FOX23 News Tulsa

4.6 (3.3K)
48.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Imagicomm Communications, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX23 News Tulsa

4.62 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Chuck Hanson
Love the station
Enjoy reading the news on FOX because the reporters have a better idea of what information the reader wants/needs from the article. FOX does suffer the same issue as all the stations and that is of poor to no proofreading though. Spelling, grammar and quotes inaccurate. For example, a witness quoted as saying “I saw they’re car.” when the witness really said “I saw their car.”.
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4 years ago, Dont make em like they use to
Serious news or not?
It’s hard as a news reader to take your stories seriously. Here are a couple of reasons. One I’ve always been taught to proof read. There’s almost never a day that goes by that I don’t see something misspelled in one of your stories. It’s embarrassing to see that a business like the news doesn’t take the time to ensure adults are spelling words correctly in news stories that will be readily available to the nation. Two the stories seem to always be the same ones for days at a time. Have your app be as up to date as your TV casting. That’s why consumers have the app is to be able to be up to date when they can’t catch the news times. Three the app seems to be having issues lately like no back button once a story is selected. Instead you have to hit the Fox News icon to go completely back to the main menu. Just another thought have a better selection break down in your menu I.E. sports, traffic, crime, community, political etc. Because consumers like myself only get the app to read what actually matters to me and it would be nice to be able to have that categorized. I’ve considered deleting Fox News as it seems to be more of a social media app as the years go by than a news app. If that’s what I wanted then I would get a Facebook or twitter account and read misspelled irrelevant stories that look like children wrote.
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7 years ago, Ferg0013
Could be useful, but is not
You do get live local alerts, which is nice. However, a majority of them are advertisements for their news broadcast. Very annoying. And when you actually want to go in app to view something that they tell you about, like live weather reports (very important in Oklahoma), it takes forever to load. But wait, it loads the local ads before the live stream or other video content just fine...yet crashes or takes forever to load. Just a poorly developed/updated app. Wish they would either tell you the information in the notifications it sends out. Cause those would be helpful.
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1 year ago, reesa4ou
Poor Redesign
This new layout is awful and there’s no setting to turn off the auto-start on video content. I preferred the previous design of grouping stories by type on the home page, now it’s just random & the featured stories seem an afterthought at the top due to being half the size of other articles. As much as I don’t want to because this news app was my go to for local stories, I’m probably going to delete it & use another local news station instead.
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4 years ago, greenvalleyfields
Absolutely the best!
The best newscast in town! Clay Loney keeps it That way ! Clay Loney took the time to investigate Bill and Lisa Wooley and gave them fair interviews where they could defend their position and tell someone from the media their story. All the other newscast just trashed the Wooley‘s. But Clay took the time to investigate, talk to them. Thank you Clay! That’s true journalism.
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1 year ago, Bnajam
App issue appears resolved
The app previously wasn’t loading content. However, today the app has a refreshed look and content is abound with a better format. Thank you for updating the app.
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3 years ago, Oumomma92
Down Hill
I only gave you a one star because it won’t let me give you zero stars. I will tell you why “in about 10 minutes”
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6 years ago, N951AA
Worst app I have ever downloaded!
This app is just awful. If gives you a news alert then when you click on it, you have to watch a couple of ads, and then when the ads are finished it just takes you to the app Home screen and not the news update that you clicked on to see in the first place. The people that made this app should be ashamed of themselves. You have wasted my time for the last time, I’m uninstalling this train wreck of an app.
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2 years ago, butterflyotter
Way to go y’all
I can always count on this station for updates for everything. Thanks FOX23
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3 years ago, Stolkholm
Awful app
The adds are horrible. I get it that you want to make money on your app, but when it’s breaking news or a weather emergency you NEED to have adds disabled. Unacceptable. The amount of time, even for just minor news updates, that I spend watching adds is awful as well.
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2 years ago, Ranger304
Fox 23
Always up to date and informative
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1 year ago, OkieT
Not working
This app has not been working for the last couple of days. No news stories will load up, and when I click on local news it says an error has occurred, please try again later. If I remember correctly this is day three of it not working.
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1 year ago, Sherzeland
New Format
The new format is really hard to follow. I miss the old format which I felt had relevance. Yesterday there was nothing pushed about the shooting in Nashville. I will be switching to one of the other local news stations to get current coverage. Whoever designed this needs to re-think it!
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5 months ago, Gamer Drake
No good
Terrible since the last update. I deleted it then. Not any better now. The same headlines for days. No new stories. Mostly the same story repackaged thru out the main screen. Terrible. Go ahead download, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Leave a review. Maybe they will fire whoever is dropping the ball.
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4 years ago, kolden NM
Fox 23
Good coverage of Presidential visit. We would like less commercials before each news event.
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1 year ago, 1Ctrail
Since the update to scroll, I’ve been really disappointed. Can’t tell if it’s the app or the content but it just doesn’t flow at all. I’m looking else where for a news app or I’m gonna have to go to the actual website……but then what’s the app for then????
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2 years ago, Gym Ess
Best early local news
Fox 23 transmits best local news for Tulsa and surrounding area!
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2 years ago, CKingOklahoma
When breaking news comes across my phone and I tap on it, it never takes me to that news. Usually, I can't even find that news article. I finally quit tapping on the article.
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3 years ago, ladyreed of the ozarks
Fox News is the best
FOX23 is the best news station there is
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3 years ago, Lucky13624
App doesn’t work
Haven’t been able to open or use this app for the better part of a year. Just keep getting “unable to load” message everytime I try to open the app.
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3 years ago, Andrealeajulia1
Absolutely horrible. Never opens up for the live news on time. All you hear is that same music over and over and over while the news started 5 minutes ago. Every single time.
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3 years ago, JPS2003
This app has so many ads it’s trying to load that it takes forever. I have the fastest WiFi available, it’s not my network. Glad you’re selling all the ad space. Hopefully the advertisers see how bad your app runs
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4 years ago, Sarge776
Lots left out
Like their news on tv, they will say, and more news on the subject in 30 minutes or next news hour.
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3 years ago, Anxèlica
Ads get stuck
Ads get stuck and cannot view the actual news
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4 years ago, PaccoH
Awful for Fox News!
I really like fox over many years living in Dallas but obviously Tulsa people don’t care about this little details, app crashes all the time and after you watch the adds the app crashes again HORRIBLE! 👎🏼
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5 years ago, tinman_2
Just won’t work
Downloaded app, tried to comment, no Tried to watch video, no Tried to watch news special, no Did I keep the app, you decide
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4 years ago, lemansguy
Doesn’t work now
Been using this app for a long time now all of a sudden that last 2 weeks doesn’t work on my iPhone at all. Just sits there loading circle spinning won’t load.
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4 years ago, genderbender sexoffender
It’s okay. I guess
Bad interface. And has a sloppy layout. But low key the news is good I guess. It’s comically bad at times, probably because there is nothing to talk about in Oklahoma.
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5 years ago, Hftjbffklmnc
To many notifications
If there wasn’t so many notifications this would be a decent app
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8 years ago, sir spinsir
Push notifications
I love the app for what it is and appreciate all the hard work and effort that has gone into it. My only frustration is that when you click on a push notification that has just been sent out, the link is usually nowhere on the app to the article! That or it'll take you to a live feed that's on something completely different.
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1 year ago, BZinOkieland
Blocking stories.
I get notifications for stories and when I get on the site I get blocked half way through the story.
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2 years ago, khgdyijbvfgjdjrjdheifjfn
New update crashes
Just updated this app. Now it won’t open. Crashes every time. Disappointed.
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4 years ago, trueplus
Boo to ads
Too difficult to watch or read subject do to advertisements.
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4 years ago, Emmie939
Poll data
Coverage of today’s ballot should be much easier to access! I still haven’t found the results of the propositions!
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4 years ago, Unsatified Parent
Fails on Apple TV
This app fails too much on Apple TV, and stays for days like that. I deleted and installed it again, same thing. Disappointed
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10 months ago, jd022571
Bad Gramma
News articles are poorly written and usually contain multiple grammatical errors.
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1 year ago, Jrsygrl53
App not working
This app hasn’t been working for 3 days now. Why is that?!?!
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4 years ago, Jwhismayne
Live stream does not work properly all the time.
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4 years ago, BA Barakis
Lots of errors with wording and spelling...
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4 years ago, Tcbmail
app will no longer run updates
it is sad that this app will no longer run updates on my iphone 5 with ios version 10.3.4.
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4 years ago, Praiserider
To much 23 advertising & off air
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4 years ago, JAD1947
Fake news
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8 years ago, LightBe Corp
App is okay but an older version was better
The older version of the app was better this one. The older app would open properly when I click on a push notification for a link. With the last update when I click a push notification the app opens up sometimes with the correct link or to the home page. Before I can get to the app safari opens with the correct link. It has gotten annoying to me of late. I decided to click the Contact Us link in the menu to send an email about the problem. Guess what happened? I got an error email saying User unknown. Note: I just clicked the App Support link on this page. It opens the home page.
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8 years ago, Brucifrr
Has potential big buggy
Your app has potential, but really needs work. Often times when I try to open from a push notification the story seems to be gone. Other times it opens a page and all I get is commercials. Don't send notifications if the story isn't available in the app. Also, when I tried to send feedback directly the email failed because it is a restricted email address. I'll give you 1.5 stars, rounding down because of the restricted email address.
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13 years ago, Philippine wrecking Machine
Good app!
I actually like this app. Much better than previous one. Everything including video works for me. If I had to gripe and really not a big deal to me is the ad at the bottom. Otherwise this is my goto app for local news and weather in Tulsa.
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7 years ago, No uodate
National News
This app was working fine for a very long time, but now has an update issue with the National News part. Basically, it no longer updates the National News part. Still has as leading news the vice presidential debate which is old news. Local news gets updated as usual but National News does not. Please fix this issue! I try to get my news each morning with this app! Thanks Ps. The contact tab on this app will not let an email past your security system either, needs fixed as well. Thanks for your help.
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13 years ago, Okie.girl
Love Fox23 News....but
I don't like reading an interesting headline and then opening the article only to find one or two sentences. If you don't have the whole story don't put it out there. All that does is make me go to 2, 6 or 8 to see if they have the details. And ads...move them so we don't accidentally open them while scrolling. If we care about the ad we will open it wherever it is but get it out if the scrolling area.
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12 years ago, Jimmy Saldivar
It's okay but needs work
I really don't find that I'm finding the most accurate or the latest in news reporting for an app. For a news breaking application this is lacking there are other applications for the news that I would rather use Fox 23. I am very disappointed that fox did not come up with something that was more innovative and groundbreaking. I will keep this app but creators please try to come up with a little something Else that set it apart from the competitors
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10 years ago, JJ Tulsa
Last update
Was a good app until last update. Very annoying alert tone that I eventually turned off sound in notification center on iPhone since there is no option to change tone within app. Very rude awakening at 5 AM to that alert to get a linked to just a pop up window that says the exact same thing the alert showed.
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12 years ago, Blue Max
Shame on Apple
Shame on apple for not allowing To down grade to iOS 5, what a bunch Of in iOS 6 is so lame If I had known this a head of time, I wouldn't Of up graded... I have lost all respect For apple... Now, The only reason I bought phone in the first place, was because of the map. Why post here? Because the giant removed my post on there site, trying to step on the little guy... I will never... Never.. Buy another product from apple again. NOW... I know why, the bite in apple is there... And it isn't a good thing.
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