FredScanner Pro

2.8 (5)
3.2 MB
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Current version
WaveJam Technologies
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FredScanner Pro

2.8 out of 5
5 Ratings
10 years ago, BagelBeagle
Very Good App
I am very impressed by this app. Although I have had it only a short amount of time, I tried all the features and they worked flawlessly. Great thing to have here in the community. Good job.
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8 years ago, Mrs Zern Trout
Could use some work...
Like anyone, I want what I pay for to work. (For that matter, I want what I don't pay for to work...) As a commuter I was excited to find the live traffic cams, but alas, they crash every time, causing me to have to open the app again. I'm giving 3 stars because the app has great potential and because the "monitor/scanner" part seems to work reliably. I don't love that I forked out $.99 and it doesn't work great but presumably the developers will fix it. I don't think a dollar is going to break me but I do like stuff to work without inconvenience.
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8 months ago, Joseph Schocker
Poorly designed and not worth the $$
Purchase this app a while back and recently re-download it just to realize why I deleted it in the first place. It is so poorly designed that it took me 10 minutes just to figure out how to switch stations. The poorly designed graphics are the best thing about it, and that’s about it… not worth it, even if it was free.
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3 years ago, Melanie31458
Yay!!! No more ads!!!
I can’t figure out how to edit a prior review but I’m so glad the update removed the ads. Thank you developers!!!!
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5 years ago, Kristannnn
Great app.. needs work
I was so excited to download this app & start using it. However, whenever I use the traffic cams the app crashes - that is so frustrating. Hopefully this will be fixed soon because every other part of this app is great!
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5 months ago, JD3xy
Stopped working
As of a few days ago, the app stopped working on my wife’s phone. It is an iPhone 7 with the latest iOS. It just shows a splash screen for about two seconds and then disappears. It worked fine up until the new version. Still works on my iPhone SE.
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3 years ago, Running wild running free
Unhappy ,now happy!
Thank you so much for getting rid of the ads.
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5 years ago, äöjgd
Amazing App
I love the app it’s amazing, I’m a volunteer firefighter and this app lets me know if my unit responding is put back in service so I can go back home. The only problem is there is a 2 min delay.
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5 years ago, karelizse
Won’t open a lot
I’ve had this a year times where it just has black screen and won’t open or opens and immediately closes-
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3 years ago, MattyB4321
It plays ads constantly even if you pay for it! It used to be perfect for catching calls on because of the delay in broadcasting but now it just plays ads. I don’t not recommend it unless it is changed back to the way it was!
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8 years ago, Cool Guy0123456789
This app works great. I is so helpful I use it all the time
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3 years ago, springhillfarm
Stopped working properly
It had been working fine, now I try to see the tweets and it only pops up archives. I have to use a different app.
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9 years ago, Karenw4576
The Frederick Scanner
Love this app!!!... Love the upgrade version even more!!
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6 years ago, Emit's mom
It's nice to be informed of what's going on in your neighborhood.
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8 years ago, jimmaf
Must Have
If you live in the Frederick Md area this app is a must have. If I hear police/fire/rescue activity I can find out what's going on right away. The traffic and web cams are great. It's like an instant traffic report. I also love the list of police '10' codes they put on there.
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3 years ago, beejoshi
This is useful
I can heard anything, is no videos what’s the point of pay for this ? So useful.
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4 years ago, zippy taylor
Does not work
The app does not work. What am I paying for ?
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