GCU Student

1.6 (499)
20.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Grand Canyon University
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.1 or later
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User Reviews for GCU Student

1.64 out of 5
499 Ratings
3 years ago, Needs a vacation
As an online student this app is functional worthless unfortunately. I really wish there was an app version to access my class work so I can study while on the go (the reason I am an online student ). I think it would have a very noticeable improvement on a large portion of the student body and improve people’s grades along retention. Students could use a lot of that down time to go over course work instead of browse Instagram or Facebook. Having to go through the browser on our phones to access school work isn’t convenient enough to be practical
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3 months ago, [%€£}^~
Ground Student Review
This app, although functional, is almost completely useless. This app is only needed for the student id function and the food cameras. It always has issues with cache and not being able to connect to the cameras. It also constantly has issues where relogging into the app is required. This relogging in issue is further excruciating by the fact that the logout sometimes doesn’t work or completely breaks the app, refusing to allow me to log back in. I’ve had to completely uninstall and reinstall the app just to allow for me to login again. Please utilize some of the student tuition to make a robust app rather than continuing to build apartment buildings. I’d recommend to just use your student id if your on campus. 🤷‍♂️
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5 years ago, JM559
Open open sesame
When I log in the program returns to log in screen and never moves beyond that. Would be nice if it went somewhere but it doesn’t. Once in 10 or so tries it will log me in and show me what I want to see but I have to be careful when I tap on the tab I want to see. it make close and I have to log in again. While I am not dependent upon this app for my school courses and I wouldn’t blame this app if I were to fail and drop out of school, it would be a nice feature to have to check on courses and assignments on the occasional basis
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3 years ago, DefinitelyNotZak
For on campus students
This app is primarily for on campus students and helps them keep track of their dining dollars, what restaurants are open and how long the line is, and has class times and a map to help find class locations. If you’re expecting all sorts of student and assignment information that’s what the student portal and LMS is for. This also functions pretty good as a digital student ID. Never had any problems with it
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2 years ago, aegermany6
Y’all Need To Think Before Posting
This app is for ON-CAMPUS students, not online students. So many people are talking about how this app doesn’t help with classes and such when they don’t realize that they are ONLINE. Aka not physically on-campus. This app is amazing as someone who lives on the campus. Y’all need to use your brains and actually think things through.
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2 months ago, Juicy offer
Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Occasionally have to log out and log back in to access features. Sometimes that won’t do it and have to delete the app and reinstall and then login. Really convenient when you’re about to pay for food with it and you have to completely reinstall the app and login because it randomly decided to brick itself. Still can see class time which is a plus I guess other than that everything is broken but there’s no other app students can use so oh well.
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6 years ago, N_Thomas1
Recommend To Add Distance Learning
Unfortunately, the app is not useful to distance learning students as the links are for residential students. I only have the home, maps, food and log out option. I’m not sure as to why the app was not developed to benefit both residential and distance learning students, but I would like to make a recommendation to consider all students as a majority of the links would be useful to distance learning students as well (i.e. courses, grades, student information, etc).
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6 years ago, Jmtorresnj
Bad app for a worse school
The app does nothing productive to help your education. It does not notify you of emails, classes, updates for classes, assignments, home work, grades, messages or literally ANYTHING you NEED to help you with your education. This app, without any and all of those required things for a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE SCHOOL, makes your experience fail. Unless that all changes, this app is useless and the entire online school becomes just as useless as the app, which contributes to everyone's failure, including mine, which as a result occurred 3 times because of the stated short-comings and failures of this app. GCU is a failure and so is this app.
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2 months ago, please!:)j
What little features it has, unable to work
I normally don’t write reviews but it’s the end of the school year and crazy how ancient this technology has been all my years. The fact that half the time it logs you out or doesn’t show your id when you have to show your id for everything on campus. I was just unable to water and food because they do not except screen shots or id numbers. the schedule feature is hard to get too. but my main concern is that the app that is supposed to work as your id DOESNT.
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12 months ago, Hahaedleen
Why can’t I access my classes. This is frustrating, all of my classes are online and this app only let you see the class but can’t see the materials or submit assignments on the app. I have to constantly go on my computer or laptop in order to view the course materials. What is the point of having this app if students who take classes fully online can’t access the course material after clicking on the class. Just useless and frustrating for online students.
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1 month ago, Pongok
Sign Out Problem
After a recent update, the only way to log back into your account after logging out is to delete the app and download it again from the App Store. After you log out, the sign in button does nothing. This would not be much of a problem if the app did not break monthly and require you to sign out to fix it. Of course GCU does not offer any way to notify them of this issue, so hopefully someone who develops this app sees this and fixes the issue.
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2 years ago, Signor Kibbles
Re-download king
This app is awesome when it works, especially living in campus, but you constantly have to reload the app. Delete, download, repeat. It’s very annoying especially when you get to the gate at mid campus, it always insists on being dog water. Worth it to download but just be ready to do it more than once
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3 years ago, jthompson4
Not useful for online students
I’ve been going to GCU for years and the number one thing I’ve wanted is for an app that lets me access LoudCloud. Canvas has an app that is very user friendly, but there appears to be no support for us online students. The new Halo version is worse because I’m having a tough time even reading discussion posts, but an app would solve almost every issue. Proud alum, but still very disappointed at how online students get secondary status compared to traditional students
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3 months ago, ButterGRTH
There’s some issues
This app does its job well when it works - I’ve had to delete it and redownload the app 4 times this school year because I get signed out and am unable to get back in without completely restarting. A lot of people I know are unable to pull up their virtual student ID because it just doesn’t work sometimes.
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1 year ago, gcucontinuouslymid
I genuinely don’t know how GCU is using such a useless app for so many things. Need a map? Need to access your accounts? Need to log into chapel? Need your student information or ID? All of them are on here. Unfortunately, the app needs to be deleted and reinstalled every other use, as it has a data error and becomes completely unusable. It also will sometimes be impossible to close for hours on end. This app would be really helpful if it ever worked.
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1 year ago, Beccagill04
For ON-CAMPUS students
This app is great for on-campus students! If you’re an online student, don’t post a review that “this app is not helpful” when it’s not for you 🤦‍♀️. It’s obvious that it’s for on-campus students. So just delete it and move on. No reason to rant about your own mistake.
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10 months ago, Red dragonsky
ID could be better
Now that physical IDs are no longer being issued, this is becoming the only acceptable ID for many students. The app needs to support Apple Wallet so the ID is more accessible, would be helpful if the housing tags were integrated too. Also app quickly logs out (I think due to 2FA expiring)
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2 years ago, ugggggggggggggggggggggggggggh
Totally useless
The general assumption when downloading a university app is that it will give you information about your classes. Ideally, it will take you to the class homepage where you will be able to view assignments, schedules, and grades. At the very least it should show grades for current classes. This has absolutely none of those necessary features. All it does is show mass times and hours for (Phoenix) campus stores. This app may as well be a pamphlet.
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3 years ago, hesselmj
Decent app
Too many of these reviews are from angry online students. This app isn’t designed for you. This app is mostly for on ground students. It functions fairly well and is useful on campus.
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6 months ago, LockHeadSR712
Bad logic
GCU is forcing campus students to start using their app for ID and getting in. But the app constantly fails to fetch student data forcing the student to re log at the gate. This is also a problem if a student doesn’t have access to their phone or if it dies and they can’t charge it but still need in campus. GCU has also decided it is a good idea to no longer print out physical ID cards while their app barely works.
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3 years ago, MamaSaraJ
Worst app for students
I recently switched to GCU from another college that used Canvas. They have an app where I can get notifications if I get replies or messages from my other classmates. I was hoping this app would have the same options. It falls short of being helpful at all for helping students with their classes. Please make an app that will help students be in touch with their classes on the go. Get with the times.
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3 years ago, MarissaJenson
Failed to Retrieve Data
This app worked great for a bit, I mainly used to keep track of when my classes will start/end. Now, I can get any information. Every screen says “failed to retrieve data.” It doesn’t matter how many times I refresh it, it still displays the same message.
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6 years ago, CassCass93
Online students
I downloaded this app hoping it would provide some help with my online classes, but it does not have that option so I had to uninstall it. I really think they should have it to where online students can access their loudcloud from anywhere, not just from a computer.
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2 years ago, IkkakuNara25
What’s the point?
Please update this app asap. This app does nothing for online students. It should be able to access Halo for GCU aka assignments, dates, everything we can on the website. Unfortunately this is not helpful at all. Updating would definitely help a lot of students with the ability to get notifications for things via the app.
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6 years ago, all already taken
Not useful for the year and age we are in
This app just gives me general information about my account I already know. I expected to be able to access my class calendar and able to work on my due assignments in between running the busy streets of New York seeing patients while underground. As an online student I thought that would be an option. Please fix this!!!!
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1 year ago, eko./
Always finding issues with this app, resulting in having to redownload this app over and over again. The app itself is also pretty useless, can’t check my personal halo. Only reason I use it, is to show my id before I enter campus.
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2 years ago, DermabondRN
It doesn’t serve the purpose
The app should help students access their student portal anywhere anytime. You can’t be on a computer all the time but your phone is. I don’t understand the purpose of this app when it’s so limited to what it can do. It’s poorly designed and IT should update it. I have to delete the app because it’s of no use.
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5 years ago, Jsmith11687
After iOS 13, the app literally won’t even open
This app has always been glitchy and slow to load but since I updated to iOS 13, it literally stopped working. Every time I try to log in the app crashes. This is annoying because I can’t even check my dining dollars anymore. Someone please fix this! No one has updated this app in years 🙄
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2 months ago, kory wells
Poorly designed
This app is outright painful to use, every few weeks it fails to load anything and must be reinstalled. This is a huge pain to deal with and should be resolved. It is clear that the programmers of this app have no idea what they are doing and GCU has no intentions on correcting the many issues of this flawed app.
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3 years ago, 😤
Crashes Constantly
Try to connect and have to redownload the app at least once a week. The app isn’t just for my ID I also need it for my class schedules so having to redownload it over and over again get annoying fast
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2 years ago, ANGRY JAIME
Used to be great. Not anymore
For the last few months I haven’t been able to access anything on the app. It says “Failed to retrieve data” on every page. When I try to contact the developer, I’m told haven’t purchased the app. I downloaded it in 2021 and it was working fine until about April 2022.
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6 years ago, Lambchopmc
Needs more
This app is useless for online students. GCU May need to take lessons from other universities. We need to be able to access loud loud and, at a minimum, the forums! As an online student I need to be able to do my work from anywhere. In today’s world a fully fleshed out app is important...especially at a “for profit” school!!!
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8 months ago, Leina W
Crashes a lot
When it works it’s great but it crashes a lot which makes it hard when you don’t have your physical ID on you and you need to scan your ID for food, the mail center, etc
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4 weeks ago, Be4realNow
It would be mid even if it worked
The app is extremely unreliable and will consistently require the user to log out and back in or delete/re-download the app entirely. The dining options are usually accurate, but changed hours of operation aren’t usually updated in a timely manner.
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6 years ago, messyjessie928
This app crashes every time I open it. It is not helpful at all only because it never seems to want to open. This happens to all users and it seems to be something with the app and the internet connection. I don’t quite understand why it has been out for several years, but these problems still occur.
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3 years ago, _mike2johnson
Previous review said they’re an online student but this app is meant for in person students 🤦🏻‍♂️. Great app and is really helpful on campus
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5 years ago, Allybrandtyourfriend
Crashes since iOS 13
I need this app to view my dining dollars, budget, and the food places to see who’s open. Ever since updating it won’t let me login. I click on the login button and it immediately crashes. Please fix this, it’s kind of ridiculous at this point. This app has always had problems, but this is the worst by far.
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8 months ago, Probably Nick
“Failed to Retrieve Data”
Now that student IDs are only online, the app is basically a necessity, but that does not make it a good app. I have had to re install it once a month because it refuses to access my data after having the app for 5 weeks. No clue why, but I’m not the only one with this issue.
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2 years ago, Fast2Fusion
Why can’t we access our class
One of the first things I wanted to do is access my classroom. I know I can go the long route, open my web browser, log in, and wait for it to load. There are three things that would make this app great: Access to calendar, grade book, and discussion forums.
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7 months ago, April Lamb
Not what you may think
Unfortunately I do not recommend downloading this app. It’s truly not worth it. I downloaded it in hopes to complete discussions while on the go but could not. It’s not convenient at all. You will have to still go online instead of the app. I’m so disappointed
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6 months ago, Boiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Not for completing coursework
I could see this being a very useful app for a student needing to get to class or the use of the digital ID. However, as GCU has its own LMS, they have not created an app to complete course work. You are unable to log into your classes and complete work, therefore the app is useless to me.
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3 years ago, woolfp87
The App
I kinda hope that this app was going to allow you to access your grades and GPA and help you do other stuff as well but it does not!!! I hope they upgrade it soon so you are able to study and do work on the go.
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10 months ago, Kream1911
The app works which is great. But as far as functionality for class. This isn’t good. I wish it was an app that allows you to sign in and access your classes on the app. For tests or discussion boards or quizzes or even to submit papers or worksheets.
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5 days ago, lol loser 49
Most time when you want show your student id you will have to log out or uninstall the app; however, the app kept asking you for your location every time easily you already gave your location to app.
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4 months ago, ValeriaJ
Inconvenient for online students
It would be awesome if we could access Halo! As an online student, with an extremely busy schedule, every minute of every day counts. Having to login through my browser takes too much time. Deleting app
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5 years ago, skylerjay1
Worked great until it didn’t
Been using the app for the past 2.5 years and now all of a sudden it decides not to work anymore, meaning I can’t access anything I need to within it. It opens to the log in screen, I click log in, and it crashes. It’s been like this for a few days now.
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10 months ago, Thatshewolf
No point in Downloading
This app is useless, and you cannot even post or look at course materials, it is not meant for student work. They need to create an app for students always on the go I can access, discussion questions, or posts, and other assignments.
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2 years ago, Severely Lacking
Poor Design
GCU’s website states that there are 19,000 on campus students and 70,000 online students. Why have an app that only caters to on campus students when there are so many more online students? This app is useless for school work, assignments, grades, etc. There is no benefit to online student. Do better GCU.
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2 years ago, Kay73839261947382
Pointless for online students
As an online student the fact that the school doesn’t have a mobile app to access the student portal is sad. Don’t bother getting the app you can’t access anything of value as an online student .
Show more
3 years ago, Online GCU Student
Irrelevant Apps
From my perspective, as an Online Student, the Apps are “functionally worthless” as another user put it. GCU: Please spend the time, effort and money on developing a mobile app that would allow students to access their classes and student resources on the go. Please and thank you!!!
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