Frontline Education

4.7 (44.8K)
39.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Frontline Technologies Group LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Frontline Education

4.67 out of 5
44.8K Ratings
10 months ago, thebigopu
Good App
I like this app. It makes accepting substitute teaching jobs on the go easier. However, it would be nice if when a notification about a new substitute assignment is received, the new assignment was highlighted after opening the app. Clearly the developer either didn’t see this review when I originally posted or doesn’t care, so I’ll say it again. When new substitute assignment notifications pop up, the user needs to be taken to the new assignments as soon as the app is opened or the new assignments need to be highlighted when the app is opened.
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1 year ago, Hhr review
A few adjustments needed
The app is great except it should show that hours for the job on the front page. Currently, it just says the start time. If I am looking for a half day job, I have to click on every job to find out if it goes all day or not. That is why I often use the website rather than the app. On the website, I can see all relevant information without having to click on every single job to find out the details. Also, teachers should be encouraged to leave notes about the job. I see many SDC jobs go uncovered. In many cases this may be attributed to the the fact that a sub may feel unqualified to LEAD this class (not knowing the students and their needs). However, we may be perfectly comfortable being an extra set of eyes and hands. Drama, music, dance, ROTC jobs would also be more desirable if the teachers explained that no knowledge in these fields are necessary. Finally, I wish I could filter results to one day etc. This may be an option and I just don’t know about it but it would be nice to have more filter options.
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10 months ago, WhiteWolfProphecy
What’s going on?
The last update is not giving notifications in a timely manner. Last year, no problems getting jobs. They were on time & I changed my preferences many times without a problem. But, by the time I get them this year, they are long gone - esp for full time jobs! THEN I changed my preferences last week, saved them & suddenly, all Labor Day weekend…not a notification at all! So, I checked online yesterday, & my mouth dropped open in shock. My entire district had been completely wiped out! Not 1 checkmark was on it. And I check & double check ANYTIME I change something. I was flabbergasted. However, not one Support check mark had been checked off! So, just this afternoon, I was at a job, and my husband told me the app had stopped working but my paid app was still picking up jobs. Sure enough, I tried it, and it isn’t working! You sign-in and it either just stays on the purple screen, or if you’re lucky to get to the sign-in screen, it just runs and runs & does not ever sign-in! This is getting old. I’m on my 2nd year, and it’s not working.
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3 years ago, reign_m
I can’t sign in
Hi I’m a little confused. I just downloaded the app and it’s saying my login info is wrong even though I KNOW it’s right. Im a substitute and use frontline on my computer all the time and it never says my info is wrong, but this one is for some reason. I tried to use the chat feature for help but none of the 3 options were really related to my problem. I clicked on one anyway and it said “you can log in at this link” and gave me a link that would take me to the login on safari instead of the app. The app sending me to log in in safari instead does NOT at all count as a solution. Yeah, it works to log in from there, but that just tells me this is the apps fault and that I should give up on the app and delete it. I don’t even know why thats a feature at all because the whole entire point of downloading the app is so you don’t have to use the browser version on your phone (which consistently doesn’t respond when you click log out by the way, so there’s that too). This “solution” is basically like the app is advertising AGAINST itself. Like “yeah we can’t do it, you better just stick with the browser version.”
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11 months ago, erosxyz
Job notifications are awful
I don’t get alerts for jobs. If I do it is only after a job has been sitting unfilled for 20 minutes. Another substitute I work with and I were working together and she was getting alerts all day. We compared her app (different than frontline) to this one and I got alerts 15-20 minutes after her app alerted her. I realized frontline only sent me alerts for jobs that had been sitting unfilled that no one wanted/picked up. While she got the alerts when they posted. That explains why I have days that I can’t find sub work and I lose money, it’s because I thought alerts were being sent to me as soon as a teacher requested a sub only to find out the subs with other apps were getting alerts way before me so I don’t stand a chance using Frontline. I even delete delete and redownload the app several times a week to see if that helps it but it only works for like a day and after that I’m back to late or no notifications. You aren’t supposed to delete and redownload an app every 2-3 days for it to function like it’s supposed to, that’s a waste of time and ridiculous.
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1 year ago, urlame25
Districts option
I’m a substitute teacher and this app is great way more convenient than getting thousands of calls a day using an about images old school system. Also, schools if you’re reading this and want to switch DO IT! ANYWAY, One thing I would change is to have all districts jobs you work for in one place rather than choosing a district one at a time and only getting job notifications from that specific district. For example, I work at three different districts but not all three will pop up for job listings unless I choose a certain district. This is frustrating because I work at several districts for a reason, for more job opportunities and this app limits this even tho I work in multiple districts. I can’t have access to all job sites at once which is annoying and inconvenient. Please fix this issue for the people who work multiple districts‼️‼️
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2 years ago, masterofsecrets
Notifications Worse After Update
Frontline had been working nearly flawlessly for me (despite logging me out when I attempted to open the app when service was low, which has mostly just been annoying), but since the latest update— which claims to have “notifications enhancements”— I have not received a single notification from the app. I have checked multiple times and am certain all the notification settings on my phone are enabled, and I’m not having issues with any other apps. After multiple days without any alerts, I finally caught a job posting by opening the app at just the right time; I restarted my phone hoping that would solve the issue, keeping Frontline open on desktop window in hopes of catching jobs come in, and still I am not receiving phone notifications when jobs are being posted. I am sure I have missed many jobs as a result of this, and I am eager for the issue to be resolved.
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3 years ago, Lexyyy16
Not the best user-friendly app
The app is easy to sign into and navigate. Everything is pretty straightforward as far as where to find things. The issue I am having is when a new district is added to my account. I could view the newly added district on the app ONLY after having to uninstall and reinstall the app. Then, the jobs I was assigned to for that district would not show up. I tried the refresh icon in the upper right hand corner on “my jobs” page, nothing. I knew they were there because if I signed in on my browser to the full site, I could see them. Once again I had to uninstall and reinstall the app to get it to show. I am hoping going forward this get resolved so I don’t miss out on any jobs or miss accepted jobs on my calendar.
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2 years ago, Courtcourt4906226964159052
Easy to use, continuously bugging though
This app is very simple and helpful. I love the notifications so I can see and accept a job right away, when I’m not even on my computer/phone. However, it seems to crash and bug a lot. I’ve had to delete and reinstall the app at least 4 times in less than a year. And sometime, I don’t even know the app isn’t working until I don’t get notifications. It either freaks out and doesn’t load, or keeps saying there’s an issue. The fix 80% of the time is by deleting and reinstalling. Restarting my phone didn’t fix it. Only once or twice was it an issue that resolved within a few hours. Easy and helpful app, just lots of the same issues repeatedly happening…
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2 years ago, Kye1030
Great, but a couple things would make it greater!
I am a substitute and really like the way this app works. I feel it is very easy to use which is super nice. Lately it’s been struggling when I go to log in. It just get stuck on the loading page before I’m even able to log in. I then go through a process of deleting and re-downloading the app then it works fine again. If you could fix this issue it would be great. One more thing that would really help this app is if you added the WebTime to the app. It would be nice if I could just add my hours right after the day is over through the app. Other than those two things I love it.
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2 months ago, bmbelko
Not as trustworthy as it used to be.
1. Don't like the notification sound but I can live with it. 2. Can’t add non-work days on the app, only on the web version. Not very helpful. 3. Keeps crashing and won’t let me log in again. “Something went wrong”. No fooling. I’m missing jobs because I can use the app away from the pc. This is money out of my pocket. I figure the developers owe me several hundred USD as a start. 4. For multi-day assignments where I’ve worked one of the days, the app keeps that string of jobs in the top of the list. One was once a month for four months. So for four months I had to keep going past that old assignment to see my next ones. Please separate out the completed days of a multi-day job so they disappear.
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3 years ago, Chosen7Stone
A little laggy; signs me out regularly
I think this app has excellent potential! The notification system is fantastic, especially if you’re trying to fill your schedule. I hope future updates will bring: - Leave users signed in. If I see an available job, I’d like to be able to switch to my calendar app to check my availability and then return to Frontline without needing to start over. - There’s a lag when rejecting jobs. Sometimes I’ve rejected a job and it remains on the list for another minute or two. I reject jobs I can’t take to help new opportunities show up more easily; the lag makes me nervous I’ll try to clear it again by clicking reject and realize it suddenly updated and I rejected something I wanted.
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2 years ago, sarahbarrera23
Too Many Notifications and Not Enough Info
This app sends me several notifications an hour, sometimes within less than 10 minutes of each other, only saying “New Jobs Available.” I GET IT. The worst is getting several notifications in the middle of the night! I can’t just turn off notifications because that defeats the purpose of having the app in the first place. Another thing is that yeah I can sign up for jobs (slightly) more easily than having to get out my laptop, but the app doesn’t include any of the job details so I end up having to get out my laptop anyway so again, defeats the purpose of having the app. Unless any of that gets fixed, I literally see no point of having this app. Easier and less annoying to just use the desktop version.
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9 months ago, Gecko 1993
So Far, So Good, But It Needs Some Tweaks...
I use Frontline for my iPad to accept jobs that are needed. I wish that there was a landscape feature alongside a full-fledged view of the calendar like on the browser. As it serves my needs for accepting jobs, I wish that it was a little more acceptable besides being stuck to using just portrait. One final thing, there was a major bug with typing this review on my iPad via the SlimFolio; the text ended up becoming invisible as I was writing this review, so I had to use the Title space to preview what I was typing for this review. I’d give it 3.5/5; however it just serves my needs just fine.
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4 months ago, Mark Grgurich
So easy and efficient
Frontline is a fantastic app. it all allows me to quickly pick up jobs that I want and decline jobs that I don’t. It also keeps track of all my jobs for me so that I don’t have to worry about posting it to my calendar Frontline posts it for me. It also gives me notifications when jobs are coming up so that I don’t forget. it also allows me to signify when I am not available. This saves resources, and keeps me from being distracted when I need to focus. Thank you for the front line app!
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1 year ago, EvMa12
Notifications stopped working
As im reading the reviews from other subs, im realizing that i’m not the only one who has trouble getting the notifications for new jobs. This problem started about 2-3 weeks ago. I’ve contacted the tech support and they’ve been very helpful and attentive but the problem has not been fixed. I have tried everything they suggested and that’s when i thought problem solved it’s doing it again….:( This is very frustrating because i end up login and checking for new jobs every 10’ and if im lucky enough, i pick them. Overall this app is good, but the notification issue needs to be fixed asap. Thank you.
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3 years ago, williado
Needs a few changes/updates
The app is much better than the old Jobulator and its also free! A few changes/updates would make it much more robust: Custom sound notification: allow the user to customize the notification sound to use system sounds. I have different apps using different notification sounds so I know what has come in. Badges not working: Doesn’t seem to be working for me. I get a notification, but the app doesn’t have the red dot on the app icon. Calendar not showing non-work days: This function would make the calendar more useful for planning/scheduling needs. Otherwise, a solid app and much improved from the old Jobulator app!
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2 years ago, mntain grl 80
Love it but hate it at the same time
Love the app. Shows open positions clearly with everything one click away. The hate part is that I cannot choose my non-work days from the app. I have to go to the website and click it. Well, some days I find out I cannot work that day, in the morning, and the last thing I have time for is getting onto the website to do that. That puts me on the phone list and I receive about 3 auto phone calls asking to pick up open work. That is annoying because I clicked the NO phone calls option but it still calls me. Please add the option to mark Non-work days into the app!!! Thank you.
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7 months ago, Jenericuser
I overall like frontline
But wagestream is hot garbage, with bad support and no number of submitted documents will inspire them to approve my address, which is funny because Frontline has confirmed it. I contacted wagestream “support” and four days later, when they got around to responding, they told me I needed to reach out to yet another company for support. I wish they wouldn’t even offer this, it’s makes frontline look incompetent for pushing this connection with this ridiculous secondary (tertiary?) company. As for frontline, mostly good, but I reached out mid-last week and now, five days later I’ve still not heard back. I fully expect either zero support or for them to tell me to contact yet another company I’ve never heard of.
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3 years ago, the original wilxsmith
Great Potential but...
When I tap the alert when my phone is locked, it takes forever to accept the face id that unlocked my phone and load the available jobs. By the time it loads, the jobs are usually taken (competition is stiff in my district). If the app is open and I get job alert, it never loads the available jobs. I have literally let it sit and try to load for 5 minutes. Nothing. If I tap on a job that has already been claimed, it stays in the available jobs queue even after a refresh. I have close and relaunch the app to see what’s really available. I had it set with face id security but had to take it off because it severely slowed down the load time. This app has great potential, but it doesn’t work well on my phone.
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2 years ago, Bastrop art lady
App suddenly quit
I have been a sub for almost 7 years and this app has never given me problems. About 5 days ago it suddenly started flashing on and off and said something was wrong. It still won’t let me get in… I deleted the app but I still get notifications and when I click on the notifications I get the same flashing and messages. I tried reinstalling and it still flashes on and off. The IT department contacted me to try and work out what was wrong. They were very courteous. The app is working again.
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2 years ago, AAHS81
Great app; One caveat
As a substitute, this app works great for accepting work. One caveat: if you click to accept a job, there should be button to click if you realize it was for the wrong day (the accepter misread it …) and need to wuickly cancel. Theirs button, when clicked, would place the job back in the que for someone else. Relying on the school to ljsten to messages while they have other things going on, admin stretched, and other duties, this will take out the need to hear that the job is cancelled. Would help all involved. Thanks
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3 years ago, emmm1996
Signs you out every single time you leave app
This app would be great, but every time you leave the app (even if you just switch to another app for a few seconds), it signs you out and you have to log back in. You can use FaceID or TouchID, but even with these, I am missing jobs because it takes too long to sign in. If I click the notification for a new available job the SECOND it shows up on my phone, sometimes it’s already gone by the time I can get into the app. I realize it isn’t the app’s fault that competition for jobs is high in my district, but it IS their fault that I am logged out every time I leave the app. Even if it didn’t cost me jobs, it’s just annoying.
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2 years ago, 21bt
I can’t get it to open anymore
I really liked this app until it wouldn’t accept my facial recognition ever suddenly. I XEd it out. I thought I could restart it and get it up and running again sort of like hitting reset. This does not work so now I must go back to the old ways of signing into the website. I have tried repeatedly over time. My facial recognition works fine on everything else. I seem to not know how to completely eliminate it so a can get it again new, if that is the solution. Is it a matter updates not working. I thought I was pushing the button to get to app support but this what I got so maybe a low rating will get you attention and I can get some help. Thanks if you help me.
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3 years ago, Jfrash
Issues with Jobs List refreshing
There is a bug within the Jobs list that causes jobs that you reject to pop back up in your jobs list over and over again. Even if you refresh and reject them multiple times they reappear. As well, it can take a few minutes for jobs you accept to arrive in your calendar and they also will reappear in available jobs even though you’ve accepted them. This is pretty annoying. Otherwise, I love that I can access frontline from my phone easier. The only thing that’s missing is the ability to cancel jobs whenever I need to due to illness or whatnot. I wish that were an available option.
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6 months ago, Crappy notifications
Great when notifications work
As a substitute, my work hours and income basically depend on this app. I’ve been using this app for 1.5 years but in the past few months the notifications stopped working. So now I have to manually check the app a dozen+ times a day just to pick up a shift. I’ve talked to multiple frontline representatives, followed their tips, downloaded and redownloaded the apps etc but 4 months later my notifications still don’t work! In addition to the notifications not working, they should add the “non work day” feature to the app. It’s literally the only feature not present in the app.
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10 months ago, Krystallwithakay
Not too reliable
This app works sporadically when it wants to. Sometimes I’ll get notifications & sometimes I won’t. I don’t want to have to be checking the system all the time to see if any jobs are available. Currently I’m waiting on 2 or 3 to fill my schedule this month so I can stop having to worry about that or forget which days I need to fill. Sometimes this app also will not start up for me or it will randomly log me out. I got Sub Sidekick & appreciate the help it’s given me recently to notify me of a job quickly because you have to be fast to get one every time. This is becoming very challenging & I’m feeling more need to become a permanent teacher already.
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2 years ago, ~!~Lauren~!~
I’ve been subbing since pre-pandemic. Since the app became available it has been so much easier to get desired jobs! I LOVE the app. Lately I’ve been having issues with receiving notifications that a job is available. Usually it’s fixed when I delete the app and redownload. But then a week or two later I’m doing the same routine 😕 The app is still far superior to logging into the website I just wish it would get back to notifying me of coveted jobs!
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4 years ago, Kasper da boss
Excellent for more job opportunities
I have been getting so many more jobs because of this app. It’s fast and gives me an edge as a sub where work may be scarce because of the Covid situation now that everyone is virtual. Suggestion: the add to calendar feature is so helpful. However the location link does not allow me to access my maps for directions. The school district is absolutely huge and I often need maps to guide me. So the link with the location could really be useful when added directly to my calendar. I can’t even copy and paste the location in. Anyway to update that?
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2 years ago, ChelseyDoll66
Something went wrong
I had this app from the first day of sub training and have really loved it, up until about 3 weeks ago when all of a sudden I stopped getting notifications for sub jobs. I have tried turning notifications off then back on, having it go on as a banner, then persistent etc. having it show up on Lock Screen…. It doesn’t matter what I do, I no longer get notifications. I can open the app and find a job available so I know that it’s not because people are just getting to them first. I’m stumped. It’s super frustrating because I would love to be subbing everyday.
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7 months ago, isromancedead
Way better than calls but could be better
It’s really convenient to get notifications instead of calls. I just wish it had a couple more features. Primarily, I just want it to connect with my Google calendar to create subbing events automatically. It would be perfect if the notifications had a little more detail about who or what the new job available is. Finally, it would be nice if the app would let me know when someone has assigned me to a job. It’s a good app, I just wish it could do a little more.
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8 months ago, Judy's Helper
Be careful!
I do like the way this app works on most things. There is one big However…There is no double check when you accept jobs. So if you accidentally fat finger across the accept button there is no going back. And you cannot abandon a job once it is accepted from this app. The only way is to call the school. I find this a huge problem because if you reject a job they always double check with an “are you sure” button. There is no “are you sure” button for acceptance. I do use the app as my primary way to accept jobs- I have just learned to be very careful.
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1 year ago, Golfish49
Frontline is difficult to sign into an navigate.
Trying to sing into Frontline presents a few problems. To sign in as Frontline or using the SSO (?) and do I use my full user address or just the name portion? It also seems that I have to insert my credentials numerous times taking a lot of time and more room for error. I find the sign-in process very cumbersome. This is my first week on the system and hopefully things will improve.
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2 years ago, Bewarethievestakingmoney.
Stopped getting notifications
The app was working great and then I just stopped receiving notifications. I checked with the staffing company and they said everything was set up correctly on their end. All notifications are turned on on my end. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled multiple times and nothing works. Update - Nov 3, 2022 When I emailed to find a fix I was told that you can’t help me because of the contract with the staffing company I work for currently. The staffing company told me there is no problem on their end and there is nothing they can do. I used other people’s reviews and uninstalled, powered down, powered on and then reinstalled. Will let you know if I ever see a notification again.
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2 years ago, allietm138
My main two problems
1. I wish I could stay signed in. Sometimes you need to check something else on your phone before you accept a job. It’s annoying to have to re-sign in every time. 2. There needs to be a way to put down for a sick day on the app. I always have to go to the website for that and that’s not always an option. It’s really hard to do it on my phone. If you could put down for a sick day or to takeoff a day or block a day when you can’t work, that would be great.
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2 years ago, Heather 7
Recent Update is messing with peoples paychecks!!!
Whatever you did with your most recent update y’all have SCREWED up somewhere because the current jobs are “failing to load” along with “available jobs”. That is NOT OK and it needs to be fixed because this is an app that some people depend on to find available jobs and make money DAILY because this is how your company works. The Frontline website is not compatible on phones and so now your phone app is messing up and messing with peoples paychecks. This needs to be fixed and fast because I never had any issues with this app until this update whenever y’all totally went down and messed with stuff online and in app.
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7 months ago, d e e 👑
Notifications aren’t coming in
This app for about a month now has not had my notifications coming in. I’d usually keep my notifications on while I’m on sleep mode or dnd so I can hear them throughout the night & select a substitute position. However, I keep missing jobs because they aren’t sending the notifications to my phone or iPad at all!!! It’s so frustrating. I even have this issue during the day time most times when my phone isn’t on dnd or sleep mode. I cannot tell you how many days I’ve missed of work this past month due to me mot being able to receive notifications from this app. It’s absolutely ridiculous, someone PLEASEEEE fix this :/
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2 years ago, Addichan12
I usually love this app but…
I’ve had this app for a WHILE and I have had almost zero problems with it but recently (since the new year pretty much) it will NOT log in or send me notifications about jobs. I am a little frustrated with this because sometimes that notification helps me get the job but if I’m not notified, someone else might grab it. I just hope this can be resolved and I wasn’t sure where else to express my issues so that they might get fixed. I really have enjoyed this app.
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2 years ago, Mary72Perry
Frontline app
Overall the purpose of the app is great! As a sub I love just signing up for assignments on my phone. However it is super glitchy and will kick you off of it, make you sign in every few minutes or simply not load. This is really frustrating when you are scrolling through to get a job and then lose your place or you get off the app to check the distance of a school and then have to sign in to get back on it. Would love to give the app a 5 stars because it serves its purpose, just needs some bugs worked out.
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2 years ago, 17bbry
The entire point of having the app is so I DON’T have to use my computer or another browser like Safari to check my schedule and upcoming assignments, etc. Using the app is so much faster and efficient. It was GREAT! Until 2 weeks into using it, it stopped working. I can’t even login anymore, even though I can login fine on my computer and everywhere else. I have downloaded, deleted, and redownloaded the app multiple times. Seems like others have noticed this issue as well. This is a major bug that needs fixing. Giving 2 stars because when the app works, it’s great.
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3 months ago, Frontline User
Horrendous Customer Support
Frontline is constantly having issues day in and day out. No matter how many times it is reported to Frontline, there is no accountability, explanation, or fix. The error messages are even unhelpful. "Something went wrong. We don’t know what happened but something went wrong. Please wait a few minutes then try to sign in again.” What kind of ridiculous message is that?! Figure out what is going wrong all the time! I’ve also gotten a “An error occurred where it should not have occurred” message before. A total joke. The second a competitor steps up its game, Frontline will be obsolete if they don’t get their act together.
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2 years ago, Begasanne
Was great but latest update has issues
This app was working great and then I recently downloaded the latest update. This latest update struggles every time I try to reload the page to see if there is a new job available. It says either unable to see new jobs or unable to tell me what jobs I have scheduled. It also started wanting me to use touch ID to login even when I never logged out. It just gets stuck trying to load new information and I’m going to miss a substitute job waiting for the thing to update.
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4 months ago, Raiders5150
Accepting jobs/phone calls
While this app is great to use for my district, there is ONE downfall that can/should be fixed When you accept a job, you shouldn’t be called on that day for any other jobs. Your name/phone number should automatically be removed for that particular day or any days that you’re already scheduled for. If the job you’ve accepted should be canceled or removed, then your number should go back on the list. Just a thought/suggestion.
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3 years ago, Larynn
App hasn’t loaded or sent notifications since last update
I hate to leave a negative review, but since the only other way to communicate with the app developers is through the app itself, this is my only option. I will edit once the issue is resolved. Since the last update I have not been able to load the app. I get a spinning icon and it never reaches the log in page. Additionally, I have not received any app notifications for jobs since this update. According to other reviews I am not the only one experiencing this issue. Please understand that this app is for our LIVELIHOODS. The app forcing us to lose jobs and therefore income is infuriating. Please fix as soon as possible.
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6 years ago, Geeky Video Dad
I dare you to try contacting them.
After multiple attempts through the app and their website feedback form, nothing was getting through. As I was at peak frustration, the app popped up its “rate this app” message. Don’t mind if I do! So right away, I got a feedback response with an email to use for sending details. I wrote a very detailed message with screw grabs and all, and sent it. ...and the message bounced. So I tried AGAIN to tell them about it via feedback through the app, and THAT failed to go through. Got the “Oops!” screen. So I guess the only way to reach Frontline is through this feedback forum. So here we go again. How about you guys offer up a phone number or a real working email address so people can specify issues privately and without complaining in detail here in public? This can’t look good for you. So if you don’t include a working phone number in your next “we’re sorry you’re disappointed” email to me, I’ll just dump my specific list of issues into another review here. Maybe you’ll see it then.
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4 months ago, Mr.Piacente
This App is Amazing!!!!
There are so many people looking for work these days, but want the freedom of choosing their own schedules. We are made for working, but not working our lives away while someone else raises our family. This is how the workforce in our country should be. If you are qualified then you get added to the organizations frontline app and then you choose when to work. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, cheffrin noelle
Used to be great…
A few weeks ago my review would have said this app was life changing for me. I could get jobs anywhere - no more having to keep my computer open all day checking the website, and no more missing jobs because I would get a push notification from the app when they were posted. However, the app has stopped working. I get an error message every time I open it. I’ve signed in again, and I’ve deleted and downloaded again. I’m back to missing jobs and needing to keep checking the website as often as possible. So many missed jobs now. Such a disappointment. Please fix the app.
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3 years ago, softball4life
I love everything about this app with one exception. It doesn’t allow for badge notifications for iOS devices. Unless I check my Lock Screen for past notifications or happen to be on my phone when a new job posting comes through, I miss it altogether. Is there a fix in the works for this? I love everything else about the app, especially the ability to add an accepted job to my calendar at any point as well as the ability to see upcoming accepted jobs at a quick glance.
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2 months ago, There goes my free time!
A confusing and unnecessary change
I’ve been using this app since January and really liked how well it worked. However, the most recent update changed how it interacts with iCal. Now to add a job to my schedule, it requires total access to every aspect of my calendar. Why? It was working fine at adding the info before this update. Why did you change it so that you would have access to my entire calendar?
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10 months ago, Can’t cancel ourselves
Subs should be able to cancel a job themselves
If a job is inadvertently accepted, a sub should be allowed to cancel ESPECIALLY within the first few minutes of accidentally tapping on one, as there is often no one to call to cancel on weekends or late at night. This prevents other subs from taking the job. There is a box that says “cancel” but it isnt set up to work for us. (The system is sensitive and a job can be inadvertently accepted simply while scrolling through the absences or accidentally taking a job without realizing it is an multi- day absence she can’t fulfill, for example)
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