FOX31 KDVR & Channel 2 KWGN

4.4 (1.5K)
63 MB
Age rating
Current version
Local TV LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX31 KDVR & Channel 2 KWGN

4.45 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
4 years ago, VS84joy
Page layout
Please relocate the ‘back’ arrow from a story to the bottom of page. It is inconvenient when scrolling with one hand and coffee (for example) in the other to have to use two hands just to navigate back to the main feed.
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3 years ago, Corycoors
Would be 5 stars except one thing
For the most part, I love this app. I’ve been using it for many years. The stories are always up to date, and the user interface is very well put together. Here’s the problem: no matter how new my phone is (currently it’s the iPhone XS), this app freezes almost every time I open it for the first time after clearing clearing out my background apps; which I do almost hourly to free up system resources. It usually works after I close it, clear the app, and then reopen it, but gets a little tiresome. It typically freezes on the feed screen, but sometimes I’ll open a story and it will freeze as I begin to scroll down. If this issue gets resolved, I will update my rating to 5 stars. Thanks guys!
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2 years ago, Vinny11696969
Worse and worse every release
This app used to be clunky, have horrible ui, and be pretty much a dedicated vessel for serving you ads (with news tucked in between the ads). This latest version is an even worse experience for the user. I don’t know how they managed to make this even worse than they did before. My least favorite new feature is that clicking into stories causes the app to send you into your web browser to shady advertising sites. The app literally kicks you out to external advertising sites in addition to the in app ad content. The articles are peppered with ads, the videos walked by them. Fake paid news stories a spread out amongst the real content in an increasingly higher ratio. The app stops/pauses whatever you are listening to at the time even tho they are read only sometimes. So You have to stop listening to anything else before opening this. Often articles are mentioning photos or to watch a video and the content mentioned in the headline isn’t even in the article. This app is becoming a bigger and bigger pile of hot garbage each release.
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3 years ago, winlyn08
Horrible app
The layout of your app and it’s contents are horrible. Once you finally do get to the story, it takes forever to actually read it after navigating past imbedded videos and ads. And then, after that, there is zero substance to the content. The first thing you see, when opening the app, is a huge ad. To get rid of the ad you must “swipe up” but it’s difficult to know that because the directions are in white, blending into the background of the ad. Who is the genius who thought this was a good idea. I am not ready to delete this app yet as I can get all I need from the alerts… need to open the app to get pushed more garbage. But I am “this” close .
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5 years ago, Kingjred
Tough to watch
Glad to have a way to get the news but don’t use this to stream the live broadcast. First, the video and audio are never in sync so watching the newscasters is difficult because their actions don’t match their words. Second, the long silences of “we’ll be right back” is annoying because it’s hard to tell if the link is frozen or has gone to sleep. Third, the same ads over and over and over is making me not want to watch. Lastly, it’s impossible to know what’s going on when there is a sudden break often in the middle of a story or in the middle of a “stay tuned here’s what’s coming up”. If not for Dave Frazer, I wouldn’t bother.
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2 years ago, Klauduh
No more…
I have been using this app as my go to source for local news for years. It’s been increasingly bothersome. Auto playing news stories are bad enough, but you could at least pause them. Seems now all the news stories are video only, with no ability to control them. Also, the main page is so repetitive of the same stories, but under different categories. You will see the same stories show up 3-4 times on the same page. This latest version is 10 steps backwards.
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4 months ago, Ponder72
Does not work properly
I have been trying to use this app for years to cast the live streaming video to my television. It does not work. I take that back. It works in frequently and certainly doesn’t work after the last update. Throughout the updates overtime it consistently messes with its ability to cast the streaming live video to my television. I live in the mountains they stopped broadcasting channel 2 up here. I need this function to work. please address the issues with the live streaming portion of your app. Thank you.
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4 years ago, CamPark-
Don’t waste your time. This app is atrocious on iPad IOS 14
This app freezes up nearly every time I launch it and I have to go back to the IOS and swipe it up to close it just so I can regain control of my iPad again. News videos do not play reliably and the app seems like it gets stuck on pop up advertisements. Scrolling through the news stories is nearly impossible as the app wants to do something else... like pop up an advertisement. These issues do not happen on other news apps so I must conclude this is substandard programming.
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1 year ago, Mustache Charlie
App has turned to junk
As one of the last remaining news apps I trusted to get my local news. Unfortunately I can no longer trust it at all. Used to work great until they started advertising on it. Now it will only open for me every once in a while. I’ve done all updates and still no change. Shame on you Fox 31 news. You're no longer my trusted news source for Colorado. Going downhill along with 9news and Ch4
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3 years ago, ZJG11990
Bugs, bugs, bugs.
Almost every time I open the app, I have something that won’t load or it freezes. I close the app, and when I go back into it it still stuck in the previous frozen screen. Usually it takes me 3-5 minutes to read a story that I’m interested in. This app has the most bugs out of all my apps on my phone.
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4 years ago, Mmwmag
It would really be nice to go to the weather video and actually show me a video about the weather. I either get a commercial that plays perfectly and when the weather starts it crashes and then shows me another commercial, or, like now after an “improvement” I get nothing at all just shifting screens with numerous buttons to start the video and then a blank screen. And they don’t even have the video on the Pinpoint app anymore! Can anyone develop an app with a weather video - please?
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1 year ago, Bob 401
Setting does not work and no support
There is a setting that is supposed to make this app not play videos automatically, only play them when chosen to play. many of us are on limited data phone plans, videos should only play when turned on. This setting used to work, the developers broke it. I submitted a bug report and I was ignored; so there is no support for this app, no feedback from the developers, no actual fixing the bug.
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4 years ago, Claudiae303
What news should be, precise
I have another news app, and FOX31 always reports first. Also, they made an error in one of their articles I was easily able to send them the correct location of where the event occurred and they replied right away thanking me. Keep it up guys !!
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8 months ago, Death to lying breeders
No true live
Every time I try to watch the news it gives me the news from the night before and when it finally gives me the news in the morning it’s 2 hours behind. None of that is live news, it’s nothing but lies. It’s hard to believe them that they are telling you the truth when they lie about being live on their app or online. This app is not worth it to watch the news and you can’t trust them to tell the truth.
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3 years ago, RaVe Rockstar
Used to be good
This application used to be great now it’s just not. You can only scroll half of the post because the headline doesn’t follow when you scroll so you can see maybe 3 or 4 lines of text the app is super buggy on my iPhone 12! It always force closes or won’t load or gets stuck. I’m sorry to say this app will be deleted and exchanged for something else I’ve been using it since high school and now it just doesn’t work anymore.
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5 years ago, Alamosa mom
Best Denver News App Ever
Love it because you can either read the story or watch the story. I hate being forced to watch a video I don’t want. This site is always current and love the special features like problem solver. Best weather too for those of us outside the metro area.
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2 years ago, Fats2007
What happened to 31 morning news
I use to really enjoy watching the fox 31 morning news team on my app since I am in an area where I can’t get it on my tv and now since the past few weeks it has been gone and I only have channel 2 morning team which isn’t bad however I am use to watching 31 morning team and now it’s gone from the app....just disappointing.
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5 years ago, Lttrs2Cleo
I read through it everyday!
I really like this news app. I love the updates and I honestly go thru it everyday several times a day to stay current on the local and national news. The layout is simple and easy to use.
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4 years ago, qurlyjoe
Generally works, but...
...scrolling on my iPad Air gen 3 is jerky. They need to do better at indicating which “stories” are sponsored. Some are labeled as such but not always. The in-app feedback function doesn’t work. I tried sending this feedback using that and the email it tried to send bounced back.
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5 years ago, Obccrn
To much “Sponsored Content”
It seems like every 4-5th story is “sponsored content” which are just advertising. Too much.... also when you play videos that are past of stories you can get stuck unable to get back to the story or the video won’t play at all. Maybe they just haven’t updated the app in the last year and a half for the iPhone X, which doesn’t seem very plausible.
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6 years ago, Garrett67 Colorado
When I want to select a news photo to look closer at it, the app does not allow to return to the news article. Have to literally shut down the app and reopen it.
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1 month ago, Brain Sturgeon
AVOID - 70% of screen Filled with ads -AVOID
JUST AWFUL !!! The 70% screen on my iPad is literally filled with ads!!! Sometimes you can’t see the fox pages because of all the ads. You need to close each ad manually if the close button works, 50% of the time it doesn’t. It takes about a minute to close the ads. Each new page or link has another barrage of ads. Just awful !!
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1 year ago, Tulliandar
Horrible UI, nonfunctional alerts
The UI doesn’t behave like an iPhone app should. Scrolling is very jerky, tapping the top bar doesn’t scroll up, swiping right from the edge doesn’t go back. It’s just horrible to use It’s frequently sends alerts about stories, but tapping them doesn’t take you to that story, it just opens the app at the home page Is just an extremely frustrating app to use
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6 years ago, JD-88
Easy to use, accurate and fast notifications
I really like this app. I get notifications regular with summary’s that are to the point. It is easy to navigate, save favorite articles, and find articles.
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4 years ago, Blackwolfjeepie
Fox 31 news
It’s nice to have a app that doesn’t give false news or lean to the left so far it falls off the page. Thanks everyone great job. Keep it up. Not sure who wrote that but I agree with it 100%
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2 years ago, Squarez01
Good notifications but lacking.
This app has good info and good notifications. Although most of the time that’s all you get. When you click on a notification about an article it very rarely ever opens up the correct article. It always opens an advertisement though.
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4 years ago, Jerekb
Terrible app
Videos won’t load. When they do load they won’t go full screen. Content is hard to sort through. If you touch anything during the video trying to get it to play in full screen it reloads and makes you watch the advertising while the first video continues in the background. I do appreciate the content Fox 31 provides. However, I’m done using the app.
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3 months ago, Hackedoffuser8771
Application is unusable
With all the advertising you’re left being only to read about 2 lines of text. That is completely ridiculous, you need to be able to clear away the advertisement. The only reason you get one star is being I’m able to delete the app, replacing it with a functioning application.
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2 years ago, Broncos win Super Bowl
Irritating video ads
I used to like this app, now you have to get through a video ad before you can even read the stories. Sometimes videos are the only option. So irritating. I plan to switch to another local news app to get my news that offers the option for good old fashioned written words.
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4 years ago, tdfly
Possibly the worst news app ever
I’m not sure where to begin but this app is absolutely horrible. It’s littered with ads and pop-ups. The stories are almost impossible to get to load correctly, and the navigation is so cumbersome. Cmon guys. In a time when our kids have more “tech” knowledge than most of us you can surely put out a better product. Also, how TF does this app average a 4.7 rating?
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2 years ago, ErinCO25
News coverage is great, but app is buggy
The app is very timely with notifications of breaking news. However, when you click the notification to see more information, the app opens but the related article hasn’t been uploaded yet.
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3 months ago, fregd
Though the app works fine on iPhone it is unusable on iPad. Love the news hate your app. Also many have gone to streaming adds during breaks vs pop up adds that repeat every time you switch apps and come Back. Lots of little areas that could improve that add up To just a bad experience overall
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4 years ago, Accright
Fox ‘es new app
I love the new app because if the headlines are deceiving which they are a lot of the time you can just return back to app and see what else you want to look at.
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6 years ago, Bruno G73
Loyal watcher
I open it first thing in the morning. I like looking at the weather and breaking news. Keeps me up to date on what’s going on in Colorado.
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2 years ago, Hxyugvcffff
I get notifications and when I click on it and it takes me to the news app the story I’m being notified of is not there. I wish the information flowed more cohesively.
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7 years ago, PkRanger12
Terrible keeps crashing
Sadly my iPhone 5s doesn't like this app. Constantly crashes it don't wait for all the adds to load. Uninstalled and reinstalled many times same problem. Also what's will all the adds? I mean really, I get you have to make a dime but every story has at least two if not more.
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3 years ago, Jeaword
App crashes
I’ve used this app for several years and loved it. The most recent update in 2021 seems to have a lot of issues with lag and crashing. Would not recommend this app until these issues are resolved.
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3 years ago, Sableberks
No longer worth it
This was the last news site that wasn’t just a horrible ad-laden nightmare that was impossible to find actual news in. This version goes the same way as everyone else, starting with a forced full screen ad every single time you open the app. Deleted. Better living without “news” anyway.
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6 years ago, qt92
FOX is the only news I trust
Great coverage of local and national issues. Better anchors than other stations and more objective, honest reporting. The only station I watch!
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6 years ago, Happy Golfer25
Local News
Great local coverage providing unbiased news. Great graphics, to the point text and interesting content.
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1 month ago, Random_chick :P
Why do you tease weather everyday
I am so sick of the weather from the woman Kylie? I changed from channel 4 thinking fox was more conservative. They sort of are. But I never know what the weather will be, it’s always going to be coming up. Ugh at least channel 4 gives the full forecast within the hour.
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1 year ago, No News Stand Junk
Not Live News Anymore
App was great; now terrible since Live News was eliminated. Over the last several months, ads have become the main content nearly eliminating the ability to actually watch a story. With the elimination of the LIVE feature, the app is now worthless.
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6 years ago, #StarChild
Well I meant great news. Local and enough for a cup of coffee in morning. Save a tree and move along. How about comments? That would round it out.
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3 years ago, zxtr20
Too many ads
I’ve deleted this app as it had too many ads. The automatic launch of a gambling ad was the final straw as there is no method to turn it off. So sorry as I liked the up to date news reports.
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1 year ago, Ndiphone user
Great news source, app is not so great
I’m not sure what’s going on with this app. I’ve used it for years, but for the last three months, it refuses to open most of the time. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded, tried to update it, etc. to no avail. It’s a great local news source but the app is struggling. Please update this app.
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4 years ago, SingingSongs
Love the Fox News App!
I get the news I’m interested in and don’t have to spend the time digging around for it. So convenient!
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6 years ago, UncorkingGoblin
Left Leaning and False Reporting
The app works well, but the reporting is very Left leaning and I find 1-3 false or misleading reports per day. I report these posts through the app, many times I try to report them, the app instantly shuts down before I can submit the corrections. Good thing I take screenshots of them!
Show more
4 months ago, Marks0015
Fonts too big
Well was a good app. Latest update makes it difficult ti use because the fonts are too big once a story is selected. Going to smaller font size doesn’t make any difference.
Show more
2 years ago, RyKittie
Way to much ridiculous advertising
And as you scroll through a news story you have to watch you don’t hit the advertisements inserted in the text-and to have an advertisement right on your main page that’s so unprofessional saying bye bye to this app!
Show more
2 years ago, Pentatonic145
Hijacks my mobile browser to force-feed me ads
You already have ads in the app. You do not have my permission to open a link inn mobile safari when o haven’t even clicked on any ads in the app. Surprised this passed the App Store review process - suggest apple look into it
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