FrTranslate: French Translator

4.6 (747)
46.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shanghai Quentin network technology co. LTD
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for FrTranslate: French Translator

4.62 out of 5
747 Ratings
1 month ago, MarocVibe
Fantastic app to have to translate even in countries where people cannot read
It works very well for us in an Arab country to translate very fluently into French and the people were able to understand us. Also, some of them were not able to read French. We can only suggest to have this program. It’s a fantastic app.
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4 years ago, Gretchen USofA
Best i’ve found without subscription
This is by far the best app I found so far for translating into French, without having to pay a subscription fee. I especially like how you can dictate into a page that allows you to edit the text before it’s translated. It’s also nice that you can decide to have the translation read out loud or not.
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5 years ago, Deb’s Dad
Thank You!
I really appreciate this translation app. I studied French more than 60 years ago and have not used it. This is helping me prepare for a trip to Paris. The one problem I have is that when I have input words in French to translate to English I must be very careful because the app will try to correct my spelling to an English word. It would be nice to have no spell check on the French keyboard or even better, a French spellcheck. Thanks again! 4.5* Deb’s Dad
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4 months ago, MVRev
Incredibly accurate and helpful
This easy to use application saves time and energy. I was surprised to see the functionality of the app, particularly as it allows users to hear the translation as well as read and copy-paste translated content seamlessly into other applications (e.g., documents and emails).
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1 year ago, Seana Magnano
Just a little love note.
This app is just the one I was looking for. Everything I never knew I needed. I’m able to write my husband a little love note, then translate it into French. Best of both worlds brought together in one place where I can learn more and more everyday. Thank You.
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5 years ago, Gizmo19652007
This is the best app for translation by far! I have tried several which limit the number of words you’re allowed to input. This app doesn’t do that! So easy to use and change between languages! I highly recommend it!! I love it! I have deleted all other like apps! I received a pop up message saying if I would rate the App with 5🌟 ads would be removed and I would receive additional languages. Well I did review seen above and originally gave 5 stars. That was numerous days ago and nothing changed, still getting pop ups. Don’t promise what you don’t plan to give!!
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3 years ago, jeje a.
Easy to use
This has made communication so much easier. I can paste text - use the voice recording feature or scan. Now I can have more detailed conversations and am picking up the language in the process.
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2 months ago, Karysoul
Very Handy App
After going through multiple translation apps, this is the best. It does exactly what I need it to do: give me an accurate translation of what has been said. I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, Tanequiana
Great Translation App
Best free translation app that you don’t have to upgrade after using it for 2 minutes. Quality translations and I love the typing feature. Wish they would add what you just typed sounds like for better learning.
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3 years ago, Anonymous BLM
I think this takes context and such into more consideration than Google Translate. Haven’t tried the picture feature yet, but I hope its better than Google’s.
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1 year ago, OneTreeMan
The best by far…that I’ve used.
The is by far the best French to English translator I have ever used. I might also be the only one I’ve ever used but, at least I am getting a 10 word review in to get the free upgrade.
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4 years ago, High5Revival
Easy to use and great translation
I’ve had several translation apps before and this one is the most user friendly. It captures speaking really well too. It translates well even if you type things incorrectly.
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2 years ago, Ottobren2411
Useful for text and pronunciation
Super easy to input the English or French phrase and get clear results that can be used immediately. I can tap on the translation to copy and go straight to text.
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2 years ago, saguaro-
Works great
So far the app seems to work well, still need to use it with native speakers to test the full capabilities and see if I can communicate clearly with people using the app
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4 years ago, rkx8
An excellent resource
I've been studying French for a few months and this app really helps me learn phrases and words quickly and in a pinch. The "favorite" feature also provides an archive of phrases I commonly use and acts as a kind of notebook. Great app!
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1 year ago, Katy Lily
Useful for travel
Found this app because I’m traveling to Paris tomorrow and I don’t have much time to study the language. This comes in handy when I need it.
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2 years ago, Madeline from Texas
Great Travel Tool
Using this App made traveling through France with my family much easier and more enjoyable, highly recommend!
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3 years ago, jjc2047
Works Great
I’ve been using this app for a while now, and I love it. Before I took French, I used this app to learn to write some sentences and it helped me a lot. Overall, great app, works amazing.
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1 year ago, LeeAbbuhl
Excellent general impression
General impression after three months usage: This program has helped me solidify my knowledge of French and to advance beyond my intermediate level.
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1 year ago, alibader
Not useful
First thing i got is advertisement, then an invite to give 5 stars and unlock some functionality before i even got a chance to try. Then when i tried using it, it just did not work. It did not recognize my voice and words in English. I was looking for an app better than Google Translate. This is by far much worse!
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4 years ago, Cheefbast
Great easy translat
It is quick. It is accurate (so far). Using it is helping me learn French by giving immediate access to words I know but cannot remember the translation of. Also works for phrases and sentences.
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9 months ago, RJ7548
It’s a snap
Easy to use app to speak/hear or read/write in your native language and understand the desired foreign language!
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2 years ago, Bees Tamkun
Very helpful
I’ve been using this app ever since I started French classes, it has helped me with many assignments and learning the language
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5 years ago, joey isuzu
Works great
I have a student that is from the Congo and I use it when he’s struggling to understand a concept he then gets it quickly with the translation
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4 years ago, hurricanehazel
Helpful for learning during this pandemic
I’ve been having trouble with my studies but this is quick and easy to help me take notes as the lessons go
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7 months ago, Olubakin
I am new with this app. It can be used by everyone. I am still working on it to be sure that it fits my use
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4 years ago, djike aliclesn
Translates well
It’s a useful app. Translates well and even does gender correctly if you let it know. Easy to copy and paste. Ads are irritating and slow down performance.
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6 years ago, newtofrench123857
Trying to learn French
Just started using the app and am getting some good laughs at what it translates my French attempts... I’ve just started learning and it’s a clear sign my pronunciation isn’t there yet!
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1 month ago, MadiChristi
I think it works well
I helped someone who needed something translated to French for him and he appeared to be satisfied. I like that I still have previous conversations and texts.
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1 year ago, Shelles•••Belles
So far the best
I love this app, I’ve found the translation to be very accurate. It’s like it intuits who the subject is whether formal or informal and I really appreciate that
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3 years ago, Hveale
I wanted a program in who h I could enter French or English since I studied French for a few years.
I am doing this trial to see if that will accomplish that. I don’t like being asked for a review as soon as I have downloaded this program.
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1 year ago, Fly Boy Don
Excellent translator
This translation app for English <—> French is an excellent product. Very easy to use. I find very useful in improving my English to French bilingual skills.
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3 months ago, AzzzzzG
So helpful
This is so helpful. Now I don’t have to panic when trying to think of the right words.
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2 years ago, DeletedMushroom
Perfect for my son
Needed something he could speak into and write words to translate for his French class. Very good. Love that it translates the voice, too.
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2 years ago, danceractress
The itranslator has a subscription requirement and I did not want to pay
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5 years ago, diahjah
Helped so much
This app has really helped me thrive at the beginning of my french classes. I was struggling to read and write french sentences in the correct format with google translate and this was my miracle!!
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4 years ago, How we all feel
Best App
This app is great. I’ve been using it for my French class and I couldn’t imagine getting through it without it. It translates almost everything.
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1 week ago, NTXRetired
Easy to navigate
I have tried many translation applications and this by far is one of the simplest ones
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5 years ago, SoccerIsDaBest
Great app
I am using it to help me with my French and it really does. While other apps have given me incorrect information this one was correct and made sense
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5 years ago, Armmh
Works well
Have been playing at home before our trip to France and I think it will be very helpful once we get there.
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4 years ago, dabya108
Good voice recognition
Tried it out using voice translate feature , seems to work well so far !
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6 years ago, Vagabond78
Just started and I’m finding the app to be user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, accurate, and intuitive. Look forward to seeing it evolve. Justin, Colorado
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2 years ago, Ricky@upperlab
Its pretty good
I like the voice translate feature, it works well despite my poor pronunciation
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3 years ago, NBA KHARTEL
the best translator on this earth
I have never seen a correct end cool up like this translator it is very good so I tell everyone to download it I am a witness to it and it’s good
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4 years ago, davismaxx
I love learning the French language. I’ve looked at many apps for a beginner. And this one has helped the most. Thanks to the developer.
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5 years ago, not so french
Very helpful
I love this app it is easy to use and will come in very handy when in France next year. It will also be a good way for me to learn some French before I go.
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6 years ago, americanfrog
I come from a french family but am limited in the ability to translate the written french language. This is an excellent tool and the accent of the french interpretation is spot on.
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1 year ago, jfosmwpmsiwnw
Very good
This is extremely useful in my opinion, it has a great amount of vocabulary you can learn.
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2 years ago, rcedo
Best translation app
Of the language app’s I have used, this one wins the prize. Easy, accurate, and fun, with lots of useful features.
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2 years ago, kryme_gad
Awesome app love it
Very very very accurate I’ve tried many many different apps but this one hit the nail on the head
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