4.4 (3.3K)
70.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX19 NOW

4.37 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Iggy4
Great news, too many commercials between each story!
I like the news, but a commercial ( often the same one over and over) is a bit too much.
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4 years ago, uninstaling this app
Find a different app if you want to get news around the Cincinnati area.
Butler County (West Chester or Liberty Township) had a fire around 11:30 on Sunday, Feb. 15. Nothing on the Fox19 news site. When you find the “Sections” carefully placed along the bottom of the screen, you get a menu along the left side. Please, go ahead, select “Butler County”. Then, look quickly because it is mere seconds and then the only image is all the ads. I took the Fox19 weather app off my phone for the same reason. I looked at ads, not news or weather. My advice is - select a different Cincinnati news feed app until there are vast improvements made to this Fox19News app. You will be much happier. Maybe, maybe, there will be improvements and the app will be useful. For now, not.
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3 years ago, pfoole2016
O’Brien Disapproves
So, I submitted a review that was less than glowing. Curiously, it was removed without explanation. The end-user’s feedback, I believe, should be welcomed; it should be considered a public service. Something had to be said about the glut of digital rabbit holes one is met with after tapping the shiny, little icon. I mean, who could resist, right? And who doesn’t love a frying pan upside the head in the form of an unbelievably intrusive ad right out of the gate? “All news sites have ads”, you might surmise. Of course! But an ad before the reader even has time to select one of the many vacuous articles? That’s just plain silly. And don’t get me started on the minefield of bad grammar and odd (mis)use of punctuation. My cat is a better writer.
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3 years ago, Fogey Mike
Down near the bottom
The only reason this isn’t a one-star review is that their local news is sometimes a little better than other local news outlets. Otherwise, the app is poorly constructed and maintained, and almost never fixed. The present update does not load on my IPad. The last version could never load current news versions without first loading, and then unloading, the video update section. Other comments about commercials are right on.
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2 years ago, chocadoodle
App does not work
There are more commercials on this app than most regular tv channels, and the political are getting ridiculous. app for about two years with occasional upgrades, in my old and new phone with no problems. AboutThere are two months ago it crashed, I’ve deleted, reloaded multiple times the past two and it still doesn’t work, will not open, even though it’s supposed to be an updated version. I give up, apparently it’s no longer compatible with iPhone.
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4 years ago, nathaniel7jones7
This is my go to channel for all my latest fast news as I am most of the time rushing out. I need to exactly when it’s going to rain, sleet, snow, or a pleasant sit outside day. I need to know about my Bengals, reds, bearcats basketball and football. I get that with “19”. So keep up the good work!!
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2 years ago, Roller in Trenton
Fox 19 awesomeness
You folks have an absolutely awesome news and weather program. I watch ONLY FOX19. Your news and weather teams are great. You’ve got a winning compilation of people. Watching them is like extended family. God bless everybody at Fox 19!!
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4 years ago, sf very disappointed
Looking for sports?
With all the sports teams both professional and amateur you would think they would get up to date coverage. Not the case at all here. Even if you go to the sports section it is all very old stories and what coverage they do provide is horrible. Come on 19, step up the plate, Opening Day is just around the corner.
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3 years ago, mrsni_ni
What Happened??
It appears as if your attempt to upgrade/redesign the FOX19 app “looked a lot better on paper.” The app rarely opens for breaking news alerts, not to mention that accessing the homepage is nothing short of painful. Please make an effort to correct these issues. Anything would be a great improvement over what is offered now.
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1 year ago, LightningRex
App doesn’t detect the internet despite it being available
I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and it still doesn’t work. It still shows the same error message “No Connection- Internet connection not detected. Please activate it and try again.” Internet is active through both Wi-Fi and cellular network. This app is trash until it gets fixed.
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3 years ago, CorinaMeyer
Why Change a Good Thing!
I loved the old app, not sure why the change, but it was not for the better. The areas look dated, don’t load properly, and the weather area is terrible. We lost information and the look of the technology seems like it back in time. Very disappointed and will likely switch to a different local station.
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6 years ago, local mike
Your old app was much better and easier to navigate. Stories are repetitive. Sports are full of old stories. No high school football scores. The old app had it broken down into categories that were easier to find what you were looking for. Way too many ads in the new one. Probably going to dump this one for channel 5 or 9 or 12 to get my news. Love fox 19 but this app is horrible.
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4 years ago, Jon RLTW
Local updates for free
Switched to this from the Enquirer app since that kept cutting me off from articles around mid-month. Same news, no membership requirements.
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1 year ago, Larger printing
I need larger letters ( font ) or a bold dark letting or print type rather than this small light
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6 years ago, JSchnieders
I hate the new version
The recent update has made this app awful!! This use to be my go to app for local news but now it is laid out so clustered and doesn’t have images with each news story on the main page and it doesn’t refresh as often as it used to! I think I’m going to have to delete it! Please go back to the old version!!
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6 years ago, hospitalfoodgood
New update horrible
You guys need to go back to the look of the old app. This new look is horrible. It’s confusing and it looks awful. It now looks like those ads at the bottom of the page you never click on that say things like “ See what this actress is up to now” but you don’t dare click on because your afraid. Change is not always good Fox19!
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2 years ago, 0123stv
I understand the need for advertising but this is at a whole new level. It went from silent ads to very loud ads that you cannot turn off or mute. If you don’t want to be surprised by a loud ad avoid this app. There are other news apps that provide news with less intrusive advertising
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3 years ago, Ms. Whiskers
Don’t like the new print size.
there is a way to make the fonts (print) size bigger, but I see no different & the print is much smaller than it was on the old app, even on the largest font size.
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3 years ago, PtrkR
Latest version- TERRIBLE
I used to think the WLWT app was the worst news app for Cincinnati’s major news stations. Not anymore! Folks, this app was good, why’d you change it? Check out WCPO’s news app to see a user-friendly news app (no, I’m not affiliated). PLEASE revert to your previous version!
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6 years ago, dawn2evening
New update doesn’t work
The new update broke this app. The homepage won’t connect to the internet. The other sections that do connect only have a few new articles, with a bunch listed as months or even years old. Plus they got rid of trending now, which was my favorite section. Aesthetically, the old version looked nicer and was easier to view.
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10 months ago, Hottmama22
Too many ads
I used to like this app. Now there are too many video ads. They play automatically. The sound plays even when my phone is muted. Ads are one thing but video ads that automatically play are another. Can’t find a setting to stop it.
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11 months ago, 98019205
Video ads
Video ads should be optional. When sitting in a place that is quiet and just wanting to READ the news I shouldn’t open an article for some loud video to play. Using the app less than I use to because of this.
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6 years ago, Idol fan3684198480249269
Bad decision
This use to be my primary go to app, but this update leaves me looking for a new one. The new format is horrible. The font and layout seem like it was developed 10 years for my old Blackberry! Way too many ads and just an overall flop. I can’t imagine who looked at this as an update and thought it would be a good idea to release it.
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6 years ago, Review by Sue
New view
I do not like the new view of the website. Change isn’t always good!
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4 years ago, steverbass
Crashes on Traffic Section
App crashes immediately when trying to open traffic.
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2 years ago, jmstev
Too many “notifications”
I am removing the app because there are way too many irrelevant notifications.
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1 month ago, Kitty Wick
Tornados and goes to commercial
Was watching for my area in Indiana and Tornado in my area. Steve was going over that location near Yorkville and it cut to commercials. When he came back on he had moved on to a different location. Happened twice so far. 😡
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2 years ago, mfoxtruck75
Stop with the adds
Stop with all the pop up adds! Seriously it’s a pain to try and read everything with the constant adds
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2 years ago, cardiac367
App not opening
Having issues with this app opening. Had an iPhone SE it wouldn’t open on an now have a new iPhone 13 pro it still not opening on. It seemed to open up one time and now won’t open. Used to be my favorite go to news app.
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6 years ago, Classic reaction
Can’t swipe to next article
We used to be able to swipe right to get to the next article. That isn’t working any longer. Please fix this to work. Otherwise other apps are easier to use. I am a fan of Fox and would like to continue to use the app. Thank you.
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6 years ago, bznxjckv
Web site channel 19 wxix
Web site does not flow as ice as the old site. Looks poorly designed
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10 months ago, AppReviewer636
To Many Ads
Watching their channel now on TV through cable. Trying to watch live and continual ads.
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4 years ago, BobHamlet
Was good then became nagggggggg
Was an excellent app until they got pushy. Attached a install now banner that gave you no option not to install the lightening whatever. Would stay there hiding what I used to enjoying, news stories in a unhindered view.
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1 year ago, lasm1000
Why Japanese Commercials
Why must I listen to Japanese commercials when I open the app? It plays at least twice. If I have to see a commercial at least make it in English! I am ready to switch news apps for this reason.
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2 years ago, Scvanguard1
Use another local app.
Every page you go thru on this app, you MUST watch a 30 second ad. So it will take you 5 minutes to find a story you want to read about. Use another local news app.
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2 years ago, Naoj think
Searching for contest entry
Have looked everywhere to find the “Field of Dreams “ contest to enter to no avail 🥴Your web page is sorely lacking in ease of use
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6 years ago, U*?
New App
The new app is much harder to read than the old one. Top headlines do not stand out as much. All the stories seem to run together and it hard to find the stories I previously looked at because all the stores look the same at a quick glance
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1 year ago, FFMickE21
Too many ads
Way too many ads to look up simple news and weather
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3 years ago, Kshew97
Does not work
Used to rely on the old app. The new app has never worked on my phone, despite uninstalling and reinstalling several times. Deleted and using a different news source.
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3 years ago, terrible new app version
The updates you made have made the app completely unfriendly for users. It will be better to remove and use other local apps. I’m sorry, I’d prefer to use FOX19, but the new version is awful.
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6 years ago, RHDS19601951
I am thankful for the news app an weather alerts !!
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7 months ago, Ryan4161
Ads on start up can be and have been getting really annoying every time the app opens.
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6 years ago, bobtheeffinbuilder
Pictures too large
The picture of nothing with each article doesn’t need to take up the entire screen. Smaller pictures and more info about the article would be more helpful.
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6 years ago, 10709
First the awful forcing to look at that coverage page over and over. I would rather see the top news stories at the top. Just because yahoo did it doesn’t mean you have to. And theirs is awful too.
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2 years ago, Frustrated User Carole
So many ads. It’s not worth the trouble!
I was trying to read a news article with so many ads and NEXT, it wasn’t worth it. I deleted the app and I’ll get my news from other sources.
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3 years ago, HAHBellevue
App won’t open after latest update
FOX19 app updated recently and now it won’t open. The logo appears like it’s trying to open but then immediately crashes.
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5 years ago, Sayhey2
After update the app crashes when u try to open it
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4 years ago, Debster r
Too much
Breaking news alerts are out of control . We don’t need a case by case alert. I am very close to ending them. It’s distracting and unnecessary. Even before the virus , breaking news to let us know it’s a nice day isn’t worth interrupting people .
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5 months ago, OuttahereNow
Whats up with this app?
I downloaded this app thinking I would be able to get the news. What a waste. I get download these apps. If I wanted to download 15 apps to get the news ya'll crazy. So I'm on here long enough to say: DELETE!
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1 year ago, Pyro Dustin
Seriously just want breaking news
I’ve adjusted the settings and gotten zero results. Unless stupid Super Bowl tidbits = important breaking news and, I’m mistaken. All I want is actual NEWS. Sports and lifestyle doesn’t count people.
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