Gender Bender

1.5 (211)
49.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scopic Software
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gender Bender

1.5 out of 5
211 Ratings
2 years ago, Jessiepeligro
Wouldn’t even work, crashed too often.
I’d summarize this, separating from the pros and cons, but the app wouldn’t even work.. every time I selected an option for changing the gender (take a photo, pick a photo in your gallery, use the defaults, I was on that screen) the app would crash. There were also many ads, but that’s reasonable due to the app being completely free. It may interrupt but it’s in order for the app to stay up, so that’s alright with me.
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5 years ago, JM 10
Rolling on the floor laughing
This is the worst pile of trash I’ve ever seen. I don’t even want to spoil the effects for you, but they’re horrendous. Recommendation: Choose the opposite gender (on the select your gender page) and input yourself... Results for the male one sent me into an absolute fit! Five stars only because my friends and I were dying.
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5 years ago, dnhdjdjehehe
Rude and terrible
First off, it makes you FAT when you are a man but skinny when you are a woman? That’s rude to say a gender means you’re skinny or fat. Also, it’s terrible because it doesn’t allow you to “gender bender” with glasses. It just makes you look stupid. I mean, you probably just got a few pictures off google and threw them on the face, not even matching the hair. I wish I could give this zero stars.
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3 years ago, xpenal
alright I see you.
I usually don’t full star apps like these but I guess I’ll make an acceptation for this. It’s really funny how it makes you look dead up just fat and I’ll support this app because I love something that brings comedy. :)
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4 years ago, Iggy vie vvv
Let me get this out first, snap chat could do better. Okay first it would make you fat and then make the eyebrows thicker if you were a boy and then for a girl you’d be skinny and then the eyelashes were just pushed up for EVEY ONE. I couldn’t even do mine! Especially not with glasses :(!!!! 👎🏽👎🏽
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7 years ago, karlalopez1979
Great Product
I wish I could be able to pay for so I don't have commercials in the bottom.
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5 years ago, PiggyBlubber
Comepletly disappointed
I didn’t even get to start the gender swap and it wouldn’t even let me click the gender button. I tried like multiple times and it wouldn’t give me my results. Super lame if you ask me
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6 years ago, Timreviewer
Slight complaint
How come I can’t gender bend photos with a little hair in the way and with glasses, I respectfully request better updated app improvements please
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5 years ago, ny476
it dosing work
when I first went onto the app for the first time I went onto it and I said to select a gender male or female and I passed him female but it didn’t work so I give this terrible I would give less than like I wish I could get it -1,000,000
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6 years ago, DiamondMiner684
You can’t change anyone you put in the app at all. And if you use the people they give you there is no difference at all... I was really excited to try this app but... then I found out it was really really bad
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4 years ago, αωєѕσмєρυρρ
what is this??
even tho the ratings where bad i still tried it out.... IT MADE ME LOOK LIKE AN ALIEN!! and when i pressed “customize” all that showed was a black screen... and i couldn’t do anything about it. you need to fix you app BADLY!
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6 years ago, Beaver child
This is garbage
When changing my face to be male it just made me look fat, and gave me bushy eyebrows. When making me look female, it just made my head thinner. I wish I could give it less than one star.
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7 years ago, Smokey20000
Nothing works to many ads and you can't do any people you know were it looks write only people they give you
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8 years ago, Distasteful Ingrate
False advertising. The app is nothing like it shows in the pictures and all it does is put someone else's picture ontop of your face. Complete waste of time.
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2 years ago, Retropenguin144
Do not even download
Literally the worst app ever. It does “gender bend” at all and it just contorts your face and sometimes says it’s can’t even analyze the photo. NOT WORTH IT IN THE SLIGHTEST
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5 years ago, Kally/mica635
Awful and not true
It makes me fat and and turning into a man it only puts on eyebrows. I went from wearing makeup to bushy eyebrows with a fat face. How I wish I could give zero stars.
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4 years ago, blesskyllia
Terrible would already crash
It wouldn’t let me load my photos
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4 years ago, General sniper 5star
Worst app
Well to start off this is literally the worst app ever. It isn’t accurate at all and make you look chubby and stupid!
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4 years ago, Andi Rob
Doesn’t work
Wouldn’t even let me click the button to pick my gender.
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4 years ago, canuckamuk
Don’t waste your time
This is NOT the funny app everyone is using right now. All it does is make your face slimmer or fatter depending on gender
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5 years ago, Starfrost.Cosplays
Like honestly it’s absolutely awful and like disgusting it’s like awful the filters on other social Midas are a lot better
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6 years ago, ENDLESSxHELL666
I tried this and it’s as accurate as a dog shooting a gun, and they can’t even shoot guns. Please don’t download this trash. It’s a waste of time.
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3 years ago, bronyc
Don’t download
If you don’t have Facebook this app is worthless
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7 years ago, flame-flu
Not worth it
I wanted to see what I look like as a different gender… All it does is stretch out my eyes and makes me look like an alien.
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5 years ago, Pixel_dixel
Doesn’t work
When I tried to select my gender it didn’t work
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7 years ago, Orca<3
Just makes your face wider
It didn't do anything except put fake eyebrows on top of mine and stretch out my face
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5 years ago, ........ z z z z
It’s stupid
It just takes a male face and makes it thinner. It’s the stupidest app ever. One star is too much. It’s a waste of time don’t get it
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7 years ago, ChestDayAllDay
Absolutely terrible
This app is atrocious, downloading it is a waste of time. One star is still too high of a rating.
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7 years ago, HannahJoyous
Super limited
Not worth the download, the effects are too limited and don't look good or real.
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8 years ago, Marijo1286
Crash all the time doesn't work
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4 years ago, vizruy
Makes you wait for an ad that will never loads.
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5 years ago, Jordyandpets
Doesn’t work
I downloaded it but doesn’t work at all
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3 years ago, WolfLover309
It’s horrible 😃
Bestie it didn’t even let me choose the gender ✋
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6 years ago, User75828473
This game is absolute garbage. It just takes my photo and stretches my eyes out. Waste of time, do not download.
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3 years ago, Funtime Robert
It’s useless a waste of your time all it did for me was make my face skinny or fat
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6 years ago, Coldeezy007
Absolute trash
Don’t download this it won’t even work for me
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5 years ago, PIPES_BABY!
Horrible “app”
Please get rid of this game it didn’t even work that well.! This “APP" is terrible!?!
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8 years ago, Ms. Catcrazy
Not great
Just isn't what I was looking for. I feel like you just made me fat not a man.
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4 years ago, gagahss
Rude just so rude and i am very a fended Before i looked like my self after myface was so fat and my eye brows were bigand poofy so rude
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5 years ago, GalaxyGirl1028
I did it, and all it did was make me fat, give me a HUGE nose, widen my throat, and make my eyebrows a different color and bushier. THIS IS SO DUMB!!!
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4 years ago, GleamingFoonyMan
Absolute bs
The app just makes your face smaller/bigger and eyebrows bigger/smaller.
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6 years ago, dont like it as much
Rip Off
This app is such a rip off thats all I gotta say
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7 years ago, Strifedimmer
Garbage app
Does NOT do what it claims. Only adds cartoon eyebrows to image
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5 years ago, Taxi diva
Total waste
Don’t download
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7 years ago, 2873486-4@@;115
This is so stupid! It makes you look like shrek. 😂
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4 years ago, lee, cold pizza
Pretty gross
It’s just gross stereotypes saying women are skinny and men are fat, which is gross.
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4 years ago, solomon blu mitchell
I It’s a bad app that makes u fat if your a male
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7 years ago, Super Sugoi Princess
Doesn't work
This app is dumb af.
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7 years ago, emsttfeld
just widens your face
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5 years ago, Mjolnir x
One Star
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