FxGuru: Movie FX Director

4.4 (1.6K)
74.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.1 or later
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User Reviews for FxGuru: Movie FX Director

4.41 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
7 years ago, 84939,'doskskx
Should I buy it? Yes!
This app is amazingly awesome! I have made numerous videos with it, and they just keep getting better, thanks to the app. Unlike other apps it gives you multiple FREE effects. It's easy and fun to use. No stress, no long waiting. The video downloads within 10 seconds to your camera roll. No glitches with the app on my phone, and no crashing. You should download the FREE app now! I recommend buying some of the other filters, to really improve your videos. But many great effects are already included for FREE. That's right FREE. Download, and enjoy!
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2 years ago, N00d!E
Shockingly Realistic!
Okay, so I’m super into film making, but I’m just a kid and I definitely don’t have enough budget to make my own visual effects, so I got this app. The free ones it gives you are pretty cool, but I recommend going ahead and paying the $20. It’s worth it. Me and my brother make fun videos all the time and I hope to make a whole film using some of these effects. I honestly was not expecting them to be realistic, but they actually are and look really cool in my videos. The only thing I have to complain about is that you can’t add effects to already-shot videos. Also, it’s really hard to get the timing right because it just shows a silhouette of the effect. If it could show the effects while videoing, then this app would be perfect! It definitely has it’s limitations, but if you’re looking for a good app, that’s not just a run for your money, then this is a great app for film making! One more thing, the “Chives” collection is kinda weird, to be honest, it’s kinda uncomfortable and sexist. But, that’s all. Thanks for reading this!
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4 years ago, Dark Kommissar
Things to Consider
This app is fun but has it’s limitations. You can only add effects as you shoot. You can’t add effects to pre-existing video. I tried importing the videos I shot with this app into iMovie and found that they aren’t the same size as the landscape videos I shot with my phone. Black bars appear on the sides of the videos shot with this app. I found a way around that but you have to do some work to achieve some semblance of continuity. I have also noticed that the camera has to remain still for the effects to work, otherwise, they become distorted. On the positive side, the app’s staff respond to your emails pretty quickly. Hopefully, they listen to feedback and make their fun app an even better one.
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6 years ago, Angry parent 191
The ONLY reason I gave this app 4 stars is because I had it when I was 5 or 6. Now you have to pay for a lot of things. Like I said it was fun earlier. I remember the first one I made. It was indoors and there was a airplane crash. I had my sister hold my tablet and then i fell when the airplane was supposed to hit me. I fell the opisit direction but if I fell the correct way it would have looked realish. We had a good laugh about it and it brings back good memories. Thank you for those memories FxGuru. I will always treasure them. Thank you for being a good app back than.
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8 years ago, Peakness808
I love this app!
I was looking for some special effects to add to my videos. I work as an x-ray tech and recently made one about the skeletal system.I downloaded all the special-effects apps available for iPhone but this one is the best! They even have a dancing skeleton effect that is available for free :) This effect is really gonna make my video that much better! I love the app so much that I even downloaded a few more effects and was happy to see that it unlocked high resolution mode! 5 out of 5 stars for FXguru!
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5 years ago, KaylynnNarwhal
Don’t Waste your time or money with this app
Saul the reviews on the App Store and it was a 4.5 out of five so I thought it was a good app. Download the app made my first purchase and then the app didn’t work. It kept asking for access to camera and microphone yet I was unable to turn it on in the settings because it was not being recognized by the phone. So I wasted time and money on an app that’s completely worthless. After I was having troubles I realized that Apple had the reviews set up with the best reviews available instead of the most recent I feel that Apple and the developers of this app should be avoided at all cost an Apple should be ashamed of allowing this app to be downloaded when they know it is not working
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2 months ago, Michael myers2012
All right if you love special effects then this app is for you I love this app it’s got anything from robot spiders to evil dolls it has a variety of effects to start you off with even though there is lots and lots of effects you have to pay for and a dollor each effect is pretty expensive and there is an option to add friends to get points to get effects but it dose not work AT ALL pls fix this bug ASAP
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6 years ago, SHARKY Playz
Please Read - problems
This app works really well. I deleted the app and the next day I wanted it back. So I downloaded it back. I bought half of the fx packs and the only thing it restores is the nuke an the snake, I had werewolf, the guy on the horse, I had the chainsaw guy, the truck, the racing cars, the police car, the commandos, the horse Halloween guy, and more! And I only get two fx packs restored? Can you please restore all my FX Packs please? Thanks! Also I clicked restore and it froze, then unfroze then it says "Restore" again. I already clicked restore five times. Once you fix, I'll give a better review and five stars.
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2 years ago, jdubs+11
Great video app
I just bought this today, and after only a few effects it is great! I think it doesn’t need any changes and the horror effects are so good. I use them so much to try to scare my friends lol. As I said I have not used that much effects, but I have used the horror ones and they are so good. The Christmas ones are good and everything is great about the app. The app should definitely get 5 stars.
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7 years ago, fredolator
Amazing if you are willing to spend a few dollars
The effects are quite good! The same being said for Action Movie fx, which also has very good ones, you will have to give at least one or two dollars to the app for fx. Think about it. The app is free, and there are very few directors that have a zero dollar budget. (Btw the prices are not bad for both apps. I got a good deal on action movie for two dollars and bought a pack on this app.)
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7 years ago, GladOStarkiller
The effects are great! This app will not disappoint you when you use it. It's fun, cool, and reliable. I've used it many times and it's never disappointed me. The videos take a bit to create, but the results are breathtaking. The only issue I have is that the "New Year" effect says 2016 on it. It would make more sense (and be better in the long run for users) if the year stated on the effect changed in context with the time.
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6 years ago, Vt88
Having fun.
I’ve had so much fun with this app. I entertained my friends kids when I was watching them while their parents went out for awhile. I kept their attention for most of that time. Since then I’ve been entertained myself. I know that some reviews fault it a little because you have to pay for most of the effects but I don’t think .99 is too much to pay for the fun factor it provides.
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8 years ago, Photoshop 101
Fx guru- astounding app
When I first downloaded Fx guru, I'll admit, I suspected it to be a scam for money. It took my breath away when I saw such high definition virtual effects. This is a quality app, not a run for your money. What slightly bothered me was how inexpensive it seemed to be. I was worried they might not be authentic enough for my taste. But I will say, when I tested my first purchase for Fx guru there was no doubt in my mind it was worth every penny. I recommend this app for anyone willing to invest money into their passions.
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6 years ago, Desmond the human being
You should get!
This app is amazing. You might think you have to buy a lot of effects. But no, most of the effects are free and the free ones are still as awesome as the ones that cost money. You might buy this app just for one effect. It might cost money, but the effects only cost 0.99! Its really cheap and if you want one you should buy it. If you are looking for an effects app this is for you!
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7 years ago, Brandon Michael panek
This app is great
But I think you guys should update it, since it's been like 2 years since your last update. If you guys can update this app, can you guys also add this thing where people can import their own videos so they can add the effects in their videos? Thanks. Also, can you guys fix this glitch where it kicks people out of the app when they press start? Double thanks.
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8 years ago, No way awesome
This app is amazing. Already had several people look twice at the effects I've already used. This app is great for anyone who wants to have some great effects for your short films or pranks. Hope that they will make some more apps that will be a continuation of the themes they have. In order to make more scenes along the same lines. Can make a great projects with apps. Definitely recommend.
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3 years ago, jordan moran
Needs more free effects
Hi. I really like this app, but can you please add more free effects? I get that you have to pay a lot, but I would like way more free effects for people who want to make movies but the effect for them is not free, you have to pay for it. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Jove1234!
I think it’s not fair
So me the title I say I think it’s not fair it’s because you have to buy almost all of them and you giving us like almost halfway the baddest ones trust me I like some of them like the ones that you give us but all the rest of them are cool but you have to spend money for and this is just a game for doing stuff and making little videos and I just wish you can take the buying stuff off please p.s. can you please take off the money prices 🙏🙏🙏
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7 years ago, Rickster_trucker
Love it love it love it! Need I say, I love it?
This app makes the mundane, insane! I'm a trucker and I like the dancing skeleton on the hood of my truck. It is so much fun and creativity is only limited by your imagination! Download it, buy the extra's it is worth it, it is fun. Use your creations and meld them into your personal videos. Thanks to fx guru, my iq went from below 70 to off the charts! At least that's what my friends think.🤓
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2 years ago, Lara B11
I use every single video and I do it constantly over and over again I love this I wish I could give this over 1000 stars just ignore those bad ratings OK you deserve to have more than 5000 stars like I wish I could give you 10 million this game or should I say app is amazing!!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤪🤩🤩🤩🤪🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
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4 years ago, The Hanged Man
I have 4 new effect ideas.
1. The water backing up first then a tsunami coming. 2. Giant ants climbing up a building. 3. A snake slithering up a building. 4. Giant spider coming out of the ground and jump on something and crush it then a bunch of spiders come out. 5. A riot throwing rocks. Please try to add those affects in the app. Because I need those effects for episodes in a show I’m gonna make.
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5 years ago, Dismayed player
After 4 years I still use this app!
This app is fun to play around with even after 4 years! My 3 year old grandson gets into the act as scary creatures stalk him or animals chase him! It never gets old and it’s worth the small fee to upgrade then you can edit out the end credits and truly make the video your own creation.
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7 years ago, Texasbootboy
I had this for a while and is pretty cool to have. I never ever buy anything off any apps but I try this once since I was curious about their other downloads. So I was up in Oregon and decided to buy the 6 downloads for $4.99 do to the Bigfoot area I was in. I downloaded 1 for now and download the other 5 at a later date. Now I am in here trying to use the other credits there is nothing. I have to pay again. This is ridiculous and very un-business like to me. I've learn my lesson with them and beware to you guys who want to purchase anything from here.
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4 years ago, Anhedenia Films Unlimited
Awesome for the Microbudget Filmmaker
I bought and downloaded the 82 pack. I’ve been using them for the independent films I make. These are micro-budget films that I sell on my Vimeo page. My movies are micro-budget and FX packs like these help my films immensely. They give them production values that I could otherwise not have/afford. Many thanks to Picadelic for making this pack available!
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7 years ago, King Sterlz
Glitches glitches glitches
The effects in this app would be great if it wouldn’t cut off half the video! For some reason every time half of the screen is just black while the other half is showing what it is supposed to. Only the effect shows on the black side meaning that it looks completely off and weird and renders the whole thing completely useless. Can you please fix this???
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1 month ago, J. Schweitzer
5 stars only so this is seen!
The 5 starts is only so this is seen! THE ONLY app like this that will actually work is Action Movie FX! This one here is the same as the others, won’t make the clip and then shuts down and sends you back to your phone screen! Really 0 stars!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Seen the Mean Green Bean
Guys stop rating this bad
They have to charge money for the effects. They spent hours sculpting, animating, and making it possible to use on the videos you take moments before the effects are applied. The effects are very high quality, and they are worth the $1... Stop expecting good things to be free.
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7 years ago, Mikemdp
Rude developer and poor product
I wrote the developers more than a week ago, explaining I had accidentally purchased a package of effects through the app, and inquired if it was possible to reset the app and get a refund. If the answer was no, fine. But they didn't have the courtesy to respond at all. Worse, the package was totally not worth the price, and every effect ends with a fade into their logo, making editing them into your own video difficult and impractical. Thumbs down on a rude developer and poor product.
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8 years ago, I'm de maestro
FxGuru has a few problems...
FxGuru is one of the best photo apps you can find. From ghost brides to dancing robots, it has a variety of different filters for your videos. However, this app crashes often. Also, just now I tried to switch my photos back on. I tried to do this three times. It still isn't working properly. Each time after this it says that there is an error. Three times in a row? My internet connection is working great right now.
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6 years ago, Chiquis P Méndez
There’s something wrong
When I was making a video I was done with it but suddenly when I start to edit and when I’m done there would be a black line in the video and that would just mess it up and that’s with a lot of effects. That’s all I have to say
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4 years ago, ygcwehendhrih
This is a good app but crashes a lot
I know the last review was from 2 years ago and I remember having this app and it was really good but I deleted it to clear up space now when I download it, it always crashes it never opens or even gets to the loading screen the screen just turns black and takes me back to my home screen. Developers please fix this problem because this was a great app but the only thing wrong with it is that I can’t even use it anymore.
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4 years ago, TheRandomGuy101
Great app but...
I love this app because it has good effects but there is one thing that I don’t like about it. Only a few effects are free, and the rest cost money! Most of the effects are not free and I don’t really like the idea of having to pay for effects. Other than that, great app!
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2 years ago, YouDon'tKnowWhoIAm82273628
Needs More
So, I have got, probably 98% of the effects, they are very fun to use, however, it’s been 2 years and there is still no new effects. That 2 years is going to be 3 soon. I like the effects, but we need more! It gets boring when you have to use the same effects again, again, and again, PLEASE add more!
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4 years ago, chris a h l n
Plz take the paing away cuz i do not have much efects
This is great and all but i want to use all efects but there is to much paying and i will get bored once i use all efects i dont need to pay plz in the next versión take the pay away plz.
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3 years ago, La Stugots
Worth Every Penny!
I have had this app for a couple of years and recently updated my iPhone. I have to say, this app is a ton of fun. If you have the basic version it’s worth updating to the paid version.
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6 years ago, lil' wheezy
Like a lot with reservations
Really cool app. I wish the company logo were removed at the end of the video. I also wish the thumbnail for when I share the video didn’t show the effect. I like it to be a surprise when I share with people. And remove the borders on the left and right of the rendered videos. I think this will make the videos feel more authentic.
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4 years ago, DPurple Fan
Great app
This is a great app. Easy to use. Lots of usable fun effects. It’s a homerun. The glitch I’ve found is saving is sometimes quirky. To save a file sometimes you have to close the app and reopen it. But most of the time no worries. The effects are fun, fast and easy.
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5 years ago, nothappy16
Glitch needs to be fixed.
Downloaded onto my iPad and iPhone, the notifications for allowing camera and microphone keeps popping up. I tried to allow it but the app doesn’t even show up in the microphone menu and the camera menu. There must be a glitch that needs to be fixed. I already restarted my iPad and iPhone and still same problem. I even deleted the app and downloaded it Again, still, same problem.
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5 years ago, zaronm
The best vfx app on mobile
This app is the best because the effects are amazing quality and Have motion tracking that lines up perfectly to your shot and most of the effects cost money but you still get a lot for free
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5 years ago, mrcs
Sorry an Error Occured
Spent 20 bucks for 82 effects, the app launch is fine, camera and mic are fine and the satellite effect will work fine. But when I try and download any of the ones I just bought it simply says download error, sorry in error occurred during the download. I have tried on 5G, I have tried on Wi-Fi, I have removed the app, rebooted the phone and reinstalled the app and I get the same error over and over again. iPhone XS Max runninv iOS 12.3.1.
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2 years ago, Scratchyboi127
Cool and realistic effects!!
i use these effects for videos and these effects really help! and the effects are really worth getting but of course depending which effect is perfect for you.
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8 years ago, SLEMAYTUX
Love but I just kinda wish there was one thing
I love this app! I've made at least 30 movies with it but I can't seem to find a car chase effect anywhere! If this app could give me that immediate 5 stars! I'm just wondering if you guys could add a car chase scene effect
Show more
7 years ago, CJYMoneyent
I do sfx in most of my videos I like the free version it's runs smoothly no glitches or slow downloads. I'm going to get the full package as soon as I can. I do wish the app had more nonviolent varieties for my kids videos I film.
Show more
8 years ago, Daduise
Super awesome and even better
Young filmers should use this app for the amazing effects to download and incredible except when u have to pay for the good ones but other than that get the app now peace out 👊
Show more
7 years ago, Comicboy 2012
Great app
This app definitely deserves a 5 star review. Everything, from the animations to the time it takes to download and process your videos, I haven't found anything wrong with this app yet!
Show more
4 years ago, Korg Kat
This app is very good. There is no learning curve. I am having so much fun I bought the whole bundle. It is well worth it. I wish you could narrate as you are shooting like a voiceover. But it does what is does very nicely. I am happy with my purchase.
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8 years ago, Darkangel4305
Great app but no sound on iPad
Love this app, but I can't get the sound for it to work on my iPad mini. Is there a reason for this?? I went into the settings but it says the music and sound is on. Went into the settings on iPad and there's nothing that gives me an option for sound. It works fine on my husbands iPhone and my 3rd generation iPad but not on a new generation iPad mini!
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4 years ago, Kinder_Moments
Super easy to use and the Gingerbread men filter was awesome to use with my kindergarten class. One suggestion... PLEASE make an Elf on the Shelf filter for all of those of us who do this and want to show little ones how they “move”.
Show more
5 years ago, Gothica84
Broken app?
Love this app used it for a long time but idk why it’s not working anymore keeps asking me to give permission on mic and cam but when I go look at the settings there are no options for the app.
Show more
5 years ago, Oceanspray19
Does not recognize camera and microphone
I was excited to try this app and I bought the t-rex effect. When I tried using it, I kept getting microphone access denied and camera access denied. I checked my settings in privacy to make sure both allowed access but I do not even see the app listed to turn on for use. Completely disappointed and wasted money on something that does not work.
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