Fun Math - 24 Game Maths Cards

4.6 (1.1K)
23.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Revosoft Technologies PTY LTD
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fun Math - 24 Game Maths Cards

4.6 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Tedxxmund
Think&Think and Think again
Great game, makes you think. I didn't realize 24 had so many arithmetic solutions. At 78 years, this game removed some of the rust in my brain. I started out trying the easy ones, then I moved on to the medium. Next the hard ones, slow at first, then it started to happen. I did nothing but hard till I got the number of easy, medium and hard solved the same. Now I am on 240 solved. And I always remember where I put my keys
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6 years ago, Shel198512
Picked this app because I needed challenges to “keep my mind alert.” It actually keeps me thinking even though when I do solve it I sometimes wonder why it took me so long, LOL. Anyhow, I have a good time challenging myself and continue to return to the app time after time since I have always loved math problems since I was a youngster. Thanks for challenging this “old-timer.”
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5 years ago, jdoeosodokd
Dig the game.
One of the best games I’ve came across to work my brain, love math, keeps me occupied and is challenging. I’ve found comparable games to be too simple and aimed more toward keeping you playin their game so they don’t really challenge me cause they don’t want people getting discouraged and quit. This game really makes me think. I like it.
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5 years ago, LovingTheApps
It’s ok 👍
I give it ok because I get confused. I don’t understand why they try to make you add, subtract, multiply, and divide just to get the number 24. They don’t let you do a different number every time. It sometimes gets boring. And the numbers they give you, they can’t let you choose on that. I am not trying to be picky about it but it is true. This is just my opinion. I still like the game but that is what I think.
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7 years ago, A̺k̺a̺ a̺l̺l̺b̺l̺u̺
Five star app
I give this app a five star because my daughter is in fifth grade and she is in a math club so her teacher told her to keep practicing every night and every day but we don't know what to practice with so we found this app and every day since then she's been getting smarter and smarter
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7 years ago, Jacobhubbs1
Ok but why pay
I think it is a good app but why do you have to pay for more levels and most games like this you get free coins or something that you can use to skip levels I am on level 27 of the hard and can't get past I think some of the problems are impossible if u fix these things I will play more often and refer this game to my friend thank you for your time plz fix it
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5 years ago, NeRdY4LyFe
Love it
I played this in school. When I got it on my phone I play it a lot. I got it a few days ago and I’ve finished all the easy ones and a lot of the medium! It’s addicting I can’t get enough. I used to be horrible with multiplication and division but this game helped!
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6 years ago, jcqueen7
Challenging and fun
I get to challenge myself as a student to improve on my own and find out the correct operations and orders while trying to do it fast and right which really improves me in my regular math class and it will help u a lot.
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7 years ago, Ivansthename
Could be a lot better
It gives you 4 numbers and the symbols ➖➕➗✖️. Objective: make 24. It would be better if it made you try to make other number instead of just 24 so one could practice other multiples instead of just 3x8, 12x2 etc over and over.
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6 years ago, yolocookiepop
This game helps me practice 24 for our school tournament. I LUV it. It's the most helpful app I've ever played. I like this game b/c I LUV challenges and this game is pretty challenging at the end. It's like a big brain teaser. Once again, I LUV it! You should play the game. If you like puzzles, play it!
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5 years ago, can'tfindanunusednickname
A simple yet challenging math game.
Three different levels offer the opportunity to feel like a math hero or a novice! If you get frustrated by a higher level, you can easily move to an easier level to refocus.
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5 years ago, tthebestisawsome
Up For A Challenge
This game is amazing. I was playing it just now. I like it because it always helps me improve my knowledge by giving me a challenge. If I pass the challenge I feel great .👍 I hope 🤞🏼 you guys and girls will play this awesome game. It is called Fun Maths.👋👌😻😽🤤❤️😍😊😀😁😃😆😄🙂😘
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7 years ago, Most words in one breath
Makes you think....
I like games such as this because it increases your basic math skills and has continually harder levels to solve. I highly recommend this app! It has levels for all ages!
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6 years ago, KineticsPro11
Really Good App
I really like this app. I got REALLY smart. I should be in fourth grade but I can do sixth grade because of this. One problem, I wish we didn’t have to pay for more levels. But still this is really good. I recommend it.
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5 years ago, 24 kid
24 club
I recently joined the 24 club at my school. The cards are to expensive so I thought to download an app. Really great app definitely recommend
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6 years ago, FunMathUser999
Ads keeps popping up after payment
I enjoy Fun Math and so paid it via App Store to remove ads. However, ads keep popping up. When I follow pop-up message to remove ads, the program gets into a loop. I wrote to the developer via gmail two days ago and have not received feedback. Hope developer can fix the problem soon.
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6 years ago, Techy agent
Good but could be better
I think it would be good to have a hint button, not jus make you pay to get the answer. The hint button would help kickstart the mental function if you were stuck.
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6 years ago, rainsr
Share in grace
I have never been good in math. I use this game to work on that. Sometimes I give up because I just don’t get it and I am still in easy level. I believe this would help my granddaughter so I am sending her mom the APP.
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5 years ago, unicorn qween🦄
It's ok needs work
Well it's ok but it needs work I mean like I like this game but if your on easy then WHY SO MANY LEVELS 400 are YOU SERIOUS😡 it's just a game who gets on a game and expects you to complete all 700 off those levels on that game not me?!?!! So I give this game 4 stars
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7 years ago, jsgvsbs
Hard levels
The hard levels are super hard from first level I big mind can't solve any
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6 years ago, 😉😄🙂😃☺️😉😄
24 math review
It’s a great app, however the only reason I’m writing this is because I want level skip tokens, which I find weird as some of the problems are difficult
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6 years ago, Sluggopup
Invigorating and Humbling
simple concept but at times it becomes very challenging. humbling how benign it appears and you can't figure the solution. works your brain tremendously irregardless of your smartness
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6 years ago, BeckyM65
Best Math Game yet
This is our family's favorite math game; we keep coming back to this one. It's very challenging - sometimes too challenging - but also simple to play.
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7 years ago, unicorn sparkle08
About it
I am on level 98 of easy my and my cousin figured them out pretty easy I recommend this app for kids in 4th grade and middle school
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4 years ago, Hxjsiebdbs
Nice game
Tested my patience sometimes and got me frustrated a lot. A truly challenging game. But I finally completed all 400 levels of hard. Nice game.
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5 years ago, noobster84225
Very good
The game is very good but it can be challenging. One annoying fact is that, every other level there is an ad. I would recommend in to download this app and play in your free time.
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6 years ago, Baloo1234
Fun it really makes your brain think like hard I spent right now about 10 mins on a question
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6 years ago, Brynnymickpiggy
My rates
I think the game is ok but I’m only on level 6 that’s a problem I’ve tried everything and I can’t get it and it’s on easy so If it’s says easy make the problems easy!!! Hope you fix it. And make it easy!
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6 years ago, xavier orland
Great game but...
The game is a profound one but they ask for only one answer and sometimes gets a bit irritating
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7 years ago, Dog girl 10101010101010
Good but not great 😕
I love math and at our school they had a club like this and I beat everyone but the answer were k the back so here you having to buy or do soling for them to get the answer on something your are stuck on is crap
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1 year ago, mollydaction
Doesn’t work in single player
Installed this on two different ipads, won’t work on either. When I click on single player mode it says “tap here to start” under Easy, but no amount of tapping anywhere on the screen does anything.
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6 years ago, GLeBe13
Like middle school but better
Elegant in its simplicity. Love this game though could use fewer ads, though of course that’s why it’s free. It’s simple. It works. It’s great.
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5 years ago, Wow what the!
This game is so much fun. A bit addictive. I played this at school. The difference was that you could use exponents, which I thought was more fun.
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7 years ago, Mrzholmes
This is an amazing puzzle. It makes me think and gives me a challenge which is needed for my mind these days.. great puzzle
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7 years ago, Smarty pants 103
I keep coming back!
Is a lot more addicting than I thought. Love it, but it needs a hint option.
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5 years ago, Soccer2006💖
It is a great game. I just got it because my I enjoy doing math like that and there is no ads or anything. If you enjoy doing math and want a no ad game this is the app for you😂👌
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6 years ago, Yum yum!!
I enjoy this game :)
Great app! Each level is a little more challenging, fun way for my kids and I to play with numbers.
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6 years ago, Hottoo21
Question missing???
The question or answer that you are supposed to calculate doesn’t show up until you just randomly hit all the #’s and then click undo on all of them??? Then, it randomly shows up on the brown border??
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5 years ago, CelionaCeCeNana
Awesome game
This game is amazing it really does help you with your math some of it is tricky but it wants to give you challenges so they could help overcome the impossibilities in math
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6 years ago, 9steph
Very fun game
This is a great way to test your brain. Very fun. Challenging. Some I get quickly and others I really have to think. Good variety.
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7 years ago, Washington Times
5 Star
I love this game and think that they should come out with other versions as well.
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7 years ago, jfox@34
This game is so fun it challenges your mind to get 24 best math game I've ever played! I play this everyday just to get my mind thinking
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7 years ago, Clark Jacobs
Fun Maths-Good Time Passer!
If you're looking to pass time, and you generally enjoy math, look no further-this is the app for you.
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1 year ago, sharonschwartz70
Single player option
Since the last update the single player option doesn’t work, which is very irritating as I paid for extra games
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4 years ago, Inimitable02
Math Solutions for Middle School
This is spot with the math homework my Grandson is bring home from Middle School. It really makes him critically think
Show more
1 year ago, Over40hockey
Single Player select issue still not resolved
Version1.9 updated 2 days ago says it fixes single player game select issue but it still doesn’t work. I reloaded the app and it is still broken.
Show more
7 years ago, ffhxegvhfde
Great educational make my brain work on our car
Show more
5 years ago, Ope Dogg
Fun and addicting and maddening
I love this Game’s ability to keep you coming back for more!
Show more
3 years ago, jeez stop tye ads
The app is good but the ads are anoying
There are so many ads it’s just so annoying you have to restart the app because you can’t close the some of the ads
Show more
1 year ago, Ghori Girl
It’s a nice app overall but the ads happen to many to often
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