Galaxy Theatres

4.6 (883)
77.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Galaxy Theatres LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.2 or later
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User Reviews for Galaxy Theatres

4.55 out of 5
883 Ratings
2 years ago, Tsnmom
Love the Houghton Rd Galaxy Theater!
This theater has become a family favorite! The staff is very helpful and extremely friendly. The seating is comfortable and I love that I can go online and pick the seats that I want. Especially for the blockbusters that are starting to come out again! I’ve ordered food at the concession stand and even had it delivered to my seat and everything we have tried there has been very good!
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8 months ago, OG_AppleUser
Galaxy Theaters great… App not so great!
I’ve had this app for a long time, and I have to start by saying it is so much better than when it first started. Two major significant problems with this app right now…. Please fix! First is that there is NO option to contact anyone on the app, about problems with the app. The theater level personal aren’t involved of app development so they cannot help me if there’s a problem either. Who is someone supposed to contact if something is going wrong in the app? Second, and VERY annoying is that there is not option to go back to previous screen. For example: When I am looking at the movie showings for the day, then select one to read more about it-I now can only access that movie information and it’s showtimes. I cannot simply select an arrow to go backwards and continue to look at and read about the remaining movie showings. I have to select “Home” again to see the list of showings and it is back at the top, not where I left off Finally, my app froze when I was trying to move between the upper L menu, the “more” menu and their different options.
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1 year ago, Avengedpixels
When updating a app takes away features
This app used to be pretty effective, simple and easy. But for some reason they changed it a couple months ago a ugly color scheme along with many annoyances. Constantly having to log back in to your account because it logged you out or the simple fact that once you buy a movie ticket, it doesn’t always show up in the app and you have to go to your email to find it. Not only that but taking away a saved card or having no other payment methods besides having to type out your card every single time is quite annoying. I have no idea why they took a step back when updating the app.
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3 years ago, Guitar Villain
Works well for me
I don’t understand the all the negative reviews. I’ve used this for several years now and it’s been great. I go to the local Galaxy Theater a few times a month.
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3 years ago, Nina212001
I’d give 0 if possible
If you need to change your booking, it’s a nightmare. Your policy states to make changes in the theater, which I followed but it would have been easier to request a refund and rebook because I needed a subsequent change and the theater told me since I’d already changed once in theater all future changes had to be made there. Also, when in your theater, they don’t ask you if you’re a loyalty member but it’s promoted all over the theater. As someone who works with apps and digital experience, I would love to see you improve your experience as it’s pretty poor for fundamental transactions.
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2 years ago, eritos17
Doesn’t use digital Wallet
The app isn’t very clear on how to find tickets after purchase. It claims to be compatible with wallet which would actually make it easier to keep track of tickets but it doesn’t actually give you the option anywhere to add it to Wallet. It used to give you the option to add it to wallet from the e-ticket sent to your email but it no longer does. You might have to go though some emails before you’re scanned in so be prepared.
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1 month ago, Hoygood
Saved Payment Options/Apple Pay
It’s been long enough! It’s time to implement saving payment options in the app. (I’m tired of having to input my credit card information every time I want to buy a ticket. I go often enough for this to be a problem for me.) AND it’s time to implement Apple Pay for ease of payment. SOONER RATHER THAN LATER WOULD BE APPRECIATED!
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2 years ago, Jen Bunnay
Not stable
This app was never the greatest but it worked but I just now noticed all the movie tickets I’ve been purchasing since October haven’t been crediting to my reward’s because the app doesn’t keep you signed in. It constantly signs you out or won’t let you sign in and sends you in a circle. With a lot of other competitors having luxury theaters with perks I think I’ll switch to them and their reliable apps.
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2 years ago, charlie349875763567
Go to AMC
I have been going to AMC and using their app for about 5 years now. I wanted to try Galaxy and sorry to say after my experience with your app I think AMC will be keeping my business. I actually pay just over $20 a month for AMC membership and it is so worth it. I see your membership is free and I feel even at free I am not getting my money’s worth. You may want to rethink whoever is doing your marketing. You probably are not getting your money’s worth even if they are doing it for free.
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3 years ago, Bbcm1
Hard to use; rewards don’t show up
Love their theaters. Problem is that when I showed staff the rewards section it states I get a discount on food but when I click on that nothing loads of what I can get a discount on or how much. Also telephone number worked with food to get points but not with tickets. Very confusing. Also when signing up online, the email it sent me had no link. I was able to sign up in the app. It should be easier to use…
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7 months ago, Queen Bey ✨
Needs option to add to wallet
They need to bring back the option to add tickets to Apple wallet. It’s a hassle having to print out the tickets because 9/10 the app doesn’t load in the theater or you have to search through your emails to locate the confirmation if you get a signal in the theater.
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1 year ago, Bolo23
The 90’s want their app back.
Shocked at how terrible and outdated this app is. I have to type my credit card every time because the app isn’t smart enough to look at my saved cards on my device. Same with name, phone number and email. Take ot one step further, why can’t I order and pay with the app?!? Just a very disappointing app for such a large company.
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2 years ago, TreeSa59
Can’t Connect to Server
What has happened the the Galaxy App? It used to work perfect, but this last year it has not. Over the last few months I can’t even sign in because it keeps telling me it can’t connect to the server. There’s nothing wrong with the connection on my end, so it has to be yours. Sad that I had to give it a 1 Star rating, but until that issue is fixed, it’s staying at 1 Star. 😢
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2 years ago, Aray the don
I like it
Great app a lot quicker than searching google. Way easier to find the throwback cinema showings.
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2 years ago, Steph-Le
No connection to server
Well it’s a good thing I checked before leaving to go watch the movie. As normally I wouldn’t care since I have apps for everything. It seems the app has forgotten I exist and I can not find my ticket stubs. Logging in results in no connection to server, and no tickets show up under the purchases history. How about you take that technology fee and FIX YOUR APP!!
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2 years ago, prljr72
App doesn’t work anymore
Not sure what happened, but the app isn’t working anymore. Was working well for years, but something is definitely wrong with it now. Had to delete it twice but still no luck. Notified Galaxy and they were no help at all. Been going to Cinemark and AMC theaters this past month, as Galaxy does not seem to care.
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2 years ago, Xplaguesxwarx
Greedy company
Company is very greedy and corrupt. They charge you like a $2.50 fee per person / per ticket you purchased. Bought tickets for family of 5 and paid a $10 fee. Had to change the ticket time and they DO NOT refund you the $10 fee. The staff at the theater are very friendly, but the management and those behind this app are Insanely greedy, corrupt, & unethical
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2 years ago, @tamburitzan
Would give 5 stars BUT…..
Overall this is a very good app. My only complaint is that when you buy a movie tickets, there is no offer of adding it to iWallet.
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2 years ago, k2thegamer
Not working at all now
Won’t let me purchase or show my tickets. I bought tickets using my account on the website and they don’t show in the app. The new format is cringe. The app is completely useless now. Not a good look when the competition has been upping their game rather than going backwards.
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2 years ago, AdventureGrl925
Outdated App
Works to the very basic ability to see showtimes and buy tickets. Could use a better indicated section where tickets are after purchase and connect to Wallet.
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1 year ago, I said it.
Good App but…
Can we get a back button? Having to go all tje way back to home after looking at a future release is annoying. Some navigation tools would be great.
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7 months ago, davesak
Needs Apple Pay
The app does what it needs to do to buy tickets and reserve seats. Please add support for Apple Pay.
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2 years ago, Corwallyn
Love the theater, hate the app
Both wife and I have the app. Doesn’t remember our password and when we go to reset, there is always an error. Makes it so we are unable to get points for our trips.
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2 years ago, Ash_Aero
App won’t work
App won’t load or work — It says it can’t establish a connection with the network (the theater's network?) I can’t sign in or get past the sign in page. The app was working a few weeks ago, and now won’t work at all. Please fix/update it soon. Very annoying.
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2 years ago, Latinopartymoster
Haveing a lot of issues with app can’t log in even after manager at one of the theaters rest my log in still wouldn’t let me log in, or rest password a lot of bugs.
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1 year ago, Coqui Californiano
Bring previous version back
Does not remember payment method and you have to type card information every time. It does not show your purchased movies so don’t delete your email for proof of purchase. Pretty undeveloped app as it stands.
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2 years ago, LilWhitBoi
Give it a zero if I could
Literally doesn’t work, every time I open the app it says “sorry connection issues” no matter where I am or what network I’m on, I’ve deleted it and re-downloaded and it’s still broken. Don’t waste your time
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1 year ago, JohnRN-Pilot
Does NOT show seats
The App has recently started to mess up on seat numbering. Seat #1 is not showing up in the upper rows. I go to the Legends location in Sparks NV. There are lots of examples, but here's a specific example: look at John Wick for Friday March 24th, Digital Screen, 9pm showing. The upper rows of seats DO NOT show a "Seat 1". This is a problem.
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2 years ago, sjamesmccarthy
doesn’t work
Once upon a time this app was great and I could order and view my tickets using it now it doesn’t even let me log into my account. Be sure to PRINT your tickets because you can’t trust this app any longer.
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2 years ago,
What happened? Does anyone keep up maintenance?
Connection is 50-50 now. Maybe you’ll be able to load it up or not at all. You’re a multi billion dollar industry and you can’t even get your app to work properly. That’s just sad.
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3 years ago, itzurboi1921
This app isn’t the best but it works you just gotta wait a little for it to load
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2 years ago, Algernonlives
This app is awful. If one of the primary purposes of this app is to function as the tickets, wouldn’t it stand to reason that it should reliably connect to whatever server has that information?
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2 years ago, rsinnott86
Why doesn’t this work??
Tried logging in and I can’t. Changed password still wouldn’t let me login. Thought it was me and made another account and blam still having problem’s
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2 years ago, HippoBrownMom
Stopped working
The app was wonderful until this last month. Now it never works.
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2 years ago, VGKbryan85
Why even have an app you can’t log in to
Constantly logs me out, trying to log back into the app I just constantly get a “can’t connect to server” error and won’t log me in. This app is terrible
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3 years ago, 209jsman
App won’t open up
I opened my galaxy app today for first time in a year & it would not open up. I have deleted app & re downloaded twice with same result, can not open at all
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2 years ago, Squirt##69
App no longer works
I have try for a month now and app is not working on either of our phones. iPhone or Samsung. Says there is no internet connection. Please fix
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2 years ago, poh ngvvvv
It’s alright
I’m not even gonna give a detailed thing and waist my time all I’m gonna say is the app never works and always says try again when you try to load into it
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2 years ago, Palirican
Doesn’t Work
I’ve been trying to get on the app and it cannot connect to your server. Been trying for the last week. Please update the app asap.
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1 year ago, Erik424
App is pointless now
Noticed some irksome changes since the update: 1) My purchases have all vanished from my purchase history. 2) When I arrive for my movie, the ticket vanishes from the app. I have to dig through my email to find my ticket which renders the app pointless. 3) I am needing to type in my credit card info every time now. At the very least, add Apple Pay
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2 years ago, Wes103011
Never works!!!
Every single time I try to go on here and check show times the app never works!!!! End up having to go online always. What a joke….
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2 years ago, yonks90
App hasn’t worked in days. Tried deleting it and downloading it again twice. Still doesn’t work
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2 years ago, Giino8
Server down!
It’s funny how this app is not working @ all on iPhone & I go and download this app on my wife’s samsung & it works perfectly there! Literally this app needs to be fix here.
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2 years ago, Rputnam620
Server down
App used to work fine, since COVID server seems to down most of the time. Generally I use the web site and email now.
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2 years ago, AC1987
Connection issues
I love Galaxy Theaters but the app is terrible. It’s mostly “trouble connecting to server”. I hope these issues get fixed soon
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2 years ago, awkward cowboy
why does an app like this need an update every other day? everytime i wanna look at the movie times real quick, i have to update😐
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3 years ago, xxtriphopxx
No good
App is trash takes forever to load. It’s a shame I really hope they start working on updates soon.
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2 years ago, Don Ramos
Love the theater but app needs fixing
App hasnt been fixed in over a year. Very buggy. Can’t log in and make a reservation half of the time
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2 years ago, LLeyva97
Zero stars
Doesn’t let me even get into the ticket section. When I open the app it says error connecting
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3 years ago, Aimée:)
THE APP WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CANCEL TICKETS NO MATTER HIW FAR IN ADVANCE! You must travel to the theater to get any refund and I physically was unable to due to a huge blizzard and they still wouldn’t refund me. I won’t use the theater forget the subpar app!!!!!
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