dtaylor2
Good coverage of happening events!
Good coverage of happening events for FL-AL Gulf coast area on my iPhone. (I just wish I could receive them on my TV antenna, but they are just too far away.)
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7 years ago, Mekea321
Thank you Fox 10 for all you do. Keep me up to date on all the latest news.
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4 years ago, AC9559
This new version is terrible. I wish they never updated. It’s totally inaccurate when it comes to traffic. I used to rely on the traffic news with the old version but, I can’t do it anymore. The news feed is not the best either. They still have the stories over week old showing.
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4 years ago, red farm girl
Your new apps
Your new apps are difficult and confusing to use. The weather app will not even load onto my phone. I always went to channel 10 first and now I’ve switched to channel 15. Im a busy person and don’t have the luxury of spending 20 minutes trying to find weather or the stories I’m looking for.
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7 years ago, Miss Jolly 63
Best station for news and weather!
I love channel 10! It is our favorite station for the news and weather! Michael White is the best meteorologist!
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2 years ago, Roman11Bravo
Fox 10 is the best source for local news that matters most. Jason Smith and Michael White are good about providing updated weather reports as well as Matt Barentine.
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5 years ago, madimag
Loving my app
Love the accurate and timely news and traffic updates
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7 years ago, Shery's iTunes
Absolutely love this app. The weather radar is perfect for planning hour by hour with my business!
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5 years ago, Foxey Lou
Fox 10
Talking about up to the minute news, Fox 10 is right on point! I love it! Thank you for keeping me informed.
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2 years ago, MyMadness
The commercials are way more active then the news. Then it always pauses the news. I wait and wait and miss more news than I see
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4 years ago, LET48
Sentence structure
It’s hard to read news stories because parts of the story are separated by ads. sentences are not completed on the other side of the ad
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5 years ago, HONEYRV
Good app
This would be so much better if there wasn’t so many adds!
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6 years ago, ParPat1417
Survey response.
I enjoy receiving news updates. However, too many notifications leading up to broadcasts. I like receiving news, not all of the notices letting me know what is “coming up at 9:00”.
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4 years ago, Trich123
The app has been ruined with the recent updates it is too buggy and unresponsive when trying to scroll through and read articles it made me throw my phone against the wall now I have deleted the app because I couldn’t take it anymore
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5 years ago, btaskjj66
Great Station
Love your weather man and reporters More news and up to the minute news
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5 years ago, brenbren1966!
I watch Fox 10 every day for all the news and weather
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7 years ago, Hahahahagalol
I love the up to date news every timr I look at it !!
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6 years ago, Ahavdavis
Lost my trust
I use to love Fox 10 until a few months ago. It seems they show and push more liberal views. Also uses CNN and AP for National resource, no conservative views. CNN is known for it’s “Fake News”. They use to show the truth and all points of views. I don’t feel I can rely on Fox 10 as an honest, non bias, news channel anymore.
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5 years ago, ffarley66
I miss you guys so much!
My favorite news station ever by far hands-down beyond a shadow of a doubt. I’m dumping Dish!
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4 years ago, Jimmy Wanna Gogo
Landscape on iPad
I can landscape on iPad now, but it is not automatic. I have to minimize the app a few times to initiate the landscape functionality. Other apps are at landscape when I open the app.
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4 years ago, elizanew1968
Too many ads
Would be great except you can’t wade through the ads. Am switching to different news app
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6 years ago, SunTannedToez
Love Fox 10 News!
Awesome coverage! Not based on hype, just giving us the news! Lee Peck is our favorite!
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6 years ago, designs by cj
I gave always watched Fox10 and I always will. I love how they joke and cut up with each other.
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5 years ago, SheSheCat
Best news out there!
I always get the news first! Amazing!
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7 years ago, Terry gman
Great Review
Very informative. Great updates. Wish I had downloaded the app sooner!!!
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6 years ago, Au78
Pop up ads
I wish fox 10 would stop having pop ads in their app because they get on my nerves....
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4 years ago, Frank0307
Can not get app to rotate on IPad Pro
The rotation lock on my iPad is off. However, the app appears on my screen 90 degrees to my key board and I can not get it to rotate so I can read it. I wish there was a way to talk to the tech folks who designed the app so I can find out what to do.
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2 years ago, essay1978
Pop up ads
This app has pop up ads that completely shut down the app… they won’t go away… screw Window World… I will never support anyone involved with this business.
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6 years ago, HGR60
Review FOX10
A very well designed site and informative news App
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7 years ago, DecorNina
Great on top news & alerts!
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2 years ago, Loribell49
App not working
Having problems with my app not wanting to down load ever since the app was updated.., reloaded it several times
Show more
7 years ago, Hamiltonsjh
Love this app when I'm out & about & not near my tv
Show more
5 years ago, Read my review on Facebook
One of my three go to news source
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3 years ago, PissedOffAmerican1976
Is there something wrong with the app? It says to update and I do and nothing changes it still says update
Show more
4 years ago, ssdard
I keep getting a notice to update when I click on the icon. I’ve deleted and reinstalled. Seems to be no stand alone weather app. Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, bt in Mobile
Plain Jane
Looks just like the other stations app. Very slow to add new news.
Show more
4 years ago, roleatha
The garbage
Never loads and they advertisings it on the news chanel. It is unreliable, never loads, can’t even look at it when bad weather is around
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