FOX5 Vegas - Las Vegas News

4.7 (6.1K)
71.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX5 Vegas - Las Vegas News

4.69 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
7 years ago, sharadiva
Most current news and info
Love the app. Fox 5 does a great job of keeping the new current in one place. Other news outlets (TV and print) rely on social media for the latest updates, making it necessary to check several places to get current news. Plus the ability to stream from the app is convenient and easy.
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6 years ago, Craig sanscrainte
Minus a star for the amount of articles leading you to a live stream
It’s easily the best local news app. Lots of content expanding many subjects in an easy and simple menu. Breaking news comes fast and it comes heavily. If you’re not a fan of your phone going off constantly. This ain’t your app. Biggest issue with the app is the fact that on almost all breaking news alerts you swipe to read. It has a half sentence and then tells you to watch the live stream. People own this app to read articles, not watch the news. It makes the news station feel less authentic and more trendy for a millennial crowd that refuses to read. It’s something they should seriously work on.
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5 years ago, a disgrumbled viewer
Lay offs
What is wrong with you people you Lay off the people we enjoy like Heidi and mike Doria and hire all these new young people who have no relationship to the news Christ you even lost Melanie. What the heck are you guys thinking? Most people want anchors they can relate to not 29 year olds that are barely out of school. At least you didn’t fire Jason and the rest of the long timers. What does it take to make you see most people watching tv are my age at least in their 50’s and they like longevity young people don’t even watch news. Christ I’m not even going to watch channel 5 since you guys keep laying off all the good anchors. Get your heads out of your xxxx. Get a clue people like familiarity and closeness Family with their news people. I can’t even keep up with all these new idiots you’ve hired to bring news. Get s clue.
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9 months ago, Hidesertcowgirl
Problems with App
I've had this App on my iPhone for several years with no problem. A little over a week ago the news articles stopped auto-updating. I deleted the app and reloaded it, and it operated normally for one day and started the same behavior. I love this app, it is my main source of info as to what is occurring here in the LV valley, so I miss it. Can you please ascertain if there is an incompatibility with Apple’s latest IOS 16.6.1 update or somehow a bug that needs to be corrected?
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5 years ago, MRrFred
“Watch live” never ever works
I can go on the internet and get accurate up to date weather and watch content other than “live news”. The live streaming was the reason I was interested in this app. I have had this app here in Las Vegas for over a year. Streaming the news over ATT LTE, or 3G is NEVER possible. The stalling and buffering makes it impossible to watch. WIFi is the exact same experience. I have very fast internet and steam content all the time but this app is crap when it comes to streaming live. Please fix this app or stop misleading the public into thinking live streaming is possible with this app.
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7 years ago, mrs bumblebee
Like Fox News
Fox News is my go to place but there is a little thing I would like to have fixed on your app. That would be able to share with my friends the matter if it is a breaking news item. Thanks Fox News
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1 year ago, Rockin Rowan
“Breaking News” is a joke
The app is fine. It works and functions exactly how you’d want a news app to work. However, their threshold for what qualifies as “Breaking News” when those are the only notifications you want is set extremely low. That standard needs to be reevaluated. I get Breaking News notifications when a celebrity does something, when an athlete is injured, when a new festival is coming to Vegas. It’s insane. In my mind, Breaking News is what you’d expect to see in an amber alert - active shooter, hazardous materials, police stand off, barricades situations near me, missing child, etc. Instead, I’m notified today that Tucker Carlson is leaving FOX and that the Oakland A’s are making further progress in coming to Vegas. Great - that’s real breaking.
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2 years ago, Baseballbum
This app is terrible
This app has more ads than news. Many times when you click on a news headline all you see is ads. The article is nowhere to be found. The traffic map is useless. It is so small and covered with icons that cover the map. The traffic articles are months old. Every once in a while a hot news story pops up and you can actually read it, but that is an exception. This app needs to be completely re designed.
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6 years ago, Bossbakken
Ridiculous notifications
App is fine but don’t agree to “breaking news alerts. I got 20 yesterday and 5 already today and it’s not even 9am! Most are just ads to watch their broadcast. Woke me up at 6 am both days. First day was to tell me they’d show me one of the parade floats and today was to tell me they’d show me the beer pong tournament! App says it will let you customize alerts you want to see but when you try to do that it only shows two choices; breaking news, and weather. Beer pong is not breaking news!
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4 months ago, Rick from Summerlin
Never loads
I traveled to California a couple weeks a month and I try to stay up on the news using the fox five app, but constantly connecting to live streaming never works and if it does, I only get it for a few minutes and then it never comes back. very disappointed. I love this new station and I like to keep up on what’s going on at home but the app is really horrible at this point
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5 years ago, Airomee Wind
Needs some improvements
I hardly ever open this app unless there is a fascinating news article to read. But for me the main usefulness of this app is when it flashes news updates across my notification screen and I can read instant news updates on the go. It has a severe lack of features. They need to add more features to this app to make it more useful.
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5 years ago, Dustys87456
Used to be my go-to for news
Fix 5 used to be my go-to app for news, but not so much anymore. The app has banner ads at the bottom that keep slowing down my IPhone 8 to the point where it locks up. I can’t even scroll through the top news anymore before it freezes. Those bottom banner ads are cheesy, too, Fox 5. You can do better than that.
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6 years ago, Hst1984
App was not updating had to uninstall and reinstall
App worked great in the beginning but after about a year the app didn’t want to update. So I had to uninstall and reinstall in order to get app to update and show the correct date of events as it was 6 days behind. (And yes I checked my apps and made sure it shows as up to date) otherwise I enjoy using this app.
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7 years ago, Jsplu
Best news channel here
I love fox 5, best news channel in the city by far, and they app is better than all of them, the news is faster than everyone else as well, I had all the news apps but deleted them except for fox 5 . Keep up the good work.
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6 years ago, preettyjaime
#1 Fox 5 news
I just recently moved to California, and I had to download the app to keep me updated of what’s going on in my city .. I miss casandra , Jason ,Monika ,Doris And the the rest of the crew .. I really miss fox 5 news so this app makes me and my husband fell we still there lol Keep up the great job ...
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2 years ago, Las Vegas 1974
Pretty terrible reporting even fake news.
Articles are poorly written most of the time, and usually the important facts are missing. Also, the video about women walking out of nail salon without paying, had the guilty women’s faces block out. Give me a break. Why don’t you help the community identify and catch them. Also, how about having a comment section in the news article. So you can listen to the opinions of your viewers.
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7 years ago, JasonJsn02
Fox 5 app
I love the app but it needs to have the option of seeing old news stories by clicking the search bar or something within the app.
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2 years ago, LindaLP
App can be Buggy
This app is good on notifications. But, when going into the app, some screens are buggy and tend to jump. At that point, I give up and close the app. Needs an upgrade to fix the bugs!!
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4 years ago, HeatherKansan
Update leads to a Mess
Regarding the new app layout, it’s too scattered, repetitive and confusing. I’ve stopped using it got this reason and had to switch news sources. I hope you’ll redo it in a more user friendly and easy flowing manner, as it’s a mess now. For example: Top 3 stories across top, then repeated down middle, switch to traffic, then two week old news? What’s the point if I can’t get news fast and up to date?
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1 year ago, LaLa2518
Not worth even downloading
At first it worked, now you can’t even submit an issue. Not worth downloading, so aggravating! The actual app won’t even let you rate it have to go to the App Store find it and then submit. What’s the point of having it if it doesn’t work and you don’t care? Just useless!
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2 years ago, TommynHazzy
New design
Love the new design! Much easier access to the stuff I want to see. Faster too. Thanks. Not sure how to login yet.
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1 year ago, bmejia44
No more live feed
What’s been happening with this app lately? It worked fine for years and then all of a sudden it will no longer find your live news, instead, it’ll roll an endless amount of commercials. I tried exiting out and going back in and now I’m getting national news based out of Kentucky. what’s going on?
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3 years ago, anlielhe
Glitchy and difficult
Used to be my go to source. Now, I have to go through several screens and more often than not the app hangs up on a ad and will not take me to news. Even though I prefer anchors on Fox 5, I now watch the channel 13 app that never gives me problems. Fix the app if you want me back
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6 years ago, 1004olab
Love having Fox5
Thanks for being here I can keep up with all that’s happening in Valley, information to my families who move to valley 4y ago. I fine all the anchors to be nice.
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4 years ago, iamtina2
No tablet rotation
When I read on my tablet I pretty much always have my device in the landscape view and not the portrait view. So, I’m quite disappointed that I cannot flip the screen that way. So, I will not be using the news app on my tablet.
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5 years ago, vernmoor
Your Facebook page
The reason I gave you 3 stars is because every time I want to read something I have to go to Facebook I’m not on Facebook and never will be. Everyone is not on Facebook. Why are you ? Just have your own app. Like Fox News National
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6 years ago, Slotfloorperson
I mostly go to fox networks for the real news but when I need a good laugh to will go to CNN or other fake news outlets
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7 years ago, sergio402
Get notifications to see whats happening around the area. Then says click on the link to play video or story and you get annoying advertisements repeating, after thats done it freezes!!! Gotta get it together asap cant keep people updated like this. Fox has always been top choice but the app needs more attention.
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4 years ago, swollengunz
Please update for landscape view
I love being notified for news topics. My iPad sits on my desk and I’m able to click the link and see the latest. With this app I have to pick it up and turn it upright. Unfortunately I’ll have to rely on the other up to date news apps so I can read on my iPad.
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4 months ago, 2ts*****
Is there a particular reason why I have to listen to commercials in Spanish while watching my news in the mornings? Nothing else is in foreign languages… Please put Spanish stuff with their Spanish channels so I can go back to enjoying my news.
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5 years ago, ssj246
Amazing News updates
I always know what’s going on in my community because of this application! I really respect and love the Fox Team in Las Vegas. Keep it up!
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6 years ago, CRISHA CARS
They have changed things. 🤷🏽‍♀️
The app is great, however we still should be able to access the same things from the web such as live streaming and we can’t.
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2 years ago, garfelt
Doesn’t work, doesn’t play fox 5
App doesn’t function. Most of the time it gets stuck replaying ads until you restart the entire app. And the app doesn’t actually play Fox 5 in Vegas anymore, it streams a generic news station from the east coast instead. Low quality app and dev.
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4 years ago, petemageat
Best news channel ever!
Moved from Vegas after nearly 40 yrs. Still love FOX5! Downloaded the app and read about what’s happening in my town.
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3 years ago, jla702
Media cannot be loaded
App used to be good but now I get Media Cannot Be Loaded a lot of the times. I try to watch the live feed when the morning crew is on so I know the news is actually on. I have to try about 15 times before I finally am able to watch.
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5 years ago, mikeyhi12
Whenever I get a pop up notification about a story and click on it, it just takes me to a video commercial and 9 out of 10 times the story doesn’t pop up after. Then I can’t find it, you need a search option.
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5 years ago, robertmeza67
I’m enjoying the push notifications and thorough reporting. I wake up to Fox 5 and now get caught up during the day as well
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7 years ago, K Fas
Overall great site to stay up to time on events. However if you get notifications there can be too many.
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4 years ago, ricklu888
Latest update has destroyed app
Since the latest update, every time I get a notification about a breaking news story and I try to read it, the app shuts down. I also agree with many of the other users that the layout is very poorly designed. This app is going to the trash can.
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8 months ago, gfg 17
Type is too small
I wish there was an option to enlarge the type. I’m not fully dependent on reading glasses but I have to pass on some stories because the size of the print.
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5 years ago, Dewd
Newstation that will prefers to report hearsay rather than report the facts. For example the missile attack from Iran at a military base in Iraq on the Chan 5 news stated 80 dead. Nobody was injured! One of many times I’ve caught this news station either reporting false information or half-truths, misleading the general public. I see political bias and another fake-news channel.
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2 years ago, Scuba-S
Just deleted
App is too hard to navigate or find any story worth reading and the last time I tried to access it I received a message that said “no content” I will move onto a better put together more reliable app.
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5 years ago, Helicopters2
App is Lame
App always crashes and is slow to update. I may get a breaking news alerts and have to watch 20 minutes of junk before getting the story I was alerted to, very annoying. Should also make navigating the app easier to get directly to the stories of interest.
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6 years ago, EZPete
Love Fox 5
Best all around up to date news stories and weather. Keep up the great work.
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4 years ago, ... ( 0_o ) ...
Very limited (and outdated) news content
I no longer use this app to find out what’s going on currently in the news as there’s a lack of news content and/or the news that they do post on here is considered “old news” compared to the other local news apps.
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6 years ago, Grandpa47
The best
Fast up to the minute with breaking news best place to find out what is happening in Vegas
Show more
6 years ago, osasissy
Love the news
Love fox 5 news , they keep me updated with everything that is happening in our community!🐥
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7 years ago, Scottiedoggxiii
Live stream
When I try to live stream a newscast it doesn't stream it. I get the advertisements just fine but then it goes to the red fox 5screen and stays. It used to work great until the past 3days it just doesn't.
Show more
4 years ago, jmanr78
Fix bugs
App is ok except when I click on live view it’s a guarantee to see the commercial, but always errors to connect to the live feed please fix.
Show more
7 years ago, thehowards702
Spam now
It use to be current events that kept us up to date, but for the last few weeks it’s been trash alerts every 7-15min about non important events like teddy bears etc. and goes until 10:45pm when my family is asleep oh well,time for a new news app
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