Fun Spanish for Kids

4.3 (1.5K)
87 MB
Age rating
Current version
Studycat Limited
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fun Spanish for Kids

4.34 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
2 years ago, scoobden
Cute! But Some things don’t work
The little maze with the mouse doesn’t work! It’s really confusing for my daughter because she always tries this game and then it stops working, on the last few letters in the maze it won’t let her complete this game. Other than that we just began using the paid version of the app and it seems very cute and functional. I hope the other games aren’t glitchy like the maze one… it was a bit pricey for an app so I hope this is fixed soon. Other than that, we are happy so far!
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2 years ago, JGrindel
Family share does not work as advertised. Do not buy if you have multiple kids
Zero stars for customer service and IT support. The app is popular with our three kids and that’s the start of the problem. We have three iPads but family share does not work. We contacted Alex at Study cat but they refused to help us. We have the app working on one device and just need them to fix family share which they advertise buy do not deliver. They are unhelpful, dismissive, rude and condescending. They insisted that we provide a receipt. We cannot locate the receipt because it’s an online purchase. We offered to show them a screen shot if the app working on the one tablet or other screenshots proving purchase. If we didn’t purchase the program then why is it working on this device. The money to purchase the app again is not the issue. I bought all three kids Rosetta Stone instead at a much higher price. It’s the principle of the matter that Study Cat will spend more time and money fighting against providing help that just helping us. Why make such an enjoyable app and then couple it to poor IT support and the worst customer support imaginable. Their answers make we wonder why they even answer since they are just a brick wall. Don’t buy this product or any other product from these people. They don’t understand the first thing about customer service.
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7 months ago, Moonjinx
Highly recommend
I downloaded this app to help prepare my son for dual immersion school. He entered the school a year late and he needed to test into the class. The games were great, age appropriate, and my children who used it (ages 4, 7, and 9) didn’t fight me when I asked them to use it. (My son got into the school btw, not exclusively with the use of this program, but it helped). Not only that, I only intended to use this app for a year. I thought I went through and cancelled my subscription properly. When it renewed against my wishes, I reached out to the company itself requesting a refund. They sent a VERY detailed email explaining to me how to do this with my device, and they did it before I went to bed the day I sent the first email. It was incredibly painless and I was impressed with the priority they put into making this happen. Will definitely recommend this program to anyone who is considering it.
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3 years ago, Randome fan who plays roblox
Worth the price tag
I first balked at the cost for the full app for my kids, but when comparing it to the cost of paying for an after school tutor for the same subject, and realizing we had some Christmas money from grandma that would more than cover an annual subscription, it seemed like a worthwhile investment as they are on the app everyday ( order to earn screen time elsewhere. 😄) The games are well thought out and age appropriate... I think I’ll be learning more Spanish along with them as I watch over their shoulder! I appreciate the effort and utility the developers put into this app. It is well worth purchasing if you’re looking for a fun way to supplement language learning and engagement they are doing at school, or out of their own interest.
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3 days ago, MamaB2100
Only One Level?
My youngest child loves the app except it seems there is only one level for all kids up to age ten? If this is not the case, I am not sure how to increase the difficulty level. Please help. Now that my youngest child has mastered all games for the eight-year-old level, I adjusted the age to ten for my older child and hit save, and all of the games are exactly the same. She has been waiting patiently for a more difficult set of games and for her little sister to master the lower levels It’s taken over an hour and several Google searches, and still I don’t know if it is even possible? My older daughter was excited to be able to start at her own more difficult level this weekend. I would not have bought this app if I would have known all the games are the same for all ages.
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5 years ago, Castsajen
Really great teaching tool. I’m a teacher however…
I think this is terrific. It’s a high-quality way to be able to learn basic fundamentals of Spanish. However, I don’t understand why it has to be so expensive. This is the kind of thing that close doors to families and kids that want to learn. And it’s really mostly for people who have a lot of money to spend on Phone apps. Considering looking at pricing a little bit.
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5 years ago, ShanonSales
My Kids Love the App but iPhone XR Issues
My kids love this app and can play it for long periods of time. It definitely teaches them Spanish. We do have issues playing some games, the notch in the screen and the screen size does not work with all games. Kids are on able to access some of the options on the screen. Please fix and then this app will be perfect.
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7 years ago, julianmom
Great App
I dowloaded this app for my 11yo middle schooler who is taking for the first time in 6th grade. He enjoys it and even though the age rating is 4-10 it's great for any beginner Spanish student. The games, graphics & audio are extremely entertaining & engaging. He plays in the car with know complaint. I plan to buy the full version as it covers all the Spanish goals in his cirriculum.
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2 months ago, cool5374945bdgfb
This game is so fun to play with other people (friends,family) you get to learn a lot of Spanish, even if you are a beginner I think it’s a great game for beginners to enjoy and learn,I really recommend to download the game ( hope you like my review! );)
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7 years ago, Maferitoww
Best app Ever!
I purchased all the sessions and I don't regret! My son has speech delay and he was having therapy but they were in English. Thanks to this app he has learned so much in Spanish and I'm really impressed. No I'm not getting paid to write this review, they can Lear so much! Mi hijo no hablaba casi nada y le costaba mucho poder expresarse, no creo q es malo que pase mucho tiempo en el iPad siempre y cuando esté aprendiendo algo y esta aplicación la verdad lo ha ayudado muchísimo!! Vale la pena comprar el paquete completo.
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4 months ago, Electra Amaria
Really awesom
It’s really OK but I think it could be like more more like more stuff because I know there’s more Spanish than ever but yeah I think they could be more stuff. It’s fun and a half but when I play the parrot game. I can’t hear the parrot, so I think I like this more funner than ever.
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2 years ago, Kitty Cadaver
Great learning tool!
Our 4 1/2-year-old has been learning words in Spanish and enjoys playing the games while learning. I have enjoyed picking up new words myself. A wonderful way to spend time together while learning and growing together.
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7 years ago, michelleusu
Super fun & educational!
My husband and 4 year-old son and I love this app! The games are super fun, sometimes addictive. And, unlike most Spanish games that just teach vocabulary, this app lets you hear phrases and sentences as well as working on spelling and learning the names of the letters in Spanish. Three enthusiastic thumbs up from our family!
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7 years ago, 2Womyn
The heck with the kids, I'm 60 and I'm loving it!
I must have downloaded this for my goddaughter a while back and just came across it. I've tried other Spanish learning methods and I have to say, the repartition in this game has helped ME more than anything else I've tried..thanks to the developers!! 👍🏽
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1 week ago, Cat food and dogfood
Fun Spanish
My mom download me this game so I can learn more Spanish and it’s working the more and playing this game. It’s more fun and my brother also wanted to use it and he’s only to Sonny’s gonna be fi he’s only gonna be three when is birthday comes up
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6 years ago, Brainpagan2
Great for beginners
My daughter loves this app. It has made her try to use the words she is learning more often. I just wish there was a conversational part. One step at a time I suppose. I highly recommend this app. I have purchased the whole program and am very satisfied.
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1 year ago, Tricia Lynn B
It is fun!
Overall, my kids enjoy using this app and they really have increased their vocabulary! Some games seem too old for my 3 year old and some are spot on. Some vocabulary, like Pizza, shouldn’t be in the games… 🎄🌈
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4 years ago, Cephas7
Subscription service??
Good games, but I am confused why it is a subscription service if there is not a more extensive game list. I sent a message to the developers asking for a single payment option because I do not new games added all the time. Did not get a reply unfortunately. Though I like the app. I am going to cancel my subscription.
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2 months ago, ibeushmyhorses
Little bugs
I’m trying to learn, but sometimes I can’t see what to tap and it confuses me and effects me learning! I hope they can fix that, other than that I haven’t had any troubles just yet. But I think I will delete the app because of this bug that is effecting my learning.
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5 years ago, Amelia-naire
Love it!
One of the best apps out there. It’s very creative and engages my child’s interest while challenging her abilities. She’s learning quickly. I’m so impressed. We will definitely continue to purchase more collections and maybe learn more languages.
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6 years ago, ShiddegjjfcecghgcsdxhjhvdsDhnj
I'm a college student starting off in beginning Spanish and this app incorporates numbers, pronunciation of individual letters as well as words, which is what we are going over in class. It is a great way to really remember what you're learning, because it's fun.
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6 months ago, antidisestablishmentarianism5$
Crazy cat: numbers, colors, and animals
Loads of fun. Varying levels of difficulty—which is ideal for graduating from “ novice” to “expert”—in a soft, gradual way Some sites even serve as a perfect instrument with which to review at later dates.
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3 years ago, nothanks1267
Best way to learn ever for adults or children
My two year old knows more Spanish than I do sometimes. My five year old has mastered most of the subjects after a few months of 20 min a day
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3 years ago, Pinkkillblue
So far no complaints
Trying to learn? Need repetition and sound? Then this will do. Just started, so far pretty good. Of course it does seem If u don’t pay then after maybe 10 games u can’t progress.
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6 years ago, mel105mma
Effective and enjoyable
Really learning! No translations! They games make your mind work for the information. Great for adults. I plan on purchasing. Even if you don't purchase, the free game of the day reinforces the game from yesterday.
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3 years ago, CptClamSmash
Latest update horrible
Do not like the layout of the lessons with this latest update. My son has a harder time trying to find his favorite lessons. Hope you change back
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5 months ago, Argotemiña
Scary one
My child is a keen seer in the evil spirit realm and she is only 2! If you do not correct taking out games to scare children, I prophesy you will never succeed! I no longer want your service bc my daughter comes out scared and un done of crying with your scary one! Everything was fine sad you have to add the devil in your games! But God will see fit to you you will have accountability of your actions!
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7 years ago, Oil Lo
One of the few good ones!
This is one of the few good apps! It's very well-rounded, the pronunciation is understandable and correct. My son really enjoys playing the games. I just have to remind him to repeat after the speaker! LOL :-)
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1 year ago, The Beanie Baby Girl
It is honestly the most interactive best unique game we have ever seen it has games that you can’t find anywhere else!
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8 years ago, NAAZIR
So much fun!
My children and I really enjoy this app! The games are great for helping to learn key vocabulary. Sometimes we play it just for fun...meanwhile, we are learning. This was put together well and worth the investment.
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5 years ago, Lori in the Boro
Entertaining games
My kids are enjoying the games so far, recently purchased. I even had my non-Spanish speaking husband into them. Would you please review the “Pass it along, possessive” game? I believe there is an error. Thanks!
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2 years ago, ksmooth55
SO great!
Love this app! SO great! My kids love this app. It ALSO has Spanish GAMES that your kids will love playing EVERY time you allow them to! It is SO helpful for kids to learn Spanish.
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2 years ago, tkrjbs
App is awesome you should play👍👍👍👍
My son now knows how to speak Spanish he always wants to play he says it’s fun but I don’t know if it’s just me it’s lagy I don’t know but besides that it’s awesome 😍
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4 years ago, epl_2013
Fun Spanish
Love the app and the fact that it uses complete sentences over single word vocabulary However, since purchasing a subscription, the app will not allow me to login response message is to ‘try again later’ I am looking for a resolution or will cancel the subscription as well as ask for a full refund
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3 years ago, Mik*56per
Great but
Great but I wish it had more activities. We are already done and we have an annual membership. Not enough content to last over a year. They should add more activities.
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5 years ago, bMiMMs818
Good app but don’t double purchase
I purchased the 10 lesson pack on my iPad, and when trying to restore the purchase on my phone I accidentally bought a second ten pack. It lets you double purchase the same thing. If I get a refund of the double purchase I will change this to 5 stars because it really is a good app.
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7 years ago, VTKids
Great App!!
We started using this app with our 3 year old. He loved it. It was amazing to see him learning and speaking Spanish at the same time as he was learning The same words in English!
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3 years ago, Charlize😉
Great job!!! No ads nothing but spanish
You guys are great. Thank you for not putting on ads and just you know Spanish. Why can’t we play online you guys are awsome thanks
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2 months ago, dogjulio
Nice and simple The pirate and the parrot parrot didn’t talk or at least we can’t hearing Siri .There is also another one that you can no work cause no voice . Very unhappy with some of these task .Overall it’s a good program
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9 months ago, Alaina987654321
Pretty Good
I like how it’s appropriate for non-readers. It would be nice if there were an option to hear a word slowly to make sure we’re pronouncing it correctly 🙂
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8 years ago, Maemae777
Fun and educational
I'm in my thirties and I use this app for myself. I enjoy passing the time playing the games while learning. I babysit for kids between 3 & 9 and they like it too.
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4 years ago, KARLI2009
Spanish lover
I love the Spanish app studycat you are a genius but I can only get the colors and animals categories but still I give this a five star rating thanks for this game
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1 year ago, bilingual kids
Me gusta mucho para niños
My children, ages 3 and 6, LOVE this app. It is very engaging and they are definitely learning the language. Estoy muy feliz. I do this one and Fun English for my 3 year old to balance it out.
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3 years ago, Alesvi
joyous learning
My granddaughter loves this app. She's been wanting to learn spanish, and is picking up words quickly with these fun games.
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3 years ago, practicingkindness
Just one bad thing
The one bad thing about this app is that you have to pay 💰 for most of the lessons and I wish you did not have to pay
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5 years ago, msjdishwlskhdhdkw
Spanish fun I’m a kid
This is a really fun game for me it’s the best I could find for my mom she wants me to play learning games and I’m trying to find some this was real helpful thank you!
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8 months ago, Christopher'sbride
Super fun and informative
My children love this app, and it compliments our Spanish program we use for homeschooling.
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5 years ago, crockett-wait
Fun Spanish
My kids love the games and that Spanish is easier to understand through the games. Thank you for such a great app.
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3 years ago, EJ_2020
Subscribed to check out what the paid version will look like but all levels are still locked because I haven’t subscribed (????). Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, logging all devices out, logging back in... Nothing worked. Too frustrating and there is no ‘contact us’ or other help. Not worth the frustration.
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7 months ago, Hercules, Ca
Doesn’t offer more than one profile
Should have option for multiple profiles for siblings, as do other apps.
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