Frog Dissection

3.7 (34)
395.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
GP Strategies Corporation
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.1 or later
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User Reviews for Frog Dissection

3.74 out of 5
34 Ratings
13 years ago, TomTorrent
Cute program - will keep students interested
Yes. It does have a few physiological errors. Something they can easily fix up. That said, it's a terrific primer for middle, or entry-level high school students wishing to learn about frog physiology. It also includes information about ecosystems, comparative anatomy (human vs. frog) and it's graphic enough and fun enough that it will guide a student through the first steps of frog dissection. It also has enough information in there that it could be used as a standalone to understanding frog dissection...without doing the dissection!!!! This is a great feature as there will be fewer frogs dissected! Good Product
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11 years ago, Akillhn
Amazing features!
This is a great buy! It is packed with awesome features like the games and videos along with interactive views of the organs, diagrams and so much more! I can't wait to use this in my classroom and I wish they had this when I was in school so I wouldn't have had to color all those sheets!
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6 years ago, Ajoy.s
App is awesome!
I loved this app. It was a perfect tool for teaching kids in our homeschool co-op science class and was a very much loved app by my 3 year old daughter. She is now 5 and really wants to play with the app again. Wish it was updated to iOS 11.
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11 years ago, 99c_gamer
Nice animations
Its a high quality app. Interactivity is nice and pretty close to the real thing. I like how the narration tells you what to do it really feels like you're in an operating room.
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10 years ago, hoserman
Sound doesn't work on iPad mini 3 or Air 2
This is a great app, but the sound no longer works on an iPad mini 3 or Air 2
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9 years ago, Blissit19
Waste of money
No sound which makes it worthless to me because my three year old loves the app but she can't read yet.
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10 years ago, parent2001
This is an awesome app on frog. Depth of content is awesome and is fun with various module. Kids have loved it.
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3 years ago, y y y y y yyyy y y y yy yy y
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13 years ago, ballerina28
If I were a Bio teacher, I would get this app for my class IMMEDIATELY! It is really helpful and great! I learned a lot about anatomy in just a few minuets exploring this app! Dissection isn't the only thing it can do, either. It also has animated videos showing things like the frog life cycle and how they eat, as well as interactive quizzes, info about the different species of frogs, lots of picture- enhanced and interesting info, and instructions on how to do a dissection on a real frog. If this company released more high school level educational apps, I would buy them in a heartbeat.
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13 years ago, Ponyriderat321
Educational and fun
No more messy, smelly trays! Anyone can dissect and explore the anatomy of a frog. Children from four to thirteen have enjoyed cutting, pinning, and learning about frogs on my iPad. One father was so impressed that he hurried up and bought it for his young son. As a teacher in a world of shrinking budgets that allow us to share fewer and fewer hands on experiences with our students, this app provides a worth he next best thing.
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14 years ago, Darkwell-ty
save the frogs!
I wish we had this app when I was in school. It can save the life of thousands of frogs, and it is also much better than the "real thing" regarding the educational value. Nothing can be done wrong, and all inner organs are explained per text and optional audio. I can do this over and over again, wherever I am, and no frog actually has to die. I hope many schools worldwide will use this app instead of live animals.
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12 years ago, Mr. EBJ
We are a homeschool family and I love this app. There is so much material, explanations, and video. You can also manipulate the internal organs with your hands so you can see all sides. This works perfect to go along with biology class but. Y 10yr old also likes it, and it is easy enough for him to, understand. I would Love more apps just like this one.
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13 years ago, CityTeach
Frog dissection
Nice visuals. Overall, a good app. There are grammatical errors and some basic human body parts mis-labeled in the frog vs. human comparison. The quiz is good, but it should not ask the same question twice in one quiz.
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13 years ago, jasss
My daughter is dissecting a frog in class. The process has been very disturbing so I went looking for software. Having this app is fantastic! She brings the ipad to school and uses the app while "overseeing" the actual dissection. Given the ability to "interact" with the frog while she's not in lab is very beneficial.
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12 years ago, Minnetonkamargaret
So useful. This really is a hands on app. I love it especially for my highly sensitive gifted students who are not mature enough to deal with this in a actual setting. This is a humane and inexpensive way to help all students learn. Please make one for earthworms or another simple animal.
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13 years ago, SAI@ses
Special Education visual teaching support
Excellent teaching tool for students to see lesson on smart board and then individually again on an iPad. Students learned all the terms and support material that was needed to understand Frogs.
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13 years ago, Rtlagasa
Before the update, this app was great! I am a teacher and use this app with my students. Unfortunately, after the most recent update, the dissection no longer works; the app quits while trying to place the pins in the first screen.
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13 years ago, stelladog
Developer Quick to Respond
Once it started working - fabulous!
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13 years ago, Davvy...
Great, Waiting
This is a great, wonderful looking app. However, I'm still waiting for the rest of those frog videos! Keep up the good work!
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13 years ago, Booya baby
One problem... When u click on "human vs frog" it says that your arm is your hand That is the only problem... Otherwise great app
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13 years ago, Scienceman14
Rat app
Great app used this for 7th grade life science students made copies of the rat and the students took notes on the rat picture.
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13 years ago, Old chicago
Too much for one and done.
Very expensive for what you get. Do one dissection and you have completed the entire app. Just not much to it.
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14 years ago, DF187
Great potential
The screen shots essentially describe 95% of what you get. Cool idea, but not much bang for your buck.. Fun novelty app and looks great on iPad.
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14 years ago, Jake244
Don't waste your money
Frog dissection hasn't worked since the day I bought it. Tech Support doesn't reply to emails.
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12 years ago, m1n1wheat
It would be better if you could accually take out the organs. So far, it should be free
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14 years ago, soberdude
Frog Dissection
dissection crashs before i can do anything. please fix. thanks. looking forward to trying it.... when it works
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14 years ago, homestudy
Frog Dissection
Very disappointing. you can find much better programs online that are free.
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14 years ago, Avie3
Don't buy
Ridiculous price for this App!
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14 years ago, Hionbio
Bio teacher
Disappointing. Organs are not dissected. Information is good.
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13 years ago, The_Pale_Rider
Great Concept, too many errors...
As an educational tool, every effort should be made to make sure the content is technically accurate. While the dissection technique is correct, much of the ancillary information is not only poorly worded and sloppy, but often times technically inaccurate. Examples: Clicking on the gallbladder displayed a title of "Bladder", in the "All About Frogs" section, they list several salamanders under frog species. I could go on and on with further examples, but the bottom line is the application comes across as having been written by someone who either hasn't taken high school biology yet or barely passed if they have. I realize I come across as very critical but there is no excuse for sloppiness and technical inaccuracies in an educational tool.
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13 years ago, scgray
Very cool
I always wonder how much I should expect from an app, but I will say the display is very good and all my kids were interested in learning about frog organs.
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13 years ago, #1DUKE*
It's ooo Kay
It's fine just wish I could do different types of frogs not something I do everyday but something that I play with once in a whil
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13 years ago, macmayne25
I have purchased dozens of great apps but have never bothered to rate one until now. We love this app! We have dissected 6 frogs today :)) I can't believe how much we learned and everyone in the family scored "excellent" on the quiz because it makes learning so much fun!! Please, please make a dozen more dissection apps!! I'll purchase every one you make!
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13 years ago, Jermil
This is a stunning, beautiful, creative and educational app. Buy it for your children (or yourself) now.
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13 years ago, Car541
Frog dissection
This app is really cool. It has opened a way for me and my kids to really go through and examine a frog. Pretty realistic
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