French Quarter Festival

3.4 (5)
73.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
French Quarter Festival Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for French Quarter Festival

3.4 out of 5
5 Ratings
5 years ago, Evelyn12356
Won’t save favorites
This app looks nice and it does make it easy to see what shows are going on each day. The food vendor list with menu items is handy too. But, it has a serious bug that makes your favorites disappear. Twice now I’ve gone in and starred shows and food and then I reopened the app later to check my schedule or food that saved, and it was all gone. Disappointing!
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2 years ago, phunkboy
Better, but still needs work…
The app is useful, but the design is weird. The main page has music and artists as separate icons/buttons but not on the same portion of the page, and the “My Fest” button should be in the dock, not on the main page. Also, the Map should have an illustration of where everything is located with walking/access paths. The overlay with “Google Maps” is fine, but not very clear where the entrances are and how to navigate from one stage to the next, or concessions and such. Confusing choices for navigation, but overall the app works decently…
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3 months ago, RobXHS00
Excellent App!
It has all the information I am looking for readily accessible and easy to navigate. I am literally obsessed with this app. Great job to the young people at Operation Spark!
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3 months ago, AlpenH
Poor. Events tab not functioning.
What every fest attendee wants is a schedule from which they can choose the events they want to attend and save those off into their own personal schedule. The events tab hangs every time and never opens, so the app is essentially useless. Disappointing. Hoping for improvement in 2025.
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2 years ago, cutebriguy34
Well organized
App well organized and makes tons of sense.
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3 months ago, tmayer52
Doesn’t work in the French Quarter
Can’t get the app to show maps or events or favorites when in the French Quarter. I set a few favorites and can’t see them when I need them. I have done some screen shots. Hopefully that will help tomorrow.
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1 year ago, Fest Fan not App Fan
Make it simple
One easy to find button on front page, hit and get day schedule by stage, artist and time. Make the cubes front center and easy to find. Throw away stage map. Totally useless.
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14 years ago, AstroDvr007
Now Great for Music AND Food
Earlier I commented about how the App was great for Music but not Food. The Line-up with the ability to create your own schedule is great. (I wonder if it will buzz me with an alarm before the next artists is scheduled to start.) But the best thing is they added the food vendor list. (Thanks Applitite for listening.) Now you have access to the same page from the website with all the vendors. Now it's really one app for the whole festival. Why only four stars and not five? Two key components are missing. One must is rotation support. Neither the map nor the food list can be rotated so you end up scrolling especially with the food. I still would love to see location awareness on the map too. But hey, there's always next year. And speaking of that, can I also throw out an idea? Count down timer to next year's festival once this one's over. Only two days left until FQF 2010.
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5 years ago, EdMc303
Needs Work
This app has potential but needs work. I think its pretty well organized and easy to navigate but as Evelyn pointed out the My Fest function has a bug which causes your favorites to disappear which is endlessly frustrating because that’s how we were planning out our day. Also it would be nice if you were able to adjust screen to make font bigger as it’s pretty small. And it would be great if there were more/better descriptions of the music. Hopefully the kinks can be worked out. This great festival is worthy of a better app.
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8 years ago, Terese625
Almost perfect
Used the app this past weekend. It worked fine but there were a few details missing. First on the map I'd like to have a blue dot showing my current location. Second when I click on a venue i should be able to see what shows are coming up and what I shows I stared. There was several times this would come in handy. Hope you make those tweets for next year.
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14 years ago, georgiawiz
As indispensible as your lawn chair and sun screen, this app is the perfect French Quarter Fest companion to ensure you hear the can't miss music and find your favorite foods! Wish there were more stars to give it--and that it existed 25 years ago! Can't wait to use it live, but it sure makes planning fun and easy!!
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7 years ago, sp1te
It kinda works but needs updating bad
I fire this up every year. It needs help bad. The fonts on the events page are too hard to differentiate between days and the times. The schedule should be linked to the map. The schedule should be sortable and when clicked through just add he map on the full page when you click an item. The map should let you open maps and gps. Please pay someone to update this and make it work better.
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5 years ago, Baltimore County
Was great for 2018, but now....
We used this app every day for the 2018 FQF, I liked that it gave detailed info regarding the artists since they are local talent. Have been trying to plan my days for 2019, but app doesn’t seem to be up & running for 2019! Hope they get it figured out, will find myself lost without it!!!
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7 years ago, iggyaa
Useful for locals
App is a great idea but makes a lot of assumptions about local knowledge. A few things would make it great for visitors: - contact info or form for suggestions - when you click on a restaurant or performer, have the option to "show where on map" - more food categories like alcoholic beverage, non-alcoholic bev, sweets, seafood, ethnicities, etc - provide info on type of music, would be great to search on jazz, zydeco, rock, Cajun, etc.
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7 years ago, maxwantsjustice
Schedule seems to be off 1 day
Your schedule does not match the website.
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14 years ago, dalekvan
Useful but overpriced at $2
With no real extra features, it was a bit pricey for a schedule template app, but it was useful to be able to look at the schedule without needing to unfold a giant map sized piece of paper or have to use the internet. Hope this works for 2011; otherwise next time I'll just cut out the bit from the paper or grap one of the free schedules.
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8 years ago, DerekSeibert
Great Improvement
This app is much improved over last year's offering. Great map support, and helpful food options. I also really like the new interface. All the data is updated too. Cool app.
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7 years ago, Sandra499
Seems to be working great... so far!
I have an iphone 6 plus. I deleted and reloaded it today. Today the app seems to be working - I have to trust the entries are correct, but Im able to open everything just fine. Knock on wood.
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7 years ago, The Local Fester
News crashes
The app continues to crash when the news icon is selected. Also, the map is unhelpful as there is no linkage between performances or food vendors and their location. It's quite helpful if your want to while away your time tapping on the many fleur de lis icons to learn a stage name and location. Go with a hard copy map.
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8 years ago, Ukulele bug
Failed when I needed it the most
First let me say that last year I enjoyed this app and used it throughout the entire festival weekend . This year it updated wonderfully and it worked fine up until the days of the festival when I needed it the most . It crashed as soon as I would open it . Thank goodness for the paper schedules supplied at the festival .
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14 years ago, nolawinelover
Nice (especially since the website doesn't work with mobile browsers), but can you add the food vendor/locations as well. That's almost as important as the music.
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14 years ago, czgarrett
Well done!
This app is really well done. I like the graphics and the agenda feature.
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14 years ago, New Orleans Music Lover
Great App!
Very well thought out, extremely helpful and user friendly.
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8 years ago, Ookismet
Re download and works perfect
I deleted the app and download it again, now it works perfectly!!!!
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9 years ago, _kiwi_2019_
Update just came out
I am so excited to use this on my trip this coming week!
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9 years ago, WY Girlz
Update for 2015?
I use this app all the time while at the FQF, and telling my friends about the FQF when at home. Please update it - it's invaluable!
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11 years ago, NolaFQF2013
Great app
I went to the 2012 FQF and used this app. It's awesome for helping you plan ! I believe the 2013 version will be out at the end if March! See you guys there!
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7 years ago, Nolagal87
Much better!
The new update is great! No crashing, and all of schedules dates look correct.
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12 years ago, Tsquare Aloha
French Quater Festivla 2011
Why did I pay for an app which while it appears to be good, it is a version for a past year French Quater Festicval in 2011? Is there a free upgrade to 2012? When is that app going to be available? Sure seems like I purchased an app which has absoultely NO VALUE or use for the 2012 year festival!!
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11 years ago, Rtibbitts
Love 2012 Version - How About 2013?
Okay so I couldn't make the 2012 French Quarter Festival but I'm going this year and desperately hope this app is renewed. Please!!!!
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7 years ago, JamieSueMcAdams
Waiting for update for this year 2017......hope that is going to happen...
It's so nice to have the app when it's up to date-it won't even stay open after clicking on the icon it opens then closes out
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7 years ago, John_john _
Sooooooo excited
Minor bugs but I know you all can fix them. Soo excited to use the app at the fest. whoooooo Datttt!
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5 years ago, vttong
No longer lost
The map is soooo helpful! I have no sense of direction
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6 years ago, Dash_The_Art
Awesome app
Very useful, I look forward to using it again tomorrow!
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9 years ago, Kickdog1
Looks like a really good app. Will change my rating after the update for 2015 if that takes place.
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6 years ago, ajjjjjj84
App crashes on startup
Doesn't work. When I tap on app it immediately goes to blank white screen. Would have been a very useful app to have if it actually worked. Any chance of fixing it before the festival? I have an iPhone SE with iOS 9.3
Show more
7 years ago, goetzee
2 weeks out, still crashing!
I hope someone takes a look at this app, updates it, as others have said--looks good but crashes immediately after opening.
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8 years ago, MamaStacey
Great App
Great App. Very useful!! I look forward to using it again next year
Show more
7 years ago, Big-G222
APP Crashes
Deleting and installing again does not work. It still crashes. Please fix.
Show more
7 years ago, ronOcon
Crashes immediately on iPhone
Downloaded for the first time. It crashed within about 2 seconds of opening it. Deleted and re-downloaded. Same thing. (iPhone 6 with latest update.)
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7 years ago, FQF Fan
Crashing Again!
The new version that had the wrong dates worked, but when the dates were fixed the crashing started again. Please fix.
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5 years ago, DJ Jubilee
Great App To Party
Best app ever. If you wanna find food and find a good time download this app. There’s no place like NOLA baby.
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7 years ago, Tony30001
The app still crashes after 3 seconds!
I mean, it really shouldn't be so difficult to make a simple app not crash every time. I have deleted and reinstalled several times. Please fix before the Fest!
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13 years ago, natouno
Exactly what a festival-goer needs, all in one place, fits in your pocket. Love it...
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7 years ago, npr app is buggy
Crashes immediately
Crashes immediately after opening. Maybe too early, just a few more weeks ...
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7 years ago, cmk520
Doesn't work, crashes.
Downloaded a few times, did the updates. Keeps crashing. App launches but as soon as you select something, the app closes. Shame.
Show more
14 years ago, wishbringer143
two thumbs down
This was a waste of time and money! when it worked it provided very little useful information!
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12 years ago, Garisimo
Great app, great free Fest!
Can't wait for 2012 FQF -- this app will help me find the music, food, and fun.
Show more
6 years ago, michael mittelsdorf
Worthless App
The map won’t load. When you put in an artist’s name in search nothing happens... at all! This app is useless. Basically all you need is a good map of all the stages and the line up of all the artists By STAGE!
Show more
7 years ago, MsReta
Keeps cashing
Downloaded the app but I can't use it because it keeps crashing. Was hoping to be able to use it for the festival weekend in a few weeks.
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