Gametime - Last Minute Tickets

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Gametime United Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Gametime - Last Minute Tickets

4.65 out of 5
187.8K Ratings
2 years ago, cadamw1
I purchased tickets to a SF Giants game about 2 weeks in advance. Immediately after purchasing I was told I need to download the Gametime app and then told I need to download the mlb ballpark app in order to recieve my tickets. This is when I started seeing the tons of reviews saying basically buyer beware and all the horror stories about using Gametime to buy tickets. I was immediately nervous and that was compounded by the fact that once my tickets arrived a day before the game I received them via text message and not by the mlb ballpark app which I was told over and over would be the method which I received them. I contacted customer service and they reassured me that there was nothing to worry about and everything was legit(I had also heard in other reviews of these same reassurances made only to have the tickets be bad). Anyway got to the park, opened up the text link with my tickets and voila! Entry into the park no problem, simple and easy. Don’t know if I was the exception to the rule but based solely on my experience Gametime is top notch. The app is by far the best layout and most user friendly. The customer support went above and beyond to address any concerns. The tickets worked perfect and everything was overall awesome. Thank you for tickets and I look forward to doing business again soon.
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5 years ago, mbmaire
No complaints
After purchasing concert tickets from Gametime I read a lot of reviews about the app (which I had wished I would have done before I made my purchase) and was EXTREMELY nervous about what was going to transpire. They did charge my card right after I requested the tickets but my order still said in process which definitely made me feel iffy. I got an email which told me I needed to get in touch with Gametime within a day to confirm I wanted my tickets or else they might have to cancel my order- which they had already charged my card and I had read horror stories about not being able t get a refund so I was pretty anxious. I was able to get in touch with the customer service representative to confirm my tickets, and after confirming my order they did come through in a timely manner. I had also read reviews where mobile tickets were scanned and did not work because they had already been used, so I was worried all the way up until my tickets were scanned at the venue BUT they worked just fine and I got to see one of my favorite bands! It seems like it may be just hit or miss with some questionable vendors on here. When I confirmed my purchase, Gametime assured me that if my tickets didn’t work I would receive a full refund or they would try to get me other seats to the concert. I did not have to put that to the test thankfully, but despite a lot of negative reviews about this app my experience ended up being fine.
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2 years ago, neverlostjosh
Double sold my seats
I used the app for quite some time with no issues until earlier this week. Purchased 5 tickets for an MLB game and 2 of them would not scan at the gate. We’re told that the tickets had been sold twice and were forced to purchase more tickets at the gate. Confirmed with the people in the seats they indeed have the same tickets and also purchased theirs at Gametime. I understand things happen but figured a simple explanation would get me at least a credit back for those tickets. This is where my real issue comes. Instead of an apology and quick refund, I have received multiple emails with ridiculous questions like if I took a photo of the strangers in my seats pictures, or could provide receipts for the two extra tickets we had to buy (they were my guests and entered separately) I didn’t ask them for proof and this was already explained to Gametime customer service. They seemed very interested in figuring out what went wrong, but no interest at all in just taking care of me. I deleted the app and downloaded seat geek. Too many options to not take care of your customers. *They did finally issue a credit to make this right. Don’t love the way they insist all of their efforts in investigating it show nothing went wrong. Apparently there is a way for something to go wrong without their visibility. I don’t know. If something goes wrong, they claim reaching out immediately is the thing to do. So keep that in mind
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5 months ago, Paola625
Gametime is The Best
I lost my Gametime account from years ago but I will tell you a crazy story involving them. I went to Tom Brady’s 100th career win game in Boston. We got scammed on our tickets from EBay and we had to buy tickets on the way to the stadium. We found the Gametime app and it was a fairly new app at the time. Just being scammed on EBay I was hesitant to download this app but I did it any way. We bought our tickets and as we were waiting for them to hit our account, we get a call from Gametime stating that someone had just purchased those tickets seconds before us and they were no longer available. You can imagine how we felt after what happened with EBay… however the person on the phone told us he could do something better for us, he said he will upgrade us to the front row on the 50 yard line. You can imagine we thought the person was lying after what we went through but before you knew it, we got our tickets and sure enough, we ended up watching Brady win his 100th game in the front row. This is review is long overdue but I can tell you that I became a fan of Gametime after that experience. They saved our trip to Boston!!! I tell people this story all the time but just never had a chance to post the review!!
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1 year ago, julieapcapps
I love it!
I was really scared to buy concert tickets to see Drake because I saw allll over tiktok how SEATGEEK was scamming people out of tickets back in 2022. Like the day of the event people weren’t receiving their tickets or being told that they’re unavailable they were sold to someone else. So I was really apprehensive when I bought tickets with this app, but I checked all the other ticket websites and Gametime for sure had the cheapest prices at the moment. Even though it is 4 months away, after buying my tickets they said my tickets would be electronically delivered. Me being afraid I messaged support which was very accessible and quick even though they had high demand (unlike how I’ve heard people sat on hold with seatgeek support for 3 hours). I told them I hadn’t received my tickets yet and wanted to know if it was possible to receive my electronic tickets the same day of the event. He replied and said that usually they send the tickets closer to the day of the event. I said okay. THE NEXT DAY. I got my tickets. I’ve never been more excited and happy. The tickets are in my hands no hassle or fuss. Choose Gametime over SEATGEEK PLEASE! Sorry for the long review, some things just need a background story.
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1 year ago, Boomer janssen
What is the point of customer service?
Just tried buying tickets. Would go through and say it was “pending”. Then about 10 minutes later I’d get a text saying “unfortunately we are unable to complete your recent purchase. We recommend contacting your bank” So I spent 30 minutes with PNC to get everything cleared up to buy them. Still won’t go through. So I call Gametime customer service. Get some guy who’s clearly has his kids in the background (cool, work from home life. That’s fine). I ask him if anything happened on their end cause my bank has assured me that they can see the pending purchase and it’s approved. The guy fumbles over his words and then just says “we’ll since it won’t go through in our system we recommend you try buying on another platform like Ticketmaster or stubhub”. Yeah dude, obviously I can do that. But is there any reason why it won’t work? And he just repeats that same response verbatim. So I say “I get that. But I was hoping to get those seats and they don’t appear to be available on the other apps” and he just continues to say the exact Canned response. I get that he likely doesn’t have the answer, he’s just some customer service rep. But he didn’t even take a moment to look into my account or anything. Didn’t even ask for my account information. Gametime should just put up a automated message instead of employing people if they’re just gonna tell you to go shop elsewhere. It would be a lot cheaper.
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2 years ago, Calbsafebear
Avoid - seller of fraudulent tickets!
I purchased 7 tickets through the app and received an email with screenshots of the “tickets” and not formally transferred through the app. I reached out to customer service who assured me that the tickets were valid. I went to the venue and scanned the screenshots but all of the tickets were denied. I ended up standing in the ticket line for an hour+, missing nearly half of the event, and I’m not sure if the stadium took pity on us or just wanted to process the line faster and we were issued replacement tickets (the stadium weren’t sure if the tickets were actually real or fake). After I reached out to the Gametime customer service for a refund of the $25/ticket service charge ($175 in total for the 7 tickets), I was offered a $30 credit that could only be used on this app with the following form response: “We are a ticket marketplace with no inventory on hand. All of our ticket inventory is sold through our sellers and so that's why we are only relying on our sellers. And I understand that you are requesting a refund, apologize that the $30 Gametime credit is the only amount that we give to you.” I received the above exact message three times with zero acknowledgement that someone actually read my email. At this point, I am fairly certain there is no further recourse as their Gametime Guarantee is nonexistent and patently false. Do not use this app, customer service is abhorrent and the tickets they sell are potentially fraudulent.
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2 years ago, DenkiKinnie.SeroSimp
Not terrible
This app frustrated me so badly that I’m considering deleting it. For the sake of your sanity and your time I’m going to be brief. Bad: This app doesn’t do what is advertised for the average person. You can find “lower” prices, like tickets to a concert for 40$ instead of 60, which will leave you thinking you got a great deal. That is until you go to check out and realize that your total is 62$ because of “tax.” The tickets are originally 68$ (including tax) on other platforms. This was extremely frustrating because I was trying to purchase these tickets to go with a friend and they couldn’t end up getting me the extra 20$ it took to purchase their ticket. Good: I’ve gone through processes of trying to by concert tickets before, people cancelling and companies raising and lowering prices at a whim. It can be hard to find tickets for small shows or just little comedy nights, this app is incredibly helpful for that. My mother and her boyfriend use this app to buy 10-30$ tickets to great bar comedies as date nights. I can appreciate that the app can provide you with an array of shows and tickets, and that some of them are fairly cheap. That’s all, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing tickets through this app anymore, but I might keep it to find what comedy shows are playing in my area, and how much to expect the tickets cost.
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1 year ago, CJTJ18
You owe me a credit
I bought tickets for the Detroit at Cleveland series. Purchased tickets two days before the event. My tickets were STILL not available at time of gate opening. Your guarantee says not to worry because tickets will be available at least two hours before the game. Prior to gates opening, I purchase two additional tickets, thinking they would arrive instantly. They did not. Gates open, and none of my tickets were available. Thankfully, the security allowed me to enter, and, on my honor, come back to the gate if the barcode ever showed up in my phone. After about 15 minutes of gates being open, my barcode showed up, so I went back to the gate and had them scan the ticket I used. The additional tickets I purchased while standing in line, stressing out because of Gametime dropping the ball, I did not use. So, in my mind, Gametime owes me a credit for those tickets. Customer service said they would investigate the matter. I gave them adequate time to investigate the matter, and nothing has been done. While I do appreciate the U.S. based customer service department, the company has earned this review, and star rating based on the fact that they never got back with me about the matter in question. They’ve also earned me repeating my experience any time the conversation arises about 3rd party ticket sellers, as well as me not using this company anymore.
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2 years ago, HS3434
Do not use this platform - avoid avoid avoid
Gametime used to be my fav place to go and look for tickets, especially great last minute deals. But now, for literally the SECOND time in a row, we have bought great tickets and been told the seats are no longer available because of an issue with the seller. This is just so disappointing. Imaging getting your kids hopes up that they get to see their favorite team live and in person and, not once but TWICE this happened?!?! This has never happened to me with another platform. Here’s the deal: The first set Gametime replaced for us - were the seats as good? No. Not really even close but I can live with that because they worked with us to make things a bit better. This second time, all they are offering is a refund or a credit with a 30% bonus. Why? Because tickets inadvertently got listed for 60 bucks when they are going for 800+. Gametime’s offer wont even get us in the door with different tickets. Of course the seller wants to make more money and get her/his tickets back but that shouldn’t impact the buyer. The policies on the website literally state once tickets are sold there is nothing they can do about it if the seller is unhappy, including with the price. Even after offering to take the worse seats they have, way way way worse seats then we purchased, still nothing they can do to help. Avoid this platform ticket buyers. Be better gametime.
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9 months ago, Elicadtillo15
Great purchase
I bought my tickets for the RBD concert on Miami on september 22 when they first went on sale about 5 months ago . At first i read all the coments about this app everywhere just to see if it was legit or not . There were good and terrible reviews that made me think this was a complete scam and fraud . I paid $1200 and purchase 2 tickets for the 1st floor section . They were a really good price just by the fact that it was close to the stage . Im not gonna lie, i inmediately became anxious and scared and even contacted customer service but they were really nice and tried to calm me down and assured me that i will get my tickets on time . After that i just went with the flow of time and believe it or not 3 days after i received my tickets . I still was on denial about the authenticity of it but i was able to add it to my phone wallet and inmediately i conpare it to my friends ticket and it was exactly alike . Well , yesterday was the concert and i went there hopping they’ll let me in . As soon as i scanned my tickets i was in . The seats were as i expected them to be . The show was perfect ! I’ll definetely buy from this app again . Ps: hopefully i’ll get the same luck next time
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3 years ago, tiffanyv975
Great experience
Great experience! I bought tickets to the Washington Football team and Dallas without reading the reviews. Once purchased I noticed I wasn’t getting my tickets and decided to read the reviews. So many of them were horror stories that after 3 hours without tickets I started to panic. I called them and the first person kept giving me excuses and I explained the game was the next day and needed to have the tickets so I could give as an early Christmas gift. That person wasn’t very helpful so he connected me to Kiley. Once I got Kiley my entire experience went from not to sure why I purchased without investigating first to being 100 percent happy. He kept me on the phone, explained to me the process. Once tickets were transferred to me he even sent a text letting me know they were sent over and he was sorry for the confusion. My husband and brother in law went today and no issues with our tickets! They had a blast and we bought Club level tickets and didn’t even know the food was included! Great experience! Thank you Gametime!!
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4 years ago, brumini
Usually good, high fees, won’t refund you for accidental purchases due to a glitch in their app
I usually don’t really have any issues with my experiences using Gametime, I don’t expect them to have the lower prices they advertise so I usually know what I’m getting into when I purchase. I do however tend to go through different apps and websites bc often times I’ll find tickets on sites that charge less of an added fee for using their services. Also, I recently made a purchase and Gametime notified me that it didn’t go through, so I then purchased tickets for the same event, different seats, turns out BOTH purchases went through and my only option is to either sell to someone else using Gametime myself or have Gametime resell my tickets at whatever price they go for at that time, but there’s no guarantee anyone will buy the tickets and no guarantee the tickets will be sold for what I paid for them and either way it goes Gametime will take a percentage of the what they sell for and if the tickets don’t sell it’s a complete loss. The tickets I bought ate for an event that very rarely, if ever, sells out. My other option is to try to sell the tickets to someone I personally know but who likes to go around asking their friends to buy tickets at a certain price knowing full well there are lower priced tickets available. I doubt I’ll use Gametime again after this experience.
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2 weeks ago, MrRickSTL
Horrible. What a joke.
Buyer beware– Gametime does not actually own any of the tickets that they “sell”. Instead, they’re more or less a 3rd party ticket broker. I bought tickets to a game and was notified that I’d receive my tickets on Ticketmaster (outside of the Gametime app). For that matter…what’s the actual benefit of me purchasing my tickets with Gametime instead of just buying them directly from Ticketmaster? I was also told I wouldn’t receive the tickets until a day before the game. Which is problematic for me because I was taking time off work and traveling out of state to attend the game with my family. So I would’ve liked to have had better peace of mind ahead of time. It took several weeks after I purchased the tickets before I received an email with the “link” to the barcodes for my tickets. That link was not associated with Ticketmaster whatsoever. So after having complained enough times, I finally got them to reach out to the “seller” and had the tickets directly transferred to my Ticketmaster account about a week before the game (even though I had purchased the tickets several weeks prior). But the whole process was just a total disaster. If I had bought directly from Ticketmaster (even if it was a resale ticket), I would’ve had the tickets immediately without having to deal with some nonsense third party. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! JUST BUY DIRECTLY FROM TICKETMASTER!
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4 years ago, CB Detroit
Great until the last time I used it, will never use again.
I’ve used this app many times for tickets to sporting events, and never had a problem until the most recent time. I purchased 10 tickets to a Blackhawks/Red Wings game in Detroit as my family from Chicago was going to come visit. I bought the tickets in early February and about a week before the event I received a message that my tickets had been “upgraded” at no charge. When we arrived to the game, we discovered that the new “upgraded” tickets were in the very last row of the arena (much worse than those I’d selected), and they were in the dead center of a 30 person row, so no aisle seats (which I was also counting on as there were people in my group that have a hard time getting around.) They were also on the end of the arena, as opposed to the center which I had chosen. I spent $50 a ticket, plus fees, and the “upgraded” tickets were going for significantly less than that. We were so high you couldn’t even see the jumbo tron. I am incredibly disappointed, and it ruined my experience. I feel completely ripped off, and spent a quarter of my monthly pay on tickets I could’ve gotten for a fraction of the price. I tried to contact customer service but the app wouldn’t allow me too, saying my email wasn’t set up (it is.) Buyer beware, you may not at all be getting what you paid for.
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9 months ago, jet750
App works fine; hidden fees make it useless
If you’ve bought tickets before you know there are always hidden fees but for this app it’s like 30-50% fees. They pretend to be cheaper than SeatGeek and other alternatives but end up being more expensive for lesser tickets. I recommend using another service that doesn’t charge $12 in fees for a $15 ticket (and proportionally more for the more expensive tickets). TL;DR: Use another service if you want actually cheap tickets. Update after reading dev response: The fees which bother me are set by you, not the seller of the tickets. I am not complaining about the ticketed price set by the reseller but your very aggressive fees on top of the seller set prices (which would be reasonable without the fee). All in pricing included your ludicrous fees and is the reason it’s not worth using the app vs cheaper and more reliable resellers like SeatGeek. Additionally, your Gametime guarantee is worthless considering it is only worthwhile if you find “the exact same seats” on another app; so it only applies if a ticket seller was careless enough to post on multiple platforms at a different price (aka no guarantee at all). That shirks responsibility while pretending to have the customer’s back and it’s really misleading. I am not changing my star rating and will not be continuing to use the app.
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3 years ago, NeilKR 76
I purchased tickets to a baseball game. It was my 4 year old’s first game. I was waiting did the tickets despite getting an email that my tickers were coming shortly. I kept on checking but it never came. The team ticket booth couldn’t help me because this is a ticket reseller. I tried calling customer service and was standing outside with my kid frustrated and not knowing what to do. TJ he customer service rep tried to help me but to no avail. Finally, I bought tickets at the stadium itself at full retail price but only in my budget. Gametime did apologize for the mistake and inconvenience. I think they wound up “double-selling” the same seats! The did issue me a full refund however we didn’t go in early enough to get the giveaway for the first 12,000 fans telling me they were long gone! I am still very angry me and my daughter didn’t get those commemorative coins because they had a special ceremony before the game. I should have stuck to using Tickpick only but there were only a few good seats left at decent prices. I wanted to sit in the field level to give my youngest daughter that great first game experience. I am never, ever using Gametime to buy my tickets for any games or events ever again. I wish there was a zero star option but nevertheless, this was my first and last experience with them. Time to delete this app and free up some storage space…hehe
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10 months ago, Angieee25
I didn’t got my tickets
I bought 2 tickets to the Junior H concert at the Crypto in LA, apparently I had them and everything was good, a day before the concert I checked the app to see my tickets and they were voided canceled. I reached out to the customer service chat and they told me that the tickets were there and that it was a glitch from the seller part but that everything was fine and that there was not going to be any problem with the tickets the day of the event, they also told me that if I had any problem the day of the event that they were going to find a replace for the ticket or that I was gonna have a refund. The day of the event I talked again with agent and they told me the same thing that the tickets were good to go but for some reason I couldn’t see them on my axs app, the answer that they give me to that was that I had to go to the box office and tell them my name my section and row number and that they were going to be able to find my ticket because they have all the information of the fans and everyone who buys the tickets. The day of the event I went to the box office and they told me that in fact the tickets were canceled and that I was not going to be able to use them anymore. Honestly I had the worst experience because you think that you have the tickets and you’re there and they tell you that the tickets are canceled.
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7 years ago, Aqua Lad
Great App Terrible Customer Service
It's a great app that generally seems super convenient. That being said, I tried to purchase $9 tickets to a concert, and the app charged me for a $63 option. I didn't see a confirmation price anywhere after clicking on what I thought was the $9 option, so I didn't notice this until the day after when I looked at my bank statements. I tried looking for a customer service number, and they don't have any phone numbers posted anywhere online. You have to email them first in order to obtain a phone number. After finally getting a phone number and calling them, they basically just told me that the whole thing was my fault and wouldn't refund me the difference between the two ticket prices. I firmly believe the app glitched out on me and charged me $63 by accident, but even if we were to assume that the whole situation was my fault, they still had the information in front of them while I was talking to them on the phone showing that I tried to purchase the $9 ticket several times, and only showed as having tried to purchase the $63 option once. I've gotten full refunds from companies in situations that were much more clearly my fault, so this just seemed quite absurd to me. After some bickering I eventually gave up as they clearly were not going to give me a refund. I love the whole idea for the app but definitely won't be using it anymore.
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7 years ago, Davey powerscore 4
Scam- DO NOT use this app
First of all let me just say that I’ve never written a negative review about an app before. However this company screwed me over so bad that I feel obligated to write a review. I “bought” tickets to the ACC championship game last night. First of all the “tickets” didn’t load until the game had started, making me stay outside of the stadium listening. Once they did appear in my app they didn’t scan, because someone else had already used them. I tried contacting Gametime three times, but no response and no help. I had buy tickets from a scalper (which were cheaper and better seats btw) and received no refund from Gametime. They DO NOT prevent scammers, they DO NOT guarantee your money. Use any other ticket app besides this one, they are too far behind the ball, they steal your money, and worst of all, they don’t care. The point of this app is to buy tickets closer to the game so that they’re cheaper and a better deal. You would think that because of this, Gametime would have better safeguards and better customer service, and not leave their customers out to dry. Instead they take advantage and hope that you find other options because you’re desperate, and they expect you to move on and forget about it. Fortunately there were other options that let me enjoy the game and have a good time, if not then I would be even more furious. Just horrible all around. DO NOT USE THIS APP!
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2 years ago, David B. M.
I tried buying tickets for my friends and myself to go out for my birthday on night to a Nets game. I bought it, but never received my ticket until 3 quarters into the game (even thought their policy guarantees to give tickets before the game starts). I wasn’t able to go to the game with my friends, and therefore ended up stuck at home. When I called for a refund, they didn’t give it to me. After over an hour of going back and forth, they gave me only a $65 credit for my next game (which by the way was 50% of what I spent, $130 on tickets for my friends earlier that night). So, not only did these thieves steal money from me because I paid for a product, yet didn’t receive what I paid for, I also was refused a refund even though their policy is a refund policy! However, on top of all of that, the worst part of all, they ruined my birthday plans with me and my friends. If you want to buy tickets, use another app to do so, because these people like to hide things in their terms and conditions (which nobody actually reads) and then use it against you even though they put in big letters REFUNDABLE, but nope, ain’t nothing refundable with them! So please, do yourself a favor, and avoid making ANY purchases using Game Time Scam Time, it’s for your own benefit, and I’m saying that using both knowledge and experience.
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2 years ago, Jessica Boeber💗
I wish I could give this app zero stars. Game time literally stole $990 from me and has taken weeks to get back to me. They still haven’t given me my money back, that they stole (reminder), and messed up my whole experience with the one concert that I was willing to spend that much money on. The concert was March 14, 2022 to put that in perspective. Not to mention, I’m a 22-year-old in college debt, planning on graduating this year and it I don’t have money like that to just drop on concert tickets, so when I do it for one time and this happens…?! Again, still waiting for the reversal charge, but this is not acceptable at all. Their team might answer the phone in a nice manner but they are so useless and couldn’t care less about any possible issues. The reason I continue to ask for my money back was because the concert was Billie Eilish in Chicago, I live in a suburb that’s over an hour away from the city itself. Multiple times throughout that day they continue to cancel my tickets and then about 30 minutes before the show offered me brand new ones or gametime credit. Obviously we weren’t going to go for half of the concert and I don’t want $100 back in game time credit… It’s like I literally spent almost $1000 for no reason until I get my money back. Not much else has made me this much stress in my life at all either.
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5 years ago, Kenny G 69 69
Love the app itself but terrible experience
Let me start by saying this is a really cool app and I love the look and design and overall app experience. However when it came to resolving a problem and selling tickets I was very dissatisfied. I emailed customer service about a issue with my email address, to which they promptly responded with a solution to attempt, which I did. That unfortunately didn’t work, so I emailed them back requesting more help, to which I never got a response. Secondly, I found that the whole ticket selling process is somewhat shady, I bought two tickets by mistake for an event, to which I immediately tried to get a refund, which they don’t do. So I decided to take the loss on the $60 transaction fees on the purchase and sell them through the app. The tickets took forever to sell which isn’t necessarily Gametime’s fault, but nonetheless... I eventually sold the tickets, only to find out that I won’t get paid until 48 hours after the event... 5 months from now 😑 So I lost $60 for the transaction, sold my tickets under valued more than $100 what I bought them for, and now have to wait 5 months for my money. I realize that this information is stated under the FAQ, but the information is not presented up front when making these decisions. Buyer beware I suppose. Regardless I am very unhappy and would love to see Gametime improve on this for others.
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1 year ago, Dmngo
Worst Tickets app
What a Bad experience I got from Gametime, I purchased 2 tickets for the World Baseball Classic Semifinal Game, so I found what I called a steal , great seats at an incredible price , so first of all this platform send your tickets just 2 hours before the game, not like others platform that send your tickets INSTANTLY, so once I’m on my way to the Stadium I received a msg from customer service that there was a problem with my tickets that for any reason the seller didn’t has his tickets anymore , so They gave me 2 options , a refund or swap my tickets for another ones, so I started chatting with customer service and literally They were just sending me craps seats when my original tickets were incredible, as They were just sending me bad options to swap my tickets I search another decent seats not as good as my original purchase but still decent I told customer service that I would take these seats They told me that those seats were out of the their range so I told them that I can pay the difference even though my originals seats were better , They told me They can’t do the payment difference so finally I asked for my refund , so people WATCH OUT WITH THIS APP , no matter if They charge you and the order is complete BECAUSE THEY DON’T send your tickets INSTANTLY and you can have a bad experience like mine
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5 months ago, Delyle82
Fraud and Lies
How joyed I was to find a service that “claims” to be an easier and more user friendly way to purchase tickets to events. On top of that claiming to have no fees and the cheapest prices, it all sounds like a slam dunk right, sadly wrong. I figured out what the business model is that Gametime utilizes and it’s actually really simple, just scam people. How do you get the ticket prices so low? Simple, only provide 2 of the 6 tickets purchased. I bought my tickets to the Bengals vs Browns for Jan 8th back on Dec the 6th, a full month in advance. I figured the tickets wouldn’t be transferred till closer to the event and as we approached, I received 2 tickets on Thursday the 4th. I called in to inquire where my outstanding 4 tickets were and I was assured they would be there by the evening of the 4th. So I wait and call back that evening to find out I now have to wait till Friday morning. Friday morning comes and still no tickets, so I call back and am told to wait till lunch. Surprise, surprise still no tickets. This proceeds to go on until Sunday morning at 9 AM. Empty promise after empty promise I am still ticketless. The cost/benefit analysis of using Gametime goes something like this: save a few dollars in fees to spend literally hours on the phone stressing that the tickets for your future business clients won’t show up in time.
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2 years ago, IJR4653
Best Ticket Purchasing App
I would just like to start off with that I dont purchase tickets that often, and when I do its normally through first party websites like Ticketmaster or LiveNation. Recently, I bought tickets from Gametime to one of her favorite artists for my girlfriend and I for iur anniversary. She was so excited and I was happy that she was happy! I later got an email from ticketmaster that the tickets were obtained fraudlently (Whatever that means). Long story short, my tickets were suspended and I was out about $600. I called Gametime and without soipping a beat, they connected me with a ticketing specialist and told me that after they try contacting the original seller, I could either get a refund, credit, or replacement tickets! That was by far the smoothest and best customer service experience I have had in a very long time. Not only that, but the app is awesome! With views of where your tickets are, competitive prices, and fees that are not too pricey. Gametime will be the place i purchase my tickets from now on. I love GAMETIME!
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5 years ago, FilippoJr
First experience with the app.. I order 4 tickets for the 76ers game. I order the tickets on sept22 for a game that would be played on oct8. They take the payment and send me confirmation, everything was great. Oct8 comes around, I get a text saying there was an issue with my tickets and to call them. I call, and they tell me the seller of my tickets fell through and they have offered me a swap. They offer me 3 sets of tickets and apologize because the only tickets they had were DOWNGRADES. I refused to pay the same for the downgraded tickets so they offered me a refund, but all I wanted were the tickets I paid for. Finally got the manager on the line (Josh) and he said he does have upgraded tickets but they are “too much of an upgrade from the tickets you purchased” then he offered me a set of downgraded tickets and $10 gametime credit. I was shocked!! How could they call me the day of the game, and say my tickets weren’t available, and we can only downgrade your tickets and offer you a measly $10 in CREDIT. This app was created because the owner almost missed a game because of the system, now I am missing my game because of his app. I’m very upset, the price of the tickets increased by a lot and now I can’t afford to take my brothers to the game. I wish someone from gametime would reach out to me. Be cautious people please.
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9 months ago, Gametime Suckerz
Worst customer service on the planet. 4+ hours spent with their customer service over the course of months and them not listening to my concerns. They do not keep track of their interactions with you, give no case #’s. I had to explain my issue multiple times which typically takes 30-45 min in a chat conversation just to get that far. Then the other person on the line basically ends up saying we promise it’ll get taken care of, we’ve asked the seller to resend the tickets…. I asked several times what recourse there would be if I did not get the tickets sent from seller (as they had failed 3 times already my confidence was low) and the Gametime rep refused to discuss. In fact the last time we spoke, about 30 hours before the event they said I needed to wait 48 hours before they would discuss compensation if I didn’t get me tickets. How in the world does that make sense? Whatever Gametime is doing for customer service whether it’s internal or outsourced my recommendation is rip it all up and start over. The lack of empathy or care towards customers who may have flights, hotels, cars booked but don’t know if they’re getting their tickets until hours before the event starts is insane. They don’t care at all about their customer experience.
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1 year ago, Thunder 1213
Very bad seats and tickets way over price
If I could give this a zero I would so I got some good seats for 300 each and the image of where I were I would be seated and what my view would be like was so nice but when I got there the seats were nothing and nothing like it looked like in the pictures and it was so high it was about like the 50 dollar seat I was so angry that I spent all do my money on horrible seats and could barely see the game the tickets were way over price and for very bad seats I will never use game time ever again ticket master is the was to go also when I called them they hanged up in my face and said we don’t care and that’s too bad and did nothing for me very bad service and would never ever use it again Also the game was suns vs pacers My kid was so excited to Go just to get bad seats he had such a bad time so I had to buy him seats on ticket master because I felt bad for him so In total I spent around 1000 for seats im beyond disappointed and angry and would like something done but then refused and said once u buy it it out of are hands very bad customer service and very bad website all it is a a big scam nothing else in process of a lawsuit against game time for fraud and scamming customer stay far far away from game time use ticket master!!!!
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6 years ago, Dylan216
Good to buy tickets but selling another story
Buying: I’ve used this app a few times to purchase sports and concert tickets and it’s easy to navigate and gives a great in-seat view when interested in a certain seat. I had no issues getting into the venues. Selling: I ended up having to sell 2 tickets I ironically originally purchased from the app for around $150. When you sell your tickets, the app sets the price for you and you cannot set your own price if you wanted. Fortunately the tickets sold, but note, that one sold at night, then the next day the other did. I’m highly disappointed with the lack of information on sale price of the tickets I’ve sold. Unfortunately: I ended up getting $52 back in “Gametime” credit, so a $100 loss over a couple days. Im happy they sold and I got something back, but it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth as I get surcharged for the original purchase, and then who knows how much Gametime takes from the resale?? I don’t, because all emails (which is great communication but) didn’t provide any information on HOW MUCH the tickets sold for, and HOW MUCH Gametime took off of that. Gametime needs to be more transparent with its financial transactions.
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3 months ago, Cain_DE
Gametime is a JOKE
I purchased tickets on Gametime. Was told that they were going to be transferred to Ticketmaster via email. I got an email to accept the tickets a few minutes after I bought the tickets. Before I had the chance to accept them, the ticket transfer was rejected. My money already went through, so I know the purchase was accepted. I talked to consumers service, and they told be that they would contact the seller to re-transfer them; and if they don’t, Gametime can either refund me or give me comparable tickets based on which option I liked best. A few days pass, and I contact Gametime again. Gametime said that the seller doesn’t have the tickets anymore, and all they could offer me was 30% credit. I explained to them that I wanted comparable tickets rather than the credit. They told me that because my tickets were cheaper than the tickets around me, they are’t able to give me tickets. I don’t understand why the seller is able to access tickets after the purchase. And why do I get the short end of the stick due to the seller, and Gametime’s unsecured selling system. Gametime's policies are misleading and crooked and are put in place to benefit them, and screw the customers over. 30% is a joke of a way to compensate your costumers.
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1 year ago, Talidaisy
I searched all the usual apps for Redsox tickets. I was aware I wanted to avoid the pillars and not be on the first row. I’ve never been to Fenway so I had to rely on the map and description in the tickets to avoid these which. The Gametime map showed the ticket location on the second row in the section I wanted. I purchased tickets from Gametime and when I received the tickets there is a giant red lettered warning printed on the receipt. The warning is that the tickets are on a high pedestrian walkway. The map was inaccurate and Gametime had no such warning. I wouldn’t have bought the tickets if it did. I reach out to Gametime and after multiple emails in which I explain I didn’t want the tickets and the warning and map should have explained the location I was offered $125 credit. I told them I did want a credit, only want to be able to buy different ticket through Gametime, to credit me the amount I already paid so I can use it to buy new tickets. I figured no loss to them as they already have my money. Gametime told me they would have a supervisor review it. I never heard back from Gametime. Emailed 2 times asking about the issue and no response. I would highly recommend using one of the bigger more known names over this app.
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5 years ago, Mrs Blosser
Although I completely understand the premise of the app - I wish there was a way to pay a restocking “fee” if you’re able to find better tickets within a reasonable amount of time after purchasing (say up to 48-72 hours)... I bought tickets less than 2 full days ago and upon searching the app again I have found much better seats for the same or less money. Yes - I could have waited but I wanted tickets in hand for my anniversary but it stinks that there are possibly better seats that will go untaken because Gametime won’t let me exchange my current tickets. I dont event care that I’d potentially pay the same as the first set of tickets but I want the better seats! Ha! Maybe they would consider offering a ONE-TIME exchange for equal or lesser value tickets with a possible restocking fee if tickets were purchased within say 72 hours... I don’t know. I’m just bummed to see a bunch of good seats with good views going empty! They should create a clause that would benefit both buyers and sellers that would make it possible for everyone to be happy...
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5 years ago, ccg2013
Poor user experience
I’ve used Gametime a number of times before last night, usually without any issue. However, when I got to the ballpark last night, my tickets would not scan. After some confusion in the park, I called Gametime and spent 20 min waiting on the phone for a representative to figure out the issue. During this time, our event started and prices to other seats rose. I offered to the customer service agent that we’d gladly downgrade our seats so long as we could get in. There seemed to be seats available so It made sense to me that we should be able to switch out our tickets that were not working. Instead, after 20 min on the phone, the representative could only offer to give me a refund for my tickets, which I still have not gotten any communication about. This is not the fault of the representative, but instead of Gametime for 1) somehow allowing the tickets I purchased to be invalid and 2) not having a timely solution to fixing this issue. If people are calling you from an event, it might be a good idea to have a rapid fix. My original order was $34 for 2 tickets, but after the fiasco, I had to buy last minutes through another app from close to $80. I will not be using Gametime in the future.
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2 years ago, alperale
Gametime is the best, and that’s not hyperbole. Easy way to get great seats, obviously, but this review is about the customer service. I purchased some tickets not long ago and tickets were transferred via Ticketmaster a few days before the event. Everything seemed fine until we parked and were walking to the venue, I pull out my phone and go to my Ticketmaster app to find no tickets. I was admittedly panicked but I just couldn’t figure out how to get a hold of Ticketmaster to figure out what went wrong. As a last ditch effort before just buying tickets again hoping to get a refund or something the next day, I called Gametime’s support. A human answered and was very kind. She explained that the Pro sports team that the tickets were from used a separate proprietary Ticketmaster site than the universal Ticketmaster site. She text’d me a direct link while we were talking and I had the digital tickets in hand. Ultimately Ticketmaster left me hanging, but Gametime had my back and resolved an issue they didn’t even create.
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5 years ago, Rhalterman
Didn’t Honor Guarantee
I purchased tickets on the site. The price seemed low which is part of the joy of using the Gametime app, finding really good deals. I clicked on purchase and completed the transaction. As the guarantee notes: “You'll get the tickets you ordered in time for the event and they'll be valid for entry. If that doesn’t happen, we'll locate comparable replacement tickets...” The law with guarantees is pretty clear, Gametime does not have the option to later say “whoops we made a mistake” or to say that “the transaction was not really completed because we had to do more work to confirm the transaction was complete”. Once I accepted the deal that was advertised on the site they were legally obligated to fulfill the order or to “...locate comparable replacement tickets...” To make matters worse I received a text from Gametime insinuating that the problem was in my end at 938am: “Message from Gametime: Unfortunately, we were unable to complete your recent purchase attempt with the payment method provided. We recommend that you either try a different method or contact your card's issuing bank for further information. We apologize for any inconvenience.” I have confirmed this was not the case, so this message was nothing short of a lie to cover up their pricing error. Very disappointing.
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11 months ago, NCC Student 2023
I love the game time app
This app IS the make it happen app for sports fans and music fans- let me tell you. Prices are amazing, app layout gives a realistic view of the seats, all details and an adorable RSVP feature via contacts/ text !!! The founders must have had the same frustrations as me because I’m a huge MLB, NFL and Concert fan like I love a nice event but I cannot stand the way people can’t seem to get it together when buying tickets. Gametime has put the fun back into these events for me as the usual organizer of the group because for the people just attending I suppose it’s no stress but for me planning it, Before game time I used to have to chase everyone down beg them to pay, try to email everyone’s ticket etc this app makes the ticket shopping and the actual attendance smooth and fun and it makes me comfortable to do it as often as I can save for tickets on the side so i reply like it. I think event attendants have always dreamed of events being the way this app makes it.
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6 years ago, Notagametimefan
Poor customer service
After checking my bank statement showing me there were two charges for game time for the same price the day after the event, I called to see what was going on. Two days prior I had been online attempting to purchase tickets for a baseball game it told me I needed to download the app after purchasing which I did. However it showed no tickets in my my ticket section so I went to the same section selecting the same tickets and purchased them. The tickets then showed up in my ticket app, if I had already purchased tickets with the exact same email address and log in why did they not show up and why are they still not there? After calling once it sounded like who I was talking to was going to be able to help out but unfortunately Working as a first responder as an EMT/Firefighter I suddenly had to go and that would call back later. When I called back I talked to someone who claimed he was a super visor, and he knew everything and all the policies and since the game had passed he could no longer refund me due to company policy and stating it was my fault for the second purchase and that they sent me an email. You would think if they wanted to keep customers happy and returning they could fix a simple mistake such as accidental double purchases.
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7 months ago, jminzey
Cannot Access Tickets
I bought tickets to a game as a present for family members through this app. I can’t even access them. I spent over half hour yesterday back and forth with customer service sending screenshots of what I was getting and then I get a please wait 24-48hrs for a response from our affiliate, but you’ll have them by game day! No! I spent $460 including your fees! I want access to the tickets! Not the run around! I am disputing the charges and reporting this the BBB. This is ridiculous. I paid for a service that I can only maybe hope to use? No thanks! Updated: After a ton of back and forth with their “customer service”. I cannot access my tickets. They state it is my fault that the tickets are gone due to error. Another link cannot be sent, so I have no tickets and no they are no offering a refund only a credit. The tickets are now much more costly days later and I prefer not use a site where many other seem to have tickets issues as well. I have since opened a dispute on the charge since I do not have possession of the product purchased, put a review on every site place I can fine for the first time ever in my for a buyer beware scenario. Next time I will be smarter and use a reputable site.
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6 years ago, Mjalten
Absolute worse
Sixers are playing a home game that could clinch the first round of playoffs. Joel embiid’s first home playoff game. Meek Mill was just released hours before the game and is rumored to be ringing the bell before the game!!!! Obviously had to get tickets. First time using this app and so far everything was amazing. Got cheapest tickets I could find from anywhere else. Tickets purchased. Credit card charged. An hour later, and 2 hours before the game I get a text saying the tickets I ordered are NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Call to get more info. Call and they say they are a third party vendor and don’t have control of the tickets and the seller must have sold them before Gametime sold them to me. Unacceptable, but no time to waste, and the person says they have other seats I can get. I say well this is ridiculous but I have to get the tickets before I complain further. She goes to get them and then says they sold and she can only give me a refund! This has never happened with any other 3rd party vendor and is totally unacceptable. I would never ever think to use this app again and would strongly recommend against it. Paid $100 more a ticket (only because the news on meek mill and how close it is before the game)on stubhub, but got my tickets immediately. #trusttheprocess #freemeek
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2 months ago, Moonlightshine8080
Does not deliver in time
I like being able to buy tickets from shows that are sold out or overly priced with resale tickets. The only drawback for me is that the tickets are often times delivered right before the concert. I don’t like that we don’t receive the tickets right when we purchase them. Also, when I bought tickets for IU I was sent the tickets a couple weeks after I purchased them and it was only a link not the actual tickets in the Ticketmaster app. I emailed customer service and they said that the link should be fine for entry at the concert. I let them know I would prefer to have the tickets go straight to my Ticketmaster account but they said they couldn’t do anything because the other person sent the verified link. I hope that this isn’t an issue when I go to the concert because I would be devastated since I have waited years to see IU in person. I purchased tickets for TXT a few weeks ago and am still waiting for my tickets to be delivered to my account. I hope this time it isn’t a link. This is very nerve racking and I hope they fix these issues soon.
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3 months ago, Scamtime123
0 Stars
If I could give 0 stars I would. From the second I purchased my tickets it has been a complete nightmare. Basically what happened is that I purchased 5 tickets to a show in my area and when they were sent to me via email from a third party, I was unable to accept them without an error message occurring. Now, this seems like a common issue and that it would be easily solved, right? Wrong. I first contacted customer service back in December and they said they would fix it and to expect an email from them. Weeks go by, no email. So I reach out again and I’m told the Same thing and again nothing. This cycle has continued up until now and I am still without the tickets I paid for and the show is at the end of this week. Throughout the past few months, Gametime customer support has done absolutely nothing to help me and I just keep getting passed on to the next person in their attempt to shut me up. My last hope is to reach out to the venue themselves about my tickets but in my experience at this venue, that does not appear to be an option. I will never use this service again as it appears they have robbed me of $600 and have done absolutely nothing to help resolve the issue.
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1 year ago, Missdiaz1023
This site makes sure you have no one to speak to and you will only receive emails. I purchased tickets for a tigers game. The game got canceled due to a rain out. I was informed that the game was rescheduled for the next day at a time I could not make. I emailed customer support because in the email it didn’t state anything about refund or selling or exchanging etc. I was emailed back that I have reached them after business hours though I had just received there email to my inbox. I had to wait until the next day for them to email me and state I they have 24hr returns for credit but since it has been 72hrs because keep in mind we went to a game that was canceled!!! We can’t return tickets. They told me I should have shared my tickets with family or friends if I couldn’t make a 1:40pm game on a Wednesday even if I knew how there was regard or care that I attend a game we couldn’t see, missed work and then now I’m out of money! Because even if the game is canceled you only have 24hrs to return tickets. So only buy tickets the day of your event if you plan on using this crap service!! But even there I’m sure they won’t email you anything until after that time this way they can rob you. BEWARE OF BEING PREPARED
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6 years ago, angryone2018
Worst experience DON’T USE
I had the absolute worst experience with this app… I bought the tickets two days prior to my event. It said that the tickets have been transferred that same day and I downloaded the ADDITIONAL apps required to actually receive the tickets and I never was able to get them. The first time I called customer service they were helpful and said I would receive an email with the ticket information within 45 minutes… 45 minutes go by no email. So I call back to which I get a new customer service rep who was very rude, no help whatsoever, and told me to check my email which I did obviously! With nothing there. That was their only solution, they did not help whatsoever. We go to the box office at the event hoping they can help. They’re trying but see the same problem we see. I call back! (3rd time now!) Same “solution”. Finally the event Box office was able to see that the transfer had been initiated just the tickets were not physically there so they took what evidence we did have from this DUMB app and thankfully they were nice enough to let us in. Gametime: Your customer service was awful and your system with these partner apps AXS & FLASH SEATS was a joke. Will never be using your service again even if it was a good price for tickets.
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2 years ago, Drewnnnnnnnn
Simple and easy, takes seconds!
I don't typically go to shows or events. Buying tickets is a PITA, and so when I wanted to go to a Mariners game and my lil bro told me about Gametime, I was skeptical. But holy $#*t, this app is awesome! I bought a block of ten tickets - using Apple Pay - in seconds. Then, I was able to TEXT MY FRIENDS THE TICKETS. Gametime told me when a friend had confirmed the ticket, and even gave me the option to "take a ticket back" if I needed to. I love this app and will be using it in the future. I have three suggestions to make it better: 1. Ability to "favorite" and event so I can come back to it easily if I'm undecided on whether to buy tickets at that moment. 2. A description of the event. With sports, it's fairly straightforward, but for concerts I'd like a little more info about location, time, and what the "official description" of the tour is. 3. A way for my friends to pay me back for tickets. Maybe Venmo integration? A strong app with a great UI, I'm all in on Gametime!
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4 months ago, T.cooks
Fraud Alert
The security around banking information is questionable on the Gametime app. I stopped using the app in 2022 because of the ridiculous added fees. An unauthorized charge of $402 was made on my debit card recently. The alarming part to all this is I never used this card on the app before. It’s been so long since I used the app that my old expired card was on file. However, after my card info was leaked I contacted customer service and my bank. My bank responded right away opening a fraud claim with gametime and issued me a refund after closing my card and sending me a new one. During that time I emailed gametime customer service asking them how this happened and is this a larger issue I should be worried about. They gave me the run around and brushed me off saying they don’t keep track of purchases and will continue with their investigation. Mind you it’s almost a month now. Because they are not taking this serious I have opened a claim with the BBB. Beware with your card information on this app. I don’t think they take customer banking info security seriously or this wouldn’t be happening so frequently. Look at other reviews on fraud before downloading or making purchases on this app.
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3 years ago, Rika4367
Lying App and Horrible Customer Service!
So I was looking at some tickets and the price said “$88 credit”. It made me think it was just a great deal because it didn’t say “plus fees” or anything like that. And since I have their all-in pricing option on, I thought the $88 credit was the all in price. Well I press buy and it charges my account $260. There’s no request refund button, so I tried to reach out for help. They have a chat option that seems to always be unavailable because I have tried it multiple times and they just send me an email saying it’s unavailable. So I sent them an email each time and after each email i get an auto response saying “we’ll get back to you during regular business hours which is in just a couple hours.” Couple days later and multiple emails later and still nothing. “Couple hours,” their auto response says, more like couple weeks or more like NEVER!!! So in conclusion, their apps lies about their all in pricing so get ready for some surprise charges. And if you think they have customer service to help you with those surprises charges, we’ll here’s their next surprise, THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! All in all lying app horrible customer service.
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5 years ago, ahdjrbbc
Awesome app for tickets
I absolutely love Gametime! I have been using it for over a year and am finally coming around to writing a review. At first I was skeptical when I saw ticket prices so low but it has yet to fail me. I can always find cheap tickets whenever I am looking to see a game. I also use it to find great prices for seats closer to the court when my team is in town (Go Kings!) so I can get up close and personal. The pictures in the app have been super helpful when trying to decide where to sit, especially when I am traveling and going to a game at a stadium I have never been to. Super clutch. I even had to call the customer service team once when I was worried about my tickets not being delivered in time for the game and they were super friendly and were able to answer all of my questions. They assured me they were on top of it and even reached out to the seller for me to speed things up! I will continue to use Gametime as my go-to for buying tickets and you should too.
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5 years ago, AJane27
Buyer Beware
This was the worst ticket buying experience I have ever had. THEY DO NOT OFFER BUYER PROTECTION!!!!!! After buying two tickets to a popular concert my friend made travel plans to travel for the event. Several hours later I got a text that the seller no longer had the tickets and to call right away. They then offered me better seats at the same price and asked me to hold. After a 10 minute wait I was told those seats were not available either and there was nothing they could do for me but give me a refund. I asked why they couldn’t get me the next set of tickets for sale that were a slightly higher price point and was told they can’t do it. I asked to speak to a Manager and was told he would call me back as soon as he was off the phone. Thirty minutes passed and I got no return call so I called him. He offered me a credit in a higher amount than what I had paid or a refund but by that time all sets of 2 tickets were $900 or more. The credit would have covered the tickets for sale if he had taken my call the first time or called me back right away. I got no apology and a refund a few days later. Do yourself a favor buy from StubHub. They offer the a FanProtect Guarantee that ensures you won’t get screwed over like I did.
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5 years ago, hggikiff
Don’t sell your tickets on Gametime!!
I have sold many tickets on gametime but I’ll have to second think the next time I do. They are not transparent on how much your tickets sell for. So you add your tickets to the app and they send you a text once the ticket has been uploaded and also when it sold. Not only do they send you a text they email you too. What the text and email don’t include is the amount your tickets sold for. Don’t you think that’s the MOST Important information?? Why don’t they tell you? Oh because if you don’t pay attention they change the price it sold for. I sold a ticket last week to a dodgers game. When the ticket sold I received a text. I went to the app and checked how much it had sold for and it said $18. Later that afternoon I check again and it said it sold for $12. I emailed gametime and went through the process of explaining the situation. First thing the “agent” asked was do you have proof it sold for that amount. Clearly there’s no proof Bc they don’t send you the proof. The responses also seem to be prewritten. Shown no empathy. Yes, it’s a minor difference but be transparent. Tell your seller what price their ticket sold for on those useless text messages and email you send. It’s not that hard!
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