FOX40 News - Sacramento

4.6 (495)
86.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tribune Broadcasting Company
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX40 News - Sacramento

4.59 out of 5
495 Ratings
4 years ago, Northbrooke
Fox 40 News App
Well-balanced news reports, easy to navigate, and an interesting selection of articles. Their on-air reports are also very informative.
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6 years ago, Green Achers
Good news - Horrible App
The reason I’ve used this app for so long is because it’s got good local news. The reason I’m deleting it now is because it’s a horrible app design. First, They post the very same ad into every single article. That’s to say, there’s only one advertiser that is getting their product displayed! In giving hundreds of ad feedbacks that I keep seeing the same ad and that I’m not interested in their product, I get a Google acknowledgement and then it pops it back on again. Next, the app is full of fake news stories that lead you to articles that FOX never wrote. Last, The real FOX news stories are so few that this app repeats them as you scroll down through the list. They typically have around six new stories, a couple old stories, and then all that repeated. Well, here’s my feedback to the black hole of app administration. I’m done with this horrible app and deleting it.
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5 years ago, Shastayana
Happy I ditched the KCRA app for FOX40
I left KCRA’s insulting ad-fest of an app for this one. I enjoy the app for reading the news and am grateful that it is in both video and article form. The proofreading is mostly accurate and, perhaps most importantly, readers are not inundated and overwhelmed by ads like KCRA. I would give 5 stars but the live stream often loses sound and crashes. NOTE: I voiced one concern one time and have seen the problem resolved. FOX40 listens! Thank you
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2 years ago, Mty1983
Not a fan of the app
Nothing against Fox 40 News, but I’m not a fan of the app at all. Each news story has a video playing at the top that starts with an obnoxiously loud commercial. And there have been numerous times I’ve waited out the commercial only to have the video completely unrelated to the article. I wish the videos started off muted and gave me the option of listening or not rather than the immediate assault. As a result I hardly open the news alerts.
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5 years ago, Sac Reader
Location Service
FOX 40 does Apple know that your app is not listed under location service? Yet you all are using my location without my permission. I’m going to report you all to Apple. I’m sure you are breaking Apple’s terms of service. It’s rare that I go to your app, but I noticed my location was being monitored from your app earlier. I see FOX 40 Weather under the Location tab, but not FOX 40 news. I’m thinking it’s against the law to monitor someone’s location without their permission.
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5 years ago, Jarebeargamer
They show the same stories over and over and over. Ugh. I’ll see the same story on my page 5-6 times in one day and NO ONE has commented. They also re-post old news. I’ve commented about this but it does no good. Whoever is managing their tweets needs more training. If they don’t improve I’m unfollowing
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6 years ago, dvmcb
Fox News is my ONLY go-to scene for information everyday. I have no desire to view any other news source as I don’t trust them !!
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5 years ago, WRS15743
Update makes phone overheat and crashes
I loved this app until the July 2 update ... now it makes my XS Max overheat and the app crashes multiple times when refreshing to load new stories. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, because a lot of local news is offered in the app and I like Fox 40.
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3 years ago, McGuire 37
Please fix the last update.
Ads cover more than a quarter of the viewable page now. And with the new “video” feature you have to scroll through the article then backtrack just to read the article. Very tedious.
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3 years ago, J Hensel
Inconsistent look and feel
Overall font size is too small with only the ne place that allows for font size adjustments for a few articles. I just cannot deal with the navigation to see what nconsistent looking pages.
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7 years ago, Sandy G55
Fox 40
Great local news for our Sacramento Valley. They also have our backs on World News that can effect us.
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7 years ago, Lofty916
Factual News
I appreciate unbiased actual and factual news without personal opinions.
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3 years ago, Axel602
Update ruined it
I used to love this app because I could scroll from story to story but now it’s like KCRA app where you have to close one story to read the next. It’s so time consuming. Does that look good, yes. It’s just not as user friendly.
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6 years ago, Gkidx
Fairly unbiased
For a news app, this is pretty neutral and factual. One of the few I read.
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6 years ago, manaDia e
I am enjoying this app very much. It is clear concise and easy to use
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12 years ago, chillin fireguy
Glad to have you back
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4 years ago, hiddegard
The only thing I do not understand are your duplications. You can see on one topic a certain item and after scrolling a very short way, the same topic is listed??
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3 months ago, Raygottsc
Locked up ads, Bluetooth earbuds don’t work
U need to check why ads hang up and earbuds stopped working on the iPad. I have the most recent updates on it.
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6 years ago, Rjcamario22
Video issues
All the videos I’m trying to watch are in a constant 1 second playback loop. I see with it could be looking into and resolved.
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2 years ago, tye jordan
This is the worst news reporting. They are lazy and don’t report the actual news instead they cloud you with nonsense. FAKE NEWS!!!!
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7 years ago, Don't get this1
Since their untested update, it crashes all the time. They do nothing to fix it. Almost useless now
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5 years ago, Nana0321
Fix app please
This app use to work great now it freezes and you have to continuously re open the app
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11 years ago, Sunsh!nez
I did not have this app prior to the update so I can't compare it to it's old version, but compared to other local news apps, I dislike how this is setup. It loads way too slow when you choose an article to read. Moreover, the other apps are a lot more organized. I'm giving it two stars because I do like the live streaming option, and there are articles that are not covered in the other news apps. As I check my phone every few hours for news updates, I generally use this app only once per day to see if I missed anything because the loading time and format is such a deterrent.
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9 years ago, OMG_Diane
Best Sacramento option
I used to exclusively use the channel 3 news app, but absolutely hated the updated version from this last fall. After deleting the channel 3 app, I tried several other local news apps. I have found this Fox 40 app to be the best and most usable. More actual typed articles most with video of you want. Commercials are a fact of life now I guess...:(
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11 years ago, A little disappointed!!
Really?? What were they thinking?? This app is absolutely terrible. The older one was so much better. I deleted the old app because it was useless. I was glad to see the new one finally up, so I reinstalled it. The app is not easy to navigate. Way to much going on there. I like to be able to open a news app and see the days news not have to scroll through and look for stories. Please fix all this and make an app worth keeping or this app again will be deleted.
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11 years ago, Jennybrown
App Ruined with Ads!!!
They made a horrible mess with the new version of this app. It's super slow to load because of all the ads and video ads they try to play on load. It crashes on me constantly... Again I think because of the ads. I used to like this app because they had a wider variety of news they reported. Now I just look elsewhere... This one is too frustrating. Don't waste your time with this one.
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11 years ago, Rocklin Mama
Go back to old app please!
This is not an "app" it's just their website within an app. The old app was so much better. It was easier to navigate, better organized, and loaded much much more quickly. I used to visit the old app multiple times a day. Now only visit the new app/website maybe once a week. Please go back to the old style? What was wrong with it? Why did you change it?
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7 years ago, Instagram photo maker
Like the news-- videos don't always play
I appreciate fox 40 news. My favorite local news source. I've recently been frustrated that the news videos often won't play for me. So that's a bummer.
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8 years ago, Mzmiss
So-so local news coverage. Tired of the "Seven steps to earthquake safety" article that has been in the top news stories for the past 3 weeks, usually 2-3 times on one page.
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11 years ago, Lotscoffee
No stars. Stories on Fox 40 have always been different than most of the other local news apps. Last 3 versions are horrible including one I just downloaded. Goes straight to a commercial. Can't get rid of it. Pop ups for Toyota. X out doesn't respond. Bad plan Fox 40. About to delete you
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9 years ago, Davidabmail
No live news
I wanted to be able to watch the news that should have been airing on TV. After looking through the app for a couple of minutes, I didn't find the watch live option advertised in the app description.
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11 years ago, Lickity Spit
I have NEVER seen an app this bad, never. I'm shocked, stuck on stupid just trying to figure this out. Comments on a story-HA! App support? HA! I've had this app less than an hour, only that long so I can rate this app of crap. Whoever designed, works on, and still has it in all store is one of the laziest people on the job. WoW disgusting...
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9 years ago, NanaEllen
Same here - won't display in landscape mode
I find the news presentations okay, I mean decent reporting, but since the last update, I have to read the articles sideways because the app doesn't rotate when I rotate my iPad to landscape mode. Kind of unusable like this. To put it mildly. Pls fix.
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11 years ago, Kallanev
Terrible replacement app
The older Fox40 iPhone app was much faster and much easier to navigate than this poor replacement. I'm going to delete this app & pray someone at Fox40 pulls their head out of their nether regions & reenables the older app. Meanwhile I am using other local news apps...
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12 years ago, Shvictor
Great app
Great local news
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9 years ago, reganlynne
This used to be my go-to for quick news updates. Now, can't navigate to morning, sports, whatever. It is no longer user-friendly.
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11 years ago, {AW}TFR
I wish this app worked...
Fox 40 on tv is usually the best local news for Stanislaus County. I was hoping to enjoy the app too, but it's constant frustration and will be deleted now, 10 minutes after I downloaded it.
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8 years ago, Dbl Aw
Horrible … Worthless .... Zero Stars !!!
The recent updated format is simply horrible. Local news is from back in 2015, nothing current. Weather radar doesn't work at all. I deleted it, KCRA 3 is much better.
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7 years ago, Dreski2024
Constantly Crashes
This app constantly crashes. Sometimes you can go minutes before crashing, sometimes mere seconds. VERY annoying.
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8 years ago, victory.b
Videos won't load
Apps are okay, but the videos won't load
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11 years ago, Ultimate failure1692
This app blows
After the last update its all commercials and you can't get them off the screen. Just went from my number one news app to delete.
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11 years ago, mustarddog
Previous app was much better
I was never sure why Fox40 ended their old app a few months ago. It was pretty good. Unfortunately, this is a major step backward. Destined to be deleted.
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11 years ago, bFirm
Full of car commercials
Spent all my time trying to dismiss the car ads. It is almost impossible to get to the news.
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9 years ago, LoydeH
Not iPad friendly
This latest version will not display in landscape mode at all. Considering this is the way I tend to use my iPad at all times I can not use this app at all.
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7 years ago, Rakkasan79
Complete garbage
This is the worst news app I've ever used. The videos never play, the app is extremely slow, and it constantly crashes. Utter trash.
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7 years ago, Eberide
Hate it
Keeps crashing
Show more
11 years ago, Howard777
Terrible app
First I am a fan of fox broadcasting. However this is an awful app. Terrible layout, slow, buggy, and worst of all littered with ads. Complete garbage. Deleted.
Show more
7 years ago, Curt92teg
This app is garbage. Videos won't play and half the news stories are adds.
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8 years ago, M to M
Fox News app
Need to update. Most news is 2 days old
Show more
11 years ago, SifuBates
This app is garbage! Pop up ads in the middle of a video, live stream doesn't stream, and the app continuously shuts down. Garbage garbage garbage.....
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