Gameshow Buzz Button

3.1 (91)
15.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for Gameshow Buzz Button

3.14 out of 5
91 Ratings
7 years ago, Boy Reloy
Ads but good sounds...
The ads are kind of annoying, but luckily I haven’t seen anything inappropriate. Sometimes the tones change when I don’t want them to.
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4 years ago, ornadotay pinsay
This game is perfect for my family game night! It has great sound and is big enough to tap. It has different settings for different sounds. It is so much fun!
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4 years ago, Sydthekid64
It’s just a buzzer and it’s good for that very purpose. But I am rating it 3 stars cuz people said they saw many inappropriate content. I think you should get rid of it. So far I haven’t had that.
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10 years ago, Karina_e_k
This app is alright
So I like the four sounds that it does have, but adding more sounds would be nice. And please try to get rid of all those ads! It's absolutely crazy how many stinking ads this app has! Over all it is an OK app, but I would not really recommend it.
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6 years ago, M.....................
VERY Inappropriate Ads!!!
I am not happy with what ads just popped up on ny phone while using this app. Multiple pictures of topless women (revealing everything). Not cool!!! Very inappropriate and unwanted!!! Deleted this app immediately and will never use it again.
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11 months ago, cool voice checking app
Cool app
I am really enjoying this app
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2 years ago, greatest duo ever
Me and my friends loved using this Buzzer 😍😍
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6 years ago, TEDuck!
A Buzzer App that Buzzes
It works as a buzzer, and as that is the title of the app, it serves its purpose well.
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7 years ago, Diddle-Eyed-Joe
Porn on ad
Worst app EVER!!! One of the ads had full on nudity while my kids were using the app for board game. I will definitely write to Apple about this. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE APP!!!
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4 years ago, smac138
Ads after every hit of the buzzer. Delete and don’t use
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7 years ago, Bugghunter
Don’t get!!
Can’t even use the app without an add playing.
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3 years ago, slowninja5
The ads make this app totally unusable!
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7 years ago, Bbbbbbjsysuxh
This app is insane
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2 years ago, gg i hate
I hate it
MAke more stuff . I hate the buzz
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4 years ago, mr.cavanagh110
Kinda sketch and weird
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11 years ago, Malpalandfriends
Used it to play games with my family. It doesn't delay like other buzzers.
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9 years ago, kMoney56
What a joke. Hit the buzzer, watch a 15 second video ad then get the buzzer. I regret the fact that this will show up in my list of purchased items forever and wish I could wipe away all traces of it in addition to immediately deleting it from my phone.
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11 years ago, Yomamawasawanka
Noise when opening
You should make it so the buzzer sound goes off when you open the app. I'm going to need faster access to telling people that they're wrong :)
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13 years ago, kmuhara
Very good
Thanks this is just what I was looking for
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10 years ago, Seanjers
This app is crap
Wow, what a bad app. It only has four sounds and is LOADED with ads. It's really loud if you have the volume too high. Don't hurt your ears or get busted terrorizing people. Save your hard drive space for something good. This app is NOT good. Trust me. What a waste.
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11 years ago, leathergnat
Great smacked
Great for games and other activities we do
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10 years ago, Buckledownstatpuft
More ads than sounds!
Seriously, a 15-second ad for every two "buzzes"? Ads were louder than the buzz. I cannot imagine any use where this obnoxious, spammy app would be tolerable, let alone desirable.
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11 years ago, Monkey27000
Love it
I love this app because it annoys people and it makes fun sounds I love that.
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9 years ago, BigEyes77
Buzz Worthy
This app is great!!!! Use it all the time for Bible Family Feud
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12 years ago, Slab#1209
GET IT😃😃😃😃😃
It is great and it is FREE. You should totally get it. I have it😜😜
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11 years ago, FBInsurance Guy
Was just what I needed for a group game
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11 years ago, AwesomePickleMan
you need to make this a 17+ app. I got it for my son, and it turns out it has swearing, inappropriate pictures, and other things. WHY IS THIS 4+?!?!?!? Terrible app, don't get it.
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8 years ago, terryjr91
Should be removed.
This app is bad and you should feel bad. Click it once and an ad pops up. Do not download!!!
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9 years ago, YankeeGirl65
Not impressed
I know it's free, too many ads, by the time the ad finishes the need to use a 'buzz' has past
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10 years ago, jimvh2
Fun App
Great for meeting where the presenter is wrong
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9 years ago, Go Polska !
Absolute garbage
This app is basically a troll which after one buzz forces you into a game preview. Wanted to use it for work game show. It's a fraud.
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8 years ago, WAFF3LZ
Don't get this app!!
When I first started the app, as soon as I hit the buzzer it went to an add! This app should be called Add Buzzer instead of buzzer!
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8 years ago, Fishin7
Ads ads ads
Don't download. Every first click prompts an add to pop up.
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12 years ago, Faireys
It's the best game show button ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😉
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13 years ago, Fcd6
Awesome good free ap thanks
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11 years ago, Strict Dom Strats
Great app!
Great with online Jeopardy!
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10 years ago, Red pandas
Apsolutely terrible
This is the worst app I've ever downloaded don't get it
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9 years ago, Monkey lover888
This app is boring
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10 years ago, Anna Benes
The worst app ever
This is the worst app u could ever get
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12 years ago, Gayvenner
It's great
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10 years ago, Hdgdufbxhzjfbdxjxnz
Funny app
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12 years ago, Bassiemuntz
It was free and I STILL feel ripped off!! Crap sounds...:(
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11 years ago, Super girl 142
Love it
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10 years ago, FelixLopez
This is just sad...worst app ever
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12 years ago, 1emilyhiggins4
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10 years ago, Poppy1946
This is app is f**king useless
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