2.3 (30)
2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ivan Cerra de Castro
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Galaxia

2.3 out of 5
30 Ratings
6 years ago, davecadieux
Could be better
I grew up acing this game (always loved galaxian) Couple of issues: 1. Joystick control in IN the play field so if you maneuver your ship a lot (you’ll find the ship going underneath your joystick finger and then you loose line of sight with ship and the bombs coming down in that corner) 2. Joystick control is a bit sluggish (playing on 6s). I think it’s a greater factor when trying to quickly dodge left and right between heavy fire and just can’t get the response speed) Suggestions: Sacrifice .25 inches of the bottom screen for the control area (allows for a wider joystick area and shooting without blocking your own view of the battle) Maybe tie into the motion sensor of the phone so slight tilting facilitated movement ?
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4 years ago, SuperSegaSonic
We need more!
I love this game! I definitely give off no negativity, great work! But if there’s one game I think you should consider uploading, it’s Galaga. If you ever can, please try to upload the game. Galaga is my favorite game in the Galaxian series (I say the Galaxian series because Galaga is the sequel to Galaxian). Please give us Galaga. Now for the Galaxia app, I love it! I played it all day as soon as I bought it. Please take Galaga into consideration.
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3 years ago, rip2059
Not like the original!!
This game is missing a few controls that are on the original. Level one is more difficult the joystick is slack in its movement I do like the rapidfire of the shooter but it needs more control over the game my demo of this game proved to have no sound either which is part of the effect. But for two bucks it’ll keep you from getting bored but if you really like this game the arcade style that is stay away from this one you will be disappointing for sure.
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14 years ago, Oz Bar
Controls are not responsive enough. Fix that and the game would be great.
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3 years ago, VerbotenEin
Point system
In the arcade machine the flagship with two escorts were worth 800 points once the escorts were destroyed, in the app version, you can destroy the escorts and the flagship is worth the convoy points. It is only worth 800 if it leaves without a convoy. This should be corrected
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2 years ago, rcs0714
Don’t waste money - Big disappointment
Big fan of this from years back. But The controls are so slow that it’s impossible to maneuver making this a flawed design and not worth playing beyond a couple times for nostalgia
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1 year ago, Amiaturtle2
Great game which was messed up
Really bad controls. If they would fix it to play like every other plane shooter out there this would have a 5 star rating and many more people would buy it.
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2 years ago, headbanger74
Great graphics. Horrible controls.
This game could be great. It’s not. The graphics and design is spot on. Looks identical to Galaxian. The controls make it unplayable. Would be nice to have a different way to maneuver this ship and fire button.
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4 years ago, Piscula
Great game! Controllers are hard to use, but I give it a 10
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7 years ago, asych
No options?
Is there a way to mute the sound??
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5 years ago, Pheeboy
No control
Game is horrible! Can’t control the ship and only shoots on the right.
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5 years ago, CPU person
terrible! everything! not intuitive.. delay movement.. i will give this app NO Star!
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5 years ago, llllkdjsuwkzhd
How do I get a refund on this. It is unplayable!
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13 years ago, busterbluth
Okay, but could be better...
First of all, the controls are kinda bad, but it is still pretty fun. I only got to level 2 once. It is still a good game and it's fun to try to get to level 2.
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13 years ago, a magic cow
All. Thumbs
Game looks good but your thumbs block your view. Please put small strip on bottom of screen where thumbs can pan back and forth without being in the playing area then game would go from unplayable to just like arcade version.
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13 years ago, Joejo24
First of all level1 is tooo hard. Level2 is even harder and I never even seen level3. I have the arcade at my house so I know how the game is suppose to run. Extremely disappointed.
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13 years ago, Galaxia >100,000...
Bad Controls
Shooting fine, joystick bad... Cannot move to miss the aliens when diving...
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13 years ago, 70's player
Junk!!! Waste of money. Controls don't work. Rip off.
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13 years ago, rulingslim Jim
Terrible don't buy
This is the hardest game ever it makes the real game a shame thumbs down
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13 years ago, Ezekiel 25:17
Controls do stink. Un playable. The game looks good and thats about all. Really disappointing
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5 years ago, Mario9172001
Scoring System
WE ARE THE GALAXIANS MISSION: DESTROY ALIENS SCORE ADVANCE TABLE: CONVOY / CHARGER Boss Alien: 60/? Red Alien: 50/100 Violet Alien: 40/80 Green Alien: 30/60 Fix this! Boss Alien Attack with no escorts: 150 points Boss Alien Attack with one escort: 200 points Boss Alien Attack with two escorts: 300 points Boss Alien Attack with two escorts, Escorts first, Boss last: 800 points
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13 years ago, ValBradley
Bad Game don't buy it...
I work hard for every dollar I make. You've been told the controls on the game don't work right, FIx IT!!! Thats just being LAZY!!!
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13 years ago, Łudacri$
Good game.
It's a great game!but u need to fix the controls.
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