Games for Babies | Infant+

4.5 (3.3K)
42.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dynamic App Design LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Games for Babies | Infant+

4.51 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
6 months ago, Amandabow30
Instantly soothes
This app has been such an incredible resource. We downloaded it out of desperation on a road trip with our very fussy 4 month old and it worked! We have used it sparingly (only if nothing else is working to calm him down), because I don’t want him staring at a screen. But in those moments where nothing else works, I am thanking God (and these app developers lol) for this app! It’ll put him to sleep most times too. I am writing this review after months of using it and we just used it at the end of another road trip with our now one year old.
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4 years ago, Yankee7557
This app is amazing.... The animations are stimulating and the music is extremely pleasant to hear in the background unlike some other infant apps and toys. A few suggestions that I'd love to see: 1) when choosing "random", I wish there was an option for timing. The images just switch too fast. I'd love to be able to control how long before the transition. 2) (even if this is an add on) some slower animations, with possibly blue and white or softer tones to help with calming before naps. Our son definitely falls asleep to the normal ones but I have to choose some of the slower ones manually. 3) a way to lock it on a single animation (maybe a press and hold button in the corner?). My son swipes the screen at 6 months, not sure if it's accident or on purpose, but sometimes it goes from a calming one to a more stimulating one and he is back awake. Overall, a killer app guys! Some in theory but truly something we can carry around and helps calm, stimulate, distract and entertain when needed.
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2 years ago, Skittles80
A total godsend of an app!
My 7 month old just freaking loves this app and the music! If he’s over stimulated, I play this to calm him and lull him to sleep. When he wakes in the night, I just set my phone in his crib for 2 minutes or less and he’s back out! My husband found the app first, and was ecstatic at how well it worked! I just upgraded to the full version. We also have another baby due in November and we totally plan on using this app with this new baby!
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1 year ago, Boondockmom
I downloaded this for my grandson before he was a year old. His first reaction was a bit of confusion to the music and the sights but now, when I come over to visit, he wants my phone. I know what it means, he wants me to turn this app on. I also know that when he’s feeling frustrated or tired, turning this on helps him. He may not look at the visuals, but he hears the music and will just set the phone inside and go about his quiet play.
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3 weeks ago, k030221
Awesome for tummy time!
My 2 month old loves this app! It’s especially amazing for tummy time or when you need to get stuff done but they’re being fussy! 10/10 recommend. Only part that I don’t like is there’s a time limit per day, which is only 20 minutes or so. I ended up paying the $10 for unlimited since my little ones loves this app so much
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2 months ago, Aliza loves Scooby-Doo
Rosslyn Noziska
Love this app for my little Sarabel palsy baby that doesn’t seem to be able to come down except when I put this app on but it only works on my iPhone that I know of we have a Kindle and we have a Samsung phone. Is there anyway that I can adapt this app to either of those devices thanks so much it’s a remarkable out for him. Thank you so much Roz Noziska oops
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4 years ago, Mia harp
Great for somebody who is visually impaired
Love this app it's great for somebody with low vision like me BTW needs more shapes and maybe some actual colors would be nice don't make it an in app purchase I hate those but I love the app it's very good for my low vision PS could you please change the piano to Harp and maybe add some more classical pieces like canon and other pieces that would sound good on the Harp
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4 years ago, Sjlb9
Fantastic Calming App
This app is extremely calming, even for this old grandma. But, it needs a few more options. I would love to have the ability to make playlists using only some of the animations, to choose how long each one plays before changing, and to adjust the speed of the animations. The option to substitute blue for the red, or even just black and white (cream or beige, even) world be great, too. Thanks for making such a great soother!
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10 months ago, RickRedCar
I love this app!
My son loves this app! It calms him down keeps his attention, it’s a beautifully made app. My only concern is I bought the full upgrade on my phone and the upgrade does not transfer to my iPad which is a disappointment considering my iPad screen is bigger but other than that I do love the app
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2 years ago, Suzzanne W
Helps an incredible amount!
My 4 month old loves this. If she needs something to distract her/help put her down when she is over tired or something to calm her when having a meltdown- I use this!!! I even upgraded so it just kept repeating. Soo simple but works like a charm!
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2 years ago, kaak23
Pure Magic
I don’t know how but this app somehow consoles my 10 month old instantly and holds his attention for as long as it’s on no matter how out of control or fussy he was beforehand. Highly recommend this app to any parent. It has been working miracles for my wife and I for 5+ months now.
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2 years ago, CVI heart mom
Please add more! Our daughter has CVI (vision impairment) and needs simple/ high contrast/ movement and she loves this app! Paired with the classical music this is super easy to have playing in the car or for use during the day! Again please make more! Would love to see numbers and letters simple pictures! Etc!
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10 months ago, 12 week old
12 week old loves it
My daughter & I watch for 10 minutes a night before bed & it helps relax her. I practice her eye movements by having her follow the phone. She can’t keep her eyes off it. It’s the only screen time I allow for her. Totally worth it!
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9 months ago, tracelpad
PLUS is right!
Because this app is calming for more than babies and toddlers! My 5yo deaf, autistic, ADHD son was mesmerized and calmed RIGHT down in a matter of minutes during a really hyped up time! His 5yo twin enjoyed it too. This is a great tool to have on hand to help "calm the vibe" in public and private places.
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1 year ago, Laws.kk
Just WOW
My baby girl would not stop crying and we had exhausted all other options so we put infant plus on and she immediately stopped crying. I am amazed at how this actually works. That’s not the first time it’s really helped! Thank you infant plus
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9 months ago, Naymik
A lifesaver
My granddaughter had reflux from birth, and it was very difficult to get her to sleep. I stumbled across this app and tried it, and it was like magic. She fell in love with the music and calmed down, and actually took a nap. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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2 years ago, pshamet
Calm on a phone whenever you need it
When my 8 month old is grumpy and inconsolable I turn this app on and she is instantly calm! Was happy with this app but now I realize the visual has been taken away unless I upgrade Not happy anymore
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2 years ago, shfsjihwbth
So disappointed!!
My daughter LOVED this app! I could finally cook, clean, shower, even drive in peace!! She always wants me to hold her or she’ll cry but this app SAVED my life! I put it on tonight to help her go to sleep and to my surprise after every minute it kept getting interrupted to upgrade ☹️☹️☹️ the app is literally forcing you to upgrade or it will interrupt the music and shapes!!! I’m so upset, nothing stays free once a lot of people download an app!!!! Ughhh
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2 years ago, only1mani202
First of all THANK YOU ! This app is my go to . I go right to this app on my baby iPad , and let her watch it while cook and clean . She is quiet while this is on. The tunes are so soothing , I keep it on when she’s sleep and it help her sleep longer .You must download .
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10 months ago, Lee_Ren
A lifesaver!
We have used this app for our child since she was practically a newborn. When she has cried *inconsolably* from teething–despite our best efforts to comfort her and treat her pain–we opened up this app as a final resort. She calms down INSTANTLY. It works every time! The title is a bit misleading as it isn’t much of a “game”, but our baby finds it thouroughly entertaining anyway. She likes it so much that we purchased full access and we have never once regretted it. 100% worth the investment!
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2 months ago, Crab painter
Soothing and engaging for sure. But the music is repetitive. Some will argue the baby won’t realize it. While that’s true, the grand parents who paid for it will. Or maybe you’re one who’ll say you shouldn’t use the app for so long the music repeats. Fair, but I like the music playing low in the background. If I knew it only had a small selection of melodies I probably wouldn’t have spent the $10. Graphics are age appropriate and grabs the little one’s attention. In conclusion, a nice app for what it is but I need more music for that fifth star.
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2 years ago, DrBarbie16
LOVE IT! Calming every time
Both my 6 month old and 2 year old take turns. It immediately calms and quiets them down- even from a painful ear infection! Never leave home without it.
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3 years ago, Luckywally12
(4 out of 5 Stars) Please add “Lockscreen” feature for 5th star!
Please add the feature to where a infant/child can scratch at the iPhone without disturbing what is on the screen. I’ve seen other apps with this feature and truthfully, this app would be the perfect app for every infant/child! Wonderful experience! -Walt
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3 years ago, ShaneSuzanne
I use this at bedtime for my infant - love it!
I’ve gotten many more hours of sleep than I would’ve normally because of this app. It helps lull and calm my baby & she falls asleep faster.
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4 years ago, LibraNiNi
Child Soother
I have been using this app since my child was about 2 months; I even purchased it. It is still relevant and entertaining at 13 months.
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2 years ago, jennylee1270
Above Awesome
Both my two week old granddaughter and my ten month old grandson are amazed with this. They are so attentive to the screen. Thank you.
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2 years ago, hsjejbevhcjeb
Great but..
Would give 5 stars but I cannot use guided access while using. Not sure why. Other than that the app is great with helping to smooth our baby boy
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3 years ago, abbi.allen
Best Baby Sleep App I’ve found
In dark mode, This puts my 6 month old to sleep in minutes every time! I have lots of infant “relaxation” apps and this is by far my favorite.
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10 months ago, tbanta89
Great for newborns and up
So happy I got this for my newborn. She’s now 4 months and we like using it to get her attention and for calming activities. She’s glued to it.
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12 months ago, Dr. jamjam
5 minutes to Sleep
This really works! Took about 5 minutes
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1 year ago, TimGil
Worth the $5!
This app is really great to calm down my 7 month old baby girl. Seriously. It’s like magic. The music is also calming for daddy 😁
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11 months ago, Craftygma20
She loves this
My Granddaughter was premature by 1 month It’s never too soon to get the brain and cognitive curiosity in motion!! She follows this completely!! I really like this app
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2 years ago, TRW5116
App is great, for a few minutes!
I was using app initially, and kept having to uninstall then reinstall. About five minutes after launching, I would get the screen advising to upgrade. I figured I had to upgrade to get continuous play (volume). I purchased the full upgrade for $4.99, and I’m having the same issue.
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6 months ago, Elie1235
Time limit for the app!!
You have an actual time limit for how long you can use the app or you gotta pay. It’s just moving boxes or stars, which if you want more moving pictures you gotta pay! That what makes it a 2 star
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3 years ago, gnstriker
genius. baby is obsessed
i downloaded this in a moment of desperation during a road trip with my screaming 8 month old. he was instantly silent and mesmerized. so simple and brilliant. now he’s almost 11 months old and whenever he needs a (daily) moment of calm, we turn on the app. it’s basically baby meditation. highly recommend.
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2 months ago, STLRN
Instant Success
I bought this for my newborn granddaughter. She’s now 12 months old and STILL loves this app. Best purchase ever. Never fails.
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3 years ago, cuttlemonkey
Love it
My baby is intrigued and keeps her interested and I love the music and the flash card alternative idea! Thank you!!
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3 years ago, Bullfrogsworstnightmare
Happy purchase
My now 6 month old absolutely loves to watch this app, worth it for the lil ones
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2 years ago, h157custom
Needs an option to not allow swiping away from this app
My darling daughter often turns the app off by swiping left or right.
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3 years ago, Pegah_2a
A most have app for babies
My 9 months old baby is in love with this app. When ever he cries when i open this app he stops. Life saver 😍
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1 year ago, joe76204
I love the app it works and keeps my daughters attention it’s simple and easy to use
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8 months ago, grace9181
Paid for but makes no difference
I had paid for the app long ago, had to restore my phone, then redownoaded and it’s like I never paid for it, plus I get stuck on daily limit screen with no option to restore purchase. Nice one guys, my toddler loved this app.
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2 years ago, AdiSoozin
Great for mom & baby
I have been using their Breathe app for a while. One day in the settings page I saw that they had a list of other apps and I decided to download this one for my son. This app relaxes both of us. I use Endel with him, it’s just black and white. It’s nice to now alternate Endel with this one.
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2 years ago, Geraldo Gomes
Keeps freezing. Bought upgrade but doesn’t work
Trying to entertain baby on road trip. Bought upgrade and it says I’ve successfully upgraded but the app continues to stop and ask if I want the upgrade. Not helpful for entertaining a baby
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2 years ago, mommabunnz
Would be worth it if worked properly
Just paid to upgrade and it’s like frozen or something. Is playing music but the picture isn’t moving - which is the point of the app really right? Kind of annoyed tbh I can google any of the songs on here for FREE 🙃
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3 years ago, Naomichan
Love this!
My baby girl loves this app and whenever she is fussy I play it and she becomes so calm. It’s amazing! Please make more options!
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2 years ago, Pree1727
Make it move slower
I wish there was an option to have the shapes etc move a bit slower.
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2 years ago, Grandma Lillian
Grandma Lillian
Brilliant! So wonderfully soothing and calming choices of music, colors and shapes! Thank you for this wonderful gift to our children 💜
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3 years ago, cwblani
Love it
We love the app!!! See focuses on the images and starts moving and smiling. I wish I could mirror this to my tv for her to watch
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1 year ago, Jenncello
Helpful for car rides!
Settles my fussy baby right down!
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