FOX4 News Kansas City

4.6 (1.4K)
63.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Local TV LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX4 News Kansas City

4.64 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
5 years ago, psxie10
Easiest way to read news
Compared to the other local news apps, Fox4News presents the latest news and weather in the easiest format to access. I especially love the weather info that includes the long ranger at a glance. It doesn’t get crowded up with old news and articles that require sorting through to find the current headlines.
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3 years ago, C locc
Msm garbage
App crashes constantly, normally within the first or second article. After closing it and reopening you might get to read 3 articles before the next freeze. If this isn't bad enough, or having video ads start playing despite never touching them. Most if not all national news comes from the most trusted name in fake news CNN or the equally as biased associated press. If i wanted to read pro establishment deep state propaganda (what Time magazine would deceptively champion as a secret cabal) with radical progressive liberals, i wouldn't go to fox. Apparently local fox is hoping to appeal to the woke, those who destroy our republic. Need more proof? Look at the positive spin around every disastrous decision mayor Quinton Lucas has made. REAL AMERICAN'S are tired of being treated as too ignorant to see what's happening, and being told by the elite whether that's social media, or msm through censorship, shaming, race baiting, canceling,etc. What we should believe is what they are telling us, not what our on eyes and minds are seeing. Speaking of Time, why with such an important story explaining how the election was rigged wouldn't you report it? Time is far from a conservative publication. Nevermind i know the answer. Your part of the establishment/problem with this country. I hope others who didn't already know this have a chance to read this review & will now make their own decision if what they're being fed is food for thought, or leftward rot.
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3 years ago, etoiles_1
Awful! New update as of April 5, 2021.
I don’t know what you did to your app in this new update but, being a screen reader customer, it is almost impossible to get through your app now! All I really want to do is watch live TV from my phone and I can’t even find the live TV option anymore. That used to be the second option from the top and now it’s gone! Also, all of your buttons just say the word, image, instead of telling me what each button is. This is a nightmare for visually impaired users! Fix it now! Please! I am a loyal fox for watcher and since I moved out of Kansas City I only watch you on my phone! You have made this incredibly difficult and I am so super disappointed!😭
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7 years ago, cah78790
Unexpected Shut Downs
I love fox4 KC when it comes to TV but this app is frustrating. I will be reading an article and all of a sudden the app closes and my phone goes to my main screen. You then have to reopen the app and relocate the article you were reading. Also every time I open the app it takes up more and more space on my phone's storage. I don't understand why because I don't save any articles. It was up to 660MB so I deleted the app and reinstalled it. The storage amount went back down to 20MB but it's now over 100MB after using the app a few times. What is causing this? The weather app doesn't increase in storage usage.
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3 years ago, tenth nickname try jeez
Constant problems with news refresh
I have had constant problems with this news app refreshing with updated news stories. Often go days without new stories being updated even when trying to manually refresh. I update the app and my operating system regularly. I have removed and dowloaded multiple times. Nothing helps. I like the format and that’s why I kept trying to remedy this problem but done fooling with it. I will use another local station’s app going forward.
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2 years ago, Vinegargal
Don’t like the latest upgrade to the App
I prefer to read my news. With the latest upgrade some of the news articles are videos. That would be okay if there was a way to click back to the list of news articles, but their isn’t. Once the video is done, it goes on to another video. I have to close the app and restart the app and hope I don’t click on another video. I am no even going to bother opening the app anymore unless I’m notified the problem has been remedied.
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4 years ago, G.W.J.
I’ve enjoyed that you’ve considered the customer in how your app is user friendly. I’m a channel 4 viewer for 49 years and you’ve continued to improve the quality of your stations news. Thank You! Your staff has definitely put and kept the reader in mind.
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4 years ago, Darren E Mc
Good format; poor tech
I would agree with other reviews that the Fox 4 News app for Kansas City news updates is by far the best format. It’s why I am so disappointed in the overall operation of the app though. There is a beg that causes the app to freeze, sometimes in an article, at other times while simply scrolling the homepage, causing me to have to totally shut the app down and reboot the app. This is very frustrating, again, because the format is my personal favorite over the Chanel 9, TV5, and 41 apps for Kansas City news.
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6 years ago, Themusicman08
This needs some serious work
So if we are supposed to get all of the local breaking news from this app, why is it that when you load this app using accessibility features such as voiceover and or magnification settings the app chokes? Instead of improving the app, it’s getting worse. So much so that voiceover now crashes. My phone has not shut down on me, but I’m afraid that it may do that if I keep running this application. Please update this app for accessibility and looks. If nothing else, at least accessibility. This is very horrible that this is not been addressed.
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8 months ago, TigerJon
Fox 4 Is Extremely Biased
I’ve had this app on my phone for a few years and can’t take it anymore. F4 is an extreme liberally biased network and it shows in their articles. In addition to the ideology of the network, pieces written by “journalists” like Malik Jackson and Andrew Lynch are laughable spelling and grammatical errors abound (Fellas, you might want to spell-check before publishing; my high schooler could do better with he eyes closed). If you like your news spoon-fed to you through a progressive filter, this app is for you, otherwise it’s garbage.
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3 years ago, Ccats
I just want to read the news
Unfortunately with latest updates videos start playing pinned to the top half of the screen. So you have a tiny window space to read at the bottom. You can’t stop videos from playing. Hit pause it starts playing an ad. No matter how you scroll you can’t see the top line of the story because a data sucking video pops up and starts playing. I miss being able to quietly read the news with Fox4.
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3 years ago, luv kc TV4
Morning news.
I have watched the Morning news for years! This morning news made me laugh out loud. Really laugh out loud. B O L O G N A. John singing the Oscar Meyer jingle, Abbey and Kim directing John’s singing and laughing so hard and Nick what is up with you? Bolognahhh? Thank you for making my day!
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7 years ago, Ron Dante
How about more updates?
Rarely do you find a local story get updated when it says ‘check back for updates’. If something does get updated, it may be in a different link you have to search for or luck into finding. Enjoy the content otherwise.
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1 month ago, Rubernck21
Why put buttons to limit items if you’ll just show it anyways?
The app, itself, is fine. But for the love of all that is holy!!!!! If you put in buttons to limit certain types of news…..LIKE WEATHER!!!!!!! Then remove all weather alerts!!!!! If I wanted weather alerts, then I’d download the Fox 4 weather app………………..
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3 years ago, Ms1333
Needs another update
The only problem I have with this app is if I click on a story to read then want to back to read another story it ALWAYS kick me back to the top of the list instead of bringing me back to where I left off!! This is a waste of time having to go back to the beginning of the list of news stories every time then have to search where you left off!!
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4 years ago, Anne Flanary
Best Morning everyday!
I wake up and turn it on 4:30 or 5:00 am ! Laughter is the best way to start your day! The app lets you watch what you want anywhere. Weather with the girls is accurate! Anne F
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6 years ago, ksbirdman
Find another line of work!
Crap app and news reporting. Ever hear of grammar and spellcheck? Love how you bait people to go read or see an article only to have to put up with 3 minutes of advertisements before it takes you there (sometimes it never makes it to the article). Do yourself a favor and skip this news station and biased reporting. Only two reporters I trust there, the others are crap.
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3 years ago, rwooddvr
49% old news, 50% clickbait
For a decent news station, Fox4 should be ashamed of this app. Most recently they’ve taken to making clickbait ads look like news stories. The actual news stories are rarely updated, and when they do have a “breaking news” story it’s often from yesterday. Terrible, deceptive, unprofessional app.
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6 years ago, 23Louise
Much improved
The app works well for reading news stories, and is easy to navigate. Streaming works about 90% of the time. Looks like they’ve fixed the problems.
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6 years ago, missing you all
I moved
One thing I miss is all the cheerful faces on Fox 4. I try to watch a lot of it on my phone. The news I get comes out of Quincy being in Ewing Mo. Mark and the crew you are the best! Miss ya!
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3 years ago, ahfvbkiyt
Terrible app
I’m at the point Of not even using this app. It constantly Freezes or refreshes to the point that you cant even read a news article. So disappointing ... you would think they would test their own app and would want one that reflects better on their station.
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6 years ago, Selenaville2
Fox 4
Fox 4 news is the only one I will watch I like all the morning team and the evening team with Loren Halifax miss her with Mark though but you are all awesome.
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5 years ago, news nosey
Fox 4 gives you the News fast
I love the ease of using this app.
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4 years ago, Dbcarl
FOX4 problem
Fox 4 was my go to ab for news. Even on my iPad 6 it was fast and worked great, but now since update it is slow, will interrupt a story with a “continue to read” flag. Then fills the screen with adds. Hit the continue to read flag does nothing. I have fast internet service and WiFi. Other APs are not acting like this.
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3 years ago, peaccchhh
Always stop working. Tiny screen to watch the love on. Everyone you click the enlarge button it takes you to a stupid ad. It’s just ridiculous. Would think it would be way better. Have the developers work on this please
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1 year ago, NoNameNickname45
The videos keep playing on their own even though I have the autoplay feature disabled. It’s annoying.
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6 years ago, meancmt
Better than all the rest.
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2 years ago, PincheCulero
Shady advertising
You will open a news story and immediately be redirected to an advertiser’s website. I feel as though this a slimy way of getting website hits. Really makes me not like this app.
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4 years ago, That's it for me 2
Forced update
Hate forced updates. Looks like new spam. About time to delete it. Still won’t load content correctly or go to videos when selected. It didn't fix the problems I’ve been seeing.
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6 years ago, chicn76
Weather tab disappeared after update
Updated the app today and now there’s no tab for weather. I use this mainly for the weather. I prefer their radar to my other apps and it’s pretty useless if it’s gone. Please fix this bug!!!
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3 months ago, Me and the dogs
No Search Feature
Deleted the app today after figuring out there is no search feature. What are your developers thinking???
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4 years ago, Thre global brick mason
Staying informed about home.
Always informed , no matter what part of the globe I’m in. From Indonesia to japan to Miami for the Super Bowl with toes in sand yayyyy.
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4 years ago, 1joev
Love it
Love reading news on this app
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4 years ago, Govkugfkgugjggfffyjfd
Like the app.
Enjoy the layout and ease of finding articles.
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4 months ago, Adamanthieus
Ever since the latest update I can’t access the weather section on the app. I am currently running the most up to date version of IOS 17.3.1
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3 years ago, Cinnie1004
Will not stay on. I loved the live stream of the morning show. With the new update it crashes constantly. Very disappointing. Had to change to channel 5 tv.
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5 years ago, Mtjc1987
Very disappointed
Can’t increase page size for easier reading. Can’t tap on photos to enlarge. Can’t rotate screen.
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7 years ago, RoyBoy1966
Choppy And Crashes
Playback stinks due to being unsteady and stops and crashes.
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4 years ago, Sungjung1
You guys are best morning show
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4 years ago, tahhoe
I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled the most current version and it STILL freezes, locks up, shuts down. I’ve never had this much headache before. I’m about done. Please please fix.
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4 years ago, Getting hard to find one
This is an OK app for local news. For anything national the post nothing but liberal opinion especially CNN. Their national stories are most likely off on their facts
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4 years ago, fake news 2021
Biased news
More left wing liberal propaganda but at least you can look here to see how many locals have been shot in the inner city last night.
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4 years ago, Drake218
Tha app keeps crashing
Tried to watch some stories and the app keeps shutting down.
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6 years ago, srthomas73
Loving it!
The webpage in MacBook is a system hog! The app works smoothly!
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4 years ago, Jdc192000
Love the app, but the content writers need help
This app is great, but the people controlling the content need to learn some basic skills such as not separating sentences between two or more lines. It gets really annoying when trying to read an article.
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5 years ago, Zqwe
App keeps freezing!
Not sure if it’s because of an update or what, but the last few days this app keeps freezing. Fix, please!
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3 years ago, Cparker86
App is trash!
Every time you click on a story it freezes!!!
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5 years ago, Doon1e
Apple watch app
Nice app. But would like to see a standalone Apple watch app.
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4 years ago, wyandotte eddie
55 mph speed limit
Mark Alford said Jimmy Carter did the speed limit law, when in fact it was Richard Nixon.
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3 years ago, KathyEstopare
Terrible app
Randomly locks up your phone. Crappy app.
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