Freegal Music

3.1 (264)
73.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Library Ideas, LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Freegal Music

3.07 out of 5
264 Ratings
1 year ago, jrlbeach
Was great until recent update
I downloaded 5 songs a week for several years. I organized them into playlists by genre . It was great. But in the last month there was an update that not only eliminated the ability to add new songs to playlists, it deleted all existing playlists - three years worth gone! Edit - app has been updated again, and downloaded playlists are back. Thanks
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1 year ago, Abiyoyo1952
Afraid to install new Updates
1. The last time I updated the app, the “Wish List” option was gone and with it went my entire “Wish List”. It had to be researched again, taking hours. 2. The Wish List was gone and replaced by “Favorites”, but when songs are downloaded from the Favorites, they are not automatically removed from Favorites like previously with “Wish List”. Now, I need to individually choose songs to “Remove from Favorites”. Still, they visually remain after removing until the App is closed and re-opened. 3. Also, when moving songs from Search to Favorites, the app puts several of each song (ie. I save 3 songs, but 15 appear on the Fav list). 4. The App catalog of songs & artists is not completely cross-referenced. A search for a song title might yield one list, while a search of the original artist may not even contain the same song and vice versa. Also, a searched for song that yields “no results” can sometimes be found in it’s original form on a “Best of …” album. All in all, I still very much appreciate what I get for free… but it frequently takes some extra work on my end. Thanks and keep working on it!!
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5 years ago, rbeninger
I have over 300 songs now! The mix of genre is great!! Dependable source to get a few songs to add each week. Music videos also to watch or build a playlist for. Most important you can sample songs before you download it. All you need is your library card. What ever city or county you live gas a public library. Its usually free to get your library card and thats it!! You can build your own private music library and make your own play lust. Ive used my PC to download my music library to my Itunes for windows 10 music library. Can play on all my devices. I even made a CD back up!! You will Love it with just a little patience and time!
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3 years ago, Cwolf19
Audio quality is much better than desktop
I have been downloading songs off the freegal website for months now with access from my library card. However, the audio streaming quality on the desktop website always left something to be desired. The audio quality on the app is much better! The music selection on here can be a bit eclectic, but I have still found lots of great stuff! A good way to search out good or popular songs is to check the playlists different public libraries put together. And it’s all free! (well, payed for by taxes. Support your public libraries for great services like this!)
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1 year ago, Lil_Jill
Wide selection of songs and artist but look out for covers
I just came back to Freegal after being away for a long while. I was away because honestly, I forgot about it. You only get a few song a week but hey, they are free! You have to have the time and patience to sort through and find the songs and artists and listen to it completely before you download it. I love that they give you a wishlist for when you’ve met your limit for the week you can add to your wishlist for the next week. Like I said, it takes a lot of time but if you hang in there you can build a great collection and sort them into playlist.
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2 years ago, 034703
You must have patience using this app. It’s free through libraries, but you have to work at it. You get 5 downloads a week, and after a year you have a good set of songs. There is unlimited streaming, and you can load songs there, but you need internet access to play streaming. I have found a lot of interesting songs and musicians through Freegal, as it seems anyone can upload their music. It is missing a lot of great performers but you can find almost any song. Just takes awhile to find just the right version.
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4 years ago, Rowan1701
The Future of Music
So I downloaded this app a few months ago and it has been amazing. Great design, almost no glitches, awesome interface, good music, and all for free! This would be the dream app except for one minor problem. It’s selection of songs does not include pop music bands such as Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, etc. Overall though, this app is amazing and should be used by everybody. It even has a good selection of other genres such as rock and alternative. I highly recommend this app to everybody who likes alternative, rock, rap, latin, and even old-school hip-hop. This is definitely the future of music.
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1 year ago, Ffyler
Update: Recent update removed local playlists
My first review was accurate at two stars. The app was updated to make the local playlists accessible. Based on this update I changed my rating to four stars. Original review: It used to be a 4 star app for me. Not perfect but workable. I had created a few playlists of downloaded songs and enjoyed them. Just updated to the new version and personal playlists are gone. This makes it far less useful.
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5 years ago, publixloyalshopper
Lost more than 200 songs in my playlist
I love downloading my 5 songs every week and had accumulated a great playlist of more than 200 songs. For the second time since I’ve had the app, after an update, it asked me to login and when I did, my playlist was blank, all the songs that have taken me months to download, are gone. I have to start all over over again for the third time. It has erased my two previous playlists. Very disappointing
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4 years ago, Romagitana
This used to be a good app, but now...
[edit 8 Aug 2020]: Earlier this year the app started working, where I was able to log in. But today I went to use it and again it won't let me log in. My library's not showing up in their selection again, thus no place for me to enter my library card number to log in. Their website isn't compatible for my phone browser so I can't access that way either. Can only access Freegal through my laptop now. [Previous review]: I can no longer access my library through it. The app gives other libraries in the state but not the one in my area. I can still log in to Freegal on my computer through my library website. But the app had made it easy to listen while "on the go." Besides this, when I logged in with my computer recently, I found all my saved streams, wishlists, and download history have all been deleted from my account. Between that and not being able to use this app, it's been quite disappointing.
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5 years ago, [ Killuminati ] 2010
Functionality needs work...... badly
Please fix the errors below. 1. after pausing a song, anytime I return to the app that song immediately begins playing on its own. Someone else mentioned this issue, and it still hasn’t been fixed. 2. after your list of downloaded songs is sorted, leaving the list reverts the list back to the default setting. 3. if I select a song from my download list, it will only play that one song and stop after that. There is no way to continue a stream of music beginning with the song selected— the only option is to play all songs from the beginning of the list to the end.
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3 years ago, jsfusrr
This app works very well with no crashes. I noticed in some reviews people complaining about the selection of music not being as good as they would like. I would like to remind them this is app is free. If you want all the latest music then you have to pay and use some other app. For being a free app, it works well and has a reasonably good selection of music, videos and audiobooks. I love the app!
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1 year ago, JD&FD
Please please please
My playlist were not lost after updating to the latest version however by this time I would expect you had finally solved this app’s biggest flaw that really makes it practically unusable: more often than not playback stops between tracks when iPhone is locked. This is incredibly frustrating and oftentimes doesn’t even resume after unlocking but only after closing and relaunching the app, if at all. Please makes this priority 1 to be fixed.
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1 year ago, jfsdgjhf
Difficult to Listen out off the app
Whenever Im playing music and decide to go to another app, the music stops when the song is over. I cannot go to the previous track, the next track, or restart the song unless I’m directly in the app.
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5 years ago, trentonsmusic
Love it!
The music player could use some work on user-friendly. iTunes it is not. However, it’s free music! Every week I get to add new songs to my collection, actually downloading and owning them. And they even have a lot of great mainstream music here. They’re growing and I hope they will keep growing. Love this service through my library!
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10 months ago, Gaylefriend2
Love this FREE app and music!
Sooooo many songs and artists!! If it doesn’t work in India, seems kinda unfair to give it 1 star. It states, clearly, that it’s for use through your Public Library. Probably not available Internationally!! I think it’s fun, and love downloading 5 free songs a week. FREE!!! How can you beat it? Thank you!!!!!
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1 year ago, GameFan22
The most recent update ruined my music organization
I spent quite a bit of time organizing my downloaded music into “subject” groups so I could stream specific types of music. I have especially been listening to my nature sounds as Covid disabled me and I now have trouble tolerating music with lyrics. Now my hundreds of downloads are disorganized and random, so I can no longer choose what type of music to listen to. Who thought this would be a good idea in an update? I’m very frustrated.
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5 years ago, max135able
Great, but could use a bit tweaking.
Love the free music! Although there wasn’t a wide variety of music that I usually listen to, I was able to find a couple of music that I often listen to. Not bad considering that all the music are free. Something you guys can do to improve the app is to add a scrubber in the control center music player. I’d appreciate it a lot!
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1 year ago, 🎷🦆🤣💀
It’s okay
This app is a little irritating to say the least. I search up a simple song with a well known name and I get 50+ covers or other artists and other random things mixed in. Doesn’t have a lot of songs as well, and just not a great app all around. Albeit you get free songs, five a week through your library, but that does take some time to build a playlist.
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5 years ago, Isaiah3618
Great app, but is missing a few things
Freegal is a great app for me to use but fails to meet all 5 stars in my star rating. The app is missing a lot of great songs, but it still has some of my favorite songs. The app could be more useful and flexible, if it had more features. Overall, it’s a great app but it could be better.
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1 year ago, ErnestBasset
Lost all my downloads after upgrade
Upgraded and unable to set library. Loading screen appeared and immediately crashed. Reinstalled (losing months of downloads) and then asked to turn on location services to connect. Wonder if I had done this before reinstalling if I could have connected? If so, really poor programming to assume everyone has location services on and to crash if you don’t.
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5 years ago, lasfdhjlpotqaxc
Awesome app update review
I really like how simple and easy it is to use this app is Needs more holds space like same amount at your library limit and music suggestions based on your download and a alarm clock to wake up to your choice of music
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5 years ago, matt_39573
Fix a few things...
there are a couple of things that need to be fixed. 1. i just downloaded this app. i realized that you can play whatever you want at any time for free, so that’s great. i was transferring my christian playlist to this app (the song has 33 songs) and freegal only had 10 of the songs. 10! so the point is, add more songs. 2. while i was transferring the songs, i turned on a song i like. after it played 1 time i paused it. when i closed the app and opened it again, it started playing again. this is annoying above all, but plz fix it. -matthew
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5 years ago, Ukuguygk
Great, but...
The app works well, but they are missing a lot of artists. Anytime I want to look up any song, I have to prepare myself that it won’t be on the app. Any music I want to listen to isn’t on Freegal. When I find the music I want to listen to, it won’t let me download it. I don’t know why certain songs can’t be downloaded. If you could fix this, that would be great, as I am starting to lose interest in Freegal.
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10 months ago, Jupanuma
It’s something
It doesn’t have a lot of the music I listen to, and when I did find a song that I liked, it wasn’t by the artist. If you search by artist you might get lucky with 3 or 4 songs by them, otherwise it have no songs by them. So if you are in the mood for random songs by random people (think Kids Bop), seems like a great app.
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4 years ago, Scotsman418
Sound is certainly NOT of CD quality but to standard tape
It’s hard to appreciate I’ve heard it in CD quality many some of my favorite music else where and even iTunes, etc. However, I guess that’s the compromise Freegal had to give us free music I assume? Pity I was hoping to listen in CD quality or possibly they’ve bit rate down during Covid 19 pandemic possibly?
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11 months ago, Phx hot
New style is super slow
In order to listen to downloads it is very slow and you need to hit 2 buttons.. makes no sense once u get to your downloads that u have to select view all this is senseless of course u want to view all.. please remove this step🙏🏼
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2 years ago, D957
Okay but needs some work
Annoying and borderline clunky interface but considering it is “free” downloadable music it is tough to complain too much. I had no technical issues. Music quality doesn’t seem to be HD but is good enough for most users I think.
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1 year ago, goldenrain222
Used to love it
I used to use this app, but forgot about it for a while and came back to it, now I don’t have access to anything I had saved or downloaded before because my library system is no longer using it or however it works. My library is not an option anymore so I can’t log in or listen to the music I’d saved previously
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4 years ago, Calabria Dom
Love the Playlists/Improve Functionality
Love the app! I don’t spend $10/month for ITunes. Great Playlists meet most of my music needs! Can we fix: - The music stops streaming playlist, album, etc. every time I go from Freegal to another app. - The music stops streaming whenever I put phone down and phone locks. So if I’m baking and listening to a playlist, the music will just stop playing. I have to adjust phone to not auto lock or otherwise the music will stop playing. So frustrating. PLEASE FIX?.
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2 years ago, Alaskan skies
Freegal is a glitchy cash grab
Freegal is awful. Poor selection, glitchy, terrible user interface, and difficult to transfer files to listen in another app. They charge public library systems exorbitant rates for sub par performance, capitalizing in many cases on the libraries’ lack of tech savvy. 0/10 do not recommend, and strongly recommend libraries find another way to get music to their patrons.
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1 year ago, SportsFanAlexander
First impressions, back to using Freegal.
Playlist finally works. Dowload cover art still does not work after years. Feels like I downlaoded illegally with no cover art.
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3 months ago, Chi C.
Not working on the go anymore!
It used to work on both WiFi and cellular data. Now it works on WiFi only. I have confirmed there’s no change on my cellular data settings, and Freegal has been updated to the latest version. It is disappointing because it used to be my must use app during my commute.
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1 year ago, Wheedance
Love it!
I love this app! I can stream anything and download 5 songs a week for free! That’s amazing. It’s very easy to create playlists and save favorites, too.
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1 year ago, t k car
Great new graphics! Beautiful
Lots of upgrades on the graphics. But it’s not making any audio. I deleted and reinstalled it and still no audio- ideas what to do to get sound back?
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2 years ago, Gacha_AnimecloudZ
Ok but…
This app is pretty nice! It is free with no ads. But lots of good songs are missing. And it is too slow. You can only get five downloads per week. It has been FOREVER and only have a few songs!
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2 years ago, Spokgary
Library cancelled
The Spokane Library system has discontinued this service. We enjoyed it for many years. How can we continue to get it? Thanks, Gary
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5 years ago, 1ReviwerOfThisApp!
Free and simple
Can’t see how anyone would complain about 5 free downloads a month! So thankful to get free music of my choice. Libraries are so awesome for communities and Freegal is an extra nice bonus
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4 years ago, MKLawed200456
Bug fixes
My playlists dont shuffle half the time with my shuffle on and i think it should have some more black veil brides albums other than that its a very convenient app for daily use
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1 year ago, dumb name1
It’s slow, now it’s worse
This app is free, so it is what it is. The update is not an improvement. You can no longer sort your downloads so you might be able to find something specific
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2 years ago, dee1 eee2 emm3
For music
I’ve been using this for music only and so far so good, not lagging when steaming. I deducted one star because there isn’t a cast function.
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5 months ago, Sandeam
Can’t Transfer music files to iTunes
With old version of app I can use the File sharing tool in ITunes to transfer Freegal songs to a new phone. With the current version of Freegal I can’t - I get an error message that “a duplicate file name was specified”
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1 year ago, mrspy5217
Missing playlists
Not very happy with the new update my playlists are missing, and I cannot find them. sure I can add songs to those playlist but where do I actually find them now that I had the new app because they were gone. Just not happy.
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2 years ago, sarah fenix
Great app and you can download music so you can Liston on the road. But they are missing lots of artists it I have tried to find.
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5 months ago, Dpn121212
A great start
Lots of music and easy to use. However, lacks an equalizer, which some people/situations might require.
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1 year ago, thematrix98
downloads missing
after downloading this new update I don’t see my previous downloads anywhere. is this something that can be recovered?
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5 years ago, OJL01
Library app
Free music through library membership not everything but my appetitive is much better when it’s free.
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3 years ago, Urban Myth
Music pauses when app not in foreground
On iPhone SE 2, music always pauses if the phone sleeps or if it is not the foreground app. I don’t have this problem on an older iPhone 6. Very frustrating, especially when driving.
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4 years ago, Cjkearns
Doesn’t sync with online account
The app itself is good, but I hate that it doesn’t sync with my online account
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1 year ago, Apple_user6936
Negative star
Prior to app update this week, I would give four star. After app update, zero or minus star. Where are my saved music and playlists? Addendum: found my saved “Downloads” but my organized Playlists are still missing.
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