Geo News Official

3.6 (15)
34.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Interlink Multi Media Pvt. Ltd.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Geo News Official

3.6 out of 5
15 Ratings
11 years ago, Umar2012
Great App for people out of Pakistan
I like this app a lot, provides a quick update on key headlines at a glance. Living in the US, it's great to get the news from Pakistan so easily. Also, the refresh cycle is decent.
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8 months ago, Pakistan ❤️❤️❤️
Thanks to God!
Good Job 👍🏻 Thanks to God, that Geo administration has finally took notice of my previous reviews and updated the App. The new app is good and I love it! Ask your developers to keep on updating new features in app as well as new content / programs in a timely manner.
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2 years ago, nakramc
Dunya news app better why…?
You open up app to look at news; screen is blocked by stupid ads. Dunya news is better, at least you are able to read news while ads banner are there not forcing you to look at 2 ads back to back take up all you screen.
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4 years ago, Mohsin Zaheer
Music in the beginning is annoying - no response from app developer
This is my 5th review in more than two months and still there is no response from App developer. Loud music at the beginning of the App is annoying and you can not open app if sitting in a meeting etc. How to disable music in the beginning ? It’s very annoying. Sometime we are in a place where no sound should be played. How to disable it ? The developer of this App never response. Never recommend to anyone to download this app.
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4 years ago, yoiuuhh
I can’t update new version
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2 years ago, M orpheus
No notifications!
Can’t get any updates or notifications. Completely useless!
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10 years ago, Faisal Zafar
Remove Adds --- Annoying........
Nov 25, 2014 Please fix your closes every time I press watch live...... Nov 15, 2014 Please fix your closes every 30sec or so....very annoying .....Fix It! Oct 2014 I've been using this app for some time now to watch live news when I get a brief moment in busy schedule..but what the hell, Geo decided to make more money by showing too many annoying adds and I end up closing and rerunning app between the adds and can never get to actual news and close the app in frustration. I'm paying to watch directly to what I want to adds to the free version and not the paid one...if you can't make the change...I will have to stop monthly subscription and Geo will loose another loyal customer.... Faisal Zafar (USA)
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11 years ago, Azizi420
Gold Standerd
Excellent app unmatched service Journalism at its best Recommend for every one who need to Know unbiased upto date information Agile and up-to date technology that give you seem less streaming of video in timingly fashion , hours of entertainment and news.
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11 years ago, kashman001
Nice app
It's a nice app that displays the highlights of the day and if you click on the individual news, it provides with a brief summary. It makes it easy to get informed on what's happening on daily basis.
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11 years ago, Shaman kakay
Highly Disappointed
Me and my family including many friends here in USA were always happy with the quality of geo news. Sadly im were not anymore after the new subscription to watch lie news. I would rather like dunya news which doesn't charge you a penny to watch live news. Sorry to mention but you guys are losing your viewers an fans like this..
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10 years ago, Mraja
Needs more work
I just subscribed. The love feed works fine. The shows do not load and the banner ads do not go away even after the subscription. I tried contacting the app developer but the captcha on their site is broken and would not let my message through. For a subscription based app, this one needs a lot of work.
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11 years ago, Faisal.91
Still no update to support iPhone 5 screen ratio
Have been waiting for the update but geo news has showed no response over this issue. Overall, a decent app but it should support live streaming as well like dunya news app does.
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11 years ago, Ooo jawad
Love it.
I'm from Pakistan but currently living in USA and I'm getting all the news about what's happening in Pakistan right on my iPhone. Pretty cool app; keep up the good work. Thank you :)
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11 years ago, F. Rafiq
Need to improve Live TV
I like the news and shows especially, but I purchased live TV and it crashes constantly. Please improve the app.
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8 years ago, Murtaza1350
Worst app
I wish I could give it less then a star. I mean I would have given it 5 stars if it worked fine but for some reason it crashes every couple of months and the news feed does not update for weeks so your left with old news do not even bother with this app its useless.
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9 years ago, HasanJoyd
Always on criticism side
Addressing only cons, negativity, hatred and mostly false news. Pakistan is not a terrorist state, it is the home for some of the outstanding minds with technical expertise, smart, innovative individuals, possesses world class intelligence unit and defenses. Geo why always portray so negativity, criticism and hated for Pakistan? This was my favorite channel to watch but sadly not anymore after I feel it's so wrong. 😔😕😞
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11 years ago, ijaz khan
Liked it it
It is pretty good app, like most average apps it has its downside too but I like it it. I use this app almost every day and enjoy "khabarnaak" very much. I will never pay for live Tv.
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7 years ago, Uzziii
Gone from Bad to worst
Have kept this app on my mobile for around 3 years. It started off very well, providing both information and interesting facts. Then they introduced adds. It was annoying but atleast the content was some what worth it. But after this new update, it's completely useless. Full of adds and extremely bad navigation. UI team should be fired. But there seems to be another issue as well. The content lately seems to be biased. Stories seem less researched and more politically influenced. It's a shame. Just deleted this App.
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11 years ago, R&B is the BEST
Nice job GEO
This app is at par, if not better than many other news outlet apps. Very handy and easy to navigate. Keep up the great work GEO News!!
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10 years ago, jassim_kw
Remove ads
Its very good app but it look like geo is very greedy... Why tomuch ads... please remove ads from app are make an in-app-purches option for removing ads please do it soon...
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11 years ago, Zaidypooh
This app would be perfect if you could add a zoom in option
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10 years ago, AhmedMemon
Newsfeed is just fine
Use newsfeed and it works fine n updated always
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9 years ago, Abe Jacobs
always slow and crashing
Not very user friendly. Always slow to respond and crashes. Why Geo cannot create simple working app. Dunya news updates their mobile app continuously to make it more user friendly. Geo is Horrible news agency.
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10 years ago, Khan-Lala
Works fine
Works fine I have setup live geo news
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11 years ago, Samiya K.
Good one to have!!
Great source to catch the headlines on the go. There's alot more for people who have the time. Have had no issues with the iPhone App.
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11 years ago, Taha726
Great app
Quick and to the point news on the go.
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11 years ago, Mashar khan
There's no way to Unsubscribe live news
I like GEO news I like to get Update pakistani news on my iPhone but for some Reason I want Unsubscribe live New how to do it ????? There's no option for that.
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11 years ago, Honey 786
Geo is the best I wish we could get live stream like dunya news . If they can do it why can geo.
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9 years ago, Koolshahjee
Plz fix live streaming
Error live stream not available in you region fix it thank
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11 years ago, aakhtar
No different than previous version
I dont have the live TV option. GEO being a reputable news channel, I expect them to do regression testing prior to launching anything.
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11 years ago, Atif Rizwan
Excellent with little more to do
Excellent App. Load programs quicker than now!
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11 years ago, Zackyiest
Umer khan
I like the app it's perfect news anywhere anytime but sometimes the live tv doesn't work fix that please....!!!
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9 years ago, Hdb6
Crashing like crazy
Good app, but lately it has been crashing all the time. There is no update pending. Please fix. Also, it has started showing too many ads, which is coming in the way of a reasonable app experience.
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11 years ago, Asd meh
Great app ,
I love that now I can watch my favorite news shows online . Go Geo
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11 years ago, St. Zinc
No way to unsubscribe to live news
Overall it's a good app but one major fault is that there is no way to unsubscribe to the live news? How does one do that??
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11 years ago, Ijtor
Generally it is good source of info. The only bad thing is that we have to pay for live stream.
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11 years ago, Asif22222
Good app
Good app to stay up to date but still have lot of room to improve. Election coverage was below expectation.
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10 years ago, Baluchprince
Keeps crashing
It is a good app, but whenever I try to watch a video, it keeps crashing. I installed it only to watch bulletins, however it stops after few seconds. Please fix this bug ASAP!
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10 years ago, Johni3
Awesome app for news
Up to date news. App runs flawlessly.
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11 years ago, Haji Khalil
Ahmad Khalil
Geo application on my cell phone keep me updated with the latest news I feel like I am in Pakistan America main baith kar Pakistani mahool Ka Maza lo Geo ke saath
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4 years ago, Shobi7985
Needs improvement still
The “x” to close a ad is to small so u always go to app store. Why is default volume on mute in app If i am going to watch so many ads u should pay me
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10 years ago, deoband
Typical Sellout
The app creators have resorted to getting money through advertisements, rather than making a quality stream lined user friendly app. I love the programming offered, but I think I will switch to ARY's app because of the terrible experience.
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11 years ago, Sanaeem
Geo News
Great app. Timely news with no problems.
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11 years ago, Nas the King slayer
Updare system is awesome
I feel great by using this app..Now waiting anxiously for geo drama's channel app to come. :)
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11 years ago, Kaygb64
Great App
I enjoy it keeps me updated on current affairs
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11 years ago, Hunk6272
A complete crap app
The app will crash when try to open any show. Every time app get updated, it comes with a new problem. I am going to uninstall it this time. You should not be bothered too.
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11 years ago, RIAZ Zaidi
Talk shows are not updated daily bases. People like all talks shows. Overall geo is fine
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11 years ago, Stoned7
Live streaming and updates
Geo is way behind in mobile app technology. And now they took away live coverage too. Deleted the app and will enjoy Ary and Dunya. Seems like few of geo tv worker left good reviews to offset too many negative. Another 0 from me.
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11 years ago, Zaheer Khalid
Good news
All ways good news
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11 years ago, Sabah Raja
Great App!!
This App is great, I'm from America and to see news from Pakistan is wonderful!
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