Frisco ISD

2.6 (7)
39.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Frisco Independent School District
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Frisco ISD

2.57 out of 5
7 Ratings
9 years ago, FDavid0596
The events page doesn't work
Whenever I tap the events icon on the app, the app crashes.
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4 years ago, chdy ndysydh ncyatsydu
This district rather ban not harmless games than even tell the students why they got canvas how would you feel if your parents just replaced your phone and never told you why.
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3 years ago, Dsvperez2
Used to be helpful, now won’t open
This app no longer works. It has been abandoned for awhile now. It’s a shame. It was useful when it worked.
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3 years ago, Randy Watson - Coming to America
App crashes - won’t open. Deleted and reinstalled and still crashes. Useless.
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10 years ago, Doggywaaaa
Thank The Lord For This!
I would give this app 1000 stars is I could! Thank you so much lord for this app. Before this app I was being bullied everyday of my life by multiple people. Everyone saw me being bullied but they were to scared to say anything. But now that this app has come out I can tell on the people bullying me. Even though I'm the only student on the planet who has this app on their phone I fell that it is very useful. Thank you Jesus!
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10 years ago, FriedDylan
Nice app, great value!
This is a great little app for getting schedules, breakfast and lunch menus, and even department contact information. If I could tie it to the lunch program to monitor what my child is selecting each day as well as a way to monitor and add funds to the account this would be amazing. Unfortunately they placed a lot of full page memos and ads within which can be frustrating when you're looking for something fast. Great effort and awesome added value to their system.
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10 years ago, robbiealex
Awesome App
This App is so Awesome. I love the fact that I can quickly check the lunch menus without going on safari and clicking through so many links. The only thing I think is missing from this app is push notifications. I would like to be able to look at my Lock Screen every morning to see what my school is having for lunch without even opening the App. But overall awesome app!!!
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5 years ago, Tha Texan's Apple
Why hasn’t this app been updated in over year?
With all the money that the ISD has, why haven’t y’all updated this app?? There sure are a lot of schools missing from the listings, but since it’s a free app, I’m guessing y’all don’t care! But the Frisco ISD Athletics app has been updated at least twice in the past five months? Which is more important, education and the information parents need or athletics which make the ISD money?? Looks clear to me, Frisco ISD is all about the money!!
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11 years ago, Cupcake <3 er 10000
I think you did a good job, but can you make a feature where you can set your school, so that you don't need to select it every time you want to do something? Also, we should be able to check our grades on this app. It would be SO much more accessible!!!
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11 years ago, Ashnzo
Love this app
Glad Frisco has this app now. I love it. It helps me stay connected while away from my desk.
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11 years ago, Jytx Texas
I really like how this app is designed!! Very user friendly. Highly recommend this app!
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6 years ago, JackBraden
Update to iOS 11 please!
This app doesn’t work with iOS 11 because it’s a 32 bit app, please update it to support iOS 11!
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10 years ago, Tony attia
Keeps crashing
Keeps crashing when going to view hac
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11 years ago, Hg fan 19
It's pretty good but I don't think any one will use the bully report but I can Appreciate the gesture
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7 years ago, Mapesa
Great App desperately needs an update
Great App, but needs an update to keep up with the speed of the latest iOS software.
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11 years ago, Kimntx
Nice app for busy people. Helps to stay connected with what's going on at the school.
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6 years ago, MDowdle
Please update to iOS 11
Was a great app until I updated my phone to iOS 11. Now it doesn't work and I can't look up the lunch menu. Please update as my kids all every morning what is for lunch at school.
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6 years ago, Missfayefaye
Recent Upgrade - Lunch Menus
With the recent upgrade the School Lunch menus will not open. Any help here?
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11 years ago, Sjvr
Useful App for Parents
Good one. Thank you Frisco ISD for synching with technology trends. Parent of Sparks Student.
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11 years ago, Tommieout
Great App
Great Information at your fingertips!!
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11 years ago, App reviewerrrzzzz
Good App
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6 years ago, gpfin
App does not work with iOS11
This app didn’t work great to begin with, but now it doesn’t work at all since upgrading to iOS11.
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11 years ago, TheWhiteAmerican
Poorly designed.
bad UI, low res textures, hard to use and bad overall. needs to look modern.
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11 years ago, Apple rocks to much
Very good for FISD
Very nice and easy to use!
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11 years ago, pheenges
Not for iPhone 5
The screen is too small!!!
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11 years ago, Lockon007
This is what my taxpayer money is paying for?
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9 years ago, jameshwebb
Swag now
Best app made by SATAN
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10 years ago, Justgotnicked
This is the devils work
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8 years ago, Unobtained
Top kek
Not enough memes.
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10 years ago, Mw3Lover
needs update for iOS 7🍩
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11 years ago, Lunar eclipse363
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11 years ago, LimitlessGod
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11 years ago, Bob from narnia
Mi nombre es bradley
Mi nombre es bradley
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11 years ago, 2thyfor
Like it
Like it
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9 years ago, Elf your self hater
Follow prime_dump on Instagram
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10 years ago, S3NSA
Nice app
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