FOX59 News - Indianapolis

4.7 (1.9K)
63.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tribune Broadcasting Company
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX59 News - Indianapolis

4.69 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
5 months ago, Kate_332
I cannot use this app. A full screen thing comes up for activating weather alerts and it is too big for my screen. I cannot make it bigger or smaller. I cannot make it go away. I have used this app for many years but this is impassable 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am writing this later. I fixed this problem by making my text size smaller. 😁 Now I love the app again.
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5 years ago, Danville Hoosier
Fact Check of SOTUS Last Night
Very disappointed that your morning newscasters this AM (2/6/19) joined with fake news. They played a short excerpt from the speech on his economic comments. He said it is “ONE” of the greatest booms in history followed by it is “UNPRECEDENTED.” Both are accurate. You distorted the comments by pointing to 3 other times when it was surpassed. That may be true, but his statement wasn’t contrary to that. Additionally, the “unprecedented” part is our economy has never boomed with numbers like this for such a lengthy period of time. You need to be aware YOU TOO are being fact checked. Whether you agree with Conservative policies or not don’t follow the fake news media. If you want to maintain high ratings you’d better get it right and be aware Indiana is a Conservative state supporting President Donald Trump. REPORT HONESTLY and don’t be biased!!!
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6 years ago, indianapuppy
Great way to get news!
I am a person who does not like to watch the news on TV. I do like to know what’s going on in the world however. Getting to read it is more concise and I can read full articles about those things that interest me. There are some things I just do not like to see or hear the long lengthy things that TV airs.
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3 months ago, Feedback-177
Wrong Direction
The update that allows your to scroll up to the top of the list by clicking at the top of the screen is a nice update. Problem… I enjoy the National/World news as much as local. Up until recently you could tap “see more” to view older articles. Clicking this button no longer opens up older articles. Now I’m only able to view the most recent 10 articles, but nothing older. I’m not a fan. Working all day I want to see everything I missed. Hopefully, this next app update can address that.
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4 years ago,
Waking up to news
I love waking up to the latest news without the every morning it really helps my day go smoothly thanks to the weather and traffic updates.
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4 months ago, RhondaKelsay
What the heck…!
I updated FOX59 and sister News 4 apps as requested… When you click on app and try to read a news story, it is covered with ads that never end and just a tiny bit of text at the bottom which you have to attempt to read a line at a time.. Does a real person who can read ever try to use these apps? I am sure I am not the only one who doesn’t want to watch videos that take forever, I like to read the info at my speed.
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6 years ago, BulldogThunder
Local News Option
I would like to see a local or state news filter option. I don’t need to see the national news stories with local stories sprinkled in. I only have so much time when I check the news, I want You to be my local/state news go to. But with out this filter, I may need to seek out another source.
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1 week ago, Indinana
Turns off audio of other apps
If I am listening to a podcast, music, audiobook etc., the audio is turned off when I open this app. Does not happen with other news station apps. The news reporting is okay, just wish photos included with articles could be enlarged so they can be seen on a phone.
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3 years ago, PhVRPh
Small print and wasted space
Too much white space in this supposedly updated app. Looks terrible with small print and lots of wasted white space on the screen with the story titles. Makes the stories look like ad after annoying add and those are the stories! The ads look great! This update could have ben done so much better by high school students.
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7 years ago, Juwills69
App works great, but...
Like the app. It's one of the first I look at for local news. However, 1 gripe. When you give a breaking news update, please provide somewhere in the app these can be easily accessed. I've found times I want to refer back to the article but I am unable to locate it in the app. Please address this :)
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5 years ago, just u&i
I love FOX59 new we can rely on them for new that’s happening around us they get the new out to the people sooner then any other new stations they have the school closings the night before or at four o’clock in the morning that’s why I like FOX59
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4 years ago, steppskie
I don’t need any other news
Everything is right,weather and sports plus everything is up to date!
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3 years ago, salona
Dislike the new layout
The new layout is not aesthetically pleasing. The article titles look like advertisements or the click-bait articles for some hoax of a product. The layout before was so much nicer and easier to find articles. I will use a different local news app until the layout is changed. This one does not make me want to read the news.
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7 years ago, cruiser01
Best way to get news when you have no television around.
I don't really watch television but I'm informed just the same with the app as if I were near my television.
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5 years ago, ruok4a69
Locks up constantly
All I want to do is read the news. The videos never work but that’s not a big deal to me. Sharing any article gives a strange link to a forwarder that never works correctly. And now the app locks up about halfway through any article I read. I’m over this, time to move on to something else.
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4 years ago, chocolate girl lf
Best news channel
I love FOX59 news they really keep me in tuned and up to date on everything that i need especially the weather thanks jom😉keep up the great job y’all ❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Trondannyboy
Great App!
We leave a few hours away from Indy. I use this app 2-3 times a week. Nice to see what’s going on around Indy. Very easy app to use with lots of info!!
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2 years ago, Can't leave a bad review
Wonky App
Have yet to be able to use this app for more than a day or two without having to delete because the ads freeze up. Using an iPad, iOS up to date. Very irritating. Maybe I’ll just give up.
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6 years ago, Jugs#1
FOX59 App
I am a news junkie! I love to keep up with what is going on around me and my family and around the world! My family calls me Debbie FOX59 makes that possible!
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6 years ago, # MISS LOVE
Love , Love fox 59
I start my day watching , and end my day with Fox 59 alway up dated news and information I like the crew always lively with laughs keep up the good work your fan & friend kat 😊😜😎
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6 years ago, Maxine69
I don't miss a day without watching Fox59. You guys are awesome!! Brian Wilkes is my favorite. Hate it when he's not doing weather. Keep up the fabulous job you all do
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6 years ago, Oolitic Bob
Best News App Out There
Use it for everything! Weather, local, and national, news, sports, food reviews! You name FOX59 has in this app!
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6 years ago, Meatax
I don’t have to wade through a lot of screens to get most breaking news. So many apps contain news that is not current.
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4 years ago, Country music man
Fox 59
Fox 59 is my go to channel for honesty in the news. Hate to see Ray leaving and glad to hear Lindsey is at home healing after her surgery. She has such a beautiful personality and smile.
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4 years ago, T᷉᷈i᷉᷈m᷉᷈b᷉᷈o᷉᷈
I Like the Way they focus on Local News and Sports‼️My 9yr. old Son and I always watch Fox 59. Keep up the Great Job that You Do.
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6 years ago, dhdhdhrjfjcnfrndjdjjddjdjr
We Are Farmers!
This app just loops commercials for farmers insurance. It’s difficult to get to where the ‘watch live’ feature actually shows you live tv. That has been an ongoing problem for months so it wasn’t just a bug. App is a waste of time and an insult to expect anyone to just sit through all that advertising.
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7 years ago, Eagleneb22
The latest update is driving me crazy. It crashes constantly, both on my iPhone and iPad. Scrolling through the newsfeed, it crashes. Open an article and start to read it, it crashes. Drives me nuts. Fix it!!
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3 years ago, ChickenLady1977
Very agitated
I’m very agitated that I was forced to update my app if I want to continue to use it. Also, the app informed me of how to keep my personal info from being sold, but the toggle switches do not work. How convenient. I do not believe for a second that’s by accident.
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4 years ago, C.P.???
Deleted because of advertising practices
They have deliberately over sized adds so you can’t help but click on them as you scroll. Opens add in your browser and takes you out of news app. This is annoying and extremely off putting.
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5 years ago, PxY/@bm=Z
Why watch
Have cousin living there . I am in AZ. Good to see what’s going on where she lives .
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4 years ago, Screwed me once
Amateur ,not a news app
Too much fluff no substance Also any real stories from AP you must tap to get into Deleted this one Need a serious news app for a metropolis like Indy, not giggling puppy stories and Facebook posts that the editor considers real news. Look for a news source with real journalism
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3 years ago, Airmotive
Latest update is HORRIBLE
This latest update is unusable. So many ads it’s impossible to read a single news story...and then it locks up completely and you have to close the app.
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3 years ago, Unhappy200000
Landscape orientation
I don’t like the New live part of this app! Are used to be able to run the news while I’m working and see the screen in landscape. Haven’t been able to figure out how to get the screen to l landscape. Probably won’t use it much now.
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6 years ago, JHOIII
Might be a nice app but you can’t contact them
Might be a great app but if I can’t leave a comment from the app it ain’t worth a hill of recycled beans to me. You would think you could email or text them from this app. I guess I will still watch 59 on tv only as I am deleted the app.
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3 years ago, DrillbitTailor
So many Ads it’s hard to scroll
There’s so many touchy embedded ads it’s hard to scroll and see the news. The app freezes up constantly. 2 stars is probably overly generous.
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6 years ago, DPS KAG
Fox News
Fox News - Real news for real people.
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3 months ago, Like the idea...but
Lightening Notifications
There are no storms near Indianapolis, Shelbyville or the state today. I’ve received several lightening notifications throughout the day. Please check for issues with notifications.
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5 months ago, Disappointed2death X10
Your fixes
I don’t know what you think you’ve fixed but now I can’t get yours nor CBS4’s to open on my phone. You’re my go to for local news so I hope this gets fixed!!!
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3 years ago, The Beast 324156
Picture in Picture
This rating is just for the app. They took away the ability to watch Picture in Picture. The actual news station is amazing!
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4 years ago, Pond_Hopper
Biased news reporting
I had been a big fan FOX59, however within the past year I’ve noticed bias in their news reporting. Sadly they seem content with that.
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3 years ago, kaaaaaatiieeee20
App glitches to much. Every time I click on a story to read it , freezes my Whole phone every time. Deleted the app reinstalled doesn’t work
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5 years ago, Suominen500
If you want old news. Get this app.
All the old stories hide any new ones. And the new ones (if there are any) are hidden in the the stream of old news. This used to be decent news app. No longer.
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5 years ago, Mdm232014
This app is trash
The app is slow, it freezes every single time I try to use it. Don’t know what’s going on but they need to get it together. Hasn’t always been this way so it’s slightly frustrating.
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7 years ago, GWGirl
App Keeps Going into Background
I can no longer use this app in my iPad as it keeps minimizes to the background (not closing but disappears from screen) as I scroll through the news articles.
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4 years ago, donnamcdaniel
Best new cast ever!!
Always on top of what happening day and anchor teams ever!!!
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9 months ago, Deez nuts 6363633
Not working
I download and redownload the app and it continues saying that I am not connected to wifi and to check my Wi-Fi or cellular connection and it is fine.
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3 years ago, Biker 04 fatboy
Bring old app back!!
I like the previous version of this app.
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4 years ago, eoglvbab3556@&&
Ads everywhere
Too hard to distinguish news entries from advertisements
Show more
3 years ago, Tom866
Ads are too much
No matter where I touch on the screen an ad for hard rock hotels pops up. Practically unusable
Show more
4 years ago, TEN96
Needs Updated, Awful!
Freezes up so bad can’t read a single story. I’m a bit surprised out how long this has been an issue. It’s a shame, I like Fox 59, but this app is dead.
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