FX Calculus Problem Solver

3.3 (76)
35 MB
Age rating
Current version
Euclidus Inc
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for FX Calculus Problem Solver

3.34 out of 5
76 Ratings
7 years ago, Pyroactive Mike
Good, but needs work.
I love how it works like mathway in the way it shows all of the steps but you only need to pay once instead of monthly. I wouldn't mind if there were ads so they could get a little money towards improving the app though. For example, it fails when I don't have a really really good connection and it does crash a lot when I try more complicated integrals. Sometimes, the menus won't unexpand and I don't have great eyes which makes it harder for me to see. Plus, I keep on having to add extra inputs into the keyboard. I can't save the layout or anything like that. Other than that, it's a pretty well put together app.
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6 years ago, Beana25
Needs organization
Great for simplex problems, but needs a lot of organization. A lot of problems I have I can't input because the sustem doesn't allow it.
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6 years ago, Edwin734
Animated Solutions Board is not functioning
Though this application has topics and concepts that are seemingly helpful, there are parts that don’t function as expected. I purchased the premium package sometime ago with an older iPhone... it worked. I have had my iPhone X since they were first released, and the above referenced feature crashes when I attempt to launch it. I sent an email several days ago, but have not heard back from the support team. Hopefully, the app is still supported and is not one of those the developer allows to die on the vine!! On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being highest: Reliability - 1 Quality performance - 1 Customer Service - (-1) off the range Information - 1 Value/Price - 1 Overall, one star until, and if it’s corrected!!
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4 years ago, kosmajlm
Summation missing.
I have had this app for a couple of years now and Appreciated it greatly until I tried to do a summation. This seems to be a serious flaw considering the manner in which calculus is taught. What is one to do, use an integral instead?
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6 years ago, JenniTeach
Definite thumbs up.
As a high school math teacher- who left the classroom to raise our daughter- I find this app to be very useful. I remain certified and tutor many students. The problems give me practice and refresh me on concepts that I’ve forgotten. Definite thumbs up.
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8 years ago, KWWC
Worth Every Penny
I'm a Civil Engineering Technician and I need quick and efficient ways to compute derivative and integrals. This app fits the bill perfectly. It would be nice to see curve fitting in the near future.
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6 years ago, Tech Side
The recent update is much appreciated. This is one of the finest math-review tools I use. In an instant math concepts can be researched and I find my forgotten knowledge refreshed, well done.
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7 years ago, Recto 007
This application has a bug after solving 2 or 3 operations the application does not want to work, you have to delete it and reinstall it ... why ??
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4 years ago, calc guitarist
Great for Review
This app has been excellent at helping me remember calculus concepts that I might forget. Obviously, there are a few flaws, but it’s pretty good overall.
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8 years ago, Txmxgirl997304
Great app!
This app does exactly what the description says. It has been a mayor help with my calculus for business class. Thank you so much!
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8 years ago, KDD.EK
You have to buy the app after solving a few problems.. So I did only for the app to start crashing. Whenever I would hit the "solve" button, it freezes and crashes. Don't waste your time.
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8 years ago, AceQ262626
I payed for the app and it's cool! However it needs more capabilities, maybe like INC and DEC coordinates on my graph and what about MiN and Maxima? I guess it'll have to do though..
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8 years ago, Tford06
Good app
This app was somewhat helpful for me. I plugged in some of my homework questions to double check my answers and it for the most part had all of the operations that I needed to complete. Usually gave me all the correct answers!
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8 years ago, lronHack
Dont bother
Only allows you to use it a few times before having to pay for it, also it doesnt give the right answer when using Sin.
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6 years ago, Hi_iH
Glitchy and lacking
The first calculation I performed with this app crashed and didn’t even have the factorial (!) key. Still looking for a good one....
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6 years ago, Gisselle!
Don’t go Premium
Every time I try to calculate a problem, it shows an error. It’s useful as a resource but that’s all.
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3 years ago, jeremiah.fri
Nice one payment site helped me a ton in calc
Nice it was amazing
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2 years ago, Ronald Sienkiewicz
Thank you
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8 years ago, Unseen Mirrors
Worst app in the apple store
App keeps freezing when i click the solve button
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8 years ago, JesusFreakLoves
Only allows you to plug in a few equations, then you have to pay
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8 years ago, Aci05
Garbage app
DO NOT BUT THIS APP!! Worked the first couple times for free but as soon as I paid for it all I got was error, every time I input a problem!! Total scam
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5 years ago, juliaeliaa
This app is a scam
Paid $6 for full access as soon as I paid app stopped working. Scam. Save your money.
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7 years ago, AppForester
Doesn't work
Gave wrong answers for simple differential problems. Uninstalled
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4 years ago, K_bug15
Love it
Best investment of my college career
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6 years ago, abdremo
It’s good But requested for payment after solving 3 questions
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8 years ago, Jason422
Gives no equation
Not a calculator either
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8 years ago, Ali beyranvand
Hello sir It's best but not complete. Best regard.
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3 years ago, Home Client
ASU Great
Assuredly, Thanks!
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9 years ago, Megan 1177
Very helpful app
I am not having the failure issue the other user identifies anymore because I learned how to properly input my problems correctly. It was a bit of a learning curve but now I am very pleased with the help this app gives me. I recommend it and use it as a study tool and it has only boosted my abilities. I have even come across the exact same problems in this app on my tests!!! How great is that!? I think a lot of effort and thought went into the app. I do have a question in to support b/c they are distributing ln across addition function and I have always heard that is totally wrong. Ln10(x^3+1) can't be ln 10 x^3 + ln 10 right guys!?? No way. I will update this review to reflect a mistake like that when I find out what's up b/c if there is an error like that I would cease using the app in totality and never look back. Getting taught incorrect methods creates a giant mess in your head. Let ya know!
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9 years ago, Portals4523
calculus solver
It is a little buggy sometimes, but overall it is one of my favorite calculus apps. It will show each individual step to solving a problem as a side show which I really appreciate, can be very helpful. The keyboard could use a little work, but it is significantly better than Wolfram Alpha's. Overall I Highly recommend it to any calculus student.
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10 years ago, Alecbug
Solver is NOT accurate
I have to do homework online and we get to see if our answers are correct immediately after submitting them. For all of the functions I put in to differentiate NONE of them were right, and the rest told me they were unsolvable (I DID try re-entering them several times each.) Very untrue, because in the end, I got help and got all of them right with help. I didn't even get the "premium package" to use the solver after I tried it on those functions. Don't upgrade for the solver! It is NOT accurate.
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8 years ago, cocomarco101
Worth it.
This is the only calculus app that is worth downloading. All the other apps only include chapters to help with specific examples they provide. This app includes a calculus calculator! It helps because it breaks down the problem step by step. No other app has helped me with my calculus class like this one.
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9 years ago, Luluhank
I only write reviews when I am impressed with the app. I am extremely impressed with this calculator "plus". Excellent work. One quirk is having to add keys to the keyboard, however, I can deal with that. Thanks!
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8 years ago, Rhitter86
Good but...
I like this app so far it is helping me understand calculus step by step. However, it freezes when creating big complex functions. At that point i switched apps
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9 years ago, LiciSmoochi
Amazing ......but
Amazing App but..... There should be a tutorial on how to use it and also there should be a better way to enter cube root.... It's a very difficult thing to do!
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9 years ago, Someone That matters
Great App, One Suggestion
I love it, it's very helpful. I just wish it had a dy/dx button for implicit differentiation because that's the unit I'm on in class and I'm somewhat stuck. Other than that, I love it!
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9 years ago, KeeperBruh
Cool but not worth it.
Can solve some more basic problems but isn't able to solve harder custom problems. For example, the app cannot solve a trigonometric substitution integration problem. Buy at your own risk.
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10 years ago, Curvesncurls
Mislead by "free" version
Easy enough to use. Simple application, but you only get a few chances to solve a unique problem before being forced to purchase the premium edition.
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9 years ago, Fluffy kid 2015
The best app ever
I love the way it shows you step for step some problems. The best app for calculus ever :)
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9 years ago, Pirate4367
Crashes on my iphone 6 plus
Show more
8 years ago, Fggzyuhfshifr
Can simplify any problem you desire truly an amazing app.
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8 years ago, SGHort
This App Puts Wolfram Alpha to Shame
Anyone taking Calculus should be using this as a study tool.
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8 years ago, Plaid11
Doesn't work
This may work if you have basic easy stuff but if you have moderate to advanced stuff, it won't work. I won't recommend this to anyone and it's time to delete it!
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8 years ago, Leo4nier
Bought the full version before a test and didn't help at all. It started crashing and the trig functions I needed weren't there. Kept saying my input was wrong or couldn't be calculated
Show more
9 years ago, Jennawadelovesjazzyj
Waste of money
I downloaded this for help with derivatives and sure it can do basic equations but if you need help with anything advanced this is a complete waste of money!!!!
Show more
9 years ago, SexyLoveBabyGirl
Life saver
Very very helpful app...pre cal was kicking my butt...this was a life saver
Show more
9 years ago, 👌👌💕💕😘😘
Not very good.
I cannot graph more than half of the equations I put in the solver, and so many of the questions I enter do not work. I do not recommend buying this app.
Show more
9 years ago, Cb0677
Bad app
Waste of money, cannot solve problems, always displaying a "fail to solve problem" message. Don't buy!!!!
Show more
9 years ago, LTCA(3)
Just closes out when solving problem
Won't compute problem
Show more
10 years ago, Ekatf215
Don't bother
Pointless to download, advertising as free with in app purchase to do anything, don't bother downloading
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