Funny Face Camera Booth

4.3 (2.8K)
25.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Revosoft Technologies PTY LTD
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Funny Face Camera Booth

4.3 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
2 years ago, I AM hdrhjdjsnsndmmdndkdkndn
Great App
It’s a great app but you only have a limited amount of filters and can only do three although you can just take a photo to add more but overall good app but don’t take a photo of a random human trust me heheheh
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1 year ago, You_Don't_need_to_know_lol
Just flat-out bad
I got this app to distort some images of my friends for a some funny jokes. This app tries to shove it’s $5.99 a week premium version down your throat every time you open the app. I got to save 2 images until the app decided to throw a watermark on top of it, and you can remove the watermark by- you guessed it- buying the premium version. $20 a month for some crappy photo editor is just not worth it in the slightest. Which brings me to my next point, the actual editing. Most things are paywalled in an attempt to get you to buy the premium version. The few things that are free just stretch the image. I can see it being funny for the first few times, but once the watermark gets thrown over it the fun is over. Overall I clearly do not recommend this app. It’s just not good.
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5 years ago, BASKETBALL LOVER 🏀❤️
Have to pay!!
I downloaded this app to have fun and make funny pictures. I made a few but could not save them. To save them you have to pay and get premium, which is absolutely ridiculous. But, I didn't want to so I screen shoted it. A message popped up telling me I had to get premium. But I kept doing it. The app did not like that so it put a stupid line across the screen. Ohh and there were HORRIBLE glitches. Overall this app was useless and overrated. The only reason I gave it two stars is because of the kinda funny images I created. Anyway, I think this app is completely useless and you could get a much better one for completely free.
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5 years ago, NoahJensen21
This app is crap
I’m not going to talk about how the screen shot kicks you out because everyone else that has written a review has talked about it, but this app has so many glitch. So I bought the upgrade because I was tired of being kicked out and then when I purchased it it did not go through, so I deleted the app and reinstalled it and clicked restore purchases and it just does that loading icon forever. And also for everyone out there who is made about the screen shot thing. Just delete the app and then reinstall it and you can screen shot it again, it is annoying but this is how I make fun of my friends.
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7 years ago, Enter cool name here
I got kicked out of the app??!!
After, playing around with this app for quite some time, I have finally found most off the twist and turns of this app. For example the save button on my app wasn't working so I opted for a screen shot, and was then followed by a long paragraph saying that it was "water marked". I was unaware of what that meant, so continued to take my screenshots. All was well until it started shutting down the app because of said screenshots!! If you aren't going to allow me to have the picture I made then what's the point of the app?? Should not be in app purchases for sure!
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5 years ago, BonkieBooBoo
I hate this!
So the app told me to Upgrade to save photos And Unlock more Pictures. Well, I didnt Want to do that because you all are greedy for Wanting So much. So i took a screenshot. Well, it Turns Out i Got a Stupid warning For taking a screenshot! Well, you know what? I took another. Its not Like the FBI is going to come after me. Im not that stupid. Compared to the developer of this stupid app. Anyways, a watermark showed up! What is wrong with you people?!? That is by far the STUPIDEST Action an app can do to a person. Seriously people, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS PEICE OF CRAP! THIS APP IS NO GOOD! Take my word for it. This app is a waste of space for my stoarage and This whole App store. Sincerily, a not so happy customer.
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4 years ago, Kicks With Kenzie
Great app
This app is an easy way to make pictures look funny. It is also easy to save the pictures you make. After you hit done and you finished making your photo just press the save button and let it be able to use your pictures.
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5 years ago, Dollyboy91
Your systems are trash
I am 12 and I can get past your watermark system if you get watermarked just delete the app and re-download it I ain’t paying for your sketchy 3rd party services but yeah basically for all the people that don’t understand how to avoid their watermark system it’s so they can get money just delete the app and reinstall
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6 years ago, BBIsAnnoying
Why a Gigantic Watermark?
I decided to take screenshots of the photos since for some reason, you can’t save your photos and you have to pay money for it(nobodies gonna buy this just for a few more filters and to save your photos. I mean, come on, Linda). It also detects your screenshots and puts a big watermark over your photo just so you can rage over this stupid app. It has funny filters, sure, but paying for just some more filters and to save your photos? I’m not gonna pay for this crap.
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5 years ago, Hayden1009
Money hungry developers
The developers made an app that has already been done a thousand times before and a thousand times better. In order to save any of your pictures, you have to purchase the “premium” version. If you screenshot your picture, they add a huge watermark across your entire picture until you pay to upgrade. Not a small watermark on the bottom corner or something.... a huge watermark that covered the entire screen. It’s quite obvious that the only thing that these greedy developers are interested in is money.
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8 years ago, KaPdAdDy12
It's fire! This app is boss, especially to make your girlfriend and family look goofy as hell! I downloaded it at3:39am and haven't stopped using it...EXCEPT to write this review! I never write reviews! I probably would still have even if this app didn't offer to unlock it for free if I wrote a review.....although they said nothing about what I must or must not write! yeah....GO E-A-G-L-E-S....EAGLES🏈‼️‼️
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5 years ago, HumanComputer
This app is hilarious, I texted some of my creations to my friends and they cracked up. I know all the other reviews say things about watermarks, and having to pay to save, but that doesn’t happen, at least not anymore. Also you can upgrade to 6 blends for free, just most people don’t notice it.
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6 years ago, JennOCline
Just got this awesome app!
Great app that offers a lot of fun for all ages! I haven’t explored the entire app in complete detail, but I’m enjoying it and after a tough four (4) years and no end in sight, I’m actually relaxed and cracking up! I’m looking forward to learning to laugh again!! All from a simple, but certainly well planned app! Thanks y’all!!!
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5 years ago, gameandpodcastlover
Really fun!! Except...
Water marks!!! I hate that!! I want to take pictures and share with my friends but it would not let me. So I did screen shots. And water marks happened. So I said oh well! It’s started off with the watermarks just being when you had done the done button! But then they showed up during while you played the app! It was fun at first but then it just went down hill.
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7 years ago, StarDoesGaming
Not worth it.
It's not worth it. It doesn't let you save the photos you make, and it detects your screenshots. After taking 3 screenshots, it'll put a permanent watermark that covers the whole entire screen, ruining everything you try to create. Yes, you could purchase the updated version or just delete and reinstall the app, but do you really want to spend money just to SAVE a photo? Or have to constantly wait for an app to reinstall itself just so then you can use it again?
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5 years ago, saucey33
It’s ok...
This app is not garbage. For smaller kids, it’s a fun game play and to get a good laugh. But if you’re older, you can see this app as either garbage or not good. And that’s ok! Everyone has there own opinion. Here are 3 things I want fixed. 1.Premium 2.Glitches 3.More Options. If this is all fixed, I think this game will be a whole lot better. But for now, it’s just an.. “Ok” game. 3 Stars.
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2 years ago, abcdefdhijklmop
Good fun silly game this game is so 🤩
This game is so 🤩 my family always ask if I can do a little thing on ther face and I do it and they always laughs and it’s so fun even my dog smiled when I showed him it his name is bill but,this game is good if you sad or upset
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2 years ago, A(squared)
Neat app
So the app works and allows for morphing which none of the other funny face apps I’ve seen do. You can save up to 3 morphs by default and up to 6 total. This really allows for quiet some funny changes.
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2 years ago, Tru3P1n3App13
Great App
I absolutely love this app. I don’t have any problems yet. I love making hilarious pictures of my friends and family. I would definitely recommend this app. Thanks for reading this!🥰
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4 years ago, TheIceIsDark
Use It A Lot
Want to get back at bullies? Just ask them for a photo, then when you get the photo, put it through the app and, MESS IT UP! Don’t get a roast app, just get this one! It also cheers me up a lot!
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4 years ago, mushroooooooooooooomooooooof
Great app
Great app, I use it all the time. Not to many adds, and easy to use. I do have a suggestion, though. How about being able to rotate the features to fit different pictures?
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7 years ago, Smokin_Reggie
I liked the app to mess around with, so I purchased it. It was way overpriced but I wanted to give my friends a good laugh over some messages. I took a photo and went to save it but every time I click save the whole app crashes and nothing saves to my camera roll. A complete waste of money, def does not deserve 4 stars, just get the free app and mess around and find a new app if U want to purchase a decent app that won’t crash on u .
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6 years ago, Pugglesworth198
Unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money, this app might not be for you. It is a fun app, however, you cannot take screenshots or save your photos, you don’t have access to many things either, you’ll have to be willing to spend money in order to have some fun with the app.
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7 years ago, Homegirl 02
Very entertaining
This app is very entertaining for my two kids. They are both in early elementary. They found it on my phone and didn't want to stop playing. And it is very age appropriate from what I've seen.
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5 years ago, Adventure capitalist
I think this is can create some very funny things. One thing I recommend is to get rid of any ads so it brings more people in and they will keep the app longer!
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6 years ago, urbanviewpoint
Kindergarten Marketing Tactics At it’s Finest
If your looking to learn from the best back alley hoodlums of the internet world, look no further then your wonderful Face Morph App!!! As soon as it said don’t screen capture or your gonna get a permanent watermark, I shot like 4 more then boom... watermark... well heck, they warned me, oh well, guess I’ll delete this app and choose another from the thousands of other crappy picture morphing apps out there. 😔
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6 years ago, your fathers farthers father
Awesome but needs improvements.
The app is perfect but needs more for the free version because I don’t see anyone spending money on this game. Other then that the app is really fun to mess around with
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1 month ago, JaxsonDaily
It’s funny but the fact that it makes you spend money on more things it Is terrible
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5 years ago, family time = fun time
Best picture editing every
I have trued a lot of editing apps and I hated all of them but this one greet quality and different sizes and you can edit anything on it
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6 years ago, Brendacid
Not bad but big issues
The app itself is very fun to play with but it comes to a certain point where it’s just stupid like what’s the point of having the app to not use it because it starts kicking u out for taking screenshots if ure not gonna let me use the masterpiece I’ve created of Obama what’s the point to even having t over all good app and concept just stupid how they made it
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7 years ago, Cole Daboub
This is awful. I can make my picture. But then i have to pay money to save it to my camera roll. Unless you are a billionaire don't get the app. and if u screen shot it detects it and puts a permanent watermark on your photo. just saying all u have to do is uninstall the app and reinstall it to not have it have a water mark. so heads up if u do like the app and don't wanna pay money.
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5 years ago, 😃 I can review apps!
You have to pay?!?!
I wanted to edit my pictures and make them funnier, so I downloaded this app. I guess I didn’t read the reviews, because you have to PAY to actually save the picture!!! I get it, sometimes, games have upgrades to make the game better, but don’t put up an app that you have to pay to actually use! That’s just DUMB. I am NOT paying for this app!
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4 years ago, Moai🗿🗿🗿🗿
This app is so good. If you want to laugh so hard you want to pee, this so the game you should play. Download this app right now to have a good time with your families and friends.
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4 years ago, DaveB0323
I love this. I've been looking for an app like this for a long time. I have never had any problems with it. Definitely recommend.
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3 years ago, Aaliyah Regan
I love this game so much it makes your face look funny perfect for messing around. I would give them 5 stars except it is a little slow 🐌🐌so 4
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4 years ago, This all is so awesome
This game is awesome! It gives you nice pictures of celebrities or animals for free, and it allows you to use your own pictures! Over all this app is amazing!
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7 years ago, DabbingTurtle21
Overall, it's a very funny and enjoyable app. But I do wish that it had access to more options for customizing the photo.
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4 years ago, yoboiistheboss123
Good game! They could have made the maximum morphs more. But still a really fun game. I like the feature where you can morph some of your own pictures. Fun game.
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8 years ago, DylanCSeeley17
Just screen shot the pic, when the water mark starts showing then delete and re down load lol
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5 years ago, mikepercocet
Just what I was looking for
Looking for an app to subtly edit pics to troll my friends pictures, its hilarious and easy to get the hand of
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6 years ago, c000009kies
Can’t save ur work
It gives you 4 filters to work with that you can easily do on Snapchat for free, then says you can’t even save the picture without having premium. You can screenshot maybe the first 2-3 things you make but after a certain amount they throw a garbage watermark over it like it’s some sacred work. Awful app to toy with
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7 years ago, Elektrikution
It's pretty good.
I think the whole idea of this app is really interesting. Although, I think that you should get everything for free.
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5 years ago, Waltlewjr
It’s okay??? But not the best
You have to pay for stuff and you can only do certain things But other wise it’s good well for me and also there is a lot of filters but four are free and like 7 are not but for me that’s okay
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4 years ago, Ishtar 101 k
Too funny
Literally me and my friends have a good laugh sending edited pictures to one another
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6 years ago, Inconclusivekingdoge
When I share, most of the dam picture is covered by credits
This is really stupid, I love the app, but who wants tons of credits and advertisements all around it? Who would even share that? I know I wouldn’t, many you could just have a little credits bar at the bottom left saying the app? That would be a much better.
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8 years ago, GabbyFreeman
For all the people complaining
Stop complaining! "I can't save my picture" You have two options: 1. Screen shot 2. Get the full version ITS NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE! THIS IS COMING FROM AND 11 YEAR OLD GIRL
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3 years ago, sansut1
Good stuff about this game
10/10 would recommend this game makes it so you can make people’s faces funny
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4 years ago, A New Person Then Before
This game is so funny!
I love this game because you can play around with a lot of stuff and it can make you feel better when you are bummed out
Show more
5 years ago, pumpkin spice cookie doe
Best app ever
It’s so good, I don’t even really care about the fact that we cannot save this, I love it and I don’t need to save. I can just make funny edits.
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5 years ago, .....'vtyn
I like it already,
Soooooooooooo, I love this app you can use any pictures on your phone it even has an animal section
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