FOX12 Weather

4.7 (2.7K)
61.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX12 Weather

4.69 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
6 years ago, randy g 2018
The weather and the news
I feel deep inside you know only the weather is the best and the news is the very best I went to Albuquerque New Mexico for three weeks and the news and the weather was nothing like Fox news 12 news and weather which is the very best in the whole nation and around the world
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9 months ago, Madzen
You can do better ! love Mark, hate all the ads
I’ve been recording Mark and watching his tv weather for many years and now listen to their podcast (the other three meteorologists are great in too) and I don’t even live in Portland but in Central Oregon. I rarely get apps but thought this might be a good way to supplement my NOAA pages for wx info without using my TV. It does have some good features like radar and detailed hourly fx, graphics & the news clips. But forcing us to watch a 30 second ad (without any way to stop it ) every single time you try to watch a handy video clip is really irritating. I can see one -maybe - but not when you’re going through the last few hours of video clips. it becomes untenable. Many other sites play an ad for three or four seconds once, and then allow you to skip it if you want. You can do better! With winter approaching, even an El Niño one, I’d like to be able to watch the little video clips without going to the TV, but not sure I can suffer SO many ads. And yes, as someone else said, it’s busy with ads in the middle of the forecasts too. Cluttered. Hope you can improve this app, tks. ❄️
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1 year ago, rubytwosdae
Cluttered, messy, BUT v. helpful
This app is almost -bizarre- in how it functions. The video I click on plays in a different place than where I clicked on it. Very confusing overall. Could be a Textbook example of ‘how to make a user think they’re crazy’. Many, MANY ads. — Having said all that, there’s cool content like ocean wave height information, ocean temperatures, snow levels graphs, rain measurements, and forecasts for the day, three days, and seven days, as well as radar images for clouds, precipitation, sun breaks. — I have not used any other weather app so can’t compare and contrast this one with an alternative. I really like Mark Nelson so that’s why I’ll continue to use this app in spite of all its downsides.
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2 months ago, happyVFM
The last update of app
I’m not really liking the way the app now looks with the pictures that they post as what the weather will be for the day. They used to line up with the app as soon as it loaded and you could see it but now you have to play around with the screen to view whatever it is that you want to see . just seems a little inconvenient to me, I would rather that it be at a glance so I don’t have to waste my time finding what it is that I want to see.
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2 years ago, Guru60
New Weather App
I love the new weather app. It has so much useful information that is organized very well making everything easy to find. Plus you have the weather cams too. Thanks for the new weather app.
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5 years ago, Nikkicrowder13
Miss the 10 day forecast.
I’ve been using this app as my primary weather source for years and will continue to do so. The addition of the radar feature is really cool, but I do miss the 10 extended forecast. I would bump this back up to a 5 star review if that feature was brought back. P.S. Thank you Mark Nelson for never blowing the forecast out of proportion.
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2 years ago, sexdriven
Weather Radar
Would like more than an hour of radar playback for us weather fanatics. Overall this what I'm looking for in a weather app, thanks.
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1 year ago, iyhhhhhh
Premium option
I’d willingly pay a few dollars for a version that doesn’t have 15 ads on each of page. I know why it’s like that but if there were an option for a paid version, I’d buy it. Great app
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5 years ago, Jeff n Oregon
What happened to weather where you are
The update is terrible No more weather where you are or hourly weather UPDATE They fixed the hourly and the app is working great again. Thanks Channel 12!
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5 years ago, weather freak
Great app. I deleted the weather channel app. Your app is better. 👍👍
Thankyou Mark Nelson for this great weather app I deleted the weather channel app because this is super.
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5 years ago, D 34
Last weather updat
I really liked the older weather app. It did what I wanted. I have family in other states and also different city's in Oregon. It was so easy to check what theirs rather was doing. Click what you saved and their weather popped up. This new app does not meet my needs. I have tried your new app, I don't like it! Wish I could get the old app! I would give no stars for this app if I could. Unhappy
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2 years ago, Flathiller
Station Alert
When my cell phone tells me “station alert” that does not say enough to make it useful. Please add meaningful phrase like for example: “thunderstorms, Umatilla and Union Counties “. Thanks
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10 months ago, Nolan's Favs
Helpful 2 know area for the storm will appear
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6 years ago, Skelad01
Last update
Ya know the saying don’t mess with things that are working great? Well the old version from last year was much better than this one. And now the latest update makes it impossible to check the weather in other areas that you have saved as favs... It was so good last year!
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5 years ago, Salem old guy
KPTV Weather app
We’re fortunate in Oregon to have several excellent meteorologists. The Dean of this exclusive weather forecasting community is Mark Nelsen, an Oregon original.
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6 years ago, Princessmargie123
Not accurate ‘current location’
I’m trying to see what the forecast will be like where I’m at right now, and I go to look at the incoming weather system, and I zoom in and it has my current location in a whole different city... Totally inaccurate! Not cool
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2 years ago, jltaart
Love it!
Vast improvement from the previous app!
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5 years ago, ndjwisncnx
Font size
Your station has the best weather reports and articles but the font size for the app is way too small. Please add the ability to adjust it in app settings or increase the size across the board. On an iPhone 7 it is too small to read.
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1 year ago, bye Brandom
My opinion.
I love this app.
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1 year ago, FormalHydra
It talked to me!!
I have never had a weather app talk to me. And it shouldn’t talk. It started talking while I was home alone and it gave me the biggest fright ever. I don’t know how to turn it off so I deleted the app.
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7 years ago, Titan2012!
Fox 12 Weather App
This app does not stand up to the other one you had. This one makes it to hard to read. I want the old one back please.
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2 years ago, nooneofconsequenceinOregon
Completely ruined a useful app
No traffic, no 7 day forecast. Just a regurgitation of the Weather Channel app. Deleting.
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2 years ago, kclutch69
Wheather App
This is my go to Weather App. !!!!
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4 years ago, waputi1975
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4 years ago, opal kadet
This app is very helpful of finding out where the storm is heading.
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4 years ago, P a ul
Very good!
Very Good!
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14 years ago, Ricodee
No Unnecessary Stuff
Gets right to the point and gives me exactly what I'm after: 10 day forecast, maps, hourly, and alerts. That's all I need, and that's what I get. If the forecast changes suddenly, the info on the app changes also. It seems to have a different forecast than Accuweather on occcasion, but Fox 12WX is local. So I watch that one more.
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9 years ago, Triman99
I don't usually write reviews but am making an exception for this app. Fox 12 in my opinion is one of the more accurate weather forecasts in the Portland area, the problem I have with this app is the amount of advertising it has. You can barely see the 7 day forecast for the advertising! The snow report is a joke - also barely usable as it just opens a website, which is not localized and too small to read. I am not interested in Breckenridge web cams - I want to see Timberline and Batchelor. Places that have more relevance. Come on guys you can do better!
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12 years ago, Wafflesauce64
Not accurate
They must have the interns run this app. I understand that weather forecasting is a hit and miss thing (which is still kind of amazing considering our technological level these days) but when they say 20% chance of rain, they fail to mention that the next 5 hours of 20% adds up to 100%. There forecast says cloudy, it's raining. They say partly cloudy, it's mostly cloudy. The app doesn't even match the T.V. forecast and neither one matches what's on the web site. At least if they matched it would seem less like different people practicing Voo- Doo in separate rooms at the station.
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7 years ago, Roburt01
Stop auto playing audio
I like this stations weekly forecast graphics and the live radar, but I dont need the video with audio to stay playing (off screen so I don't even know where it's coming from) especially when I'm checking the app at work. Please give us the option of using our data to play the video when we want to.
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8 years ago, NickiPerra
Most Accurate PDX Radar Info
My Dog loves this app. Need the radar information to schedule daily walks & this app is the Awesome!! Have tried multiple local sources but found the Fox 12 Weather Radar as best for accuracy & predicting incoming rain. Didn't realize that radar sources are so different but Highly recommend Fox 12.
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14 years ago, F8ster
Great zoomable animated radar
This is a very nice limited-scope app. I like the animated radar loops; you can zoom in to your location, and the radar data is partially transparent, so you can still see the city names behind it -- nice. One suggestion: include daily weather blog from one of the ch. 12 meteorologists.
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13 years ago, drew503
Underrated app
This app is very similar to the functionality of intellicast which doesn't have it's own app, so this one is great, and the temperature map is a top of the line function and on many accounts is the most accurate tool of it's kind. This app is great for it's radar as well, must get in my opinion!!!
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13 years ago, mysteryalias
Great app
Best weather app I have found. Radar is great to have, options are numerous from wind to earthquakes to cloud and precipitation. I have found this app to very useful. Hoping for same functions on droid and availability on windows apps.
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9 years ago, Lbeachy
Branding update = poor app
I've used this app for years and it's been my 1st choice for weather info. After the branding update, I've lost the ability to see the current earthquake map. It just uses my current location, so no more checking the forecast before I go visit friends in the valley. My search for a new weather app begins today :( so long fox 12 it was good till you tried to fit more than just weather into your "weather" app
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8 years ago, AbcPSC1983
Used to be great!
Have been using this app for over a year, but have recently become overwhelmed by the endless loop of Chase commercials! Really??!? Is this entirely necessary? I'm now deleting and changing to another local station - one without the incessant interruptions of commercials! Sorry to do this because I really enjoy the information & format of the local morning team - can't abide by the rhetoric of the same two ads every 10 seconds though. You guys missed the mark on this latest format!
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9 years ago, know it all101
Second "branding" Upgrade???
This second update is no better then the last one. Please take the app back to the previous version before the "branding" updates. This app was my go to app for all weather. These upgrades are serious downgrades. I can no longer look for weather conditions in other parts of the state. The radar is a lot less detailed in terms of earthquake info and storm tracking. I'm now looking for a different app to use. Lost me as a user!
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13 years ago, HRZee
Visually Easy!!!
This app is great for getting a quick look at the radar and 10 day forecasts. I use this app just about daily and It has worked flawlessly.
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9 years ago, Saydra
I used to love this app
Before the "branding" update I only used this app for weather. It was simple and clean. The radar was the first thing you saw. The temp was right there. And I could easily find the 10-day forecast. After the update, everything became cluttered. I can't locate anything I want or need without doing some digging. Ultimately I deleted the app. I wish I wouldn't have upgraded. I loved the app. Now I can't find anything similar to the old app and I am desperately looking.
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9 years ago, LeonardPDX
Apparently NOT the ONLY ONE!
Like just about everyone else who has written a review, this "branding update" did nothing more than make your app just like everyone else, the ones I would never use! FOX12 Weather goes in that category now. What a shame. There was so much to like with the previous version. Always wonder if marketing folks ever actually do any research to see if their users will actually like the changes. Off to find another app.
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14 years ago, Cleatus Ramone
Easy and right to the point
I love the app icon! The app is easy to use and the radar is crisp on the iPad. The weather alerts from the national weather service is a nice touch.
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9 years ago, Rose Valley Mike
Branding update FAIL
Used the app religiously before the "Branding update". Have been disappointed in the lack of personalization options available in this new version. Please rebrand back to old version!
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9 years ago, ricachica82
Update is a downgrade
One thing that set the Fox 12 weather app apart from all of the other weather apps out there was the ability to track cells according to their strength. Another was the ability to see seismic activity on the map. Both of these features are gone with the "branding update." There is no reason for me to keep the app anymore, as it's now just like every other weather app.
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9 years ago, Bkcruiser
What the &@$# did you do?
Used the previous version of this app daily and as a fave on my home screen. This new version is COMPLETELY WORTHLESS. The reviews show I'm not alone - why don't you listen to your users? I used the 10 day forecast regularly and had tons of places saved to check weather as I travel often... Too bad. But you can see our weather mans face instead. Not a good trade off. Fix it!!!
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14 years ago, cruxdrum
Ok the radar page is cool , road weather very cool . We are driving cross country next week and i will try out this road weather info for sure. But I am not seeing where you navigate to the forecast pages and other features .....
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9 years ago, SealeyMusic
Not user friendly any more
This new app is very hard to figure out (and I'm a tech savvy gal!). The home page looks cool but too hard to navigate. Would you consider bringing back the features of the previous app such as multiple locations?
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9 years ago, Prarydog
Pretty, but...
Aesthetically more pleasing than the previous version, but is a bit buggy on my iPhone 4s. Don't like that it's not easy to change my location. Beach forecast does nothing on my phone, just hangs on an ad... Speaking of which, there seems to be even more ads. Try again please.
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11 years ago, Marcusjones12345
There is no way to submit feedback, so I am going old school and writing it in a review. Since December 21 update, the radar opacity is so high, I can't see any roads or cities on the base map. When rain is 100% covering my area (often in Portland), I see a sea of green with a blue dot in the middle. Not useful. Otherwise, I like the app.
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9 years ago, torinski
Was my fav weather app
What happened to my other saved locations? Or being able to pick wind speed, temperature, or road weather? Those were some of the features I liked BEST on the previous version, but now it looks like those options are gone. Guess I'll start using a different weather app from now on.
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7 years ago, mgnmfeei
Awful! Unstable, annoying pop up ads!
The interface for this app is one of the worst I've ever seen...being a weather app you have to click through several screens to actually get weather info. There are annoying pop up ads that feel like phishing schemes. Very disappointed.
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