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94.9 MB
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Current version
MixerBox Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for FREECABLE TV: News & TV Shows

4.67 out of 5
41.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Floormart
Free tv, what else can u say
If you wanna get rid of your cable bill (while still keeping the high speed wifi) and have a phone and tv capable of casting video with a decent watchable quality, you could essentially do it with the free tv that this gives you. I’m really surprised at how much content they are giving you, and the features such as on demand that essentially rival your cable. My wife won’t let me cancel the cable, and Comcast already gives me all the features that this includes, as well as many that it does not… however that doesn’t diminish the quantity and quality of the content that they are giving you here. Essentially, only for the inconvenience of forcing notifications to be “on” 24-7 for this app, which is annoying, very annoying, but in many cases it alerts me of breaking news that I otherwise would be completely in the dark over, or would not know about it for another few hours to few days. In any case it’s worth the download, and the time to check it out.
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3 years ago, SuperXNova714
10 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
It takes a little bit to get the navigation down. I almost gave up thinking it only offers trailers. I have it figured out now. There is plenty of TV shows & movies to watch. What I really love is that it streams to your TV if you want. I cut the cord with cable last year when I bought a smart tv. I was paying upwards of $200 a month for cable. I paid less than $80 a month for my Samsung smart TV that will be paid off by March. $50 a month for a bunch of streaming apps and it’s still cheaper than paying for cable. If you don’t have the money for streaming apps then This App is for you. I do have paid streaming APPS and I still use this APP even. I love this APP. I recommend it not only to you but also to my friends and family. Cut the cord! Don’t pay for cable or dish type service. Buy a smart TV, Pay for WIFI , download this app. Thank you for making this app and giving it to us. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Nancy Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to Everyone.🎄🥳
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3 years ago, Tita Teresita
Annoying to try to watch
Sometimes there is a heading of an email from this app that comes across the top of my phone that interests me but each time I try to read something about your email that I just read I end up regretting even trying. I get stuck in that cycle of going in circles it seems. As I select something on the screen it’ll take me somewhere else and sometimes I get tricked into thinking I’m selecting the right place to touch on my phone screen but it actually is taking me to something I never wanted to read. Then the place I was originally trying to get to read the article that got my attention is then lost. To top it off then while I’m trying to backtrack to find the article I get something like this right here saying that if I could rate them 5 stars it helps. That every 5star rating helps. Well what is it that I’m helping? Why should I rate something 5 stars when I’m stuck in the middle of an online Tornado of unwanted information that did nothing but frustrate me and waste a lot of my time that I end up getting more upset about because now I’m late to what I was supposed to be doing today. So there you go, here’s your rating from me, a person you’ve really frustrated once again unfortunately!
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3 years ago, Lee-ADHD56
It may not have everything but you can’t beat the price….
I’m very fussy, and I do not take the time to write reviews. They asked a few times, but brushed off due to time, etc. This time I’d just read a news article they’d sent me a notification on the topic. I really appreciated the gesture and the subject was about my all Time favorite pizza place which is STILL family owned, authentically yummy - the kind you crave! This family deserves the kudos and hopefully additional boost in notoriety and hopefully increase in sales. I went to college in Iowa City and that’s when my love for this za heaven was born. Back to the app : it’s an awesome addition to anyone who has cut the cable cord. It has ALL the news you’d want - local, national and international. Plus it runs current episodes of popular series. I’ve recommended it to several people I know and face daily. They all rave about it too. I hope you enjoy it too. Remember, the price is perfectly free. They never bug you for anything in return. They may ask you to review it, but what the heck, it’s the least we can do! Right?!?
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3 years ago, MamaLuvsKerlick
Just what I was looking for!
I finally found a decent tv app that is perfect for my pace. I don’t have a lot of time to watch my own shows but I like that I can watch them anytime. My only complaint would be that I cannot get the picture to play on full screen on my iPhone. I just tilt my phone and move the picture around until I feel like I have the best view but it definitely limits what I can see. Especially if there are subtitles, then I have to carefully scroll down so I don’t accidentally click the wrong button and have to start over. I do like that if I have to reload the episode, it saves my place so I don’t have to finagle with the time bar. Overall, I have been very satisfied with this app and I would recommend it for the person who doesn’t do a lot of binge watching as this app only seems to have so many episodes available at a time. Great late night app!
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1 year ago, CBN304
Good but needs a few items
Nice app but some enhancements would help. Lots of less desirable news indicators trigger even when stripped down. Would help to offer a few additional choices. Some of the commercials for other apps overtake the experience. The only way to stop that is to shut down app and relaunch. Nice but needs some product and experience work. Really about 3.5 star app at this stage. I’ve narrowed the notifications down to one category and still an overwhelming number of notifications. The noise gets silly. Lots of duplicate and triplicate notifications and many times well after the news is well known. Got it after the 1st one. Do not need multiple others. Need to allow greater user control of those. Still a lot of potential but needs attention on certain areas to not be so constantly intrusive on the user. Finally had to cut off all pushes from this App. I had narrowed it down to 2 w one of those as weather. Doing other things & have 3 pushes in 4 minutes. Enough already. Overdone on engagement! 2/9/22: Finally threw in towel in this APP. Cannot make it stop sending messages.
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1 year ago, 1Ctt-MASc1P1 Unit1&2PDMP
1 “Count to ten” - Martial Art School (c)1, Patented(1) - STAR REVIEW
Thank you, for such a remarkable, funny, entertaining, down to earth, bright & natural TV show, that cheers me up always. The wardrobe is spectacular, with all the latest styles and fashion of the day, it’s cheery, it’s just good for the Universe always, & having a totally positive effect on the Universe always. It’s happy, it’s colorful & neat, I appreciate it so much in a time with so many darker themes in TV going on, it’s refreshing. Sandra Bullock is such a talent, with a positive goal in all of her work, always. The right goal at School wins you the fancy soup dish meal to save your life at the end of the day, it’s a treasure for us, always, & somewhat how Mrs. Sandra Bullock earned her title as “America’s sweetheart”, cheering up millions of peoples with her brilliant comedy, script, & happy funny stories & settings. Thumbs up says the TV guru, & great job for the entire cast & crew too, sporting all that high fashion & hygiene. It’s fun.
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4 years ago, Dudeallday220
Solider away from home
I’m currently deployed, that being said the place at witch I’m located, I don’t get to watch many movies but this app has changed that. It’s really the little things that help pass by the time while I’m away from my daughter and wife, this helps ease the pain of not being home. It helps me escape for a while and pretend like I am home enjoying a movie with my family, thank you for creating this app. I’ll definitely be using this from time to time here. I can’t explain how much this has helped me thank you again and just remember. Every night people get to go home to their families, there are a few of us that sacrifice that everyday. I’d give anything to be home with my little girl and my wife right now. So thank y’all again. I also like how there aren’t adds, well at least from what I’ve seen. But y’all keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, TruliJuli
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5 years ago, Zombie Addict☠️
Needs improvements!
This app is not super great but it’s ok. The problems are: if you pause your show to make or answer a call, or if you pause it & your phone locks, you have to start your show over. It never restarts your show where you left off. Also, watching a whole movie is impossible (especially when it’s a Popcorn app movie! Commercials interrupt your movie & then the movie restarts from the beginning no matter how far along you are & if you try to fast forward to where you, a commercial pops up & either plays over & over or you have to just watch from the beginning. I’ve been trying to watch Braveheart all weekend & I can’t get further than the 1st hour. Also, there are many shows that only have 1 episode & to watch the other episodes, you have to sign in with a tv provider (like Comcast or xfinity), so it’s not totally free. If you click on a show, instead of letting you pick an episode, it just automatically plays an episode.
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4 years ago, popcorn radley2829
4 1/2 of a rating
The quality is good and it give you great options about what you can watch that for many can’t usually get a hold of. I like how there are a verity of selections to choose from like from the categories that they list at the beginning and then you can look up whatever else you want to watch. Therefore I will tell you that I rated it the way I did because I couldn’t get it to load right and I have great internet that is working amazingly but I don’t understand how I have to pause it and begin the whole thing over again or take it back 30 seconds which is enough time to find something else to watch. I do love the app but I do think you might need to look that over again to make sure I’m not going crazy. Thank you so much for your work to give us free movies and shows plus the news to stay tuned into everything going on around the world. God bless you guys and gals!
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3 years ago, Carol-Sweetie-Anne
Great App, catch up on your News and Show’s
I didn’t think I would like this App at all, I just thought it was like the others that I have been looking at, but It is So much better than anything else out there. I only have Internet where I am because I’m tired of paying so much for nothing. I have found that if you just have internet access than you can get So Many More Channels and So of the better apps like this one will have the same shows and news channels you are interested in for either Free or a few bucks. This app is FREE and for me it’s a Great App to have. Thank You, for your service and the shows you have on your app. I have NEVER Had a problem with it, so Good Work People.
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4 years ago, thegreatfulk8
Very pleased, so far.
I was thrilled to discover y’all. I can’t believe there aren’t more apps like this! It’s simple, easy to use and easy to find good things to watch. The only suggestion/ question(?) I have is about access to previous seasons or episodes of tv shows. There was one I found that interested me, but the only episode I could find was the series finale. I’ve only been using the app for the last hour and a half, so might not fully understand how it works. If that’s the case, forgive me. Otherwise, access to full seasons would be the only request/suggestion I would make. Thank y’all for offering current tv and movies for people who can’t always pay steep cable and streaming prices. It means a lot!
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3 years ago, KnowYourFacts
No need for expensive cable any more
Me and my husband have been loyal customers of direct t.v for almost 8 years. Our bill last month was 184, I said enough. My contract was up this month so we had no clue what we were going to do, but we knew they were not getting another penny from us. We only watch about 10 channels of 1000 on cable. The same movies year after year, reruns of old shows my grandmother watched and the other half is infomercials. This app has made it easy to transition and it’s a great app with all the shows documentaries and movies for all people old and young. I don’t know how they do it but thanks for saving us 200 bucks a month
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4 years ago, crazybeautiful56
Amazing TV!!!
My family and I absolutely LOVE this app! We are in a place that the cost of our tv cable is outrageous for us. We tried a lot of different TV apps but like some others have said the prices we also outrageous compared to the small library of movies and tv shows available. My 10 year old son is the one that found this app. He showed it to me and it was perfect for him. He was able to watch his cartoons and children’s movies. So I gave it a try and fixed it up for my Dad and now this is all we watch. I never miss my favorite shows and I get to watch the local news every night. Thank you for such great quality TV. You are truly appreciated by me and my family.
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4 years ago, Zyrinska
TV App
I found this little gem in the App Store, and decided to give it a shot. Compared to all the other free tv apps, I must admit that this one is by far the best. The only thing that I would change would be the many commercials when watching a show. I tried to fast fwd (scrub)thru them but when I did, I was unable to continue watching my show. I had to restart the video all over again. So, instead of doing that, I just went on to the next episode and decided I’d put up with the commercials in order to watch the whole taping of that episode. This is why I can only give 4 stars. I kept my old phone next to me to play solitaire on it while the commercials were airing so it wasn’t so bad.
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4 years ago, mrs. m.~
Real local new and tons of good shows
That I have seen so far in the few minutes I have owned it. And it’s actually FREE!!! Awesomeness! Especially for someone like me whom can’t afford anything but our phones. We save almost $200 a month by using our high tech phones versus using tv and internet providers. I can’t imagine how much more we would save if we had phones for all 4 of us thru the tv provider. And our hotspot works great for our computers for the kids schools too! So excited for this app! Thanks for providing it to our family so we can easily keep up to date and not have to pay Netflix or other things that charge us even more money!
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1 year ago, ScareCrowA7X
WAY too many notifications
I liked this app because I could watch the A-Team but I decided to delete the app due to too many notifications that had absolutely nothing to do with any of my interests. I am one of those people that find ads and notifications intrusive and very annoying. I do not watch ads or commercials or anything like that. Almost every hour my writing is interrupted by pointless notifications that I was FORCED to have to accept to use the app and I should have just deleted the app right then but I decided to give it a go but it just is not worth all the notifications for ads that I would NEVER spend my money on because to me they are just like door to door sales people that annoy me enough to spend my money elsewhere. I will just stick with Pluto TV and Tubi.
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4 years ago, Kayours
Educative ,makes a father teach his children while watching ,that it's best to be the police ,the Ndlea,the force,rather than to live the life of vanity ,imagine being in college or taking online classes while others are intoxicating and drug bingeing little than teenagers in the streets of America The idea is to help the child viewing to see the advantages of being tempted to feel rich as importance when it's temporary cause of the means of the money To tell the child that most drug deals in real time is tension ridden, that most times it's like playing monopoly with the narcotic department and in the end it's the way that a person ends up that affects our sense of thinking Thanks
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2 years ago, David Gunzburg-Frank
Almost…not quite…
I love this program for providing collective and selective access to US news. Unfortunately, access to TV is blocked in this app if you live outside the US. More troubling is the ad algorithms controlling content access. Ads of course appear from time to time, and must be patiently waited through. Fine. But then when you return to TV (news in my case) content, the app freezes, darkens the screen/freezes and no amount of waiting helps. I have to shut down/ restart my phone, and after about twenty times simply must DELETE THE APP, then reinstall, reconfigure, and can’t get back all the channels I’ve chosen. Please fix this otherwise great app!
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2 years ago, Jfsbu
Fun Little app with Tasty Show and Movie Reviews
I like the TV app not only because it’s free, but it makes me aware of things going on in pop culture and the media which I would not otherwise. I really enjoyed the recent clip about the new movie “Maverick,” the sequel to “Top Gun,” and how Kelly McGillis felt about not being cast as the love interest in the sequel. (It’s being played by actress Jennifer Connelly, who is evidently 51 now, and imo looks wonderful). I thought McGillis had a healthily modest reaction, though the narrator mentions “Hollywood’s beauty standards,” which McGillis herself is aware of and not letting it mess up her life, nor is bitter about it.
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3 years ago, alwaysfaithful24
It’s alright
At first I’m not goin got lie being that I don’t have data this app sucked at the length of time it took to download and then after that it sucked trying to get some of the titles to play but once I got to the title vehicle 19 after the move the creature it was alright no buffering so I highly recommend the app to those with unlimited data or very good WiFi that is if your alright with movies that have been released for some time other then that for free you probably won’t find a better app that directs you to movie sites that play the movie for you I like the app and will continue to use the app as my time permits off work of course
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5 years ago, gibbbrothers
Bee Gees Channel is very good since they are my best group
Bee Gees Channel and TV Shows are very good and lot of your movies are very good too But I have a big problems with the giveaways cause for some reasons I loss ALOT of Entry(s) there like for example that TV I had over 200 entry’s and the iPhone over 70but now hardy anything and I wasted lot of time doing it and I am disabled and a Senior citizen and it is hard of me wen online my little phone online punching those items and I am not happy and so Etching better be done with it or I might turned it into the Government agency and let them find out about it cause I am upset I wasted all that time for NOTHING.. Dorothy Haslop
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3 years ago, Tanya.Davis1975
Sometimes the audio is problematic
I like having a single app that addresses multiple channels on cable TV. I much rather sit through commercials than pay for shows and movies I want to see. This is a pretty good app but sometimes the audio either cuts in/out or plays previously selected audio for the newer video. Update: the developers reached out to me and provided suggestions for correcting audio issues. All-in-all, it’s a good app with developers that work hard to provide quality. I updated to 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Stinka Muffin
I’m not satisfied when I go to make a selection of a movie and it says watch now I press watch now I can’t get the movie to play it says if I’m not mistaken we wind is not available and it says retry I will try it still nothing and it’s frustrating when you’re trying to watch a movie and you can’t watch it I know you download this app it’s gonna be a good app you know blah blah blah and here we go watch a movie and it’s not satisfying at all it’s notI think you need to do something about that do you know when people are trying to make a movie and you can’t even watch it they want to try again later is the same thing as far as The rating goes I will give it a possible two because the only thing that you can watch really is CNN even on some of the news it keeps breaking up so maybe I’ll see you once I’m not a happy camper
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4 years ago, Swedis6973
Great App
Overall my experience with this app has been exceptionally positive. Lots of t shows, movies etc. to choose from, many of which I couldn’t get for free on other apps that all required a cable or satellite provider. I chose this route because I absolutely HATE commercials. If there’s something I’m interested in purchasing I’ll go shopping or research my options for online shopping. I don’t need television commercials to guide me in this or that direction to purchase whatever they’re selling. And the only reason this app didn’t get 5 stars is because it included 5 commercial breaks with 5-7 commercials at a time during 1 program.
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5 years ago, rsvl norcal
Just installed this app on my iPhone
So far so good, just installed the app. Seems pretty nice actually. It lets you prioritize your interests, pick shows and channels that you like. It also has a section for recently watched shows or channels so if you accidentally close it out and weren’t paying attention to what channel you’re on, don’t fret they have that covered also! I do wish they offered OAN, however I didn’t see it in the lineup and I know it’s a paid channel so for $4.99 a month I can handle that. Over all it seems like a pretty nifty little app! Thanks!
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3 years ago, NiaveNave
Word Needs To Get out Freecable TV! It is awesome!
I was looking for apps for my smart TV and came across this little gem. Of course you always ask yourself, ok, so what’s the catch, right? I haven’t experienced anything other than enjoyment with this app. It is organized into genre and there is a large selection of material to watch. The conversion to streaming is pretty fluid and it brings you older big name shows/movies as well as some B movies. It’s like going back in time to Blockbuster and getting a real good mix of old and new. I highly recommend this app and it is totally FREE!!
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4 years ago, DaveTheJazzMan
Just installed your app ——- thank you thank you all
Thank you all who gave me this outlet I have lost so many family members including my only sister who was fighting cancer but to no avail. With no jobs for a 74 yr old even though I get lots of interest but when they do the math or see me in person I can see in their face. And now with this virus where can anybody go. So now I have an outlet can’t afford to buy books and with all Library’s closed it’s been tuff. So let me get back to watching CNN and more on my iPhone- Take care to all of you. God Bless
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5 years ago, Catastrophic program
I downloaded the app and watched some news channels it ran real good you were able to pick the news programs and stories that you wanted to listen to and they were very responsive. I’ve only use the app for about 15 minutes now but so far I like what I am seeing. I am in a location that has no television so I’m using my iPad to stay connected to the news. If you want to improve your app try to have the most up-to-date stories that you can get for the news programs possibly live news, also increase your library of movies maybe you could put more westerns on there lots of western movies all John Wayne movies or something like that see if you can score access to a whole bunch of western movies...
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2 years ago, Mike bis
A good number of apps out there,
There are a number of apps out there that will give you free movies and TV shows. This song is the best I have seen. Other ones tend to gear more towards Hara or action while I don’t wanna seem to be a moron, comedy, drama, and none of us have this one and has everything you need.. it has every genre of movie and TV from Ahora to adventure to sector romcom the science fiction, as well as the news and TV shows from modern times back to classic TV that I would highly recommend it!
Show more
4 years ago, ShadowWolf54
Actually it’s more a 4 star
You need to get rid of the unknown close caption. It came on half way through the movie but it started with the words from the beginning of the movie, The Magic Of Belle Island. I hope all the rest of the movies don’t do this. I know it’s free but those words really mess things up. I just hope you can get this fixed. Other than that it truly would be 5 ⭐️. I just hope it’s a fixable thing. This is truly great and I am trying to get use to using it because I am new. So far so good other than the cc issue.
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2 years ago, AngiA45$
The Is A Must Have Tv App!
After my husband went thru his must replace every room in the house with a fire tv phase, I had to find all of my paid and free tv apps all over again. With that, I noticed that some of my favorite shows were moving to other paid apps I didn’t currently have. With Free Cable Tv, I get all of my shows for free! The only problem is it’s only available on your phone, but by simply casting it to your tv, you have it all right there!! I love love love this app!
Show more
4 years ago, Z.Fienie
Thank goodness for you all at the company.
This app is wonderfully easy to use and allows me to view things like the news I would not otherwise be able to. The alerts/notifications are very helpful and not annoying. Very few if any advertisements and best of all, it actually works. I can watch movies and stuff when I need to that is an amazing part to me. I can get everything I should be able to have through this. Thank you very very much for creating this. I wholeheartedly appreciate it.
Show more
4 years ago, 2lilStars
Love it
I’ve been using this app for a few months now and can honestly say I haven’t had any issues with it... I Currently don’t have cable where I live at cause we just moved and with the pandemic that we’re going thru makes it even harder to get service installed at the time but thanks to this app I’m still able to keep up with the news and what’s going on in the world and with all my shows... I love this app and hopes it stays for a very long time to come... thanks so much to the creators of this app!!!
Show more
2 years ago, tam rya
Absolutely fantastic
I’ve been looking for months to replace cable, because it’s just too expensive. Criminally expensive. Anyway, I have WiFi and am discovering the ways to access tv shows. I had no idea this app existed and have been putting it through its paces for about two weeks. It works great - doesn’t freeze or start buffering like the Spectrum app did. Definitely recommend - no more contributing to the salaries of the highest paid CEOs in the US
Show more
3 years ago, gidgetwashington
New subscriber
I like some of the older shows they provide & truthful news channel Tucker/Fox. However, there’s no way to pause, rewind & ff. I have a difficult time hearing exactly what is said sometimes & that’s a necessity 4 me on any platform. Thanks for providing free entertaining shows along w/ truthful newscasters & not just liberal news/lies. Hello, Ty for your response, I appreciate it. I went 2 pass this comment through the developer’s link u provided but found I had 2 have a fb account. I despise fb & I don’t want an account through them so I’ll respond here. I tried using your app that day a few more times I left my comments & found it extremely frustrating. Now that I realize ur connected w/ fb I’m out, even 4 FREE Tv. I’m sorry but I have found social media n general 2 b very deceitful. I won’t change my score bc it would go down bc of your association w/ fb. Best of luck to you.
Show more
2 years ago, iloveme1234
Here we go!
I am giving y’all five stars before I download this app. I’m an optimist! I’m not very hard to please or entertain. I read a lot of the reviews and I am really grateful to the people who take their time out of their lives to share their opinions and comments. I watch 98% of the content based on everyone’s opinion. Please keep on with your comments and reviews! There is definitely someone who lives in Portland, Oregon who actually reads what your saying! God bless you all!
Show more
4 years ago, Meli_FL
Watched only 1 show
I am new to this app and I downloaded because I wanted to watch new nbc’s tv show called Transplant. It went great but it had too many commercial breaks, which it tells you once you end up choosing what to watch. I can’t say much more about it as it’s literally first time of watching anything. I will keep watching weekly and see if it’s going to ask me anything further. Also, I might repost if I do see some issues in the future. Other than that, seems like a fine app!
Show more
4 years ago, BuddyK19
Defines = No Charge, No Cost, No interruptions/interferences, etc., etc., et al ; Lifetime to Eligible Legal Citizens contributing active roles, positions, titles, etc., etc., by Lawful legal applications codes published-delegated-set into acts of Congressional Calendars etc., etc., as set authorized credits titled ordinances compensated by the regulating executive-legislative status without the interference of judicial titles dictating and exercising their authority as set in and set into compliance by their claims to moral conduct status by only a select group to professional memberships and institutional degrees awarded in the academy enrollments recorded, listing etc., etc., et al
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4 years ago, Lionfairy
Cant move an inch
Im new (dont even know HOW i opted for this service -i simply noticed it on my phone & clicked to see what it was?) but so far every time iv tried to watch a news story- even the slightest movement (...i AM on a mobile phone after all) causes the story to blank in & out then start over from the start. This is annoying at best... esp considering the country’s tension & constant craving to hear the latest in senatorial cover-up of a criminal president who lost the “we the people’s” vote (2nd X n my life iv watched the LOSER take control & screw the world)! So perhaps if this is some type of trial service the motion causing problems w/the play back cud b tweeked a bit?
Show more
6 years ago, Mazonater10420
Deceiving and don’t let that 4.3 rating fool you
READ ME INSTEAD OF DOWNLOADING!!! In same amount of this to download u can save more time if u READ THIS Saw there was high rating and good reviews( now I’m thinkin it’s people who made the app cuz it’s too corny n suspicious) so downloaded it with very little expeditions cuz it’s free movies tv etc but once it loaded I saw every movie,episode, anytging and everything is redirected to the actually app u can play it on(some u need to pay for or have cable subscription etc) and a lot of titles I tryed to test out said I needed to download actual app I need info to login and chrome cast wasnt supported when being redirected aka just down load app it takes u to Popcornflix fox and those r the only worth mentioning really so save ur time don’t download
Show more
6 years ago, JerZgirl124
Terrific show!! I’m so in love with shows like these and always asked my Daddy to tell me war stories when he was alive. Great great show!!! Seems to have all its ducks in a row no back n forth crap. I love how the people go back in their memories to show the viewers who the dead are. I. Don’t really like not knowing because it confuses me and I get lost but this shows us who is who and who the game players are. Thank you and keep the show coming for a long time because I want to keep watching on my iPad!! From: The JerZgirl124
Show more
4 years ago, Nanadx3
The first video I tried to play froze
At first I only rates it a three. I have been able to play other ones so far. But still can’t play that one. I really like the idea of getting free tv. Since I’m new to the app I’ll update my rating after a couple of months. Since then I have been watching it and except for the fact that it looses the sound every once in a while for a second or two it’s great. I have been watching this every day now and I love it! I highly recommend.
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3 years ago, ladych24
This is one great app
I’m really glad that I have ran across this app on my iPhone.I don’t have a way to get my Cable provider every month due to the high cost. This TV app is very satisfying and also enjoyable to watch when you don’t have cable to watch at home. Besides, I love the fact that there is new and old combined content on here. I will be watching this for a long time to come because I enjoy watching and searching for the video that I need to watch, and keep up the great work.
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4 years ago, Mohave_Kaye
The Best‼️
This is the best television app I've come across. It's absolutely free with no strings attached. I'm even thinking about having my wyfi provider come and hook me up to my tv so I can get this app on my tv and cancel my expensive satellite company. You even get local news‼️ As long as it keeps delivering as it is now, I recommend it highly. I just hope later on down the road after they have a lot of subscribers that they don't decide to start in app purchases and paid subscriptions.
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2 years ago, AXE0LLATTEYT
GREAT APP HIGHLY RECOMEND But could do with a little fix
Hello Developers I absolutely love this app but there are just a few problems that I need you to fix. 1. Can you also add season for the tv shows? It gets annoying when trying to find the frost episode of the first season to that show. If you fix these problems the app would be much more better try to take a moment to look at the problem and fix it. Also great app I LOVE IT
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3 years ago, Dojahartan
Great App!
I wish I had known about this App BEFORE I signed up for all that other ‘crap’! I’ve shared this with a bunch of people. Amendment to my original review: In the past few days this app has been having a very hard time playing movies. And when it finally DOES play, it stops a to buffer all the time. Idk what has happened over the last few days, but, I will keep trying to use this app cuz I think it’s pretty cool, in theory!
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9 months ago, tyujffb
Good so far
I really haven’t had a chance to watch much since I got this app to give an honest review yet. But in the few days I’ve had it I have enjoyed a few great movies, but am annoyed at the commercials and ads. There’s too many, but I’ll give a better review after I’ve had a chance to really sit down and watch and check it out better tell I do I’m only giving four stars and that’s not the fault it’s only because I haven’t had a chance to do and see more.
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3 years ago, Jim Manbevers
Love this App
Ever since I downloaded this app, it has kept attracting me back to it. So much to watch. Even has movies I have never seen before. Every time I open the app I find more snd more I want to watch. There is so much to watch and not enough time in a day to see everything I wish to see. Also love the save feature because if I see something I wish to see later I can save it and come right back to it later when I am ready to watch it. Awesome app
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