Fry Words

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7 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fry Words

3.68 out of 5
37 Ratings
4 years ago, I am King George
Nice reading app
Nice app. I wish there was a way to mark the cards off that have been mastered so they know what needs to be worked on.
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6 years ago, Mama33bobs
Great for Fry words
I don’t even want to know how many sight word apps I downloaded before finding this one. It does almost everything I need without a bunch of unnecessary games. Each set of Fry words is broken down into their 10 word list making it easy for me to make a favorite list for my kids to practice. My only complaint is I have to set it up on a different device for each kid as their practice words are all different and I don’t want to create my own list with sounds every week. If I could just create a quick list from all words that would be ideal. Regardless, I’m thankful I didn’t have to build an app myself.
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7 years ago, MamaJohn
Excellent flexibility
I'm trying to help a senior citizen learn to read, and this app is probably the most helpful thing we've used so far. The reading expert we've consulted recommends we try to add just three words at a time, so the flexibility afforded in the "controls" is perfect for our needs.
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9 months ago, AESBeth
What's the point?
I downloaded this at the recommendation of my daughter's school, and it's so basic with no instructions. What's the point of this app? If I use it like a flash card, a voice says the word first which prevents my daughter from "reading" it. I must be missing something, but there's no way to ask for help.
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7 years ago, RunTeo
This app is simply a blank screen with one fry word in the center. You tap the word and the app says the word out loud and then replaces it with the next word. You can customize it – find, capitalization, audio, etc. I can't imagine that it would be engaging for a kid but i'm sure there are some people who are less something just like this.
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10 years ago, Scamper68
Good App
This is great for drilling with students. However, I was using another list to check off what students knew and needed additional help on and some of the words have suffixes added or are just not a sight word. Please fix that and send an update. Otherwise, I liked it. I like the black print on a white background- nothing to distract the student.
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3 years ago, alexisyaritza
Sound doesn't work
The audio does not work. And when it does it is so low that you have to put the phone to your ear just to hear it? Please fix it!
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6 years ago, Matt'sMom1
Great app!
Great app for working with my students on sight words!
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6 years ago, chase64321
Why is the volume so low??
Volume is too low
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12 years ago, 1 Way 2 Hvn
great for dyslexic adults, too!
My adult son had his reading level go from second grade level to sixth when I worked with him daily, but it returned to second when he moved out on his own. If he will allow himself to learn the Fry's Lists, he is less apt to be teased and have people ridicule him. He has even had prospective girlfriends say they did not want to text or chat anymore because of his terrible spelling!
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12 years ago, SpecEd Teacher-Mom
Awesome app!
This app has almost everything I look for in an app for use in my classroom - customizable, easy to use, engaging for my students. The only other thing I wish it had was a record keeping component where I could enter several students and then email a report to myself for data tracking. But even without that component, in my opinion, it is a 5-star app.
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10 years ago, Jboyler99
Great App -Review by a Teacher
This is a great app. Very customizable. Most of the criticisms come from people who don't understand the methodology behind Fry's First Sight Words (Do a Google search), or haven't played with the settings enough. The only thing I would ask for is them to work on the recording section. As far as I can tell it doesn't work. However, this sight word tool is miles ahead of anything else on the market.
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9 years ago, Fry / Sight Words
Finally!! A fantastic app to help my Pre-K & Kindergartener! As we have learned from our older children, the earlier they are introduced to these words, in any way, the easier learning is for them (& therefore, easier, less stressful on Moms & dads!). I love the customizable portions and have even created little spelling tests in groups of 5-8 words. I showed this to my children's teachers and they love it too! Thank you Alligator Apps!
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10 years ago, Apothecarrie1
Great app overall
Great app for my soon to be 1st grader! I only wish that she could self-check her answers by clicking for the word pronunciation AFTER it is presented. The only options I have found present the word at the same time as the pronunciation (great for introducing new words), or present the word with no pronunciation at all (I have to supervise to ensure correct response).
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11 years ago, Sheila26.2
So perfect for emerging and struggling readers!
My daughter has lagged a bit behind on her reading mainly because of sight words. She was evaluated through Scottish Rite for dyslexia. They recommended she practice the Fry word list everyday to help with word fluency. I was so happy to find this app. We use it with a timer to help her with her word fluency. Perfect, simple, easy to use. Thanks for creating this!
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11 years ago, Baby16Ruth
This app allows you to change as needed, however I don't need to! It is perfect for individual practice or whole group activity when projected. The iPad is sensitive to touch but other than that, it works great. I found it hard to teach sight words and this app has allowed my class to do it for fun!
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12 years ago, DrMartha
Good start
Good idea. My son is slightly more likely to learn his spelling words if they are found on an iPad than on a flash card. I just hope the company will continue to develop the app so that there are more games to play, maybe "pick the two words (out of 4 or 5) that rhyme. Or a game that involves knowing the meaning of the word.
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12 years ago, Zarf987654
I really like this app. My one suggestion for improvement would be to change the transition motion to a two finger tap or swipe so that people can track the word with their finger without changing the word.
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11 years ago, CTroyer14
Spelling word review
We use this app to study my second grade son's spelling words. I replaced the words on a Fry list that he had mastered with his spelling words and my voice. It has also been helpful on nights that I have to work late so he can hear my voice and study without me.
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9 years ago, bluve27
Great, but buggy
This would be a terrific app if the edit mode worked right. The recording option doesn't work at all and the app freezes, forcing you to close and reopen just to keep going. Also, the words aren't grouped according to the current fry lists sent home by teachers or the ones you find online - an easy fix if the edit mode worked properly.
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11 years ago, Teacher3000
Fry words
This is perfect for my kinder at home and my second graders at school. I love the fact that the child can be read to, repeat as needed the word in front of them, and swipe to the next word when ready!
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11 years ago, ILove2read!!!
Wonderful App
As a teacher, I was very excited to see that there was an app containing the Fry list sight words. This is the exact same words I test my first graders on and I can't wait to tell my parents about this app... Great tool for kids!!!!
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11 years ago, Jonevans77
Perfect for my Kindergartner
I downloaded a few of these apps and what makes this the best is the customization features. Allowing my daughter to record her own pronunciation really kept her interested.
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7 years ago, Vicious stardom
Fry 1000 words
I use this with students in my tutoring groups. They enjoy all the different activities that we can do. It is the way we start every session. Thanks for such a good app and making it free.
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12 years ago, Kay in Katy
Awesome app!
I have a kindergarteners, and he has 3 sight words per week, plus a workbook, with 100 Fry sight words to be learned by the end of the year. It is really helping, and I love that we can make our own ,ust to match this weeks homework.
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9 years ago, Rodimus1
Great until it locks up
This app is great when it works correctly. I love that I can add word lists. However, I have had it lock up twice which requires me to delete and reinstall the app. Unfortunately I lost all of my custom lists twice. I will have to go back to using flash cards for my custom lists.
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10 years ago, DesdeDDD
Buggy app
This would be great due to the customization option of adding and recording your own words such as foreign language vocabulary. The record option worked on one word then never again-even after multiple tries of new downloads. Not worth the frustration. And yes, I checked that the app was granted access to the microphone in iPad settings and sound was on in the apps settings.
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11 years ago, teacher RR
Great app
I use this at school with all my students. I love the way it can be customized to meet the needs of each student. Be sure to check out all the options, I just discovered the PLAY mode.
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12 years ago, New teach
Nice app
I use this for my kindergarten kids. It is nice not to have make flash cards. I project them on the whiteboard to make sure all students can see. The only thing I don't like is that the proper nouns and the word I are not capitalized .
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10 years ago, L. Ls10r
Easier than flash cards
It is basically flashcards but without all the writing and piles of cards banded up in rubber bands. He seems slightly more interested because it is on my iPad (which he normally doesn't get to touch).
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8 years ago, Mystikal2f
App freezes
The app freezes often and I have to delete it completely and then download it again. It does this on my iPhone and my sons iPad. Other than that everything is great!
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9 years ago, Love pink 77778
Please fix the sight word capital I
I would recommend this app if you could fix the capital I in the first 100 Words. It should always be a capital even if every other word is not capitalized.
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11 years ago, Mrs.Peeps
Love that I can customize the words! My 16 month old uses the "your baby can read" program so being able to customize the list makes this app awesome! Love it!
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13 years ago, Sdmcgolfing
Interactive, very useful!
Great solution for checking students knowledge of the Fry site words. Much more interesting than just reading off paper lists. Just what I was looking for.
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12 years ago, dahved33
Couldn't get the sound to work, which would be helpful for kids who don't know the words and have English as a second language. Was also hoping we could have the whole list at once or in groups of 20 or 25 or another amount you set. Would be nice the. To select words to review.
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12 years ago, Mommy'o three
Great for my 6 yr old!
I really love using this app over traditional flash cards! It works great and my little girls enjoys doing her flash cards. It has improved her reading.
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11 years ago, Galawyer
Fabulous App!
Not only can you use this app to help your child learn the sight words already on here, but you can add your own words from the school's list. It is amazing!!!
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11 years ago, Ryansmithfoto
Awesome app!
My kindergartener finds this very helpful in studying for his word club at school. I love that you can save words as favorites so you can practice just the ones you need to work on.
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12 years ago, Seward folly
Great for classroom: i use ipad on big screen or kids practice at their leveled list in pairs with iPods in middle school reading intervention class for practice several times a week.
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11 years ago, Kitty409
Easy quick and convenient
I love this app!No more flipping through handheld cards. My 3year old nephew already knows 10 words.
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13 years ago, The Idea Cubby
Great flashcards
This is great for the classroom as well as small groups. The words can be read so students see and hear the words. Lots of practical uses.
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12 years ago, Teacher who cares
Great flexibility
As a dad and a teacher I love the ability to customize the lists for both my son and my students.
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13 years ago, CMC778
This is a great app! The only thing I would like is a way to put all self made lists first rather in abc order with the 1000 words.
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13 years ago, Lehua100
Love this app!
Great job. I track kindergarten and this is a practical app that I can use with small groups, individuals and as a center with two students wooing together.
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13 years ago, Ray 0197
Great for emerging readers
My daughter has advanced her reading schools with flash cards. Most only get to the first 300 words. This gets the first 1000 which is fantastic. Plus it's fun for her!
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11 years ago, Miss Ebron
This is the best app ever. I tutor after school and I am able to customize this app weekly to include the kids spelling and vocabulary words.
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12 years ago, 2ndtchr
Good App!
May I make a suggestion? This would be an AWESOME app if it had a BACK BUTTON!! Children cannot always control their fingers and forward to the next word before they are ready too!
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10 years ago, JenHen412
Was great now doesn't work
Great concept. However after customizing several lists, I can open the app but nothing happens when I click on the individual lists.
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12 years ago, Woobie777
This was so much better than having to make my own slide show! Great!
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10 years ago, Pmacon
Fry Word App
This is the best app I've used. It's list is comprehensive and you can add word, delete or change order. Fantastic!!!
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