Fresno Bee News

4.2 (1.2K)
111.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
The McClatchy Company
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fresno Bee News

4.25 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
10 years ago, Rickybee411
Convenient app and no shady fees!
I like using this app to stay informed of local news and enjoy that reading articles on here isn't subject to the same shady fees the Fresno Bee website is! I dislike that the headlines are not tailored to the app format; many times the headline gets cut off mid sentence, making discerning the actual content of the article difficult.
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4 years ago, RipOffStayAway
Very poor app. We bought a subscription and there are still ads
It’s a very poor app. I can see why the traditional newspaper business model failed. Those who are in charge are idiots. We bought a one year subscription. Normally one would expect an ad-free environment. Nope. Not with this news paper app. Ads pop up. Managements short sightedness and their need to make a fraction of a cent on ads is totally insane. After this subscription is over, so are we. These cry baby news people are their own downfall. Don’t get this app. Get apps from news organizations. Their apps are far better. True, those apps have ads. But it doesn’t cost you a subscription fee. And the apps are far more user friendly. Better reporting. You won’t feel like you got ripped off by some idiot looking to get rich off of clicks.
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1 month ago, grandp@
How to lose subscribers
I have subscribed to the bee for decades with both delivery and the app. Eventually I went to just the app as rates kept rising. With their latest update on the app it became a nightmare to navigate while they bragged how great it was. And it used to be. But now, when you open the app it opens to the last day you read it with no way to go to the current day. For that you have to type Fresno Bee in the address bar. Thus the app is useless. And they’ve increased the price and the content is coming from other news suppliers, and there are fewer local stories. Why bother? Don’t. I’m going to cancel my subscription and just stop reading it after having read it every day for 67 years.
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4 years ago, Sulu S
Needs Improvement
Since subscribing through Apple account, I can no longer stay logged in nor will app allow auto fill of password. All other news apps I subscribe to allow this. The pop-in video ads that appear are irritating as they contain as they start unexpectedly after reading a few articles. Actually, it’s the same ad that keeps popping up. The news stories are often not updated as soon as local TV websites. The e-edition is better since it replicates the look of the newspaper with swiping gestures that simulate page turning.
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5 years ago, dragnspawn
Beware the grinch
What good is app when it’s the 4th day of month and app will not let you access news articles because ‘you used all your free articles for the month’. Had no problem in May. No problem on other mobile device. This app is the last news app I use anyway. One more reason not to read the Bee. Was once a subscriber, but the biases and the stupid mistakes the Bee staff made re: subscriptions, fees, and deliveries caused me to go with other news outlets. Looks like the Bee will actually be no more in my universe.
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6 years ago, Frc1
Fresno Bee
Because of the Bee’s printing schedule, I frequently read the news the night before my paper arrives in the morning. When I travel, which is frequently, I keep tabs on the local news the same way.
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4 years ago, A Fresno Bee reader
FresnoBee App not displaying paper version
I noticed that others report that this app no longer displays a digital version of the daily newspaper. This happens quite frequently per my experience. To resolve this issue, I have to call the FresnoBee noting my inability to access the paper format. They resolve the issue. Hopefully they will resolve the issue with this app soon so I don’t have to call.
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10 months ago, nallingt
Getting worse
It used to be when their web site would sign me in but still cover everything with a nag screen i could use the app. Well no more. Stories seem to load them blip righ back to the main screen.
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3 years ago, Burnboss
New App Crashes
The new updated app keeps crashing. Still duplicates the same news stories next to each other. Is this to fill space? Letters to the editor are not updated, some are weeks old. Used to be able to make comments , seems to have been taken away.
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5 years ago, SusanBur
New app is awful!
The new app is a step backwards for The FRESNO Bee. Each page of the newspaper is blurry for a second or two as you change pages. Also the app makes it difficult to read the whole paper as it will not move around effectively and advertisements will sometimes block you from being able to read the full article.
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1 year ago, nsc32023
Fix the app - can’t read an entire article
This app is terrible. More often than not I can not get through reading an entire article without it closing the article. When I click it again it immediately closes. I’m trying to support local news but how can I when I can’t read it? Please fix the app
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11 months ago, why isn't
Enjoy the content, but
There is a frequent issue I am having where if I read an article long enough, I get kicked back to the homepage. Not ideal, especially if the article is buried in another section of the app.
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5 years ago, Jwonder64
iPhone problem
I’ve been reading the Bee via the app on my phone for over 6 years and have had no problems. When they switched to the new format it’s almost and very frustrating btw, impossible to read. I like to read the Bee in the newspaper format and when I try to do that now it’s just to small to read... bummed
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3 years ago, love the pza.hate dominos app.
Glitchy and frustrating
Seems like there has been a recent update. Suddenly the feed is repetitive, loading is slow, and crashes are common. Please get it together!
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4 years ago, Snappy too
Customer service didn’t answer
I sent a message months ago when trying to manage my account. No one answered me. So, there was foul up with payment. A decent app would have some sort of feedback etc involved. Being ignored when you just want to pay a bill isn’t good. Especially at these prices.
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4 years ago, Trying to Keep-up
My viewpoint
I did not see a search option, it would be helpful. When compared to a hard copy the app does not match the ease of reading an actual newspaper. There’s room for improvement.
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4 years ago, mathdrone
This is an upgrade?
This app is frustrating. The print doesn’t focus, pages independently increase in size and will not return to normal, when print does focus, it is often temporary. When my subscription is up, unless the app is improved dramatically, I will not renew.
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5 years ago, ebee reader
Worse update ever
Each page is blurred before you are able to read it, format no longer fits an iPad screen, each page has an ad at the bottom, and now the paper is a drain on my battery. Please go back to the previous format and fire whoever thought this was better.
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3 years ago, Frog pad1211321
Awful Update
I HATE the update to this app so much that I’m seriously considering cancelling my subscription.l altogether. The app repeats the same stories over and over, and it’s impossible to navigate. Also, I can no longer read Fresno Bee stories on Flipboard; instead I’m re-routed back to the Fresno Bee App. So infuriating!!
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5 years ago, StelGirl60
Feed back
Always up to date, Very informative . Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, Mblankie
The recent update is terrible. It made accessing the app more difficult. Each page comes up blurry for a few seconds and harder to move around in the paper. I use to enjoy reading the e edition, but now I’ve been forced back to the paper edition.
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5 years ago, PeterWall
No search means nearly worthless app
Until this app has a search function there is nothing to be gained over just going to the Fresno Bee website on your mobile phone. To the contrary, what you lose is the ability to search.
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3 years ago, Benstudly
New version keeps crashing
I pay around $15 monthly only to have this app continually crash. The Fresno Bee is already bleeding money and if this keeps happening they will lose the income from the app as well. Fix it ASAP.
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6 years ago, TV 55
I frequently want to look at a prior edition of the Bee. It isn’t easy to do! In fact I still haven’t been able to access back issues (1 week ago).
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4 years ago, steve the reddog
Don’t care foe the app
Paper blurry when the ad at the bottom of the page loads and you can’t turn it off I like the paper but not users friendly
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4 years ago, Chicagoproud
Now I have to sign in?
You already have ads everywhere and now you are making people register to read the articles?! Guess it’s time to delete this app. Guess you want to sell data more than deliver the news.
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4 years ago, Vango93636
Delete and reload
Asks me to sign in to read articles but signing in doesn’t open them until I delete app and reload. Happens frequently. Can’t find classifieds and NO DELBERT!
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5 years ago, HWW
Unhappy with New App
As an old school reader, I always download each issue to read it as I would the paper version. Can’t find a way to do so with latest app. I plan to unsubscribe.
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5 years ago, stopadd
Beware of advertising
Do you want news or advertising? I have taken the Bee for years, first printed and now e-edition. I get 1/2 screen of newspaper, the other half is advertising. Pop up that will not go away. Reading the paper is difficult. No pleasure.
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3 years ago, ratfiddle
New version crashes
Although I like the new format that just came out, it repeatedly crashes, even after several reinstalls. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, pauljenni
Fresno Bee digital app
Dreadful. I have contacted the Bee and no one has responded. The new Eedition app is awful. Slow to focus, print so small, ads pop up at the bottom and if you are not careful you end up i the ad with no way to back out. Not happy
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4 years ago, David GTS
Poor app
This app is poor as it keeps asking me to sign in even though it shows that I already am. Gets to be annoying!
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5 years ago, 4drocket
support local news!!
spend the money and get a subscription, its worth it!
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3 years ago, Bellawolf1673
App crashes
The app doesn’t open. I would like to read the paper I’ve paid for!!!
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5 years ago, buddy1-35
Not a good app
Can't find standings for the sports section. No comics and very difficult to use when looking for other articles.
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3 years ago, notadimetomyname
Old News
What’s written in the paper is usually 2 day old news.
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6 years ago, Bjyhey3
Not Much News
I only have it for the local obituaries but they don’t have those anymore.
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4 years ago, Bobhmcg
Too much work
I just want to read an article. Know what day the paper is. Too many ads.
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4 years ago, djvnfivnfkckd
Only works 1 out of every 3 or 4 days. But you still pay full price. It’s a total joke....
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4 years ago, bfilerey
Uninvited Ads are annoying!
I don't like the uninvited ads of gambling, etc. I can't shake them off.
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8 months ago, garden tomatoes
Won’t open on iPad
This works fine on my iPhone XS Max but not iPad—Won’t even open on my iPad. Boo Hoo!
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5 years ago, missing some old items
Where are they?
Where is the table of stock indexes? Where is “ask the doctor? Where is “dear Amy? Where are the comics?
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6 years ago, I'm_lost_again
Why are there no more obituaries after April 15?
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6 years ago, W. H. Bonney
The Fresno Bee...
is propaganda.
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7 years ago, RGP52
Not Much News
Most articles seem to appear in multiple categories, giving the illusion there is substance to each daily edition. So far I have found there is little daily news. I am only interested in today's news and the elimination of the reproduction of the daily print edition makes it difficult to tell what news is really in "today's ' paper. Also, no access to the old weather page that had a lot more than daily temps on it. Time to cancel my subscription as I can get better coverage from other sources for free.
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10 years ago, Decembee
All the news I need
Although I maintain a subscription to The Bee, I find that I typically read the top stories of the day on the app before reading the paper. It's a good app, streamlined and updates easily. I had a former version that didn't work as well. They seem to have gotten those kinks resolved.
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10 years ago, Connemama
Intuitive and easy to read
The app delivers newspaper content via and intuitive interface that is eat to read, even on a mobile device.
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10 years ago, TjOnTheRoad
Great format
I appreciate the quick and easy access to all the local news, especially when work has me on the road again.
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9 years ago, benzee01
Good app, but...
Since the last update several weeks ago, I have not received any notifications. There doesn't seem to be any settings section in the app or in notification center. I enjoy having the local news at hand, but I'm about to search for an alternative.
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11 years ago, Scho1ar1y
Need subscription to read articles
This used to be a decent app for local news, but now you need a subscription to read anything other than the headlines. **UPDATE: the subscription issue has been resolved...this app provides full access to all content with no subscription required. UPDATE 2/20: This app once again requires a subscription. No thanks.
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